Customer Reviews: Etekcity RoverBeats T3 Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, CSR 4.0 (Black)
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on February 28, 2014
Okay people, we're talking about a little portable speaker. Less than three inches tall, less than three inches in diameter. Doesn't look like anything high tech, and it's not expensive. Here's what I was expecting, and here's what I got.

1. I was expecting a little speaker, maybe a little louder than my Samsung Galaxy S3. I wanted something louder than my phone for when I am in the shower, when I'm in the kitchen cooking, or folding laundry in the laundry room. I was expecting this speaker to sound a little tinny, maybe have some static with the Bluetooth connection. I was also expecting to have to use the audio jack to get as close to a static free sound as possible.

2. I got a little portable speaker that is AWESOME! Deep, rich bass, a range easily more than the 30 feet promised, easy Bluetooth connection, amazing volume, zero static with Bluetooth, and top of the line quality. I put the speaker on my computer desk that stands in the back corner of our living room. Very back of the house. I walked all over the first floor and not only could I still hear the music, the volume held true and No Static.

3. When you hold the speaker in your hand with music playing, you can actually feel the quality. By that, I mean it just about vibrated out of my hand. I was concerned that it might vibrate right off the counter or whatever surface I put it on, but it doesn't, thanks to the non-skid ring on the bottom. Also, the non-skid ring keeps it from vibrating on said surface so no unwanted noise there.

4. You can hook it up to just about anything. It worked right out of the box for me. All I did was turn the speaker on, turn on my Bluetooth, and tap on the T3 icon once my phone found it. Took maybe all of 45 seconds. After playing with it for a few minutes, I plugged in the included audio jack and again, clear, pure sound with no problems. I even plugged the audio jack into an old Walkman, (I may be giving my age away here) and played an old Slayer tape through it. Sounded amazing!

Helpful Hint: I went into the settings on the music player on my phone and changed the sound from Auto to Pop or Rock. It made a big difference in the sound, to me, and I go between the Pop and Rock setting depending on my mood, meaning what I'm listening to. I like everything from classical to Korn.

I am no expert on speakers, I'm just a nurse. However, I do know what sounds good and this sounds really good. I am not disappointed at all, I'm really thrilled with this purchase. All my kids, family, and friends will be getting this speaker for birthdays this year. Highly recommend, and will be purchasing again.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 15, 2014
The packaging of the RoverBeats T3 is very compact and with the cables on the side, the speaker is safe in transport.

Check out the pics I uploaded.

Charging the speaker only took a few hours from the laptop.
Setup was very easy, just turn it on and pull it up on the S4 / iPhone or plug in the aux cable.

I have had this speaker for around a week now and the quality is much greater than the similar shaped Sharkk speaker a friend was using and was better than this other generic speaker.

At maximum volume, the quality does not break or static like the Sharkk and Easyacc football looking speaker.

This is the first compact speaker that was able to incorporate bass and actually let it sound great. It shakes the table and you can actually feel it vibrating the music. That is quality.

The look of the speaker is just like the others with the speaker on top.
The center band is rubberized. The rubber provides a non slip grip and feels great.
The bottom comes with a non slip pad to reduce the chance of it flying off the table from a slight bump.

The Roverbeats comes with a lengthy Aux cable and a USB to Mini USB cable to charge itself.
There is a Vol +/ Vol - and a Pause/Play button on one side and a built in mic for calls.
On/Off switch is not some dinky switch that is difficult to switch on.

I had the speaker blasting music at work for the whole day and had no issues with the battery life.

Overall, awesome quality speaker at a great price as well. Keeping that work flow goin.

Hope this is helpful to ya!
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on November 18, 2013
I purchased these speakers to use when I'm hiking or boating and don't want to bring a bunch of chords and speakers with me. The speaker is chic and fits easily into a backpack and is durable enough to not worry about it getting broken in the pack. It easily charges in any USB input, like a phone charger or a computer and comes with a aux cable.

The one feature that surprised me the most is how easy the Bluetooth connection is. I have a Samsung S3 Android phone, and when I turn the Bluetooth on my phone, the phone immediately recognizes the device and syncs up with one click. This is exactly what I was looking for in a Bluetooth speaker system. I didn't want to jump through any hoops in getting the connection to work.

Overall I highly recommend this product and suggest it to anyone looking for a compact, versatile wireless speaker!
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on May 25, 2014
I bought the T12 in hope of using it to make phone call as well as play all my music on my phone.
well the T12 is primary for playing music only. which it plays well. nice sound easy controls and
pairing with phone. If only it had a mic to answer phone calls with. Now the T3 is more compact
it has decent sound can get loud enough for a room just not as much bass as the T12.
The controls on the T3 is rather small you only have volume up/down play/pause. no FF/RR like the T12.
The calls on the T3 may be suspect on the receiving end as you will see in video.
If you want a speaker for playing music only The T12 is your best bet! but If you want to make & receive
calls not sure if the T3 is the best for that.
UPDATE: The bluetooth is better on receiver's end if phone is NOT to close to speakers.
Calls have been acceptable in car.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 4, 2014
I've made my living working in recording facilities for the past 27 years, so I'm probably too critical about audio.


The T3 Roverbeats arrived in a box far too small to contain an audio device, a little smaller than what a watch comes in...and then...I find that there is also a 4 foot USB to mini USB cable and a 4 foot 3.5 stereo cable inside of this already too small box. So my initial reaction wasn't very good, how can cables, an amplifier, a radio frequency receiver and transmitter, a microphone and a speaker fit, in such a box?

Looking the unit over it seems quite durable, as though it should travel well and the vitals remain protected. It measures about 2 and a half inches across and tall and weighs very little, about the same as my wireless mouse.

On the bottom is a ring of hard rubber as a stand and what I assume to be porting for the speaker, like most speaker cabinets have. Moving up, there are the cable connectors, an on/off switch, a microphone and a controller with LED.

This controller is to change the volume up or down and also to pause it, which is useful. The LED glows red to indicate that it's charging and will turn off at full charge, it charges through USB and will take about 3 hours. It will also turn green when the battery is low and send a tone to alert you, not unlike a smoke detector when it needs a battery. It will flash when switched on until paired BlueTooth or the 3.5 plug is inserted.

Most of you know about connecting BlueTooth and if you don't, just follow the instructions given or from the device you're connecting the T3 to. BlueTooth is a radio frequency signal not unlike a walky talky or a CB, so by connecting, you're tuning the two devices to communicate with each other.


Now I'm ready to analyze it's capabilities of sound reproduction. Well...It's a rather small speaker so what should it sound like? Honestly, I was unprepared for the level of sound that comes from this. It was probably twice what I had expected and decent sounding too. There isn't a lot of sound from the low notes of a bass guitar, but from about 100 Hz and up it does well and that means a real bass drum, not an electronic, is mostly there. Not too shabby at all for its size.

I tried this as a communication device also and that posed no problems, I was told things were clear on the other end and of course it sounds much better than a phones speaker on my end.

If this sounds like the type of device you were looking for, I can recommend it, it's really pretty cool for the asking price. I hope this review helps you in making an internet purchase.
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on October 9, 2015
So, when I first received this product it worked great! BIG sound for such a mini, portable speaker. Exactly what I wanted. BUT... soon the sound started cutting out. I only use this when we travel, not on a daily basis. I contacted the company and they replaced my defective unit (after I paid to ship it back) with another unit. Unfortunately, the one they shipped failed immediately with the exact same problem.
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on May 9, 2014
With so many different speakers out there today, it's seemingly impossible to figure out which ones effectively combine quality with cost. The RoverBeats T3 by Etekcity is one of the best Bluetooth speakers I have ever owned. The speaker itself fools you into thinking you're holding a theatric sized sub woofer due to the extreme levels of high quality volume and intense bass that it's capable of producing. The sound quality is just simply amazing.

Upon unboxing, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the 3.5MM audio cable is well over the standard 2 foot of the competition: by comparison, this one is 4 feet, and provides enough distance to connect to other devices that are not Bluetooth capable (my laptop for instance).Additionally, centered between the VOL up and VOL down buttons, is a PLAY/PAUSE button. I've had other speakers in the past that had this function yet never seemed to work correctly. The T3, however, is capable of actually pausing and then resuming my playback without ever having to touch my phone. Another noteworthy thing about the device, beyond its amazing sound quality, was the distance I could achieve during playback. With my phone sitting in my room on my computer desk, I was able to walk the speaker into the adjacent bedroom, the hallway across the apartment, then to the kitchen and finally the living room, all without losing the connection: the music just kept on playing and I was able to turn it up and down as I pleased. This apartment is older, built in the early 1970s, so only god knows what impenetrable substances were used in the construction of the walls, yet the T3 was able to broadcast right through them like it was nothing.

A final thought on this speaker would be battery life. The charge time is listed at approximately 3 hours when the device is powered off, and approximately 5 when it's on and still playing music. The listed playback time states that 7 hours of 50% volume is achievable. However, I have found that you can easily exceed this 7 hours with the volume considerably above 50%, all depending upon the type of music you listen to. Classical, for example, was able to push me about 30 minutes beyond the 7 hour window. That being said, a very bass saturated and techno-like genre will drain the battery quite quicker, but its still about 5 3/4 hours of solid listening.

(Added after submission) I forgot to mention that this speaker comes with a built-in microphone. It's got everything you would ever need in a mobile speaker and then some.
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on February 15, 2015
I’m pretty proud to own this Bluetooth portable speaker. It’s very small about half the size of a soda can. It comes with an aux cord, carrying bag and USB charger (not a wall plug in). The speaker is very loud, bass is decent. I returned my T16 because of the annoying voice that would say “Bluetooth connected” this one however just does a couple beeps to indicate it’s connected to Bluetooth. The charge is about 5-7 hours and you can charge and use it at the same time which is another plus. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!
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on June 24, 2014
Looks good, sounds good and has good Bluetooth reception. Price is very reasonable Plus it is easy to use. I have tried units twice the price that did not work as well.
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on August 27, 2014
Upon arrival of the speaker i thought there wasn't much to expect as i have bought many other little portable speakers similar to this and the sound was mediocre, Boy was i so dead wrong!!! This little speaker packs a punch!. It is crisp, pretty good volume and this thing throws out some bass!. When you pick it up the sound is pretty good and clear but set it down and the bass can be felt all along you're desk, Anyone out there looking for an inexpensive little bluetooth speaker, look no more!. You too will be amazed at the sound quality. Other speakers that i have bought does not even meet 3 star ratings, this speaker more than deserves the 5 stars and plus. I have looked at other reviews and saw that this didn't meet their 5 star expectations, i couldn't imagine why!. I would almost compare this to a Bose speaker.

The goods:
Nice clear crisp sound
Good bass
Perfect size
Cool different color flashing lights to let you know what's going on with it, charging, bluetooth linked ect.
Comes with a nice little cloth bag to carry in
Charging cable to USB
Instructions are clear and to the point and easy to understand

The Cons:
Nothing at all that i can think of!

Bottom line, You won't be disappointed with this small speaker!!! It's everything i expected.
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