Customer Reviews: SlideBelt - Black Buckle with Black Leather (33-34")
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Size: Custom: Up to 48" waist|Color: 95|Change
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on June 1, 2012
First, as other reviewers here, I am 100% pleased and satisfied with this belt. It is high quality, looks great, works great, plus very nicely packed by the seller, complete with a little "thank you" note upon opening!

Now, a note on sizing. I had somewhat pessimistically ordered too large a size. I was on the verge of returning the belt for an exchange, when it dawned on me, due to the way this belt is constructed, it was easy to cut off a few inches of leather and make it the right size.

The key to this is: the buckle hardware is independent of the belt, in fact, for the first use, you're expected to attach it yourself, very easy, with a hinged plate with sharp teeth that bite into and secure the leather. That edge of the leather is then hidden inside the buckle hardware, so doesn't need a nice, finished edge. I just carefully cut off a few inches of leather, being sure to keep a nice straight edge, reattached the buckle hardware, and voila! perfect sized belt.

I doubt if the manufacturer recommends this... and it will surely void your return privileges [November 2012: please see comment] if you make a mess of it. But, if you're willing to trust your handiwork and find you ordered too large a size, this is an option. It worked well for me.

Update: August 2014
The current Amazon listing for this belt now makes it clear that it is intended for self-sizing. In the original Amazon page, it wasn't so stated. Also, as a side note, the belt is still looking and working great after 2+ years, in particular no problems at all with the ratchet mechanism, so very pleased with the longevity at this point.
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on November 16, 2014
There is two parts to this product, the buckle and the "leather" belt strap. If I could rate them individually I would give the buckle 5 stars and the strap 1 star. The buckle is very clean looking, works well, and I love how the outer edge of the buckle is how you release/tighten the belt as apposed to other brands that have a small leaver you have to push. The belt strap on the other hand is very low quality. They say it is genuine leather and if it is then it is the lowest quality leather I have ever seen. When looking at the end of the belt strap it appears that they have laminated the top of the leather with vinyl or some other material to give it a smooth back finish. My biggest problem with the belt is when you look at the front side you can see a noticeable outline where they have glued in/attached the ratcheting teeth. I don't know if the full grain leather version of this belt (which is actually what I though I had bought) would be better but if I had to do it again I would probably only buy the buckle and get another brands ratcheting strap.
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on June 25, 2012
This is a great belt, high quality leather, and the buckling mechanism is VERY well constructed. It is 5-stars, the story I'm about to tell is more just about helping you have a smooth first time experience.

Just a word of warning... figure out the locking/unlocking mechanism and do it a few times before you put it on.

The terror when I realized I had no idea how to unlock the belt on the way to the bathroom was only topped by the terror when the belt actually tightened as I fiddled with it trying to get it to unlock. I ended up having to force my pants down and taking them off so I could examine the mechanism and get the belt to release.

Since then it has been smooth sailing.

pro-tip: for an easier unlock put your finger on the release mechanism pulling it away from your body with one hand, while pushing the belt just slightly in (as though you were going to try to tighten the belt.) When you do that the mechanism releases easily and you just need to keep the mechanism up while you pull the belt out.
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on June 1, 2012
For years I have been a chronic sufferer of severe pant sag, electing to use cloth loop belts that would slip and drop. I would have to rearrange and tighten my belt a ridiculous amount of times per day. I finally decided that I needed to seek help. I purchased a few Columbia-brand web belts that solved the problem for my casual pants, but they are hardly nice enough to wear in a more formal setting. I wanted a similar, leather equivalent. Erik Blaire seems to be the only company offering such a belt, because I cannot find anything else like this ratchet-style belt. In short, based on the reviews, I expected a good quality belt and as soon as I took it out of the box I was happy. It didn't really "click" until I strapped the belt on. The belt slides into the buckle and makes a clean ratcheting sound. Your pants are now locked into place. The belt releases with the pull of a release mechanism. The quality of the leather is acceptable.

As far as sizing goes. I am a pretty consistent size 32 waist. I ordered the medium size (36-38") and it is really one size too large for me. I should have ordered the small size (34-36"). The medium size does fit, but I am on the last couple of notches on the slider. I think I am going to order another couple of small belts and keep these for later in life when I may need a little bigger belt...

I finally got a bit fed up having my belt be just a bit too big. I proceeded to purchase a small sized strap directly from the company website. After ordering, I realized that I somehow accidentally ordered the XSmall size and sent them an email asking for them to change my order. I explained that I had purchased a belt on Amazon that was a size too large and that was why I was ordering the strap. I was promptly responded to and told that these belts are made to be cut. They placed my order on hold for me while I cut the strap. With a sharp pair of scissors, I simply cut the belt down 2 inches. No fraying, its just as good as if it were cut from the company itself. My belt now fits me perfectly. I suggest cutting off a little at a time until you are happy, because once u cut it too short its stuck like that. Knowing this, I would not be scared to order a belt a size too big. They are REALLY EASY TO CUT DOWN TO SIZE!!!

****UPDATE #2****
I decided to take one star off of my rating of these belts because after repeated use during the last few months the belt is cracking. Based on the price, maybe this is to be expected. I am still wearing the belt and its still great, but it is a little upsetting to see it cracking so soon. I hope that the company will take note of this. I LOVE the design of these belts and would be willing to pay double, or even triple the price for a nicer leather strap.
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on April 15, 2015
I bought the Slidebelt and it worked well for a year. The rachet system was very cool and the buckle looked nice until it was scratched. Then the belt kept slipping out of the buckle. Somehow the buckle's grip may be loosening, but it wasn't a big problem.
The deal breaker came after a year where the leather belt developed a huge crack across the width threatening to cut the belt off. It's a real disappointment how the poor quality of the leather ruined otherwise a cool belt. If you are set on buying, pay double the price of normal leather and get the premium leather version of the belt.
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on December 27, 2014
I ordered the 'Winged Gunmetal Buckle with Black Leather' belt less than a month ago and it arrived on time and was neatly packaged in a cool box. There were instructions in the box that explained how to trim the belt to fit your waist line as well as attaching the buckle to the belt. These are the only good things I can really say about it.

The 'Black Leather' belt hardly felt like real leather, it felt like premium cardboard and that's about as nicely as I can put it. The buckle looked and felt nice but I was fooled by its aesthetics. You can say the buckle was honeypotting me because I haven't had the belt for even a month and the buckle snapped in half. It tricked me into thinking that I wasn't paying so much for the quality of the belt but for the quality of the buckle. I've used plastic knives at picnics that were stronger than the belt buckle.

I thought the zip tie like feature of tightening the belt was a unique and cool concept. I also remember seeing the kickstarter page for this a while back right after it's funding ended. I'm glad they were successfully funded and were able to get their product out to the public. However, for $40 a belt, I was expecting it to be more durable and with higher quality. It was advertised as "Creating a belt that can handle the worst you can throw at it and look good doing it". I'm sending it back to hopefully get a refund.
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on March 23, 2015
GREAT idea and works great so far, but the 'paint' quality is horrible. I've only been using this belt for about 2 weeks, and in that time, the paint has been destroyed on this belt just from the pants button. I've never owned a belt that has even chipped the paint off, and it's hard to believe that it only took 2 weeks for it to happen. Also, the entire buckle feels shaky.

The belt portion isn't all that bad. It's flimsy feeling, and it's kind of warped, but it still works fine so far.

I love the idea, and will continue to use the belt, but the quality of the actual buckle is kinda bad.

Lowering this to a 1 star. The 2nd clasp they sent me is also chipping away. Also the belt is now very oddly warped, and the black on teh belt has turned tan. The quality is horrible.
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on February 2, 2012
The buckle and belt are truly comfortable. I have used slidebelts like this in the past but was always surprised by the lack of durability. Old styles used springs, with a similar holeless belt style---but these sliding ones are impressive. Sleek, decent weight, slides smoothly without using a spring. After having used this slidebelt for a couple of months, I can safely say that it will be much more durable than others from the past.

The one thing I do not like about it are the edges at the underside of the belt that dig into my tummy when I sit down. They make the experience less than desired, but that is my own weakness and not one of the belt. A lot of other belts have the same effect on me. Note: The Erik Blaire company contacted me and helped me choose a slidebelt buckle style that worked even better---and gave it to me as a complimentary gift. Blew me away with their generosity. Thank you!
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on June 30, 2014
I purchased this belt because I had recently bought the SlideBelt with the black winged buckle and loved it. The Black buckle came with a belt that was black and finished on both sides of the belt. It was completely smooth and looked nice. I thought the silver one would be identical, just different buckle. I was wrong. The leather belt that comes with this is horrible. It is not finished or smooth on the underside. Very rough raw leather that snags on nicer pants. I feel ripped off that one came with decent leather, and one came with junk for the same price. I am someone who always buys nice belts and loves the concept of the perfect fit with a slide belt, but for the price the belt itself should be much better and consistent.
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on January 2, 2012
This belt is freaking sweet! NEVER have I owned a belt so nice! so easy to wear and the sliding feature is awesomeness like you wouldn't believe. Sleek elegant design. No holes. This belt is on my list of gifts. The buckle comes off easy so you can alternate sizes or colors of leather. Comes in a fancy tin box. Great customer service from seller as well. If you're looking for a nice belt look no further. Holes in belts are so obsolete. It is not just another slider belt. The sliding is smooth & sleek & the release is effortless.
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