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on February 25, 2012
After reading all the reviews I settled on the monster steam mop. After reading the directions I went to work. Steam appeared to be shooting from all directions around the mop head giving the appearance that this thing was working. But the bottom of the mop was just warm, all the steam coming from the sides looks great but did little to heat the mop pad. I was dissapointed and tried all the different pads, even pre wetting them to see if that helped. Nothing did and I thought I had a regular mop on my hands. I let it cool down and inspected the bottom. The steam was directed to the sides of the head via a couple of small channels. Not effective at all. I then saw three small screws holding a plastic cover on the bottom. Removed the screws and plastic cover, plugged it in and WOW, a real steamer. Tons of steam directed at the bottom of the head and actually got hot enough to disinfect. Give it a try. And your'e welcome.
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on November 22, 2011
I recived my Monster EZ2 on Saturday and I've used it to clean my downstairs since it's all tiled.

First off, I think my expectations of just how WELL a steamer was going to clean were NOT realistic. That being said. It is VERY easy to use and it DOES clean!

* It is VERY hard to push forward. I have had to use my foot at times to help push it forward. It is a strain!
* The pad WILL bunch up when pushing forward if you have not placed the pad far enough forward for the steamer to 'glide' on the pad.
* I have a 13' x 24' living room & it takes at least 2 fill ups to clean the entire floor. That is not so bad for me since I'm a stay-at-home mom, but for others that are working, that can be time consuming.
* It takes two pads to clean my living room/hall area (again, not that large of an issue for me since I do not work out of the home).
* The major annoyance for ME is that small cup that include for you to use to fill the steamer with. EVERY time I have used it, some of the water will drip and dribble down the side of the steamer. The hole to the boiler is as big as the spout on the boiler. I have tried to use a funnel, but with how the handle is joined to the bottom of the steamer, my funnel was to large to sit properly so I could make use of it.
* There is no no/off switch. You plug in the steamer and instantly it goes to heating the water in the boiler. Moving the handle backward releases the steam from boiler into the jets on the bottom. Pushing the steamer back into the upright-storage position shuts the steam off, but keeps the boiler HOT.
* The screw top on the boiler is a bit tricky. It's a good SAFE cap, but you MUST constantly push DOWN on it for it to unscrew or screw back on. Just annoying more then anything. Safety first I suppose. hehe
* There is a LONG wait (I feel) for the unit to cool down enough to put MORE water in. Supposedly you can place the unit in the upright position, wait 10 minutes and place more water in. I did just that, and steam was forcing out from the boiler as I unscrewed the cap!!! I'd UNPLUG the steamer and wait until it was COMPLETLEY cool before refilling it!
* Filling the steamer AFTER you have used all the water is VERY difficult!! The boiler its self is still VERY hot even after waiting the prescribed amount of time. The only way I now fill the boiler is to unplug and wait 20ish minutes!! That is a lenghy amount of time for someone who might work full time and not have the minutes to wait for a steamer when they need to clean up a mess!
* The steamer did NOT clean the dirt stained grout of my front entry way and bathroom. The tiles and grout are 'cleaned' but the grout is still dirt stained and dirty looking.

* This steamer is amazingly light-weight!!! Literally can lift it with one hand, even filled!
* The steam jets on the bottom are very good at getting dirty areas of the floor clean with just letting the steamer sit 10-15 seconds on it!! AMAZING!!
* I can clean my VERY LARGE living room with only having to fill the steamer twice!
* Heating the steamer takes only a few minutes after plugged in.
* The indicator lights are VERY clear and VERY accurate:
~Green (the second light) is to indicate that the water has heated to steaming levels and ready.
~Yellow (the first light) is to indicate that you have water in the boiler. When the light goes off, no more water.
* The screw on boiler cap to fill the steamer is a push down as you turn. I'm VERY glad for this since when I went to refill the boiler to keep cleaning there evidently was enough water left in the bottom to form steam and it seeped out as I unscrewed the cap to add MORE water (I did wait the length of time as stated in the owners manuel) and a GUSH of water escaped when I finally got the cap off. Thankfully the push down cap allowed enough of the pressure and steam to release before I got the cap fully off, so I was not harmed!
* I can plug in the steamer, let it take the few moments it needs to heat up and start cleaning my floor! I keep water IN the steamer so it's ready to go! I LIKE that it's so light weight it's soo dang easy to use for every day cleaning. It's ready before I'm done sweeping! AWESOME
* The steam temp stays at a steady 203 degrees!! That's NOT the steam BOOST on the front. So when it gets gets HOT!


I read SEVERAL reviews on here about other products. This one did have a good rating. The steam is VERY high (I think). It cleans what I need cleaning. Easy to use. VERY light weight. I LOVE that it came with two cleaning pads (since I use both when cleaning the whole of main floor). It's VERY hard to push forward if you don't get enough of the pad for the steamer to glide on. I haven't yet used pad for steaming carpets, but I will be trying it out this weekend and will update then!

All in all it's a handy steamer. Now that I have personal experiance with steamers I'm going to be looking at getting one that I can use on my walls and other items in my house with!!

Would I buy this steamer again? Now having experiance with one, I would go with a steamer that is more versatile that will do more. The heat of the steam is excellent and the light weight of the over all steamer is wonderful. It's a nice every day use steamer. In the future I'll be purchasing a more heavy duty cleaner.

Still a nice steamer for the price and worth what I paid for it! The biggest draw back is when pushing it forward on the floor.
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on June 3, 2012
I owned the shark steam mop for about a year and half- and I LOVED it. When it broke, and I went to buy another one, I noticed that in many many shark reviews, users mentioned that it tended to live only about a year, which was my own experience. Considering that they aren't cheap, I started reading reviews for a comparable or better steam mop that would live for a longer time. Over the course of a week, I browsed reviews on every single steam mop available for sale on Amazon among other sites- the Monster seemed to do very well across the board. I have owned it now about 6 months and I am NOT happy. First let me preface this by saying that I am a single female, living in NYC- My apartment is not large, and I do not have heavy foot/animal traffic in my home. My shark replaced my traditional mop,floor cleaner fluid and bucket ENTIRELY. I am a very clean person who is rather meticulous about my home, and when there are large spills, I use a sponge/paper towels, floor cleaner,elbow grease, etc- i.e I use my steam mop for traditional linoleum/wood upkeep and general dirt removal NOT for large accidents or spills. I am also an aerialist weighing about 135 lbs and I haul my body weight around by my arms and legs while suspended in the air- i.e- I am much, much stronger than your average female. I mention this specifically because in my ll by 7 foot kitchen, the drag on this thing is RIDICULOUS- I am literally dragging it back and forth, putting in a ton of effort to move it along the floor to the point where I break a sweat, my arm gets tired and my back starts to ache; in a TINY kitchen! I'd put up with the effort, no problem, if the thing cleaned well, but it DOES NOT! 1 person's foot traffic should be no trouble to remove from floors, but after several passes in one area, the dirt does not come up much. So I end up getting out my sponge and cleaner and going down on my hands and knees to spot clean the areas that the monster simply could not combat. I NEVER had this issue with the shark. Also- as mentioned previously, my apartment is a TINY NYC apartment- with the shark, one tank cleaned the kitchen, hallway, living room and bedroom, often with water to spare- NOT the monster.I'm lucky if the kitchen is semi done in one tank. Perhaps, since I have to make 10 passes to achieve half the result of 2 with the shark, I am using a lot more water- granted, that must be true- but considering the monster only takes 2.5 of the given water filler cup that comes with the unit ( which equals to one standard size coffee mug and a half of water), I have to let the unit cool down entirely before filling up again to do the rest of the apartment. What used to take me 15 minutes to do with the Shark, now takes me an hour with poor results to boot. Lastly, besides poor cleaning ability and heaviness, this thing, as pictured, is structured like a dome- and it's lip only juts out about a half inch in front of the dome- so along the cabinets and sideboards, this thing does not even touch the perimeter at all since it's reach is obstructed by the large dome on top. Basically, I am throwing it out after giving it a very long trial period, and resigning myself to spending about 100 dollars a year on Sharks.
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on February 1, 2012
Hello, if you are like me you have read all the reviews for steam mops on amazon, overstock and searched consumer reports, good house keeping rankings, etc. All I can tell you is this mop works and gets super hot. I almost bought the envirosteamer but then I remembered I never had a Eureka Vacuum cleaner that lasted longer than a year why would their mop be any different.

This mop is not heavy or hard to push. Folks that are saying that the monster s super heavy and hard to push need more iron in their diet. If you can pick up a 5lb weight you can handle this mop. The mop glides over the floor when you angle the handle and push on it. It gets super hot. As far as the handle breaking and being flimsy? The handle is fine, it is plastic that has a hard metal sleeve over the length of the plastic handle. I did not feel like the handle was going to break at any moment. If you are pushing this mop and you have a death grip on the handle I think you would likely break quite sweat trying to bend or break the handle. It's fine, buy the green monster mop shown on this page and you will be fine. I bought this one because it did not have that bizarre ergonomic experimental shape like the red and blue EZ1 Steam Mops shown on amazon, if your mop handle was going to break it would be likely due to the curve of the handle on these two models. Get this one (The green one with the straight handle) and you should be good to go. I used it as soon as it arrived which was today. It only took a moment to put together. I let it heat up on the parking pad for three minutes after I put the 2 cups of water in as directed. I did use distilled water because I have no plans to ever clean the boiler on this thing. Do read the instructions line up the little arrows and you will be fine. It works just like as seen in the picture. I had steam billowing out of this little monster in less than three minutes.

I also used the cleaning solution that came with it and I did not care for the smell too much but after seeing how this thing actually gets super hot you really don't need it. My floors dried quickly and they looked clean. This is my first steam mop and I am keeping it. I decided I wanted a mop that got the hottest so my floors would dry quick, and that mission has been accomplished.

In my opinion I think the video of the envirosteamer shows what a cheap piece of crap Eureka makes, I have had Eureka Vacuums and they have been true barkers....

I will report back once I try out the carpet glide.

I checked out the shark mop in Walmart and it looked cheap, I am not sure if it works good but I am throwing my support behind monster. If you want clean floors that look and smell clean I would buy the monster steam mop. As a shopping tip do check amazon well since this mop is priced differently by different vendors on amazon.
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on February 25, 2012
I absolutely love this steam cleaner!! The amount of steam that shoots out of it is incredible. I tried it on 3 different floors in my house. I did the hardwood floors in the dining room and hall, the pergo floor in the kitchen and the ceramic tile in the bathroom and all three looked great when I was finished. The drying time was well under 10 minutes which I thought was a big plus!

A reviewer stated that she found it very hard to push; when you first start mopping the pad is dry so it's a bit hard to push, but after a couple of swipes it was fine. She also said she had trouble keeping the pad on, but I had no difficulty whatsoever. It stayed in place without moving at all. You just have to push down hard when you first put the pad on so it will get a good grip.

The only negative thing I can say about it, and it's not very bad at all, is that the hole for the water is small, so you just have to pour slowly and carefully, it's only 2 cups doesn't take but a minute to do.

It took only about ten to fifteen minutes to cool down enough to add more water. Just unplug it and put it on its' parking pad until it's ready.

A really great machine and the price was right!!!
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on April 11, 2012
This is really more of an ode to my Swiffer Wetjet than anything else. I have a 160 pound slobber machine, while cute and cuddly and full of kisses she tends to leave slobber piles in my kitchen. While with a little scrubbing the wetjet would get it out, I hated that sticky residue left behind. Well residue no more! With the Monster Steam-Jet the slobber piles are gone and the floor is free of residue! My ONLY complaint so far after a month is that its a little hard to get under the toe-kicks of the kitchen cabinets and behind the toilets. When you talk about ease of use and functionality its gets an A from me. Definitely remove the 3 screws and bottom plate on the bottom if you are using it on tile. I have also used it on my laminate floor in the bedroom and it worked great and my floor seems to stay cleaner without all the residue on the floor.

Update 1/25/14

After a year and a half of cleaning, including after my new puppy the last two months , my Monster has died :( Since it comes with a warranty I am going to try and see if I can get it repaired/replaced. We will see how that goes. It was a good run.
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on August 7, 2012
I have owned a number of different steam cleaners looking for the "perfect" five star steam mop. All steam mops have pros and cons, but my two best picks are the Monster and the Envirosteamer. I only give the Monster four stars because the cleaning pads with Velcro would not stay on while cleaning after a few months of use, and replacements pads are expensive for the Monster and more difficult to locate. Also because of design the Monster does not get under the kitchen cabinets, and it does take a while to heat up...BUT nothing truly cleans like the Monster. It gets Hot! The envirosteamer is better than most, but still does not emit the heat and steam the Monster does.

Now, on to the pads. Purchase "Cedar Hardwood Floor N' More" refill Mirofiber pads with elastic. They sell them at Walmart for about 6 bucks each. They are a thick microfiber with elastic that actually fits both the Monster and the Eureka Envirosteamer. They are white with blue stripes. I actually purchased my Eureka steamer because of the pad problem with my beloved Monster, but heck I will use the Envirosteam for the harder to reach areas because of the cleaning head.

Buy the Monster if you want Very Hot with steam, but keep in mind that no steam mop is perfect. Also using a steam mop actually takes a lot more time than the traditional mop and bucket.
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on November 12, 2012
Euroflex Monster Steam-Jet-II 1200w Disinfecting Floor Steam Cleaner With Carpet Glide and 2 UPGRADED Microfiber Pads I owned previously Hahn Steam cleaner. this Euroflex Steam Jet is 100 % better quality, gets 3X hoter and has so much more steam. I clean 2 tiled bathrooms, one porch and kitchen with 2 cups of water in the tank. I can not say enough about the clean tiled floors I have now. I am glad I read all the reviews, I love the quality and the hot hot steam. I recomment it highly for the price and shipping included, what a bargain. One more thing: I love Amazon, they never disapoint me with shipping or their products. Best company on the internet. I trust them.
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on May 19, 2012
I'm very happy with this cleaning tool with two exceptions:
1. The cleaning head is too large to allow the pad to go all the way under the approx. 4" kick space under my kitchen cabinets.
2. There is no way to tell how much water is left in the tank unless I've used it all. Sometimes I just clean the kitchen floor. The next time, I have to guess how much water to add, and it overflows.
Nevertheless, knowing of these limitations, I'd still buy it.
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on January 28, 2014
I needed a better steamer and read many reviews and weighing the pros and cons I decided to purchase this one. It arrived on time and in excellent condition. The biggest disappointment was no cleaning solution but it stated none in the description. Now, on to the nitty and gritty. I read that the unit was hard to push across the floor. I have had no problems in that area, Since I have RA and have issues pushing, pulling and grasping objects I was a little worried about that but thought the cleaning properties would outweigh any problems with moving the unit across the floor. Also, there were comments about filling up this unit with a small cup and hole. Agreed it is small but I just filled up the cup and rested the lip on the edge of the hole and let it go in slowly but not at a snails pace just slow. In it went and I put the cap back on, fired up this puppy and in minutes had steam like I have never seen before and holding my breath I started to push the unit across my kitchen floor. I was surprised to find it was actually no harder to push than the shark I had been using. I also was afraid I might run out of water but I live in a small town home with a smaller type kitchen floor, nice entryway and 2 smallish full bathrooms. I was able to clean all those areas and use the carpet sledge in our bedroom before I had to stop due to my RA. I still had enough water in it to do more but my physical limitations prevented me in doing so. If I could have continued I most likely could have done my living room and hall. My floor felt clean at last and my bedroom smells a lot better due to the carpet sledge. It does not clean the carpet but freshens it up so that all those stale smells seem to be gone and with the steam it loosens the fiber some so that my next time of vacuuming I should get deeper into the carpet pile. I have nothing negative to say about my first experience with this unit and would encourage anyone wanting better cleaning and sanitation to give this a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.......I wasn't.
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