Espresso fills up/drips kinda slow ,is it normal? This is my first espresso machine , i use starbucks verona with turkish grind. Crema is too dark but i guess thats how it should be with this type of grind . I saw youtube videos where it takes 15 secs to make espresso , but mine just drips slowly and it takes me a minute to make a shot. I brushed filters , tampered it every way possible but problem persists. What am i doing wrong?
asked by O. Kuzmin on May 19, 2011
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I think it may be the Turkish grind that you are using. My understanding is that the Turkish grind is almost powdered coffee, and that could cause it to drip more slowly. You may want to try it as an espresso grind, which is slightly less fine.
rarelydothis answered on May 29, 2011

Also make sure you can see light through those filter holes. The manual says you may have to use a pin to open them up. I found this was true on my machine.
Malcolm Whitford answered on July 16, 2011
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