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on May 30, 2011
I own the E45A and its an incredible axe. There is really no need for me to ever buy another of this size. I was surprised when i saw these pictures above that showed "flaws" in the steel which indicated "poor quality". I know my axe is of the highest quality but it is a few years old. I went down to home depot to see if maybe this is a recent problem with estwing tools. What i found made me laugh. Estwing tools come with a thick clear coat over the axe head to protect it before the tool is purchased. every one of the axes I looked at had little bits of dust or marks or wrinkles in the clear coat exactly like what are shown in the pictures above. If your thinking about getting one of these, the steel is flawless. It's a excellent tool!
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on January 29, 2010
It's an Estwing, what's not to like!? It's big enough for most camping functions (i.e. "shaving" logs for kindling, de-branching, etc.) but it's also not overly-big. It's got a great heft, good scabbard, is extremely durable, and holds a great edge. This is actually the same small axe my dad purchased (and still uses) in the late 80s! If you're looking for a small camp axe that will satisfy all your minor logging needs, get this great, American made piece of hardware.
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on May 24, 2011
Well, I am an axe collector, so I've seen many hundreds if not thousands of axes over the years. For a small camping axe, the E45A is a superior product. I have three of these. One for use, the others I bought to put in my collection. I don't typically buy new axes for my collection, but this axe has earned a spot due to its durability as a field tool, and the fact that it's made in the USA. I am not an Ameri-centic axe collector, but this fact doesn't hurt. The steel is very good and goes through the handle - which is an excellent design. In addition to being virtually unbreakable, the handle's surface texture is both durable and comfortable. It's simply amongst the nicest tools one can currently buy new - that isn't a wallet buster - for light to medium duty chopping. Easy to give this axe the highest recommendation as a light to medium duty chopping tool.
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on January 3, 2010
I bought the longer, 26" handled version of this axe from Home Depot (not the 16" shown here). This American made tool (made in USA or U.S.A.) was designed to last. This axe is lightweight but can easily cut through both wet and dry hard woods. The molded handle is surely the most comfortable I've ever felt on an axe. This very portable axe is what you are looking for if you want to fell trees, split wood or re-split firewood into kindling. However, I wouldn't attempt to use this axe to smack a wedge through big logs. It is light enough to use one-handed for hammering pegs etc. I'm assuming that it's by no coincidence that the longer version of this axe also has a rounded handle segment in the middle that you can "choke up" on to gain better control of the swing for hammering or for close cutting/hewing; it is light and controllable. Although none is shown in the picture, mine came with a leather sheath; all of the ones I've seen in stores do. It comes with a sharp factory edge and sharpens to a ridiculously sharp edge in a few passes from one of those V-shaped knife/tool sharpeners Accu Sharp 060 GardenSharp Tool Sharpener(Accusharp). Estwing did their homework when designing and manufacturing this axe and you won't be disappointed with this choice. It is one of those rare examples of quality better than you would expect for the price.
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on August 19, 2010
The perfect camp axe. I looked at a lot of different options. I decided on this because it is a hammer for my tent stakes and an axe for fire wood. (Glad I did). I have used various types of Estwing tools while working in the field of construction (Concrete Forms and Mountain-Stabilization). They have never failed me and there is a life time warranty on their products. They are nearly indestructible. I recently used this product while camping this last weekend. I am very impressed with the ease of removing limbs and cleaving through wood. Also the hammer end works like a charm busting through dried up wood for the fire. This axe will live on long after I am gone. Also the 16" handle is nice for the extra force you can get with minimal effort. A must for anyone who only wants to buy one camp axe during their life time. =)
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on September 7, 2008
Great tool for the logger. I fasten this axe to my harness along with my wedge pouch, logger's tape, file and saw wrench. With this axe I can wedge very large trees over without having to carry around a bulky sledge or larger axe. It is also very handy for trimming small limbs off the felled trees as I'm measuring the tree for logs.

It is superbly built, very strong and handles all the abuse I give without bending, breaking or falling apart.
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on January 25, 2011
Just like the title says, it's the greatest! When I received it, it was in perfect condition. I've used it many times and have been impressed every time. It splits hardwood as well as softer woods like pine. Works great to limb a tree or split wood. Its a nice heavy duty, well made, strong piece. The sheath is very nice as well, great material and durable. It also has belt slits cut into it so you can wear it on your belt. I would recommend this to anyone.
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on January 3, 2014
Best Axe Ever. I went camping and used this to chop some food and clear the area. Als used the back blunted side to drive in tent steaks.
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on February 16, 2012
Did not want to spend a fortune on a forged axe. Was looking at several gerber/fiskar axes and chose this one. I already have the long handled axe by estwing and happy with that one so it was a no brainer when I purchased this one for camping. I am really confident in the 1 piece solid steel construction of the axe. It can bust through ash wood pretty easily. small enough to put in a medium pack if you needed to. Sharp and keeps an edge pretty well. I prefer this way over a small hatchet. The blade is bigger,and the longer handle makes it a better chopper. You can swing it with so much more power than a small hatchet that there is no real comparison. Maybe if you take weight into consideration but this axe is just more effective.
Update- I finally was able too look at some forged axe heads and try some out and if you are going to need an axe or desire to get more axe skills like I did you are better off spending the extra money and getting a Husqvarna or wetterlings or other forged axes. if you can find a head for cheap that needs a handle I would do that. I wound up buying a Husqvarna forest axe the handle is hickory and the over all length is around 26 inches. It did not come as sharp as I would have liked so I sharpened it and now it is my favorite axe to carry for camping. The difference is in how the head of the axe is shaped from blade edge to the back side. The blade on this and the 26 inch estwing to not get thicker till maybe the 2nd half of the blade. So when chopping thick trees I find that the axe gets really stuck more often and you will wind up using a lot of energy trying to pull the axe back out. The forged axe digs deep, splits and busts trees better than this axe and the estwing with the 26 inch handle. So it destroys more wood mass with each strike preventing the tree to squeeze back on the blade and hold it. The head on the Estwing 16 inch campers axe is better than the estwing the 26 inch handle for tree processing. The other thing I can do with the Husqvarna with the Hickory handle is I can put my hand right next to the bottom of the blade for feathering or scraping fallen timber. I would tell you from the experiences I have gone through If you are trying to find an axe to carry with you into the woods spend the money on a forest type axe with a forged head and a wood handle. If you need axes just to split wood you can get good axes at any big box hardware store. To be fair if you were just dealing with logs or trees less than 4 inches in diameter you are probably not going to have many issues. Only when you get into lumber much thicker is where you will get frustrated
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on December 31, 2014
Why I like this axe:
1) It is solid steel. It may at some point bend if I push it too far using it as a pry bar, but normal everyday use isn't going to phase it. The head cannot come off. Until a catastrophic failure, functionality is practically guaranteed.
2) It has a rubber grip. Everything can slip, but this helps a lot and eliminates the shock to your hands. It's comfortable to chop with barehanded or in gloves.
3) It has a narrower head than most axes. The head fits my Lansky pocket sharpener, making it quick and easy to sharpen. I don't need it sharp enough to shave with, just sharp. Being able to put a quick edge on it is nice.
4) Estwing is known for their hammers and the poll of this axe makes a nice one.

What I don't like about this axe are mostly unforeseen repercussions of the all metal construction and 26" handle. This is really Estwing's 44A hatchet with a longer handle. I bought it based on the theory that a longer handle would make it easier to chop and add a greater range of function. Well, it didn't work out like that.
1) You can't comfortably choke up on the handle. The part of the handle just below the head is thin, sturdy but thin. It is uncomfortable to grip the bare metal. The section just below that isn't much better. On an axe with a wooden handle, anywhere I grabbed the handle would be a comfortable hand position. Being forced to grip the axe on the bottom third of a 26" handle starts to limit its uses. I found I could swing it, but that was about it. I couldn't choke up to scrape or shave wood. I couldn't baton with it easily. It had me considering getting a hatchet and putting this axe in the shed.
2) The metal gets cold. I live in Ohio. It gets cold outside. So, if you use it in the winter, and you need to choke up on the axe, your hands are going to get cold.
3) It just doesn't split. Maybe I was lured in by the long handle, but I couldn't split wood with it. The head is the wrong shape and it is too light. This really isn't the fault of the axe. It wasn't designed for splitting wood. But the 26" handle gave me hopes.

What I ended up doing was wrapping the handle in paracord. It allows me to use more of the handle and keeps my hands from getting cold. I batoned wood comfortably in 25 degree weather. It also protects the handle a little and stashes 30 feet of paracord in my kit. I went the quick and dirty route when wrapping the handle, but some internet videos show wraps that border on artistic.
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