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on October 24, 2013
I thought this mount may finally be the answer for my Passport 9500ix, which comes out of the box with a suction cup mount that's a bit of a joke (the detector is long and nose-heavy, and wobbles up and down annoyingly on all but the smoothest roads, which eventually causes the suction cups to loosen and detach off the glass.) Unbelievable that after all these years Escort still hasn't figured out a decent, simple suction cup mount for its detectors that holds them in place without drama. So, I had high hopes for this "sticky with suction cup combo" mount, as I am the type that mounts the detector on the windshield and pretty much leaves it there 24/7.

First, the good: The mount appears to be of good quality. The angle of the swiveling metal "tongue" that slips and snaps into the receiving end on top of the detector can be securely tightened with a thumb screw after the proper angle is achieved on the glass, which limits the amount of wobble of the detector over broken pavement - it's not quite rock steady and still wobbles a little, but it's like day and night compared to the standard mount supplied with the detector. The sticky surface, combined with the suction cup, should insure a very tight grip on the windshield, I doubt it will come off any time soon unless you keep sticking and un-sticking it, which may weaken the sticky surface in the long run. I have had it on my car for about a week now and it hasn't moved or loosened one bit. Also, the current price on Amazon is fair (I am a Prime member, so the free 2-day delivery is a nice perk.)

Now, the bad: The sticky / suction cup mount is a fairly large, bulbous thing that takes a lot of real estate on your windshield, and kind of forces you to compromise on the location of your detector. The real bad thing though is that, even when applied on a not too terribly raked windshield such as the one on my Land Rover LR4, the big round plastic mount ends up covering a good portion of the upper part of the detector. That's where the detector's GPS antenna is located, and putting that big blob of rubber and plastic right on top of it doesn't help reception one bit... Now my 9500ix often hunts for a GPS signal - satellite icon blinking on and off on the display - for long stretches of time (as long as 20 minutes or more, depending on the hour of the day and satellite locations, I guess), while prior to this mount being in place it would lock onto a GPS signal almost right away. As we all know, the main selling point of a detector such as the 9500ix is its GPS capability and the ability to lock out false alarms. Without GPS, these "smart" detectors are mediocre at best, annoying false alarms and all.

I wish there was a way to use the mount in reverse, with the mounting surface below so that the detector would have a clear view of the skies above, but alas it doesn't work that way with this one. The search continues.

This mount may work out for you especially if you have a compatible Escort detector without GPS capabilities. If you do however, be aware that, depending on your windshield and mount location, its performance may be severely compromised. YMMV.
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on November 26, 2013
I have been using the StickCup for a few weeks now and it holds the RD much more stable than the original window mount. I like how I can position it and lock it down so it does not bounce around. Time will tell how it holds up to the winter temps. If anything changes, I will update my review.

Update: I have been using this mount for 6 months now and not one problem. It has worked in hot (100°F) and single digit temps and has held up just fine. I am very pleased with this product.
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on January 22, 2014
Finally a windshield mount that sticks at temps below freezing. Not sure how it'll hold up in the summer heat yet, but for winter it's great. It was recently well below 0 here, around -20°F and my car was parked outside over night and when I went to it in the morning it was still on the windshield, where as the "Supercup, and dual suction cups" would be laying on the dash leaving my detector useless until the car warmed up, which wasn't until I got home. I'll have to see how it holds up in the summer time but so far so good.
review image
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on March 25, 2015
Update: Finally got a chance to tweak it a bit and found that adding a small 1" by 1.25" piece of credit card or equal thickness piece of card stock will alleviate all issues of vibration when sliding the detector into the StickyCup Mount. The metal mount will slide on top of the piece of card so it won't click anymore as you push it it further; however due to the snugness of the hole now it's a secure fit. I've driven with this setup a couple hundred miles now and it's snug as ever, no vibration and no sliding. I've added some pictures to my review.

Original review:
As others have said, this should really be part of the typically very expensive radar detector package. The price is a bit high in my opinion, perhaps $20 would be more reasonable MSRP.

Broken down in three parts:
-Suction Cup:
For mounting my 9500ix it was a very easy install. The rubber mount that connects to the windshield is incredibly sturdy, the suction created is very formidable. It is however quite large and block the light sensor on the radar that monitors and changes the Detector's screen brightness sensor, so sometimes when the detector should have a brightness of "HI" it is in low because the cup shades the sensor.

-The joint b/w suction cup and metal piece for the detector:
The "slots" for rotating the metal piece are very generous, the angle options are very generous and allow you to find a perfect parallel to the floor easily. Once you tighten the screw that allows rotation it will stay in place and not move out of that position. So, once again this part is great.

-The metal piece that inserts into the detector:
Now this is where I don't quite like this sticky cup. I feel like the metal piece has thickness slightly too thin for the hole in the detector. It's the same metal piece you get with the included mount in your detector and I'm sure you've heard your detector make noise in that area when the ride isn't smooth. If this metal piece was a millimeter or two thicker it would make the detector completely rigid and silent when on uneven road surface; however it still emits rattling noise from this area.

Overall I like the mount, I will however try to glue some paper to the metal piece to make it thicker and have the radar detector become completely rigid on the mount and have no play.
review image review image review image review image
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on October 31, 2013
The Sticky Cup is a vast improvement over the incredibly poor Super Cup. It sticks and appears to be much better constructed. I previously owned a Super Cup but that failed after only a few uses. Only negative, this thing is REALLY sticky - perhaps TOO sticky. It takes some care to remove it from the windshield. Advice: Save the paper "donut" that protects the sticky surface and put it back on when storing the holder.
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on February 20, 2014
This is so much better and more secure. I've had my radar detector for around five years now (Escort Passport 9500i, which I love and has saved me from speed traps more times than I can count). The original suction cups had lost their suction long ago and I was on my third set of OEM replacement suction cups.They, too, started to give out and my radar detector kept falling off the window. Time to replace them. Tired of the one to two year lifespan of the mount and wanted something better, I purchased this mount from Amazon. What a difference! The mount is very adjustable and rock solid secure now. The detector is just locked into place. It doesn't bounce around. It doesn't fall off the windshield. It's soooo much better. I haven't had any loss of GPS signal, like some were complaining about. My only criticism of this mount is that it isn't as discreet as the original, but I much prefer the ability to adjust the angle and vastly superior security of this mount over the crappy suction cups that came with my detector. The extra real estate it takes up is negligible in light of that. Well worth it.
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on October 30, 2013
extra sticky!!! made for the pro driver that does not want to take up to much space.
highly compact and will not let go for nothing!!!!!! i use with the beltronics pro diver sti.
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on August 10, 2013
I've tried several mounts, they all work but they all let my rd shake, except this one, it doesn't fall off the windshield , it stays right where it's placed, I really do love it. It's better than a mirror mount for the simple reason it fits anything!
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Barely some vibration on the windshield with the heavy Redline. Sticks like no other support to the windshield. Worth the price. I love it!
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on June 7, 2013
I previously had the mount from escort and it was good but you could see a tiny bit of shaking. This mount there is no shaking at all. It is built more sturdy than their previous mounts. Appears to be a great product.
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