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on March 17, 2014
Like other reviewers, I was somewhat skeptical that this could compare with Canon speedlights. After using this flash for a week or so, it performs great, communicates.with the camera, and has plenty of range. As for the supplier, I had a problem with the wireless unit, after contacting the company, they immediately sent out a replacement unit, no questions asked. This is the type of service that all companies should provide, do not hesitate to do business with Digital Goja!
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on June 23, 2014
I purchased this item for my Canon t3i. It works perfectly. I was truly surprised at how simple to use this set up really is. The flash is on par with any speed-light that I've ever used. The only difference between this flash and ones costing well over $400, is the price. It works as well or better than Canon brands.

Secondly, I have never used the wireless system before now. Wow... What a difference it makes. The ability to place your flash where it's needed most; priceless. The system is so straight forward and easy to use. I'm by far not a beginner... just new to off shoe flash triggers. I simply hooked everything together and was taking better photos in less than five minutes.

I will be adding a second flash and trigger soon as to be able to better adjust my background lighting as well.

Please never hesitate to use Digital Goja. I have made five orders from them in the past six weeks alone and I can tell you they are bar none the best group of people I've every enjoyed ordering from. 100% of my business that they cover will come from them due to service alone, price is just a plus.
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on August 13, 2014
This was a great deal, and a great package of goods. Only thing that would have sweetened the deal would be four AA batteries included. As a kid in the 70s, NOTHING came with the necessary batteries. Can't tell you how many times got something all set to buy, using what little money I had, and discovered I had to cough up a couple more dollars for the batteries--so I am always happiest when I see batteries ARE included.
But that by no means reduces what I think of this package.
Everything works as advertised. Took me a minute or two until I figured out the bag-like item was the soft flash diffuser. Felt a little silly about that, but then again, it wasn't labeled.
About 99% of the reason I bought this was the flash unit itself. I do sports photos as a volunteer for our church, and needed something with more horsepower than the built-in flash from the Canon T2i I use for the photos. This flash is way cheaper than the Canon flashes, and seems to be just as strong. Canon wants $300+ for equivalent models.
Shipping was fast, customer service is great. There wasn't anything I needed from them, but they have contacted me a couple of times anyway to see how I liked things. Nice touch. Most companies could care less once they have your money.
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on December 12, 2014
First off I'd like to say I'm never usually so blown away by a product that I feel the need to write a review that being said:

I am new to flash photography, I have recently upgraded my old Canon Rebel XT to a new Rebel T5i which comes with the 18-135mm STM Lens. This is a great lens in good light but does not preform well in low light situations (most of the pictures of my son are inside with poor house lighting). This being the case I decided to try out flash photography after reading how much it improves your photos, as previously I've been a natural light or long exposure kind of photographer (but children are too wiggly for this approach). This flash has far exceeded any of my expectations and is extremely easy to use!

The Flash: After popping in 4 AA batteries and holding the on/off button to power the device up I could immediately see an increase in photo quality especially when bouncing the flash off the ceiling or behind me at a very slight angle to cut down on the hard shadows created by pointing it right at the subject. An easy feature is being able to increase or decrease the lights intensity by simply pressing the arrow keys for + or - brightness being captured. I will admit I've never used the fancy / expensive speedilites by Canon but I am also not a paid professional. This flash is perfect for taking pictures of my family and expanding on my hobby defiantly worth every last penny. I have yet to really play with the wireless setup but I am sure it will just add to the effects that I can create with this nifty device.

The Case: has a tight fit to the flash and has a Velcro strap on it that you can easily attach to your camera bag strap or belt. It also comes with a bottom zipper that stores the soft light diffuser and 4 extra AA batteries, which once you place the AA's into the stirrups the zipper is quite snug with the diffuser still in the bottom but it does zip up and doesn't look terribly strained. Over all a decent carry case. One annoyance was that the battery stirrups seem only large enough for AAA batteries but I promise if you work the AA's in there with great effort they will stretch out the material and fit nicely in there. I'm hoping this will make them fit easier in the future.

The wireless adapter:
I have only hooked it up to make sure I tested it, and took two or three snaps and the pics looked just as good as when the flash was on the camera, that being said I haven't tried placing it and angling it off camera to create different lighting effects yet but it works same as if the flash is mounted to the camera. Both the flash and the wireless units feel sturdy and well made.

Soft light diffuser:
It did surprise me that it was hard plastic, was expecting flimsy molded silicone from the looks of the picture but it clicks into place nicely and does a good job softening the light.

Tips : This flash does eat through Alkaline batteries super fast, my recommendation is to get some 2550 mAh enloop pro rechargeable batteries. They are low discharge so you can charge them up and store them like an Alkaline they only lose 30% of their charge after 5 years of sitting, so you can charge them up pop them in and even if you aren't using the flash right away they maintain their charge. I got the four pack and charger here on Amazon for 38 bucks, they are expensive but will save you tons of money in the long run, highly recommend! link to product here -->

Seller: This one hit home I've worked plenty of customer service jobs in the past and these folks at Digital Goja are here to take care of their customers, maintain relationships, and create happy shopping experiences even if you have an issue with your order (which I did not but after reading other reviews along with my satisfaction they are amazing) will defiantly be seeking out other electronics through this seller in the future. Nice touch with the hand signed letter, it's silly but things like that just mean that someone took an extra few seconds out of their day to make sure to put an inked signature on the customer appreciation letter that is sent to you I'd give them 10 gold stars for their efforts if I could :)

Over all good buy would recommend it to any photo hobbiest looking to get into flash photography, hope this review helps in your decision.
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on April 29, 2014
Flashes seem to be of very good quality. The motor in the head for zoom is a little loud, but nothing that I really noticed while shooting events. One thing that I am a little unhappy with is that the flash units seem to go to sleep mode rather quick.

The wireless trigger works great, with one exception, it came with a bunch of cords, but not one for my camera (Canon 6D). You can buy the cord extra from other places for like $7, but its just something to consider.

So far I love this purchase!
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on May 30, 2014
this unit and extras work perfectly with my Canon 60D. And such a great price too. lots of little extras with this kit.
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on June 5, 2014
The shipping package was perfect and super fast. I've only used it a few times so far and the flash work great but it sure burn batteries. I'll try to use some expensive battery to see if there's any changes.
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on December 9, 2013
As good as any strobe system out there. Very powerful, easy set up. Compares well to name brand flashes. Whats not to like?
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on November 3, 2014
Purchased as a gift for a relative. Their review below:


The Altura Flash is great buy for anyone looking to get into flash photography be they amateur hobbyist or aspiring professional.

This flash (and wireless kit) was purchased prior to shooting my first wedding. Not a big, crowded wedding or anything super fancy. Just a small, personal event for the immediate family. Despite the budget price-point, the flash met and exceeded my expectations virtually every time I took a shot.

First off, this flash seems to be really good with battery consumption. When you're shooting a live event with flash, you really want to avoid missing shots because your batteries died. At first I was going to go with Energizer's Ultimate Lithium AA's. They come 4 to a pack and they're very pricey for non-rechargeables.

However, after recommendation, I found a good deal on Duracell's new Quantum Alkaline AA's ( and even after an entire afternoon and ~400 flashes later, they still have quite a bit of juice in them. I'm not sure if I should be thanking Duracell's quality product or the flash unit but together, they work exceedingly well.

The flash itself is fairly easy to set-up and use. No issues securing it to the hotshoe on my Canon T2i (Rebel 550D). I highly recommend taking it out and giving it a good test run before you need the flash for anything really important. All flashes are different to some degree and learning your device on the job isn't such a great idea.

You're likely to always keep the the flash in e-TTL mode unless you absolutely need manual control or are using wireless slave flashes set up. The strobe/multi-flash/burst flash mode really isn't something most will need or use either. It has fairly limited usages outside artistic or creative photographic endeavors. Still nice that it's available.

In TTL mode, you still have the ability to override the flash's intensity using the left and right arrow keys. I found myself needing this here and there so keep in mind that you do have that ability. TTL is great and a great deal of the time it will accurately fire to expose your subjects right but it's not infallible. Especially on such an inexpensive unit. Even so, it fired every time I needed it to and had no problem firing rapidly in continuous shooting mode. Great for those fast and important the kiss at the wedding.

Another great feature that came in handy was the built in bounce/diffusion card. Though I wish I'd utilized it more during the shoot instead of only the diffusion cap, it was able to greatly improve some of my indoor shots during the reception. By angling the flash (which does tilt and swivel) and using the bounce card, I was able to get perfectly exposed portrait shots of the guests without blinding them.

Whether it was the flash or the T2i, I did find that some of my shots were still improperly exposed or in some cases, blurry despite being in program mode. I never shoot full auto but perhaps this wouldn't have happened if those shots were taken that way. No way to tell now. I'll do a field test of that in the near future.

There's also a build in light for the screen which I didn't use but will likely come in handy. (A quick press on the On/Off button will turn on and off the light).

The only disappointing aspect of the kit itself were the wireless transmitter and receiver.

The wireless devices only tell the flash to fire when you take your photos. They do not transmit any of the information used to adjust the flash's settings as it would if the flash were in TTL on your hotshoe. It'll only fire the flash. You have to manually adjust the settings on the unit before you take the shot.

They're still useful and do exactly as they were made to do. I was unaware of this at the time of purchase though so you may want to consider this before getting the full kit.


Overall, I'm highly impressed with the kit. It's a great product and the price-point makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking to learn flash photography.

Digital Goja (the Amazon seller I purchased from) was more than helpful in quickly answering questions and dealing with any issues I had. They live up to their reputation in terms of customer service and satisfaction guarantees. Would buy from again in a heartbeat (and already have).


PROS (flash):

- Inexpensive

- Well-made

- Light weight but sturdy

- Easily adjustable settings, simple interface

- Adjustable tilt & swivel flash head

- Good on battery consumption

- Has built in bounce card, diffusion filter, and comes
with a separate diffusion cover

- Comes with fairly nice protective case

- Warms up near instantly from cold-start

- TTL works quite well

- Not underpowered

- Sold by a respectable retailer (Digital Goja) that values their customers

CONS (flash):

- Goes into standby mode a little too quickly

- TTL does not always expose shots as well as it might on a higher-end unit.

- Bounce card occasionally becomes stuck when putting away (you may need to gently pull it back out with the diffusion filter and put them back in together)

PROS (wireless transmitter/receiver):

- Fires flash wirelessly from a good distance

- Programmable radio frequency toggles to limit outside interference

- Easy to set up

- Wireless devices can alternatively be uses as a wireless shutter release for the camera using included cable.

CONS (wireless transmitter/receiver):

- Does not transmit TTL info from camera to flash unit (flash settings must be set manually when using wireless transmitter)


Bottom line: You really can't go wrong with the flash unit ($79.99) unless you're looking for a higher-end device with more features.
The wireless kit ($99.99) is good for those who need a wireless flash trigger but don't mind manually setting up the flash settings prior to shooting.
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on March 7, 2015
Move over Yongnuo, Altura is catching up.

The flashes themselves are fantastic and battery life is more than enough for me. All of the flash features on my Canon 7D work perfectly with these Alturas, TTL, Slave, etc. and they auto zoom as well. They are very powerful for my moderate sized studio of 15 x 20, and intensity is adjustable by 1/3 increments. The head rotates to what I believe to be about 320, or very close to that.

The one con that I will say is that the Transmitter/Receiver does not work on my Canon 7D. I cannot knock Altura for this since my camera was not listed above, but I thought I would take the chance. No big deal, I still needed two flashes, I just use them in slave.

One last thing to note!! The little stand/shoe mounts are difficult to locate. There is a little compartment inside the upper portion of the flash pouch.

Thanks from Chicago
review image
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