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4.0 out of 5 stars Escape to Your Childhood!
Growing up as a child in the 1970's I remember watching THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY every Sunday evening at 7pm. I of course enjoyed the cartoons but also enjoyed the many live action Dinsey movies such as THE SHAGGY DOG, THE SHAGGY D.A., POLLYANNA, THE WHIZ KIDS movies and of course the WITCH MOUNTAIN movies. I remember looking forward to ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN and...
Published on December 31, 2003 by AbeStreet

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3.0 out of 5 stars Dated, but Good for Kids
Our 8 year old loved it, even though it was dated. A nice, innocent movie. A kid movie without language or innuendos aimed at adults. What s concept!
Published on November 24, 2012 by Thomas DeCuir

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35 of 36 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Escape to Your Childhood!, December 31, 2003
AbeStreet (Willoughby, OH United States) - See all my reviews
Growing up as a child in the 1970's I remember watching THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY every Sunday evening at 7pm. I of course enjoyed the cartoons but also enjoyed the many live action Dinsey movies such as THE SHAGGY DOG, THE SHAGGY D.A., POLLYANNA, THE WHIZ KIDS movies and of course the WITCH MOUNTAIN movies. I remember looking forward to ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN and would make it a point to never miss this movie when it aired.

The story is about a brother and sister, Tony & Tia, who along with their alien family tried to migrate to Earth but crashed upon arriving. Tony and Tia then try to locate their family with the assistance of a widower while trying to avoid a rich villan who wants to use the kids Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) to further his greedy goals. As a child I actually found this movie to be very scary. I actually feared for Tony and Tia. Now as an adult it has lost the scary aspect. That comes with age I guess. It is still a good watch though.

I have wanted to purchase this film for years so my children could watch it. Now that they are pre-teens and begining to lose their childhood innocence I was finally able to purchase this new DVD. As I suspected they were reluctant to watch this movie and the sequel RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN. I finally got them to watch the films and they did enjoy the them but obviously it did not have the same effect on them as it did me. However younger children, especially those who have not been spoiled by CGI special effects will no doubt still enjoy the films. I tried to explain to my children that as a grade schooler I had a huge crush on Kim Richards (Tia). I got teased for that and of course when I teased my boy about his attraction to Hillary Duff that was a different matter. Go figure.

The DVD has some nice special features. Interviews, cartoons and other such material. I don't have enough positive things to say about Disney's old movies being offered through their Vault Disney line of products.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb and timeless., September 17, 2003
"dmurphy28" (Kansas City USA) - See all my reviews
I like Escape To Witch Mountain better than any other Disney film. It's probably in the top 5 best kid-movies ever made for that matter. I'm now 36, but was 7 when I first saw it. I probably had a crush on Kim Richards back then but I clearly remember seeing the movie at the theater and loving it.
Looking at the dvd now.. the direction by John Hough is crisp and the effects, though not digital, have loads of SOUL, creativity and charm. When a car full of bad guys wrecks.. the fact that they show the 4 occupants safely getting out of the car is a nice touch (after all kids are watching this).. and that (and lots of other things in this movie) speak to the innocence that still actually existed for those of us lucky to be kids in the 1970s... there was still a common-respect in large parts of society.. kids could be kids .. and all the in-your-face junk that permeates much of the world of kids today was years away...
Back on the subject at hand...I watched the DVD (which is nicely loaded with extras) and was surprised by a couple of moments in the film that clearly ...we'll say INFLUENCED.. a certain Mr. Spielberg years later. One involves a menacing object being shown in a rear-view mirror (like Jurassic Park!). The 2nd is when the Winnebago eludes its chasers (I won't say exactly how!).... looking rather similar (shot for shot!) to a scene in E.T. involving a chase and bicycles. (This film is HUGELY suprior to E.T. by the way!)
But I don't want to get too bogged down in how other movies clearly ripped this great one off!
This film is amazing with it's memorable musical score, acting by Albert and the kids, mystery-unfolding storyline and warm, nicely-done conclusion. The open credit sequence is really good too. Perhaps most of all... it has something that gobs of movies today certainly DO NOT - a great story.
I plan to show it to my 5 year old neice this weekend!
Enjoy it!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Universal Themes Make for Timeless Appeal, March 13, 2009
This review is from: Escape to Witch Mountain Special Edition (DVD)
To coincide with the new Witch Mountain film being released to theaters, Disney is re-releasing "Escape to Witch Mountain" (1975) as a special edition loaded with well-done extras.

The story is about Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and his younger sister, Tia (Kim Richards), two orphans who have recently lost their foster parents as well. While getting used to their new home, an orphanage (run by Disney favorite Reta Shaw), the children draw the attention of an attorney, Lucas Deranian (Donald Pleasence), whose life is saved because of the children's esp powers. Deranian's boss, Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland) is an evil (and wealthy man) fascinated with paranormal powers. He pretends to be the children's uncle so that he can take custody of them and use them for his own gain. Meanwhile, Tia's star case (a metal purse) reveals a map to Witch Mountain, providing clues to their origins. Once Tony & Tia discover Bolt's plot to exploit them, they escape his mansion and with the help of a crusty (only on the outside!) widower, Jason O'Day (Eddie Albert), they try to find their way home to Witch Mountain. Bolt and the greedy townspeople (hungry for Bolt's financial reward) chase after the children. Will they make it home?

Sure, the special effects will not be quite as dazzling to current generations used to digital, but the story and its universal themes more than make up for the film's 1970's appearance. What child couldn't relate to having a hard time fitting in with others, feeling lost and just wanting to find the comfort and warmth of home? Richards and Eisenmann have excellent chemistry, and are ably supported by veteran actors Ray Milland, Eddie Albert, and Donald Pleasance (who is extremely menacing in his understated performance). The scenery is also fantastic, as much of the film is shot on location in Carmel and Palo Alto. And as for style...the opening credits still pack a wallop--WAY COOL!

The extras are fantastic, giving a very complete look at how the film was made.

Audio Commentary:
Fantastic memories from Kim Richards, Ike Eisenmann, and director John Hough. Very enjoyable to listen to, filled with fun behind the scenes info, such as Tia's star case currently residing in the Disney archives, and learning that Kim's younger sister played Tia in the flashbacks. What is fantastic is that both Kim & Ike have excellent recall of what occurred during filming.

"Making the Escape" (26:41): What a fantastic making-of featurette. Interviews with Richards, Eisenmann (who now goes by the name Iake Eissinmann), red-headed bully orphan Dermott Downs, and director John Hough. Hough tells how Disney wanted a grittier and darker feel to "Witch Mountain," which is why he got the job (thanks to previous films, including "Legend of Hell House"). Kim & Ike share very warm memories of making the movie (Ike is even moved to tears when discussing the themes of the movie and people's reaction). Kim remembers Disney as the best studio and most loyal, with a family feeling; obviously, these were special times for these two actors who also enjoyed being part of the special effects used in the film. Interestingly enough, Jodie Foster was considered for Kim's part until Foster took another project instead.

"Conversations with John Hough" (6:52): Interview with the director, who discusses his philosophy on filmmaking. "Get passionate about a subject, and don't give up." He attributes his long career to making a variety of movies and gambling on risky projects. He aptly feels that good directors must be part psychologists, to understand the actors and crew.

"Disney Sci Fi" (2:45): A montage of clips from films such as "Escape to Witch Mountain," "The Rocketeer," "Tron," "The Cat from Outer Space," and "The Navigator."

"Disney Effects--Something Special" (11:03): Harrison Ellenshaw, a visual effects designer who also happens to be the son of famous Disney matte artist Peter, discusses the history of visual effects at the Disney studio. "20K Leagues Under the Sea" (1954) was the first visual effects film shot on the Disney lot. Ub Iwerks was the genius who accomplished many of the dazzling effects at Disney, and the man behind the the process lab. "Mary Poppins" and other films show how rich and artistic matte paintings could look on film, giving a special perfection not possible with location filming. "Dick Tracy" (1990) was pretty much the last Disney film to use the traditional photochemical processes & matte paintings. Today, most of these effects are handled digitally. A clip from "The Rookie" is shown, illustrating how a grip is digitally removed from the film. "Fix it in post" has become the standard line after a mistake is made.

"Disney Studio Album 1975": Shows clips from what was going on at the Disney Studio during that year: "Escape to Witch Mountain," "The Apple Dumpling Gang," "Strongest Man in the World," "One of our Dinosaurs is Missing," Debut of America On Parade (Disneyland), Mission to Mars (Disneyland), "No Deposit No Return" in production, "Crazy With the Heat" (reissue), "Pluto's Christmas Tree" (reissue), "Pluto's Housewarming" (reissue), "The Sky's The Limit" (TV), "The Boy Who Talked to Badgers" (TV), "The Secret of the Pond" (TV), and Welcome to the World--Space Mountain Opens at WDW.

"Pluto's Dream House" (1940): Mickey wants to build Pluto a new doghouse, and with the aid of an unseen Genie in a lamp, accomplishes his goal. Although enjoyable, it is extremely curious that Disney puts this on the DVD with no background or explanation, especially with its politically incorrect depiction of the genie (who sounds like he wandered off the set of Amos & Andy) and Pluto being painted in blackface and getting dubbed "Mammy." And yet, "Song of the South" remains in the vaults.

Sneak Peeks:
Featuring previews of Bolt, Disney XD, Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure, Morning Light (inspiring true story of Roy Disney putting together a team of 15 inexperience sailors for a trip from LA to Honolulu), Snow White (on Blu-ray), and Bedtime Stories (Adam Sandler).

Pop-Up Fun Facts


Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (English & French), French & Spanish Subtitles. Audio is good and clear, but not especially outstanding.

Video: Widescreen (1.75:1), enhanced for 16x9 TVs. Picture is clear with good color, but definitely has a 70's soft feel.

The sequel, Return from Witch Mountain Special Edition is also now available.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Two kids searching for home., October 13, 2003
M. Jay Babb "Jay" (Lewiston, ID United States) - See all my reviews
I just got my DVD copies of both films(This & Return from witch mountain.) This is a very good movie. It's about two kids who have supernatural powers. They can forsee the future, talk to animals, lift things in the air-and jump 15 feet in the air to catch a baseball.
However, they don't know how they got these powers. Where they born with these powers? The two kids Tony & Tia(Played by Ike Eisenmann & Kim Richards)are different from the other kids. After a confrontation with Truck(Dermott Downs), They discover a map inside of Tia's star case.
After saving the life of a man, he comes and claims to be thier uncle-they are forced to live with him. It turns out that his employer is none other than Mr. Bolt(Ray Miland)who wants to use them for his own ends. Tia smells rotten fish (Try Rotten eggs)-she senses very strongly-that Mr Bolt is not a very nice man and she senses danger if they stay at Mr. Bolt's Mansion.
Then, when they dine with Mr. Bolt(I never did say he wasn't a gentleman-just not a very nice one)Mr Bolt tells them that he knows about thier powers and tells them how to make it profitable. After going to another room, Tia & Tony overhear a coversation that MR. Bolt is planning to have them locked away on a deserted island. Tia & Tony then make plans of esacpe.
They do escape and are chased till the end of the film. Helping them is a crusty old man Jason O'Day(Well played by Eddie Albert)Who has a winnebego.
I must say that the Chemistry between Eisenmann & Richards worked so well, people think they are brother & Sister in real life. They are not related in real life. I think it's the acting talents of these two is what made it work so well. Dirctor John Hough(The legend of hell house)did a remarkable job on this film.
The special effects were great for it's time. Some of them were cheezy, but in those days(The 70's)they didn't have computors. But in my opinion, the powers these kids have is not the real story. The real story is that two childern are searching for home, and discovering who they really are. This is the story.
The DVD has some special features on it and an audio commentary by Kim & Ike and John Hough. It provides a lot of insight on how the film was made.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fun movie, March 3, 2002
I have seen this movie a lot ever since about 1985 on the Disney Channel and I have caught a recent airing of Escape to Witch Mountain and still not got tired of it. I just love this movie, about two psychic alien kids, Tony and Tia, brother and sister who need to find a way to get back home. They were held prisoner by a creep, they escape and then tagged along by a cranky old guy who reluctantly helped them get back home. At the time I first saw it, I just loved the idea of psychic kids who are able to move things by blowing on a harmonica or Tia's ability to predict the future. I am particularly fond of the scene where the RV floated so they could escape being chased by bad guys, and eventually they trick another bad guy in the helicopter to fly upside down, so in the end, he had to land the chopper on top of its rotors (which is physically impossible to do in real life). When I found out this movie was being remade in the 1990s, I had my biggest fears that they would embarass themselves big time with that remake (after all, with too many remakes, they have to make it "hip" for the 1990s by adding rap or alternative rock music to the score and have kids wear baggy pants, but not with this film). Surprisingly that version was well done too and didn't fall in to that trap that I criticize many '90s remakes of 20+ year old films, it was not a copycat of the original with new actors, and a more modern twist, but actually with a different concept (where many different people of different ages were actually aliens). I think what I really like of the 1975 original is the innocence found in the kids that I feel is so sorely missing these days. And that 1978 sequel Return to Witch Mountain was also quite a worthy sequel. If you were a kid who grew up in the 1970s, or you fancy the idea of a movie with psychic kids meant for the whole family, try this, it's one of those few family films that I actually find very watchable and fun.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Disney, October 25, 1999
When I first saw this movie in the theatre as a child in 1975, I was captivated by its magic. Who wouldn't want to be a kid with the ability to fly, unlock doors, levitate things, and teach bullies a lesson? Now, having recently revisited Witch Mountain on video, the movie still brings back pleasant, familiar emotions -- and as an adult, I find new dimensions to this Disney classic. While kids will appreciate the fantasy/mystery aspect, it also teaches practical values: honesty, integrity, and being true to oneself (among others). This is a perfect family film, and features remarkable performances by Eddie Albert as a grumpy old man whose icy heart is melted by the two young orphans, and Ray Milland who, as always, is a perfectly charming (if scary) villain. It's a shame, though, that the two young stars (Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards) pretty much disappeared after this film and its sequel; their careers apparently never much got off the ground (although Eisenmann did make a cameo appearance in "Star Trek: Wrath of Khan"), which is a shame because they are both quite talented actors.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Disney sci-fi classic that is just as entertaining now, as it was back in 1975, March 8, 2009
This review is from: Escape to Witch Mountain Special Edition (DVD)
The classic Walt Disney sci-fi film "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" (1975) is released on DVD to help celebrate the theatrical release of "RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" (the third `WITCH MOUNTAIN' film which can be considered a new storyline or a re-imagining of the first film).

"ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" would be a family sci-fi film to utilize the latest special effects at that time and bring popular British director John Hough ("THE AVENGERS", "THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE"), known for his work on television episodes and horror films to direct a family film.

Based on the original novel by Alexander Key, "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" focuses on two children Tony (played by Ike Eisenman) and Tia Malone (played by Kim Richards) who have supernatural powers.

Tia can communicate with Tony via telepathy and has the ability to work things in her mind and sense the future, while Tony has the ability to create or levitate things while playing the harmonica.

Both Tony and Tia (with their black cat named "Winkle") move to an orphanage and try to watch each other's back but with a bully at the orphanage always challenging both brother and sister, Tia tends to use her power to help Tony in the public eye. Such as helping him levitate many feet high to catch a ball during a baseball game or during a fight with a bully, levitating a baseball glove and while it's in the air, using it to hit the bully. Of course, it doesn't help that the kids of the orphanage see this and thus, they tend to look at the two as strange people.

Throughout the course of the film, Tia has images in her mind of their childhood. Not being able to understand what is happening, these fragments of memories are all she has of their past. Something that both really can't remember.

While on a school trip, Tia gets one of her premonitions about a guy who will be hurt in his car. Both Tony and Tia try to find the guy named Lucas Deranian (played by Donald Pleasence) and hopefully prevent him from getting into his car. Tina pleads with the guy that she senses things and he should listen to her and not get in the car. He listens to her and next thing you know, a tow truck rams into the car.

Deranian is surprised by the children's power and he tells his boss, multi-millionaire Aristotle Bolt (played by Ray Milland) about the children. Bolt who likes to use psychics to help him make more money is now interested in the two children and thus he and Deranian concoct a scheme with faked paperwork to say that Deranian is the kid's long lost uncle.

At first the kids are happy to have a new home, especially in a mansion and having all they can ever want. But Tina starts to sense the future and learns that Bolt is an evil man that will try to exploit them for their powers and possibly hurt them.

She is so afraid that she tells Tony that both of them must leave the mansion. At first Tony feels that maybe Tia is just feeling weird because they have everything that they want but he knows better not to question his sister's premonitions and thus decides to help her escape from the mansion.

Thus Bolt has all his men looking for the children and bring them back to the mansion but the kids manage to use their powers to help them out of the private property and hide in a camper by a disgruntled old man named Jason O'Day. O'Day is asked by Deranian if he has seen the children but O'Day has not and doesn't want to be bothered.

O'Day just wants to travel and be left alone and as he parks near the beach, he finds a cat (which belongs to the children) and when he goes to feed it, he finds out that the children are hiding in his camper. At first, O'Day wants nothing to do with them but being an older man who never had any children of his own, he is surprised by the children's power and tries to help them escape from Aristotle Bolt and the police who are looking for them.

And thus the film becomes a cat versus mouse storyline of O'Day and the children trying to escape and go to witch mountain before they are caught.


"ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" is a 35-year-old film that is featured in widescreen 1:75:1 and enhanced for 16×9 televisions. The film looks well-preserved for its age but of course, special effects from that time do look quite cheesy in today's standards, but one could imagine how in 1975, the special effects featured were top of the line. Also, the film benefits from being shot outdoors, so the picture quality is colorful.

As for audio, audio is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound with a secondary French language track. I didn't recall hearing many special effects utilized in the rear channel but dialogue and effects were quite clear coming from the front channels.


"ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" includes several special features. Many which were included in the 2003 DVD release but there is one special feature that is exclusive to the 2009 DVD release. Included are:

* ALL NEW Pop-Up Fun Facts - For those who want to watch the film with fun facts popping up on the bottom of the screen.
* Making the Escape - A pretty lengthy featurette with interviews with director John Hough, Ike Eisenmann, Kim Richards and more. Hough talks about working with Disney, while Eisenmann and Richards talk about working with the talent, the animals and their overall experiences.
* Conversations with John Hough - A short featurette about Hough's past experience in television and film and working on a Disney film.
* Disney Sci-Fi - A short music video of various clips of Disney Sci-Fi
* "PLUTO'S DREAM HOUSE" - An animated short featuring Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Mickey Mouse finds a magic lamp and has the lamp build a dog house for Pluto.
* Disney Effects - Something Special - A very intriguing featurette about special effects in Disney films, especially the utilization of painting backgrounds on glass to how special effects were done in "Parent Trap" and other films.
* 1975 Disney Studio Album - A short musical featurette featuring stills from all films that were shown in 1975.
* Audio Commentary - Commentary by John Hough, Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards. It appears that Hough's commentary was recorded separately from Eisenmann and Richards. But the three talk about their experiences and some tidbidts of certain scenes from the film.


"ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" is indeed a classic Disney sci-fi film.

As a film such as "MARY POPPINS" was instrumental in wowing audiences for its musical and its special effects back in 1964. "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" was a Disney film that would be a family film but utilize quite a bit of special effects to make the supernatural abilities look natural on film. With the use of wires and the use of editing tricks available in 1975, children were mesmerized by it.

And since it was a Disney film, it made it that much special for children and families, to have a film that would attract people of all ages. Something that Walt Disney has always wanted for his films...animated or live.

Of course, the special effects used in 1975 looks dated compared to what we have seen Disney do these days but considering how films were at that time, it's how things were.

But for many children, like Elliott and E.T. were for children in the 80's, Tony and Tina were popular characters for children in the mid-70's. The fact that these two had special powers was quite exciting at the time and the film became a big hit.

It resonated well with adults and children and It was quite interesting for me because I was a young child when this film first came out and I had the opportunity to watch the film on DVD together with my six-year-old. He absolutely loved the film and asked if we could watch the second film afterwards.

Now, for those who own the 2003 DVD release, you may not need this DVD because there really is no major addition in terms of special features but for those who are looking forward to watching Dwayne Johnson in "RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" in 2009 and have never watched the original films or its been too long since you have last seen it, then definitely pick up both classic Witch Mountain films.

As for "RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN", both "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" and "RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN" both come with a free ticket coupon (attached to the slipcase cover) to download a certificate (ticket) in order to watch the latest film at a participating theater for free.

Overall, "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" is a fun and enjoyable film and despite being nearly 35 years old, it's a film that families can watch with their children now and still be entertained.

Definitely a Disney classic worth having in your DVD library.
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4.0 out of 5 stars One Of Disney's best non-animated movies!, May 8, 2002
The original Escape To Witch Mountain (1975) is one of my favorite non-animated Disney movies and also one of my favorite movies about children with magical powers, the other one being Matilda but I think I like this a little bit more. It is about a brother and sister named Tony and Tia played by Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards who go to live in an orphanage after their adoptive parents die. Tony and Tia have special powers and after a creepy guy discovers their secret he pretends to be their uncle and takes them to live with his boss who is an even bigger creep who wants to use them for his evil plans but they escape with their adorable cat Winky and befriend a grouchy but lonely man named Jason O'Day who helps them get away from the creeps but a big chase ensues and Jason helps them learn the truth about who they are and why they have special powers. Kim Richards, Ike Eisenmann and Eddie Albert are all wonderful and I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes Disney movies and movies about kids with special powers. Kim Richard's sister Kyle Richards (Alicia Edwards on Little House on The Prairie) has a small don't blink or you will miss me roll as a 3 year old Tia when she and Tony were rescued from the water after the accident at sea. This movie is a gem and I wish that Disney would put it out On DVD!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars I love Escape TO WItch Mountain, September 2, 2003
Chris "Chris" (Leeds, Utah United States) - See all my reviews
I just bought my DVD of it today and I love it a lot. I really love the fact that Disney has started to put their old classics on DVD. I had a copy of it on VHS that I bought in 1983 when it was first put out but my VHS has pretty well worn out. This movie is really funny and it is a great movie for all ages.
Here Is A Brief Description.
Tony And Tia are sent to an orphanage after their Foster Parents Die. There they are discovered by Criminal Mastermind Aristotle Bolt. Who draws up fake documents saying that he is their Uncle so he can munipulate their powers for his own financial gain. Well the kids find out and they escape his highly guarded Mid 1800's Los Angeles Manchion. When they are escaping they meet a freindly Camper (Eddie Albert. Who helps them be returned to their Uncle Benie (Denver Pyle). This movie ends with a classic Disney car-chase.
Great Movie 5 Star Rating.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Better then the Book!, September 8, 2004
A Kid's Review
Escape To Witch Mounatin is an awesome movie. I tried to read the book the movie got its idaes from but I just couldnt get into it but I love the movie!

Kim Richards is a very good actress and very pretty (I wish I and hair like hers,a nd Iake Eisenman is a a good actor and cute too and I also thought that Kim's little sister Kyle was good too in her brief rool as little Tia and she is pretty.

I have the movie on DVD and I really like it and I recommend it!

FYI: in real life Kim and Kyle Richards are the aunts of Paris and Nicki Hilton. Kim and Kyle's sister Kathy is Paris and Nickie's mother.
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