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710 of 721 people found the following review helpful
(update: This review was updated on 11-2-09 after I got to compare the Bissell as well as add notes about the Ladybugg steamer at the bottom)

I live in a neighborhood where EVERY home is "green built certified" this means that, to have that certification, the builder built no homes with carpet. All the main floors are polished concrete and the upper floors wood. The bathrooms all have tile and/or slate in every home.

Because of this, as you could imagine, steam mops are quite the neccessity...not only because they get the hard surfaces better than anything else, but because they are also "green" and clean chemical free. I'll be honest, for us...that's a bonus but we weren't cleaning chemical free before. We like chemical free for our pet's paws but I'll confess I was mopping with chemicals before I got my steamer and just kept the pets out of the room while doing it because, up until then, I couldn't get it clean any other way.

Okay, so that said...we decided to have a steamer show down to compare 5 different steamers because my friends and I knew as long as we are in these homes we are gonna have to have a steamer to get all these hard floors clean...we may as well figure out which one to buy next go round. Because my own home is graced with 2 cats, 3 dogs, and two gregarious cooks, my kitchen floor (which had not ever been cleaned by a steamer since my steamer had just arrived) was the testing spot.

Mind you, I vaccuum twice per week and do a mega mop twice a week. I THOUGHT I had pretty clean floors in spite of my pet capacity.

I thought wrong. These picked up dirt so well it's scary

So here's the results:

1. steam mops are the mac daddys of clean floors. What these things picked up was tremendous and no comparison to my vigorous prior constant major mopping.

2. So now I'll break down the elements of each mop we used and then go into more detail about each at the end.

We tried out:
"S": The shark by Europro
"E" The Envirosteamer by Eureka
"H" the haan steamer
"M" the Monster
"B" The Bissell Green Tea

CORD LENGTH: so you don't have to stop and unplug and replug in somewhere else:
Shark ( will be referred to as S):20 feet
Envirosteamer (will be referred to as E): 25 feet
Haan: (will be referred to as H)19'8"
Monster (will be referred to as M): 25 feet
Bissell (will be referred to as B) 17 feet

STEAM TEMPERATURE: this is a primary element. The hotter the steam, the more dirt picked up and hot steam will also kill parasites, mold and mildew and loosen more dirt:
S 110 degrees. lame
E 220 degrees. very hot
H 212 degrees. very hot
M 266 degrees. hottest...although the envirosteamer and haan seemed plenty hot enough. The shark didn't clean nearly as well and this was one reason. 110 degrees just isn't going to melt off stuck on grime.
B 125 degrees. Note that, because of this low steam temperature the manual said that if I wanted to sanitize the floor or pick up caked on spills, I had to hold the steamer on the spot for 15 seconds but no more than 20 because that could damage some floors. Now I don't know about you, but if I can sanitize with one swipe of the other steamers because of their sanitizing temps my floor will be done WAY faster but I don't have a timer to worry about the extra 5 secons where my wood floors could get damaged. My sink water is hotter than this so it would take less time to use a regular mop if I have to hold the steamer on every spot of my floor for 15 seconds to santize. Just sayin

We found how it was made corresponded with issues with the steamer. The Shark, for example, was quite flimsy and they actually sell replacement handle kits because so many people have issues with the handle breaking! We know this because my neighbor's shark broke and the store had a replacement handle kit on the shelf because he said "it happens often". That's an extra cost.
Envirosteamer: Was 5.4 lbs which made it lightweight but strong enough that you didn't have to press down to clean. Very well made and strong parts
Haan: not made as well as the envirosteamer but it's more expensive so this was a surprise. A bit flimsy and you need to press down on it more to clean at 3.15 lbs.
Monster: hefty and well made at 9 lbs but a bit too heavy unless you want a good workout. (Note: They have changed the Monster handles on the mops now and they are all plastic and people are having breakage issues)
Bissell: It's 8.4 pounds but that includes a water filter that you have to get for this one (see notes below)

WATER CAPACITY: Very important because having to stop and add more water just adds on to the time you have to spend cleaning, especially if you are cleaning a hallway or livingroom or some other area that has no sink:
S: only holds 10 oz of water. Lasted for 10 miinutes of cleaning
E: holds 20 oz. of water. Lasted for over 20 minutes of cleaning (we stopped at 20 and it was still going)
H: holds 11.83 oz of water. Lasted for 13 minutes of cleaning
M: holds 17 oz. of water. Lasted for 15 minutes of cleaning
B: holds 13 oz of water, lasted for 12.5 minutes of cleaning AND you have to undo and remove the tank from the machine every time you fill it up then hook it back on and the steam tank is on the handle rather than the base so the steam doesn't flow directly out after heating up which may explain why it's not as hot once it leaves the machine. The way this mop is made the water flows past heating elements which can, according to Bissell, develop calcium deposits on it so this is the only mop where, because of this, you also have to use a water filter with it and replace the water filter when there is build up which means and extra 12 bucks every few months. The better mops are made to heat the water in a metal tank so this is not an issue and you pour the water directly into the tank.

STEAM HOLES: We found a difference although you'd think they'd all be the same. The shark only had one hole that the steam came out of so it wasn't cleaning things on the edges, just in one spot. All the others had steam coming from bottom and sides.

SIZE: The taller it is the less stooping, the wider the mop head, the more it covers
S: 40"Hx12"Wx7"D
E: 50"Hx13.25"Wx6.75"D (the fact that this depth was smaller made it reach under applicances fit better under things)
H: 50.5x11.5x7.5
M: 48x12.7.5
B: 45.25H (this was uncomfortably short) x11 x8.4 (even though this didn't fit under cabinets because of the depth it did swivel the best)

Conclusion of comparison: First it must be pointed out that, in order to use the shark and the Bissell, you had to keep pumping the water. This was the most annoying feature of anything...the others just steamed on their own and didn't wear out your fingers. Hated this feature of the shark and Bissell. We liked that the Monster and the Shark and Envirosteamer and the Bissell came with 2 cleaning pads rather than one. The Haan only came with one at the time of the review (I double checked since when she bought hers it was also only one and as of today, that hasn't changed) so that ups the price even more because I can't imagine only wanting one to clean. All worked well on sanitizing mattresses and showers. too.

But the winner picked by all of us unanimously as the mop we want to have for our next steam mop order?
The Eureka Envirosteamer. It picked up the most dirt, was made as well as the Monster but was less expensive, held the most water, emitted the most very hot steam so it sanitized as well, lasted 3 times as long with one water resevor fillup as the others, and had a cord as long as the monster. BUT if you have carpets than I would recommend the Monster because it has a carpet attachment that allows you to steam clean your carpets and it picked up pretty close to the same amount of dirt as the Eureka Envirosteamer, and had close to the same features...a bit heavier though but that may make it last even longer. It is costlier, but to clean 2 surfaces I would think that might make it worth it.

UPDATE: The Haan just started including 2 pads with the mop according to the product description page. Not that this changes our opinion since it didn't work as well and the parts were flimsier, but it should be noted that this issue of not having enough cleaning pads has now been resolved and is equal to the other mops.

ANOTHER UPDATE: 1. The Shark came out with a new machine that holds more water and has a longer cord BUT it still only heats the water to 110 degrees so it won't sanitize or get rid of trapped grime at this "bathwater" temperature.

Another update: I haven't tried it yet but was told about an even better mop than the Eureka Envirosteamer but I can't personally afford it...still, it's worth mentioning in case you can. It's called the Ladybug XL2300 and is a canister steam mop. It heats the water to 298 degrees (woah!) so it's a super sanitizer but it's over a thousand bucks. It also comes with 6 towels. I didn't include it in my review because I haven't ever tried it and I wanted to only include mops I personally tried but it's got great enough stats that, even though it's out of my price range, I thought I'd pass it on as a super sanitizer when I read about it.

Also: Don't spend money buying extra pads for the Eureka. I was in a pinch and used a kitchen dish towel...the rectangular kind...just clip on both ends. It worked just as good or better...because they are thinner so the steam penetrates faster and therefore reaches the floor hotter. However, I would recommend still only using the thick pads that come with it for your wood floors just to be safe. But the super hot steam penetrating the dish towel worked excellent on tile and hard floors. Also, you can flip both the towel and the pads that come with it on the Eureka to double the usage...when it gets dirty, just flip it over and use the other side. I use several old dish towels with this but I like best the kind that just have a bit of texture but no squares sewn on them...but they all work great. So do the pads.
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127 of 129 people found the following review helpful
on March 19, 2008
This little cleaner is awesome!! And I mean awesome! I only use it on tile, so keep that in mind, but it does a WONDERFUL job. The steam powerfully removes dirt and dried on stuff. I was so impressed the first time I used it and that feeling continues. There's very little "scrubbing" involved, just pushing - and that's not too hard, though a little harder than a regular mop. The beauty is that you don't feel like you're pushing dirt around the floor like you do with a regular mop. It really seems to come up and stick to the microfiber cloth (I always vacuum before mopping too). I even did a paper towel test on a section of tile that I'd mopped with the Monster - no dirt on the paper towel. Now that's impressive. It does take about 5 minutes to heat up when filled with cold water, the handle is a little flimsy for my taste, and yes, it doesn't reach all the way under cabinets because of the way it's designed, but the cleaning power outweighs any of these issues. Hope this helps someone make a great decision. A clean floor with little effort and no choking chemicals. You can't beat that.
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353 of 375 people found the following review helpful
on February 19, 2008
This is a video review of the Monster EZ1 Steam Mop brought to you by Govacuum.
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102 of 105 people found the following review helpful
on June 15, 2009
My new Monster Floor Cleaner was delivered just 9 months ago. It has been used once a week to clean 500 sq ft of textured ceramic tile floor laid on concrete slab since. It did a very good job cleaning. I used distilled water exclusively and purchased additional pads. It frequently required repairs during those 35-40 uses and I longer consider it repairable. Here is what went wrong:

The jets in the front of the Cleaner seem like a great idea but cause more trouble than they are worth. They blow straight out so nothing is loosened. Instead, loose dirt is blown around out of control. The jet trigger is in the handle and opens the steam valve via a wire that gets off track and jammed from time to time. The jets tend to clog when the cleaner bangs into things. One could simply forget about keeping the jets running, but the control wire is the reason the handle breaks. The two sections of the handle are joined by a plastic connector that passes the trigger wire and isn't as robust as it should be. Mine broke twice. I carefully repaired it once and gave up when it broke again six months later.

The flaw I consider a show stopper is the floor steam valve. It turns the steam off when the handle is raised and controls the amount of steam. Mine was a little temperamental at the start but then worked dependably for several months. A few months ago it began sticking again, getting worse and worse. Steam flow is through plastic tubing which softens and kinks. Between the valve and the tubing it finally became impossible to finish the floor before the steam cut out.

I love cleaning the floor with steam. The Monster isn't tough enough for my floor though. It isn't quite hot enough for tile laid on a concrete slab. The handle is weak. The valves and tubing are not robust and not dependably over time. The steam control and the jets seem nice but lend additional weaknesses to the design.
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89 of 96 people found the following review helpful
This is the 3rd floor steamer I have owned. The first was a Eureka Enviro-steamer - had it for several years and loved it - then it broke. They don't seem to make them anymore. Next I bought a Lysol steam-mop. Don't bother. It's a glorified Swiffer. Flimsy, water us barely hot - not really steam, very short cord, and every time I filled it it would promptly relieve itself on the floor. Junk.

Then I bought the Monster. It's very much like the Enviro-steamer. Light comes on when steam is ready. Cool feature is that the steam only comes out when you lower the handle. Steam is hot and does a great job on my tile floors. The cord is longer than most other steamers. The water heats in just a few minutes and I can steam about 1500 sf of tile in 2 fills of the tank - and steaming is way faster than mopping. Yes - you do have to vacuum or sweep first. This isn't meant to pick up debris. And yes - there is a 'steamy' scent as you mop - but it goes away pretty quickly.

The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because it is supposed to do light steam cleaning on carpets too (with the sledge) but it did nothing on my carpets and it doesn't get under the cabinets too well due to the height of the boiler. Oh well. Minor stuff for an overall great floor cleaner.
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53 of 56 people found the following review helpful
on September 17, 2008
UPDATE: Below is my original review to which I assigned a 5 star rating. Since then, the 1 yr old mop has gone on the fritz and now has stopped working completely. I always used distilled water (as recommended by the manual), but after about 6 months or so I started experiencing issues that usually occur when you've used hard water -- i.e., the mope would heat up, but no steam would come out. I read the manual, which very technically explained that I needed to fill up the mop with water (not plug it in), shake the mop violently, and then dump out the water out. I did this, and gray water came pouring out. I repeated the process and then the mop worked like new....until a couple months later when the same phenomenon happened - I remedied it again. I emailed customer service and they never replied. Now, about 1 yr after the purchase my steam mop heats up but no steam comes out and the violent shaking of yesteryear does not work. I'm frustrated and wish I would have gone with a more recognizable brand. I borrowed my mother-in-law's Shark and think I will get one of those. While the water chamber is about half the size of the Monster, the chamber is plastic and you can see if you are getting any funky buildup. Also, the Shark is about half the weight and allows more steam to come out.

I researched for weeks online and in stores for a steam mop, as most of my house is wood or tile. I could not be happier with my purchase. Here are the reasons why i finally chose the Euroflex Monster:

1) It was actually designed to be used on hardwood floors - this was important to me b/c I didn't want to ruin the floors in our house
2) It has 2 different steam levels, which makes it safer and more effective at cleaning tile and hardwood. i could not find any other steam mop w/ 2 different steam levels.
3) it has a good sized water chamber. i can mop the whole house on one filling if i don't press the trigger too much to get extra steam to come out the front.
4) steam jets on the bottom AND front. i don't remember seeing this in any other brand.
5) it heats up hotter than most steam mops - to 240 degrees F. Other steam mops don't get as hot so to actually sanitize you are supposed to hold the mop in one spot for 15 seconds, which would make mopping a house an all day event.
6) it also has an attachment for steam cleaning carpets - i have not tried this yet, but liked the feature.

It has been great at cleaning well and quickly. It really does wipe away grime... even grime that's been there for a while. The pads are machine washable and come out clean every time. Be sure to use distilled water so that you don't get any build up in the chamber (that goes for all steam mops). My only complaint is that if you do have to refill the water chamber mid-cleaning session, you have to wait to 5 mins unscrew the cap (b/c of steam escaping when you unscrew the cap)and then another 5 mins for the mop to heat up after you put more water in the chamber.
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30 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on September 23, 2008
I'd been wanting to purchase a steam mop for over a year, and I finally plunked down the money for this one. I'm very pleased with it! I was amazed at the amount of dirt that it removed from my kitchen floor, especially. That floor is textured linoleum stick-on tiles that are supposed to look like slate. Anyway, dirt tends to get trapped in the grooves, and it's very hard to remove. I was a little worried that the high level of heat would ruin the adhesive and lift the tiles, but that hasn't happened after several moppings. I had even scrubbed that floor on hands and knees with a magic eraser about a week before I bought my Monster, and yet there was more dirt remaining than I thought possible. Now, I can even walk around barefoot and my feet stay clean. My other floors are made of ceramic tiles, laminate, and linoleum. It has cleaned all of them equally well. I was a little leery about using the Monster on the laminate floors, but I just put it on the lowest setting and they are spotless and no worse for the wear. It should be noted though, that my laminate floors are glueless, so your mileage may vary if yours are glued together. This mop is super easy to use and what's more, it's fun! I've never had such clean floors, period. And with relatively little effort! Even my six year old had to try it out. Picking up her toys is another matter, but who wouldn't want to try blasting a floor clean with this thing? I also like the trigger on the handle that sends out a blast of steam--it's nice to blast around the base of the toilets, under the fridge, in corners, etc. I feel like this mop will be pretty durable too--there doesn't seem to be a whole lot that could go wrong with it. After all, steam irons last forever (my mom still uses one she inherited from her mother, daily, because she sews) and this is basically an iron on a stick. Overall, just a great, chemical free way to get your home really clean.
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22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on May 26, 2008
I love this steam mop! After watching an infomercial for another steam mop, I started researching reviews and after watching a video on how to operate this one I chose it. This one does not seem to have the problems of others. It does not leave the floor soaking wet, and it heats up quickly. It also has a very long cord. I have marble, granite, hardwood, and laminate floors, and it did a great job on all of them. It does not make them "shine" but does clean them well. I found it even removed gum and paint. I have 3 teenagers and 2 dogs and this is the first mop that actually cleaned all the grim and dirt away. Get this mop, you will not be disappointed!!! I bought mine from GOvacuum and got free shipping for around $106 and received it in a couple of days from placing my order with Amazon.
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28 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on May 30, 2008
Well it broke after about 1.5 years of use. I'm not happy at all with the fact that it only shoots steam out of the front jets but doesn't seem to get hot at all under the pad anymore. I perhaps will make a project out of taking it apart to see what the problem is with it (not that I can fix it) but my husband is a plumber maybe he can figure it out (since I figure it works the same way a water heater would). A big disappointment. I guess simple is the best way to go....back to the mop and bucket for me!
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34 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on February 27, 2008
Well, I think that it is VERY easily assembled! It DOES MOP the floor BEAUTIFULY, BUT......... I got it, because I had rust stains and well, I wanted them off of my kitchen floor, and it did NOT get it, HOWEVER the company was very fast to respond and offer a solution! The handle is a bit "flimsy" If you push too hard, I feel personally that it would SNAP in half! lol... It does come with 2 pads and a carpet steamer, which I will try today. The cord is long, and other than the flimsy handle, it's OKAY. I will post an update in a couple of weeks. The only flaw that I had with it really was ON THE HANDLE, I couldn't get it to spray out of the front because there is a "switch" that you have to MAKE sure is ALL the way up in order for it to spray out of the front. I don't think that it get's under counters very well, because it is so bulky, It does not go "sideways" very well... Or get corners, but they front spray does in deed spray very well, and far!
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