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on September 26, 2014
Jennifer was raised by her native American grandparents. She has special powers which her grandmother is teaching her to control and develop. She admits to her grandmother that she is lonely. To which her grandmother gives her a wolf pup and tells her to treat like a sister. Now Jennifer is all grown up and married and while her husband is out of town she goes and visits her best friend Alice that is living with the lead singer Mick of the band Immortals. Jennifer knows something is wrong in her marriage but doesn't want to give up or even admit to herself what the problems are. She meets Raphael part of the security team for Guardians International. There are some sparks between Raphael and Jennifer but she makes it clear she is married and they start becoming friends. At a party that Mick through she sees a man staring at her from across the room, she runs off to get a drink and the man ends of standing right behind her. Her really freaks her out and she goes running to Raphael. Gabriel didn't mean to scare her but wanted to get closer. She is the first person he has felt an attraction to in six thousand years.

Wow where to start. There is a lot going on in this book. You have Jennifer with her special powers which what she is comes out slowly in the book. Raphael and Gabriel that have been around for thousands of years. Knowing Jennifer was married my first thought was she was going to cheat on her husband which I am not a big fan of love triangles especially when one is married. I have to admit it is played out nicely in the book. Gabriel is an ancient that has been sent to earth from New Taut to protect humans and also those back in New Taut. There is a lot of explanation in the book about the other world, and how they came to be here but it isn't just thrown in your face at once. It is explained throughout the book in small enough doses where you don't feel overwhelmed. As to having a favorite character, there are to many wonderful characters to pick just one. Fantastic read for lovers of sic-fi/ para-normal and romance.
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on June 16, 2015
Very rarely do I reread a book, but after reading Eternal Life, the fifth book in V.S. Nelson’s series, I found myself wanting to go back and relive the journey she so graciously takes you on. Now I find myself writing her review, filled with more information that I could have the first time through.
Perhaps I should tell you that I’m an avid reader who was dang near burnt out on the PNR genre… Most of the first books in a series, especially in this genre turn me off since they tend to be an information dump. I realize the author has a duty to set up the scene and the characters and more often than not, while they are rushing to a Happy-Ever-After ending, they leave you hanging as to the whys things happen in the first place.
I’m happy to say that the first book in Nelson’s series was refreshing (both times through). Never did I feel overwhelmed or rushed as she uniquely introduces you to her characters and the setting. Perhaps it’s her writing style or voice, which in my opinion is a mixture of old style story sharing and showing us what is really happening. Her characters are introduced with finesse and in such a way you want to know more about them. Her scenes are built on real emotions, ones, we as humans have come to know in our own world. The idea that she can apply these emotions and actions to her unusual long list of characters still amazes me and draws me into the story like no other author I have come to read. Tiny questions that I had in the first book were always answered either in the original book or somewhere down the pages in the other books. No detail or question is left unanswered. I’ve come to love some of her characters, as much as if they were apart of my own family.
One of the other things that makes this PNR series so different from all the others is her books are basically the stories of the women, just like you and me, who meet up with her hunky immortal men. Her books contain stories of personal growth, exploration of self and love, something we can all relate to. When Ms. Nelson says, Journey into the world of Sekhmet’s Guardians, you have no idea what she really means until you read that first page… Yes it is a journey, one I hope never ends. What an enjoyable time I had rereading this book. Now on to reread book two, Eternal Nights..
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on June 19, 2014
I received a copy of this book, from the Author V.S. Nelson, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review

When I first started this series, I thought it would be just another vampire one. I love vampires, don’t get me wrong! But I didn’t realize the amazing new world that would be opened up to me!

Jennifer is a Native American woman, with powers she has been taught to rein in by her Grandmother, when she was younger. She is capable of getting animals to do her bidding and she’s also able to see past lives of people. Another thing is, when angered, her eyes turn red. Needless to say, all of these qualities are not something that average humans would understand.

Jennifer confesses to her Grandmother that she is extremely lonely. It is then that her Grandmother presents her with a gorgeous wolf pup, who Jennifer names Nowaki. They become inseparable and Jennifer feels a connection with Nowaki, that is a rare and special thing.

Jennifer grows up and marries Bill. He was one of her best friends and although it wasn’t true love, he offered her companionship and security. Bill and her were both convinced they could make each other happy and their marriage work. When Jennifer visits her close friend Alice, at the mansion she’s living at with her rock star boyfriend Mick, she feels like she’s stepped into a new world. She confesses to Alice there have been issues with Bill. It is also at this time she meets Gabriel, the head of Guardians Incorporated. A bodyguard firm that has been hired to guard Mick and his band. Or so she thought.

Gabriel is not your average human. In fact he’s not human at all. He is an ancient who came to earth thousands of years ago to protect the planet. He has his own past life. Will Jennifer be shocked by what she sees? Or will his past life be hidden from her ability to see? Worse yet, could both their pasts come back to steal the future this life holds?

As the story unfolds, we will find out Gabriel has secrets and Jennifer has a secret that not even SHE knew about! And Bill has secrets too, that may very well destroy Jennifer! Bill??!! YES BILL!! The twists and turns of this book were an exhilarating roller coaster!!! Did I mention ancients trying to kill everyone!!??

We have a sexy Alpha male(Gabriel), a strong, “I’ll kick your ass if you push me” woman(Jennifer), a secretive, won’t put out, always traveling husband(Bill) and also Raphael. Oh Raphael! I loved Raphael! Who couldn’t love a man who loves his dog! Awww!!!! Jennifer and Raphael share a connection that none of them understand. Who will she choose!!??? The brooding, Alpha male Gabriel? or the sweet and sexy Raphael? Le Sigh…♥

My Final Thoughts: I loved this book! It was a great beginning for what I think will become an exceptional series. I have to say though, the first few chapters of the book were somewhat stiff in the wording. Too proper. What I mean is, the dialogue didn’t fit the way actual people might talk in a normal, uninhibited conversation. I’ve seen this with quite a few first time books/authors. They want the wording to be perfect and it will be TOO perfect. However, that being said, I could see as the story went on, V.S. Nelson became more confident in her writing and got lost in the story. The story soon became perfectly imperfect! I felt like a skeptical little fish, who was soon ensnared in her story and I didn’t want to ever get out! I can’t wait to read the next book!!

V.S. Nelson’s “Sekhemet’s Guardians” are a welcome addition to my Paranormal line up. She’s bringing something new to the Paranormal with her Native American heritage and her imagination. LOVE HER!!

~Robin Malone(
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on September 1, 2013
Twenty-four year old Jennifer is a Native American who has not had an easy life. For the first ten years of her life she lived with her grandparents and when her grandmother died she moved in with her mother and step-father. Jennifer learned when she was a young child that she had gifts, gifts that she needed to keep hidden. She could look at a person and see their past lives and she had the ability to speak to animals. Her grandmother who was a Native American Medicine Woman knew about Jen's gifts and helped her learn to control them. Her mother was unaware of her abilities and Jen was not happy living with her and her step-father. In a rush to get away from home she married a man she did not love, and this brought her nothing but unhappiness. Married over a year she and her husband Bill had sex maybe four times, and she was convinced it was her fault.

As a musician Bill was away from home a great deal and this time Jen decided to travel to Chicago to visit her best friend Alice. Alice is married to the lead singer of a group called The Immortals and they are now touring the United States. With her marriage a disaster and having missed her best friend who she hasn't seen in a year this trip is something Jen is sure will bring her happiness, only it brings her much more than she could ever have expected. Her life will forever change after this visit.

When she at long last meets up with Alice at a mansion that resembles the Taj Mahal in size she is surprised by the amount of security. And these security people are from a company called Guardians Incorporated, and these are not just your run of the mill men. She has no idea that she is surrounded by immortals, and that some of them are Ancients. She is befriended by Raphael and they both feel a deep connection, but for some reason the leader Gabriel scares her. Gabriel has an instant reaction to Jen and knows that she belongs to him, but someone forgot to tell Jen. After thousands of years of being alone has Gabriel finally found his lifemate?

The Guardians are not just immortal they are aliens from a place called New Taut. On New Taut life expectancy is very much like on Earth but when they volunteered to come to Earth to protect humans as well as those on New Taut they were given the blood of Sekhmet which gave them immortality. Now thousands of years later they are still fighting Set's evil legion but are convinced that they only have a few nests of these legions to deal with and when they have they destroyed them they will return home. But things are not what they seem, evil is growing and the Guardians will once again be facing war against the legions.

This is a book full of surprises and twists and turns. It is a new approach to what a vampire is since the Guardians require human blood to survive but it is never taken without consent. The legion will not hesitate to drink a human dry and create as many of these creatures as they want and need. Whereas Guardians have hearts, souls and can breed the legion is without any of these things. This is the first book and I look forward to the next one. This book had it all a beautiful love story, aliens, vampires and more. We learn about Jen and who and what she is and there is so much more.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Romance Review Team
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on October 15, 2013
I couldn't get enough of Raphael to begin with then Gabriel stepped into the picture and man, heart melting, swoon, love struck! Once you get into the story there is no stopping you from reaching the end even through the wee hours of the night.

Jennifer's childhood was not such a happy time in her life other than when she lived with her grandparents. When things don't turn out so well when she moves in with her mother and step-father she finds Bill (her best friend) as someone that can rescue her. Marrying Bill seemed like the best thing to escape her home life.

After a while Jennifer goes on a trip to visit her high school friend Alice. Always together and always talking on the phone a trip away from Bill is just what Jennifer needs to sort out her thoughts. One week leads to another then by the time Jennifer loses multiple games with Alice she's staying for a month!

Raphael is just another Guardian working as Security when Jennifer finds herself falling for his charm. Raphael can't help but to feel protective of Jennifer when Gabriel has a moment of pure insanity. Scaring the hell out of Jennifer at the party, Raphael tells Gabriel he'll talk to Jennifer and find out what's going on. Not knowing what came over Gabriel, Raphael plays it off and eases Jennifer's nerves. Raphael cannot figure out how Jennifer's allure pulls at the strings of others. Who is she or better yet what is she?

Has Gabriel found his lifemate? Will Raphael be able to stop his feelings from growing stronger in time? Who will Jennifer confide in about her secret? Can Alice reveal to Jennifer what's really going on in her world with her and Mick? Or will Jennifer be left in the dark?
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on July 28, 2014
This book was awesome! I loved the characters and the storyline. V.S. Nelson is a wonderful and creative author who brings a new and wonderful twist to the vampire world.

There was a whole mess of characters in this story and it is really hard for me to choose a favourite but I would have to say that Raphael and Jen's wolf both made a big impression on me. I can't wait to see what happens with them both.

I loved the whole Native and Selkie roots to the story as well. Being of Native American and Irish decent. I really got a feel for these parts of the story.

The bad guys in the story were awesome and creepy with the whole coming back from the dead ceremony and all. they were crafty and clever as well but no match for the good guys as yet in the war. I can't wait to see when they are.

this book was a amazing read and I would recommend it for all the vampire reading lovers out there!
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on March 20, 2013
I'm not in the habit of reading steamy light paranormal. I found Eternal Lovers interesting with lots of adventure and surprises along the way.

Jennifer is born with some unusual talents which she inherited from the father she never knew. She can read the thoughts and communicate with animals as well as see peoples past lives. The story starts off when she's a child being raised by her grandparents, but the story fast forwards to the present. Jennifer is twenty four and married to her long term friend Bill by the second chapter. While taking a vacation to see her best friend Alice she becomes increasingly attracted to Gabriel, a dark and mysterious man. By this time the reader knows Gabriel is much more than a man. He is an immortal alien who is over five thousand years old. He and his companions came to Earth to save the human race. When her feelings for Gabriel reach a boiling point, she leaves to return to her husband... being unfaithful is not something she would do. But what she finds shatters her world. The love story between her and Gabriel develops and is steamy to the bitter end.
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on November 13, 2013
It's a great read with memorable characters and a fast pace plot line. It kept me reading during all my breaks and lunchs and then returning to my desk Blushing from the steamy sex scenes! The emotional rollercoaster you follow Jennifer (the main character)through as her life unfolds befor your eyes leaves you kind of attached to all the characters(expecially rauphael! read it so you can agree with me!)
I Love the hunky (yes i used the word hunky) men and the empowered woman! Get the book! you'll love it!
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on September 7, 2014
Eternal Lovers was one of the best vampire books I have ever read. The author puts so many spins and details into the characters and the action, you feel like you are there! Bravo for having me read the book in 24 hrs because I couldn't put it down. I have read so many series about vampires and the lives they lead with the human race but this one is plausible. I wish I could say more but I don't want to ruin it for anyone. It really is a MUST READ if you are into that kind of series. Carla LaLonde
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on April 30, 2015
This is not the typical girl meets boy. Girl loses boy. They find each other again. The story is well written and fun reading. I had no trouble suspending my disbelief to accept the premise of vampires, selkies and supernatural people and occurrences. This book kept my interest and the story the way it was written is believable. The plot was well developed. I'm looking forward to reading the next book and seeing what happens next in the Sekhmets Guardians series.
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