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on May 23, 2013
Researched six months to decide on a home-use unit, one providing 'Energy Saver' feature (IGBT), Pulse and AC option over old transformer unit, and not equate three months mortgage.

Additionally, I looked at PowerTig 185 but per data it lacks Pulse feature, and Foot Pedal is not a Standard Option. Considering decent Pedal alone waivers $200 and absence of Pulse feature I chose this.

About it:
I inspected unit externally/internally: External appearance, feel, weight, case gauge is one of quality to include switches, knobs, cable connections. Note: Upon cover removal I found stainless steel sheet metal screws (holding green cover at bottom) to have slightly stripped-out internal frame anchor - nutplates should be employed. I used 1-size larger SS screws upon reassembly.

Two decals on rear of unit caught my eye, an "Inspected By" and a "Tested By". These Decals are not placed there for `show'; they shout Management's effort to meet/exceed pre-established quality and reliability Standards. I mention for these decals serve a very familiar old `best practice'.

A brass single-flow Flowmeter is included, and by weight, feel and overall appearance it should perform well. [Is performing well]

Torch is an air-cooled 2-Piece size 26 attached to a 12' heavy rubber-coated lead. Torch has a removable momentary switch for 2T [press to ON, release to OFF] and 4T [press then release to ON, press and release to OFF] control. Both Torch and Switch cables are protected within sheath. Torch package appears/feels tough enough. [is holding up, performing well]

Foot Pedal: I prefer one of lower and wider profile due to my shoe size Clown, less prone to flop on side during use but I'm using it and it works well.

Earth Cable/Clasp appear ample gauge; Consumables Pack provided for Torch includes a basic set of Caps (2), Collets/Holders, Cups (2-ea of different standard size) and note, Tungsten must be purchased separately.

Electrode Stinger, a type I've never used appears to earn good grade. Its clasping feature holds electrode firmly in-place.

Application: New unit has taken me time to adjust - observations:

Gas flow: Has Pre-flow dial 1-10 sec and a Post-flow dial 1-25 sec.

Silky-smooth HF arc start by pedal or digit switch vs scratch...Tungsten grinds now less often and appreciated. [Also has Lift TIG (touch & lift)]

Pulse Settings: Has a three-mode Pulse Frequency switch: positions, Off > Low > High, plus a dial to adjustable Low settings 0.5 - 25Hz pulses per second, and High setting from 25 - 150 pulses per second.

The Pulse Amps current dial allows me to adjust the low amp side of pulse (aka Pulse Amps/Background Amps/Base Amps) to 5-95% of Weld amps.

Pulse Time On/Balance dial: Allows me to lengthen or shorten amount of time the Pulse amps (low amps side of Pulse) stays on per duration, 10% - 90% of each Pulse Frequency.

I've watched its LCD, it's repetitively accurate and its pre/post gas flow timer settings as well. Its cooling fan, to me is quiet enough at a constant hum.

Of note is unit has a 'Down Slope' dial but not an 'Up Slope' dial. This feature paces amount of amps, ramping down/up for seconds chosen while utilizing a torch-mounted switch. Neither feature applies when using pedal. If Up Slope feature is important checkout unit's bigger siblings.

I've near 20 hours and dedicated first 10-hr inning literally trying to 'MAKE IT BREAK', during Amazon's Return window, via multiple application/setting etc - no cigar.

As many weaned on Blue & Red eyeballing these Green units researching, deciphering/validating opinion of popular units available, I'm content thinking I chose well.

In short: I graded on Comparative Merit and find unit gifts good-looks, features, quality and performance at a price unmatched period.

UPDATE Dec 2013: No issues and boss let me acquire new torches, Superflex leads with DINSE & 9mm gas QD adapters and I remain impressed with unit's performance.

Also I note Everlast has a newer 200DX Owner's Manual on their website. It's an improved, edited, illustrated manual than initially received, and explains unit's prime features nearer application level.

Update Oct 2014: Welder continues to perform as it did out-of-the box, now well over 100 hours (home use).

Details mating Superflex lead: I used DINSE Adapter P/N "CK SL2-35QD" (1/2"(35)) post twist-lock with 9mm gas QD (for Everlast units) for size 9 and 17 torches per site - purchased through Weldfabulous website.

*Note smaller Everlast units (below 200-amp) accept a smaller DINSE Adapter*

If needing a 7-pin connector (cannon plug) for cable end to add pedal or torch-mounted switch, search "Waterproof Rubber Cover 7-Pin Cable Connector P7D" here/elsewhere.

review image review image
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on February 22, 2012
I am however very pleased with my purchace of my Everlast 200 DX Tig , I have been welding for about 22 yrs and used many many machines . I am mostly a mig welder guy , but currently employed as an industrial mechanic in a food processing plant and I fequently tig weld stainless . But I bought the 200 DX for a home project for weldingup a extra hoop on my paramotor frame and cage . The 200 DX welded up my aluminum 5/8 's.065 tubing without so much as a cough or sneeze . I was also using for the first time the switch on the torch all the way up to 95 amps and not even once tripped the breaker. Thats a nice option when tacking things up in place and outta postion . Believe me if this welder was going to be a Harbor Freight hybrid and didnt work I would be posting a different story , but it works good for me and my needs. This tig welder exceeds my abillities as welder rather than the other way around . The machine only goes downs to 20 amps on AC which I was worried about before it had arrived . I thought 20 amps would blow holes in my thin wall aluminum tubing since i had a bad experince with a old tombstone tig that went down only to 30 amps one time. Not so . It worked great on my tubing. With the down slope feature you can dial in the duration of the heat, or shut off of the arc. .I still have lots to learn on this machine since I only set it for what worked best for me and went to fabrication my fame . Set it and forget it , lol . I dont need to weld cans together but on DC with 5 amps I could do razor blades just for braggin rights .
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on August 27, 2013
The 1st unit I received was defective, with no inverter output. After talking with Everlast tech service and going over setup issues to determine that it was indeed defective it was returned for replacement. I promptly received the replacement unit and it functions correctly. The machine has good weld characteristics, stable arc, good control through foot pedal or trigger switch. Set up for weld parameters is easy, although the amp control is very touchy. A good choice for welding ss and aluminum thin wall tubing, general welding within its amp rating, out of position, and arts & crafts.
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on August 23, 2013
Other than the price and alittle bit more fan noise....I cant tell the difference between this welder and my Miller Dynasty 200
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on December 14, 2013
Purchased 12/3 and delivered a couple of days later in great shape. Plugged it in and the high frequency would start but the air and arc would not. Called customer service, but no answer. After some research, It does seem that many of these arrive at the customer not working. If this is a gift you may want to reconsider. I'm disappointed and I may have to try another manufacturer.
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on September 19, 2014
I purchased this welder after a bad experience with one from Longevity. The machine came extremely well packed - you could drop it off a building and it wouldn't be harmed. After running some practice beads on steel and aluminum, I thought I had a problem with the foot pedal, but it turned out to be operator error. The reason I mention this is that Everlast's customer service was excellent. I received a reply to my question within hours, and got very quick and helpful replies to several other emails regarding this issue, even on a weekend. They offered to send me a replacement foot pedal at no cost, but fortunately I discovered that the problem was me, and not the welder. The least I can say is that they were exceptionally helpful, prompt and courteous when dealing with me.

As far as the welder itself, it does a great job on both steel and aluminum and has a good feature set, especially at this price. One thing I will mention is that on AC the amperage goes down to 20 amps, no lower. This is mentioned in the literature, but I didn't realize it, hence my question about the foot pedal. I have found that the 20 amp minimum is fine for welding thin wall aluminum tubing, but if you need a lower amperage on AC you might want to go for the 250 EX, which goes down to 5 amps. The torch that came with my welder is kinda klunky, with a zip tied on switch for 2T or 4T use, but my CK torch works perfectly with the machine, so it's not a problem for me. Other than that it seems high quality - the argon regulator is a solid billet piece, the foot pedal is responsive and easy to use, and the cables and ground clamp are more than adequate. The welder is also finished nicely.

Overall I am very happy with this machine. It came well packed, is nicely constructed, has a great feature set, and is what I consider a good value for the money. It also has a 5 year parts and labor warranty - you can't beat that, especially considering Everlast's excellent customer service. We'll see how it holds up, but then there's the warranty if it doesn't.
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on February 1, 2013
After doing some research on this welder, I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. Showed up on time, and in good condition. I pulled it out of the box and had it running in a matter of minutes. The only other things you need to buy are, Tungsten, filler rod, 230v plug, and an argon tank. Everlast also has great support on the website forum. [...]
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on January 1, 2014
This is an outstanding TIG welder! Mind you, I have not tried the red or blue equivalents, but I have tried the white one and there is no comparing the two. This is a powerful welder. It is smooth and powerful, and a fantastic buy. It just came in the mail, and I've spent the better part of a few hours learning its capabilities and am very impressed with its controllability. The only thing that would kill this positive review right now is if the Everlast quit on me. If you are a beginner like me. Buy this model. It is an outstanding value and its capabilities are there as your skills improve.

I received the 2013 model with a 50 amp 240 volt plug already installed (no need to buy one). Look on the Everlast website for the manual displaying the actual welder face because it is not the same one as displayed on Amazon. The accessories that came with the welder included a 12 ft air cooled torch, stick arc welding clamp, ground clamp, gas regulator and hoses as well as a 110 volt adapter. The gas hose seemed flimsy to me, but everything else is super heavy duty. After installing everything, I found the gas hose was more than adequate to do the job. The torch comes prepared to accept 3/32 electrodes. Beware it does not come with electrodes.

I read the included (quick start) guide and was welding within a few minutes. Having used a Hobart in the past, I can tell you that the arc on the Everlast was silky smooth and effortless as opposed to that of the Hobart. I spent a few hours trying out the different features and was very satisfied with my purchase.
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on September 21, 2013
I purchased a 200DX in the spring of 2011 directly from Everlast. I use the welder to fabricate components for my turbocharged motorcycle which I dragrace as well as for general repairs and fabrication tasks. I operate this welder from a clothes dryer plug, 30A 240V with a 10AWG extension cord that is over 100ft long with no issues. The inverter welders require significantly less current as compared to a conventional transformer machine. I have had zero issues with the machine since I purchased it.

Upon receipt, I brought the welder into work for our weld shop manager to evaluate. He had doubts about the performance of a machine made in China, but was pleasantly surprised with the performance and could not believe the features for the price.

One thing that is a bit of an annoyance relates to the included argon regulator. The regulator has a bit of a pressure burst upon initial flow (pressure rises a bit when the gas solenoid is off). That said, I typically double tap the arc start to get a good pre-flow purge anyway. I believe the regulator has been updated to a different model with the newer units. I have also purchased an Everlast PT185 welder to use in my race trailer and the regulator is different and does not have this issue.
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on February 17, 2013
There are a couple of things specific to this machine that you will need to know. No manual comes with it, and the hose clamps they send with it for the gas line are also crappy. (it's 3/8 hose if you want to have them before yours comes).

The AC balance is backwards from that of a Miller or Hobart. So if you set normally set it to 70 set it to 30 on this. Just reverse it in your head, from 100 to 0 instead of the other way round.

There is a rubber belt that turns a switch in the pedal. Mine was not tightened properly and slipped. It was easy to take apart and fix however.

The people at the service centre were very helpful when I called to ask questions. I'm sure they get a lot of calls from novice welders so I'd like to thank them here for their patience.
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