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on November 22, 2001
Let's face facts, folks. I'm a 29 year old bachelor. I hate cleaning. I do it only when it becomes absolutely necessary, which usually happens when I'm waist deep in clutter and mess. Wherever the cleaning bug gene is that runs in most families, it made absolutely certain to skip me.
I had to clean my house before selling it recently, and I had to do the unthinkable. Yup, I had to actually exert myself in that one activity I hate more than anything else. And that'd be cleaning. Downcast and sullen, I labored through the task at hand with as much gusto as I could gather, but it wasn't until my folks, who were helping me in my endeavours, pulled out this wondrous device that the experience actually became good.
Pour water in it, plug it in and let it heat up. After some minutes pass, press the trigger and the hand steamer exerts a jet of high-powered steam that will remove any stain. Yes, any stain. I was so impressed with the demos my Mom was showing me that I had to try myself on the grunge on the kitchen floor. After a few sweeps I had to try on something else. So the front of my refrigerator became my next victim. After that I was looking around for something else...anything else. And as I began this on the dryer in the laundry room I realized that I was actually *enjoying* the experience.
This thing gets into cracks and crevices that noone could ever dream of getting to before, cleans them, and as a bonus sterilizes them completely. My bathroom is in cleaner, better shape now then it was when I first got the house!
There's several different attachments that you can put on the nozzle to make the steam come out at different angles, and others that can allow you to steam clean mirrors or flat surfaces. It is beyond easy to operate and is perversely enjoyable, even for a self proclaimed couch-potato such as myself. I recommend this for anyone wanting to get stains or dirt off of surfaces that nothing short of molecular acid and a brillo pad will remove. But don't be surprised if your husband/fiance'/boyfriend eventually steals it from you to do the task themselves. You might even see them smile as they work!
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on May 25, 2002
Through using this little device, one learns that "dirt" is really complex, and that maybe "dirt" is far too crude a term to be useful. There are many different kinds of dirt and grease. This thing works on heat-soluble "dirt", which is not always the stuff you'd expect. Most grease is heat soluble, and so it is quite effective for that. Soap scum definitely is, and it makes very quick work of that. But things like lime or calcium deposits aren't (unless we're talking about stuff less than a week old), and it is pretty useless for that. But food stains, or any kind of actual earthy dirt literally breaks down in front of your eyes, which is really cool. As far as "where the dirt goes", you just follow every spray with a wipe with Scott towels. I went through a couple of rolls on my first day....
When it would work on the targeted dirt, there's no question it is the superior way to clean. Period. Unfortunately, I'd say that only accounts for about 60% of normal household dirt. But see, if you combine it with other forms of cleaning - elbow grease, chemical agents when necessary, judicious scraping, etc. it really does enhance the whole activity (visit Yahoo or or such sites for tips on cleaning tougher stuff). And I suspect that percentage would be higher if one had less, errr, established dirt in one's home.
It's also really good at getting in nooks and crannies. Corners, ledges, little junctures where two surfaces meet -- it can clean there better than just about any other method. My kitchen cabinets have sort of a bumply finish, and it was great at cleaning in all the bumples. Better than chemicals. It just blasted the micro... out of there.
Not having the chemical smell when cleaning is even nicer than I thought. I didn't realise how much I hated that until it was totally absent from the process. I would almost say this is the best feature. And because you're actually humidifying the air around you by using it, your sinuses actually feel _better_ after cleaning.
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on March 30, 2002
I often feel dizzy after cleaning the kitchen, since 409 makes me kind of high - but not in a good way. I decide to give this steam cleaner a try.
It cleans better than the chemical cleaners. However, for tough stuff like carbonized grease - you still have to scrub. Since you have to go through the area with steam instead of simply spraying chemicals, the cleaning may take a little bit longer as well.
It works wonderfully on glass, metal, and counter tops. Unfortunately, anything that is has a soft or rough surface has proven to be a challenge.
I wish this unit would hold more water. It would only produce steam for 7-10 minutes of cleaning. Then again, it is a hand held unit, more water will increase the weight of the device.
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HALL OF FAMEon October 4, 2002
I absolutely love this steamer for cleaning the several sets of carpeted stairs I have, for the pitter patter of four sets of energetic Labrador feet can muddy up even a stain-resistant commercial carpet over a few weeks time, especially during mud season up here in rural New Hampshire. So, while a handy-vac or a wist-broom is okay for day to dirt, but I have to whip this baby out every month or so to grind off the ground in dirt. This small and lightweight Hotshot handheld steamer made by Eureka gives me the steaming power I need to do the job quickly, easily, and with minimum fuss. Of course, one can use it for a variety of purposes, such as cleaning upholstery, sealed grout, bathroom tile, kitchen tile, stovetops, stove exhaust filters, windows, and mirrors. It can even be used to steam wrinkles from clothing or draperies. It is supposedly also great for degreasing, and will snuff out mites, salmonella, and other microorganisms, so it is a good hygiene agent, as well. The accessories include a flexible extension hose, a straight nozzle, a scrub brush, an angled nozzle, a fabric tool, a window cleaner, a measuring cup, and a funnel. As I said before, it is easy to use, lightweight, and comfortable to hold. Enjoy!
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on January 23, 2003
This enviro steamer is too expensive for what it really does. To clean a small area of tile in my shower I had to put water 3 times because the Hot Shot's water tank is too small. This steamer doesn't really remove grease or mildew by itself without scrubbing like they advertise on TV. The handle is not "hand" friendly. After a little while my hand started hurting and I couldn't hold the darn thing straight because it kept sliding. If I would have known that this gadget wasn't going to be worthwhile I wouldn't have bought it.
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on March 19, 2003
What a great little steamer and a great innovation! I've had mine a couple weeks now and can't seem to stop using it. I have two boys ages 5 and 2 and they can really do a job messing up the house, especially in the bathroom. This steamer just blasts through their dirt and grime. Works great around the sink and toilet though bathtub soap scum requires more scrubbing. I've used it in the kitchen for greasy messes and on the floor to get up sticky stains. I've used it on my truck to blast away stubborn brake dust on the rims and on the engine to dissolve greasy deposits. Used it on my wife's car to remove stains from the fabric seats & carpet (and home carpeting too). Comes with enough attachments to do a wide variety of tasks. It's best to let it cool down before changing attachments as they get hot! Also be careful unscrewing the cap when finished as escaping steam can burn you. Overall I'm very satisifed with this handy item ...
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on December 13, 2002
I liked the idea of steam cleaning to eliminate bacteria and other germs but it seems to shoot water all over the place. It also doesn't remove dirt or grime from tile or vinyl. The window squeegee doesn't really work either; it just pushes the dirt around. Basically,it is good for sterilizing areas without the use of chemicals but you do have to use chemicals to remove stains and a sponge to wipe up the excess water.
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on February 2, 2003
The steam isn't pressurized too much, so you have to hold the nozzle right against the surface to blow away any dirt, and then it often leaves a residue behind and only wets the item. It didn't do anything for my shower door, but it was handy for cleaning in the shower door track and other hard to reach places. The Hotshot did a good job on the mirror, but then the mirror was so wet that it had to be wiped anyway, so it didn't save any work. The final blow is the tiny water tank. You can only clean for a short time before needing to refill. When refilling, you have to wait 3 minutes for the boiler to cool, and three minutes for it to heat back up after adding water. It's going back tomorrow.
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on April 17, 2003
I'm an engineer, a mom, a volunteer and we're renovating our house. Something has to give and it's usually housework. ANYTHING that says it might in any way possibly cut the time, effort or drudergy of cleaning a house has my full attention. I was really hoping this would help in some way- either make it easier to clean screens, clean the bath tub or even just steam the wallpaper off the walls. This bats .000. If you're looking for something that leaves big pools of dirty water, a fine mush of insect parts and mud in screen channels and promotes mold by raising the humidty, this is for you. If not, 409 and a scrubber are your best bet. Mine goes back tomorrow.
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on May 19, 2003
I can't believe this product is still being sold, or that some people on the planet Earth are finding a use for it. I bought one about a year ago, thinking that if it only cleaned my mini-blinds it would be worth the price. Just talking about dust that's stuck to them, not any grease or stain. If it banished mildew in the shower, so much the better.
Received the unit, which is extremely well made and stylish--the single star indicating you could put it on your mantle and admire it--and proceeded to test it. It generated plenty of steam as promised; I don't think it was defective in any way. But the steam didn't do anything. Granted, I didn't see if it would remove wrinkles from clothes, but it failed to even touch the dust on the blinds--even when held in one spot for a while--and did nothing to grease spatters on the stove or mildew in the shower. Since it emits moisture, it could make drips on the floor removable with a paper towel, but a wetted sponge mop is much faster.
I suppose the unit could sanitize something, but you can get spray can products to do it much faster, or even use a dilute bleach solution. I can't imagine a single worthwhile use for this product, except maybe for torture purposes.
In my opinion, this is another example of cynical corporations selling something worthless, for surely they must have known it didn't work before it left the prototype stage.
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