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on January 29, 2011
We purchased this car seat as an extra to be used by her care giver and for travel as is lighter weight than our other one.
We were on a trip over the holidays this year and involved in a very severe head on car accident.
My almost 2 year old daughter walked away with a tiny bruise on her chest/neck from the strap (my one complaint about comfort with this seat is it has no cloth gaurd for the straps at the neck line) and was playing with my brother's dog later that night while the rest of us (4 adults with seat belts) were in critical to severe condition and in the hospital for many days.
I am purchasing another one to replace and can say from experience this seat did it's job!
Always be sure your kids are correctly in their seats!!!!
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on May 13, 2015
Attention to those who travel!!!! Especially those Mom's and Dad's who have to lug the car seat from the rental car/limosine, through the airport and then install it in an airline seat. THIS IS THE SEAT TO BUY!!! My wife and I travel frequently with our toddler son. Our coworkers also travel with their children and before I went out to buy a car seat (18 months ago) , I listened very carefully to all the stories of seats that they had tried and abandoned, before settling on this one. So after 18 Months with this seat, here is what I like. 1) It's light! At 9 pounds it makes carrying it a joy through the airport (Not that I have to anymore.See Last Paragraph), Especially when you see the other poor parents at an airport trying to lug the 20 pound "Luxury Sofa" that is supposed to be a simple child seat. 2) It cleans up easily!!!, Yes! Sometimes your toddler will try to let you relive your college drinking days by emptying his/her stomach content all over your rental car seats while you and your wife were enjoying the beautiful, winding European or Colorado mountain roads ( FYI - Milk...which becomes yogurt... is not your friend) Ditto that for bumpy flights! The cover is easily detached and machine washable. (By easily I mean you have to know how to unsnap a snap closure. Maybe more difficult for some...than others. ;) 3) It is easily installed. My 6 foot tall, 135 pound wife ( She will kill me later for revealing those stats) has no problem in taking it out, lugging it around and re-installing it in a different vehicle. That said, read the instructions and practice BEFORE you take it on a trip. 4) It's so bloomin' inexpensive! About 50 bucks! That's still a lot of money in my book, but if it gets lost or broken, like in the middle of_______ (Insert Middle of Nowhere City here), you wont be crushed. 5) It's kid approved. My, now toddler, has no problem in sitting in it for 4-5 hours (Sometimes 13, depending on the flight), so it must be comfortable. He certainly isn't as whiney about his seating arrangements as his father.! (Mea Culpa) 6) Bottom Line - It is as safe as all the other car seats on the market. Yes! I checked that also and I definitely did my reseach. Let's say, my job requires me to break things for a living and I'm all about "Safety First" especially when it comes to fragile children....especially mine. ( Now where is that Bubble Wrap Suit, I bought for my kid?) Now i have one more thing for you parents that travel a lot....

When I travel (Solo Parent) with my son, I usally have his car seat, a Carry-On Piece of Luggage (The North Face/Rolling Thunder 22 in), a Laprtop Backpack (Timbuk2) and the piece de resitance, "The Go-Go Babyz Travelmate Car Seat Luggage Strap." ( Look it up on Amazon.) Let me tell you how much, I as a parent and our son, love this combination. From Munich to Salt Lake to Denver, I always get envious looks from parents as they see me zipping through the airport with our son in tow while their hands and sometimes feet, are trying to lug all their baggage and baby gear. Check it out and see if this combination works for you. Good Luck with your purchases!
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on June 7, 2012
It's a great car seat! We were on a budget so price was the primary reason for choosing this car seat, but it turned out great! The seat fabric might not be as nice and cushy as more expensive ones, but my 6-month-old is perfectly comfortable and well protected in this seat. No unnecessary bells and whistles to make it bulky or heavy!

- Light-weight and narrow. I'm petite and not very strong at all, but it was very easy for me to get it in and out of my car or carry it up and down the stairs. It's pretty narrow so I bet you can fit 3 of them in the back of a Sedan!
- Easy to recline. There's a piece underneath the seat and all you have to do is to just flip it forward for rear-facing, and flip it backwards for forward-facing. You can not recline the seat when the car seat is already installed in the car, but most likely you will be using it for one kid and won't have to adjust the recline all the time so it's not a problem.
- Easy to adjust the shoulder strap height and crotch buckle position. You do need to rethread them, but it's super easy to do.
- Front adjuster for shoulder strap length. You just push the button in the front of the seat and pull the shoulder straps to loosen them, put the baby in the seat and do the buckle, and then pull the strap on the adjuster to make it nice and tight.
- Comes with a latch system and a tether. We don't use this but it's a nice option to have. And there are little loops on the back of the seat to hang the latches and tether when not in use, so that they won't strangle the baby or hit them.
- Comes with a little head support for the small one.
- The head support and the low-back/bottom part of the seat cover are made of vinyl type fabric, so it's easy to wipe clean.
- The whole seat cover comes off easily and machine washable.

- The cupholder that comes with it is pretty flimsy and doesn't attach very securely to the seat. And the instruction manual said not to use it for plastic cups but only for paper or foam cups. Since the rider will only be using a plastic sippy cup, I don't think this cupholder is very practical.

That's the only con I've found so far!

Couple of things:
- When you install it rear-facing with a seat belt, you have to remove the front part of the seat cover to reveal the slots where the seat belt goes through. The front part is attached with a little plastic piece on both sides, so you do need to use a little bit of force to remove it at first. This was a little tricky for me at first so I thought I'd mention it.

- It does rear-facing from 5-35lbs, and forward-facing from 20lbs (and at least 1-year) to 40lb. I use it for my 6-month-old rear-facing and it works great. The other day, I used it for my 2 1/2 nephew, and the seat seemed to sink to a deeper recline position because of his weight (29lbs), which was not very comfortable for him. So I think to use it for a bigger kid rear-facing, you should probably make the seat non-reclined.

- There's an arrow on the side of the seat that's supposed to be level with the ground. My car's back seat is at an angle so I had to put a rolled up blanket underneath the seat to make it level.
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on October 11, 2015
Looks great but doesn't hold up in accident. Grandson was nearly killed in it. Has severe head trauma plus broken arm. Not enough support.
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on July 12, 2012
This is exactly what I was hoping it would be, a decent basic car seat that could stay in our 3rd vehicle, that is easy to use and adjust for our front facing toddler.

Why I like it:


Easy to use strap tension adjustment

Does what I need it to do without paying for a bunch of extra bells and whistles that I did not need

What it lacks, or why I did not rate it 5 stars:

The box states Made In The USA, but closer inspection of 2 labels on the opposite side of the box show the seat and cover are both made in China. This deceptive labeling really ticks me off, and I would not have bought the seat had I seen this in person before purchase just for that very reason, despite the fact that every car seat I can find is also made in China, the deception is infuriating.

It is rated as a rear facing seat for 5-40 lbs, but does not come with any additional padding for an infant on the low end of that range. A small baby would be swimming in this seat and not secure in my opinion. My other convertible seats came with additional layers that were added or removed from the seating area to accommodate these size variances. Since my son is already a toddler and pretty big for his age, this was not a problem for me when purchasing this seat, but I can certainly see it being an issue for someone intending to use it for a smaller rear facing infant, and believe it should be noted.

The cup holder is barely adequate. Again not a deal breaker for me, but worth mentioning if this is a feature that is important to you.

Also worth mentioning is that this seat cannot be used as a booster with a vehicle seat belt. While this is not really a con so much as it is just the style of design, it is worth considering that there are many forward facing seats that do include this option, and will extend the useful life of your car seat. For me, I already have several booster seats from my older son, so this also was not a big concern for me. I would say the ideal age range for this seat would be about 1-3 or 4 years old (depending on the size of the child).

If the spartan features of this seat appeal to you, I recommend it, it is a good choice.
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on June 5, 2012
I dont personally have kids, but in order to steal my nephew for an afternoon I needed to get a nice car seat that my sister (first time mom) would approve of. She personally paid over $300 for her car seat and she told me there was lots of swearing and sweat as her husband attempted to install their expensive top of the line car seat. I paid pennies for this car seat and it was super easy to install, had good reviews already and was super easy to take in and out of the car. My nephew is comfortable and its really easy to pull him out of the car and put him in. I also must say that this seat is compact. My sisters expensive car seat makes it impossible to sit other people in the back seat cause its sooo overly bulky. But this car seat is slimmer without loosing out on any protection or padding. I can fit 2 people NO problem in the back of the car. I highly recommend this car seat to any new parent or an aunty looking to have a spare car seat!
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on August 25, 2015
Our new car seat arrived fast (2days). The color is nice reds (not pink), matching our red Durango. I removed the cover to adjust fit easily.
This seat is sturdy, easy to clean and install. A great low cost car seat that will carry your little one safely in comfort. I wouldn't use this seat for a newborn w/o an insert but it fits my 13mo old and will last a long time.
*please note this is the best safety rated, low cost car seat on the market!
review image review image review image
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on July 18, 2010
We got this as a second car seat, and I'm satisfied with it for the price ($45) but if we had paid more I would have returned it.

My daughter seems comfortable in it, and I love that at 18mths she's only on the second of 4 shoulder strap settings and the first of 2 lap settings. It seems like it might have been too roomy if she had been much younger though.

Flaw #1: The cup holder is cheap and flimsy, and completely useless to us as the ring folds down when she tries to get her cup into it. I wouldn't trust a fast food cup in it at all.

Flaw #2: this is actually a major irritation to me - the big red release button for the harness takes 2-3 tries for both my husband and I to open, which gets old when you're running to several places and keep having to fight with it. Her other car seat manages to be difficult for her to press while easy for our thumbs to get it on the first try.

Flaw #3: there isn't a lot of room in the strap loosening space. I've got a cut on the top of my thumb from pulling it out too quickly.

Flaw #4: The most important flaw is that even when I put my knee in the seat with all my weight on it (over 180 pounds) and tighten the anchors as much as I can it still lifts off the seat. It's good and steady when shaken side to side, but there is a disturbing amount of give when I lift the front. I've installed many car seats without this being a problem, but am concerned enough that I am taking this one to be inspected.
*This issue stayed as long as I had that car, but in comments another reviewer explained that this isn't a big problem. When I bought a minivan it became a non-issue because the bench seating allowed the seat to settle better.

For the most part these are minor flaws, mostly irritations rather than actual problems, and this is a great car seat. My daughter doesn't complain when she's in it or show any signs of discomfort.

Especially considering the price it is a great deal.
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on January 31, 2016
A read a ton of reviews and this was the best cheapest I was able to find. It's light easy to swap from one car to another. I do have to agree with some of the reviews here. The plastic by the the adjuster is a bit sharp. That was the first thing I checked when it arrives and at first I didn't think it was too sharp. Now when you have a kid kicking and screaming because he doesn't want to be fastened that's when I happened to cute my finger.

I would have given it a 5 star due to the low price but the fact that they haven't fixed the sharp plastic drops them to a 4.
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on August 20, 2013
Very sharp edge right above where you stick your finger to release the straps. For two days in a row I have cut my thumb trying to release the strap and removing my thumb too quickly cutting it on the edge. Very poor design. Image: [...]

You get what you pay for. This seat is very cheap. Hardly any padding or cushioning on the bottom. My kids fight over who does not have to sit in it. If you are really on a tight budget I am sure it is safe and works fine but it would be awful sitting in it for any longer than 15 minutes.
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