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on April 28, 2011
Eureka AirSpeed Gold Bagless Upright with AirSpeed Technology

This vacuum assembles easily without tools. Don't be concerned when Step 1 states that the main handle snaps into place when pushed down and it doesn't. The main handle actually becomes locked only when the "carry" handle is attached in a subsequent step.

I already own a Dyson and this vacuum compares favorably. Both have powerful suction. I actually prefer the Eureka's utility tool hose operation to that of the Dyson. The stair/upholstery hose attachment works especially well.

The Eureka is bagless, but it does have two filters which require periodic replacement. The DCF 21 canister filter is $15.18 each on Amazon. The EF6 exhaust filter is $8.37 each. In total, filter replacements will probably amount to $50 plus per year based on Eureka's 3 to 6 month replacement instructions, although one can extend the canister filter life somewhat by keeping it brushed out. By contrast, the Dyson's filter is washable and lasts for years.

The ergonomic centrally located carrying/lifting handle on the Eureka is a strong plus for users like me with steps, stairs, and lots of immovable objects that require the vacuum be lifted into small spaces. The Dyson's thin handle is at the very top of the machine which makes it difficult to lift.

The power cord on the Eureka exits the machine at the bottom center of the vacuum, directly in the footprint of the user. I've now become somewhat used to it but one must constantly avoid stepping or walking on the power cord.

Overall, I still prefer the Dyson by a slight margin. The Eureka should be an excellent value if it turns out to be durable and dependable.
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on May 17, 2011
Out of the box, I loved this vacuum. It has powerful suction and I can't believe how much dust and dirt it picked up - it really does a great job at cleaning!

Now to the bad part. I have never owned a vacuum that required this much maintenance and cleaning. According to the product maintenance tab on this page, after each use you are supposed to empty the canister and then clean the filters. doing this, took us 15 minutes and made a dusty mess of the air and our hands. Who wants to play in the grime that you just vacuumed up and get the dust all over the place?
On top of that, you are supposed to replace several of the filters every 3 months. This is where they get you. It's almost $40 to do this.

I am taking it back to the store. This vacuum may be inexpensive to buy, but it's not worth the cost and hassle to maintain.

I am surprised that there aren't more reviewers that are mentioning this. While browsing thru the reviews the only thing I can come up with is that the people are reviewing it after just buying it, before they probably realize what a pain it is to own.
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Style Name: StandardVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After years of using an inexpensive (cheap) Hoover vacuum, I discovered the beauty of a really good vacuum. Don't get me wrong, my old Hoover met my basic requirements when I bought it - it was within my budget, worked decently. It was a good vacuum, just not a REALLY good vacuum.

By the time I bought my Dyson Animal, I had acquired five house-bound cats, making the need for a really great vacuum something more urgent. That Hoover just couldn't handle the job as well and required way too much upkeep in terms of belt changing, bag changing, etc. The worst was that a belt always seemed to break when you were up late cleaning house just before some event and it wasn't easy to run to the store to get a replacement. The Dyson freed me from the drudgery and expense of bags and belts while doing an outstanding job of vacuuming my carpets and upholstery. Without going into detail, the Dyson Animal set the bar pretty high for me in the vacuum department.

Cut to this year when I got my hands on the Eureka AirSpeed Gold Bagless Upright Vacuum (AS1001A). I'll start by saying this vacuum is one of the best I've ever used - it isn't THE best, but that Dyson is hard to beat. If I had never used a Dyson, I would say that Eureka's AS1001A model is the best I had used. Considering that the price for the Eureka is usually several hundred dollars less than the vacuums in the Dyson line, and the Eureka model would be the clear choice for most consumers. Don't get me wrong, I do think the Dyson was worth every penny I paid for it, but I used a Christmas bonus to buy it and not everyone has the budget to splurge on the Dyson when a Eureka does such a fantastic job at a lesser price.


Like I said, the Eureka is a pretty darn good vacuum, but not perfect enough to give it 5 stars. If Amazon allowed half stars, I would give it 4.5, though. I'll start with my few disappointments regarding the Eureka AirSpeed Gold Bagless Upright. First, it may be bagless, but you do still have to deal with belts. I really hate changing the belts, so this is of particular note for me. I haven't had to change one yet, so I can't say how easy or difficult it is, but the manuals make it look easy enough. On a good note, they do include a spare belt in the box, so you have one ready the first time it breaks.

Second, you do have to put the vacuum together when you pull it out of the box. This isn't an issue for me - my problem is that the instructions for this were a bit vague in some areas. I spent quite a bit of time on step 2, where you are instructed to "place handle on vacuum; push down to snap into place." I kept pushing, expecting to feel or hear the `snap' referenced in the instruction but it never snapped. I finally moved to step 3 and found that the handle piece doesn't really snap in place, it relies on the carry handle being inserted during step 3 to secure the handle. This is a small thing, but could save another user like me some time if it were worded slightly differently. Still, this is a rather minor issue and I would not count off points for it.

Another disappointment is the `hook' where you snap the top of the wand to hold it on the vacuum. This feels a bit flimsy and I haven't been able to get it snapped in with a solid feel. It slides or falls out of this hook with minimal touch. I would like this to be more secure.


Now that the bad is out of the way, on to the GOOD stuff. First off and most importantly, the unit vacuums very well. I've used it on linoleum, carpet, and upholstery and found it does an admirable job, especially considering the kitties I live with. There is a path selector dial that controls whether it is set to using a hand tool or floor and another dial that allows you to set a carpet height or bare floor. All settings have worked equally well for me.

The bare floor setting was especially impressive. Many of the vacuums I've used in the past have a harder time on bare floors and leave some debris behind, but I've not experienced this issue with the Eureka AS1001A.

One of my favorite features on this vacuum is the hose length. I live in a 3-story townhouse, and vacuuming staircases is a huge hassle when you have to carry the entire vacuum up the staircase with you, balancing it with one hand while trying to vacuum a stair-step with the other. With the Eureka AS1001A, the hose is long enough for me to leave the unit at the foot of the stairs and stretch it up to the very top step. This leaves both hands free to vacuum and keep myself balanced rather than the machine and is much safer for a klutz like me. I honestly couldn't believe that the hose stretched that far - it compacts so well that it wasn't until I actually tried it that I realized the full length. When I was done, the hose compacted nicely again.

Still on the subject of vacuuming stairs, the machine comes with a `turbo nozzle' for vacuuming stairs. My Dyson has something similar and both work very well. Where some vacuums only offer a few basic hand tools that really don't do the stairs very well, the Eureka's turbo nozzle not only gets all of the dirt and other debris up from the stairs, it also refreshes the pile height on the steps just as the vacuum's floor setting does in a standard room.

As for the other hand tools, it comes with the typical dust brush and crevice tool that you find on pretty much any vacuum. Both tools work as well as any other I've used and I consider both necessary so I appreciate having them.

The wand has an extension that stores over the base part of the wand. When you want the extended length, simply slide it off and slip it back on the opposite direction, just as with most other vacuums.

The Eureka model also sports a decent area for wrapping the electrical cord when the machine isn't in use, complete with a little groove on the end to snap it back onto the cord and hold it in place. This sounds like a no-brainer, but I have used vacuums that don't have this features, so I very much appreciate it when it is there.

On to the clean-up: the bagless dust bin is great. I wouldn't purposely own another vacuum without this feature after being spoiled by the Dyson and now the Eureka. With my Dyson, emptying this bin is pretty much a one-handed operation. With this Eureka, you need both hands free to do it. This isn't a big issue, but when you've experienced a machine that allows for one-hand bin emptying, you get used to it. The reason I prefer this is that I can hold a trash bag with one hand while flipping the switch to empty the bin with the other hand. While the Eureka method may need two hands, it is still VERY easy to maneuver, so I would call this point `room for improvement' rather than an `issue'.

The package includes a filter cleaning brush so that you can clean the vacuum filter easily. This is nice to have and it would be even better if there was a place on the vacuum to stow this brush. I haven't found one yet, so if anyone has figured this out, please leave a comment for both me and other consumers with that information.

Other than the one issue I had with the instructions while assembling the unit, I have found the documentation to be very good. It comes with paper manuals, but you can also download the Owner's Guide, Quick Start Guide, and Maintenance Guide in PDF format from the Eureka website. They also have the accessories and parts for this model available for order on their site so if you need extras, replacements, etc. you should be able to easily find the parts and order them. There are also instructional stickers strategically placed on the machine to provide quick reminders when you need to empty the bin, etc. but don't want to take time to pull out the manual.

All in all, I highly recommend the Eureka AirSpeed Gold Bagless Upright vacuum. This is a really great vacuum at a moderate price that most people will find affordable and effective.
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on December 26, 2012
Style Name: PetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE after several weeks, see below:

First, I should say that I'm a Vine reviewer and this was free. I have a 12+ year old Hoover upright that is starting to show its age and I thought that this would be an opportunity to replace it and stop buying bags. I mention this because as the time I'm writing this review Amazon is showing a $100 price for this (in 2012 money) whereas I paid probably $300 for the Hoover in roughly 2000 money, so taking inflation into account this costs perhaps a quarter what the Hoover did.

My first impressions were very poor: This is made of very lightweight plastics and there are 11 stops to the assembly process. And those 11 steps are important as you see just how low-quality the plastics are. And everything snaps together. Granted, most of these pieces aren't ones that you'll ever need to disassemble, which is good, as I'm not sure it's possible without destroying the little plastic hooks.

However, at least for the last few days, it works very well. I am using it on bare floors and low-pile carpets, but I've been very impressed with the amount of stuff in the cannister when I empty it. It's too early to tell if that will continue, but I'd think that if you replace the paper filter once or twice a year it'll be fine.

Ergonomically, this is a mixed bag. The handle that changes based on type of carpet or bare floor is easy to turn and easy to grasp, as is the knob that changes from floor suction to hose attachment suction. And that's something I like very much: On many uprights that have hoses, during floor operation the air suction is through the hose, and moving the air through the long length of hose seems to me as though it would lessen the suction. On this one, the path when doing the floor is much more direct, and I think it shows in how well it picks things up.

On the downside ergonomically, there are two things that I notice every time I use it: The on/off switch is a foot-activated paddle, and if you press the foot peddle that releases the upright handle so you can tilt it back before you turn it on, it's hard to reach the on/off paddle. Secondly, the cannister should be emptied after each use, and I find it just a little trickier to get back in than should be the case for something you do all of the time.

One thing I definitely do not like, is that there's no way to turn off the brushes when doing a hardwood floor. There is a setting for hardwood floors, but it's not the most 'away from the floor' setting (the ver low-pile carpet seems to move the brushes further away), and I prefer suction only for bare floors.

So, what do I think? For $100, if it holds up, I think it's a very nice deal, so long as you're willing to treat it more carefully than I'm used to having to treat vacuums. Maybe it's common to this generation, but this is more delicate than I'd have expected. And this is also clearly of the disposable ilk: if something goes wrong, unless you live near a service center, you're not going to invest in two-way shipping.


Looking at what I said above, nothing has changed except I have found a significant annoyance about emptying the collection cannister: First, it's still annoying to get it back in the vacuum, but it is indeed easy to open the bottom of it over a trash can and let the stuff fall out. However, that's not good enough, and that's the problem: There is one of those typical pleated cylindrical filters at the top of the cannister and stuff accumulates between it and the sides of the cannister. This means taking off the top of the cannister, removing the filter holder, and getting the stuff off the filter. This may not have to be done every time, but it's not going to be an occasional thing either if you want to maintain suction.
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2013
Style Name: PetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I also own a Eureka AirSpeed Gold which I like a lot and use fairly often around my office. I wanted a similar vacuum to use at home so I thought the AirSpeed Pet would be a good option, even though I don't actually have any pets.

As far as, I can tell, the Gold and the Pet are nearly identical vacuum cleaners with just some minor differences in the accessories and tools. In terms of construction and setup, the two are indeed identical. Everything easily snaps into place and putting it together took me a whole 5 minutes. The handle portion locks in a way that seems very sturdy to me. It's all just plastic, but everything fits together snugly with a click. I regularly lift my AirSpeed Gold up by the handle to move it around, and I haven't had any issues with it falling apart, and I expect the AirSpeed Pet to hold up just as well.

The tools and even the canisters are interchangeable between the two vacuums. You get a crevice tool, a regular brush tool, and the Pet Paw for upholstery. Switching to the tools requires flipping a switch on the side of the vacuum. The Pet Paw is slightly different from the regular upholstery tool in that it has two rows of hard, plastic nubs lining the edges of the lip of the tool. The regular brush attachment for the AirSpeed Pet also has an extra ring of rubbery bristles along the edge. I did notice that the AirSpeed Gold comes with an extra plastic extension tube for the hose attachment that the AirSpeed Pet doesn't have.

Aside from the differences in the tool attachments and the color schemes, these two vacuum cleaners seem to be pretty much the same. The stickers on the front advertise that these Eureka vacuums are competitive with Dysons at a fraction of the cost. Apparently, the AirSpeed Gold competes with the Dyson DC14, DC17, and DC25 at 1/3 the price, while the AirSpeed Pet competes with the DC17, DC25, and DC33 at 1/2 the price. Considering that I got these two vacuums over a year apart, the pricing and model numbers on these stickers have probably just been updated to keep current.

In terms of performance, the two vacuums also seem identical. The AirSpeed pet, like the Gold, is extremely powerful and great at picking up stuff even along the edges of walls. Running the vacuum cleaner along the base of walls is enough to pick up most of the dust that gathers in the corners. The blade attachment gets any more stubborn debris.

+ Extremely powerful vacuum.
+ Good tool attachments.
+ Easy set up.
+ If the AirSpeed Gold is any indication, the AirSpeed Pet should last me a while.
+ Comes with a cleaning brush for cleaning out the canister filter.
+ Comes with an extra belt for the brush roller.

- No automatic cord rewind.
- A little bit heavy.
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VINE VOICEon December 28, 2012
Style Name: PetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have two big dogs who shed a lot, so I am very, very picky about my vacuum cleaners. Most I have tried have been disappointments, so when I find one that actually works, I'm excited to review it.

Like most modern vacuums, this model was easy to put together; it was up and running in 5 minutes. The first thing that struck me was the size: it's a smaller vacuum, with a full-size dirt canister. Yes! It's perfect for getting into smaller spaces and not as heavy to push. I don't know why most other vacuums have to be so gigantic and hard to manuever.

The suction is great! Got a ton of fur out of my carpet, even though I had vacuumed less than 24 hours previously. The dirt cup is easy to remove. It's a closed canister, so you take the entire thing off, walk over to the trash can, and open the bottom to empty it. Nice and neat. VERY easy to put back in place on the vacuum.

Another feature I absolutely love is the extra-long cord. I've never had a vacuum with a cord this long. Really! I can plug it into a central location and do multiple rooms. My only complaint is it's not retractable, so maybe minus 1/2 star for the tiny annoyance of having to manually rewind the cord.

Overall, I love this vacuum. It does everything a vacuum should do. Yay :)
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on January 28, 2012
We purchased the Eureka AirSpeed to replace a Eureka Boss that we really liked but it had worn out after many good years. We selected the AirSpeed based on the features and overall rating of 4 stars on Amazon. I value the opinion of Amazon users and reviewers. However, I now believe that the Eureka AirSpeed is one of the worst vacuums on the market. Here are the highlights:
1) The parts snapped together fairly easily
2) The noise level from this vacuum is very high and has a very annoying pitch
3) Suction was good but there are not enough height adjustments in order to do small throw rugs with sucking them up and ruining them. There is no switch to turn the brush off on hardwood floors.
4) Suction doesn't last long due to the incredibly poor design of the dust cup - it has a bunch of tiny tiny holes - be prepared to hand clean it every time and it has some strange nooks and crannies to hold even more dust. The old Eureka Boss design was so much simpler and performed so well without any hand cleaning of the cup.
5) It's not easy getting the top of the filter assembly to properly reattach to the cup - why did they design it this way
6) The wand is extremely short requiring a lot more bending over to do the edges of hardwood floors and tiled bathrooms
7) There is NO handle on the front near the bottom so that you can vacuum stairs without using the tedious power paw

After a week of using this vacuum, I cannot believe that the management team at Eureka could possibly let this thing go into production. Do the managers actually use the products that they sell? The annoying noise and the horribly designed filter mechanism warrant zero stars.

I do a lot of business with Amazon and sincerely appreciate their return policy. Disassembling this vacuum and getting it back in the box was quite challenging but we were able to get it shipped back. Save yourself the frustration and purchase a better vacuum. We subsequently purchased the Hoover Wintunnel Max and we are fortunate because we are delighted with it.
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on April 29, 2011
I have had this vacumn for about a month. I do not think I have had it long enough to write a appropriate review, but I know I will not remember to do it a year from now! I bought this to replace a $200 Kenmore that I had for two years. Two years is good for me. I usually have to replace them every year. I have 4 kids and 3 German Shephers...therefore I vacumn every day, sometimes twice a day. I really like the Eureka Airpeed . The first time I vacumned with it.... I was SHOCKED (at a little grossed out) at how much dirt/hair it got up. I did a 3x3 area and it almost filled the canister! It has great suction. I have low area rugs and this vacumn gets everything up, even dog hair. It also do very good on hard wood floors. It is easy to empty, but the filter and the area around it get DIRTY FAST. I have to clean it alot. I did not think that it would be that dirty that fast, but it started losing suction and I looked any it was not geting any air flow. As soon as I cleaned it, it went back to cleaning perfectly. It is very easy and pretty quick to clean. I rinse the filter about once a weeks. The cord is not quite long as I would like and it falls off the clip a lot while vacumning. It also does not have a light. My favorite thing about the Eureka AirSpeed is the power of the hose! It is equal to a shop vac! It is awesome. The attachments stay on the vacumn nicely (while in use and while not in use). It also gets very close the walls, unlike my old one. If you do not mind a little maintance, it is definitly worth buying. It also comes with a 2 yr warrenty.
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on May 5, 2011
I had to break down and buy a new vacuum. The one I had was literally falling to pieces. I wanted one that had similar features, upholstery vacuum, extendable wand, etc. I was also looking for one that had good cleaning abilities. I was a little hesitant at first, when I ordered this vacuum it had just become available on Amazon and had no reviews. I decided to go for it.

Had it for less than a week, but so far it is a cleaning beast. I have two children and really only three bedrooms that need cleaning, rest of the house is tiled. I just emptied the canister and wow is all I can say. It had stuff, more than likely was sitting deep down in the carpets for a long time. I commented to my wife the carpets actually looked clean after vacuuming them. Had the other vacuum for 4 years.

Pros: (so far)
Easy to manuever, does not seem unwiedly
On the lowest carpet setting will actually pull itself forward
Lots and lots of suction
Long reach with cord and hose
Not very loud, pretty typical noise output
Seems to be well put together

Cons: as I see it
Cannot turn off beater brush
Does not make coffee

Longevity remains to be seen, but for the money I would say give it a shot.
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on February 26, 2013
I spent a lot of time researching a new vacuum and decided on this one for its price and good reviews. Fortunately I have not been disappointmented. I was looking for a powerful vacuum to clean my low-pile carpeting and this vacuum actually exceeded my expectations, it does a great job of picking up dust and pet hair. It does a good job of catching pesky debris on carpet edges as well. Only con is that I have been having a hard time keeping the attachments attached to the vacuum while vacuuming--they seem to fall off easy and can be a little annoying, but minor compared to the end result. I would highly recommend this vacuum for anyone looking for a solid vacuum at a good price.
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