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on February 27, 2008
I have a yellow lab that destroyed the kitchen furniture when he was teething, but he is 3 years old now, and he prefers shoes. He doesn't chew on furniture anymore, but good size rawhide bones only last an hour on his paws, which is longer than these treats but not so healthy for him. He found that instead of trying to chew these hard treats out of the rubber ball, he can get them out rather easily by dropping the ball to the kitchen floor, over and over again, until they come out. Once the treats are loose (5-10 minutes later) they break easily in his powerful jaws. Note: The treats don't come out so easily when he drops the ball on the carpet, but he knows that.
The treats keep him entertained for half an hour, maybe longer using one treat on each side of the ball. Not perfect, but I haven't found anything better. I would have given it 5 stars if the ball had a tighter grip to hold the treats for a little longer. My dog loves the taste, and seem healthier than rawhide, but I haven't really found anything edible he doesn't like.
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on March 8, 2007
This flavor and the Barbecue seem to be my dog's favorite, although he does love the liver flavored one as well. Of all the flavored cookie inserts I have tried, there has never been one that he doesn't like. I usually put one flavor in one side of the Everlasting Treat Ball and another flavor in the opposite end. These treats are hard and durable, allowing the dog to scrape off small portions of the cookie at a time. It usually takes my dog a week of constant, daily chewing just to get through one cookie insert. These cookies are the BEST!
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on May 22, 2012
After reading some of these reviews, I thought I'd comment on how I use this. I have a smallish (about 22 lbs) mixed breed dog who is a strong chewer. I started using a medium sized treat ball and everlasting treats when he was about 10 months old, right after I rescued him. I use this only with the treat ball -- I would never give him a whole treat and let him eat it in one session. I put some kibble or some small treats in the ball, with the everlasting treat only on one side. The kibble comes out fairly easily, but slowly enough so he still has to work for it and so he still has fun. The treats are a little larger and don't come out so easily. He's learned that chewing on the treat, pressing down on the ball, enable the treats to dispense. Once the kibble or treats are gone, he chews and licks the everlasting treat. Eventually, after several weeks, he manages to consume enough so there is a hole in the center of the treat, and at that point I usually take the everlasting treat out, break it in half, and let him have it, one half at a time.

It used to be that he would chew and lick the treat until he got bored, but he has now learned how to get the treat out. I've never actually seen him do this, so I don't know exactly how he does it, but I now take it away from him after I've decided he's had enough.

A couple of notes: I think the smaller treat ball was recommended for a dog his size, but I got the medium because he's such a strong chewer. I'm glad I did, as the smaller ball wouldn't have lasted long. I do think this is an excellent toy/treat when used the way I use it. The treat isn't particularly nutritious, but if it's consumed over a period of weeks, it shouldn't be too harmful. Also, when it's filled with kibble, the dog is working for his food and, if you're having problems with your dog eating too fast, this will slow him or her down.
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on November 17, 2010
After I gave my dog this treat, she had diarrhea for 2 days!. What a mess! She won't be getting this again.
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on August 26, 2013
I've tried this product in another flavor once before and it was o.k. Our dog likes them but aside from the fact it takes him less than 15 min to get out, this second package we have opened has made him extremely sick. Last time/different package he had loose stools which is not highly unusual for a product of this quality, but he never got sick. All day, our dog has been throwing up and after the 6th time, we finally had to call the vet and are headed to take him in now. I came online curious if others are reporting the same and it appears other dogs have been sick from this product as well.

Would not recommend. Not worth it to the health of your dog or your emergency vet bill costs if you wind up in this category.
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on May 1, 2013
We had been giving our dogs these treats in their Treat Ball. Has been their favorite treat toy. Four weeks ago our 4 year old peviously healthy 10 pound yorkie-shih tzu became critically ill. in a period of about 12 hours. We rushed her to the ER and followed up with our regular vet the next day. After numerous tests the vet detrmined that her kidneys were failing. We discussed possible causes with our vet and ruled out causes such as antifreeze poisoning, lepto, grapes and raisins and others. He asked us if we give her any treats made in China. We always check treat packages to make sure they are not. At the time I did not think about the Everlasing Treat Ball as being a treat - I thought of it more as a toy. A few days ago I finally thought about the treat ball disks, checked the package, and was alarmed to find the disks are MADE IN CHINA. I immediately called Starmark and was assured that the ingredients and treats are all tested in a lab. Wanting to check on the lab's credentials, I asked what lab they use for testing and was told the tests are done at a lab IN CHINA. Thank goodness we sought treatment early and our little one survived after a week in ICU at our vet. Given that treats made in China have been linked to unexplained kidney failure in otherwise healthly dogs - we won't be using these any longer.
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on August 26, 2009
These treats are good fun for my dog for about 30 min. He loves them but it takes about 30 seconds for him to remove the treat from the holder and maybe 15 to 30 minutes to eat the treat. They are good, I just wish they lasted longer.
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on March 14, 2012
I picked up several bento balls and large treat balls with these treats. I have a: one year old half Timber Wolf, half German Shepherd; seven year old retired bomb detection German Shepherd, 11 month old Lab/terrier mix, and 8 month old Smooth Collie. The treats were out of the balls within minutes and demolished in under 30 minutes. I had put several smaller treats into the ball as well, so after they finished the larger treats, they managed to be entertained by trying to get the small treats out. There hasn't been much that the pack hasn't been able to figure out.

We regularly give them fresh deer bones as treats. The wolf will strip the meat while the shepherd will eat the bones, so I didn't expect these treats to be a true challenge for their jaw pressure and mental abilities. I will continue to get them and try other various tricks out. Some include putting the disc in upside down and adding peanut butter or other purees into the balls. The treats may not last long, but the balls will allow for some creative training.
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on August 5, 2014
Made in China. My fault for not noticing the fine print. I dont trust any food products made in China for me or for the dog. You can do a quick web search yourself : a large number of pets die each year from food poisoning with chinese-made treats and food. Starmark is innovative and terrific, but I wish they would bring the treat manufacturing home to the US. It would ensure the safety of their products and I think grow their business. And create American jobs!
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on February 18, 2009
This product is simply fabulous. I purchased it for my 7 month old pit bull, who is always into something and very highly food motivated. Prior to the everlasting treat ball her favorite toy was the Chuckle, made by Premier. The advantage to the chuckle is that I could fill it with her food for a nutritious but fun toy. After a few months though, she learned how to get all the food out in under 10 minutes and I needed to find something else to occupy her while I focused on other things.

She was just a couple of pounds over 40 pounds when I purchased the treat ball. Although the large looked too big for her, it was recommended for her size so I went with that one. Now that I've seen her playing with it I can tell that the medium would have been too small.

The first time she got her paws on it, she chewed on the treat for six hours straight! I actually had to take it away from her a few times and make her drink some water because I was afraid she'd make herself sick. The discs weren't completely gone at the end of her play-fest, they really are "everlasting." I usually give her the treat ball with both sides covered in their treats. Her favorite is the barbecue, but it is also the darkest and will show up on fabric. We've tried the chicken & liver too and had positive receptions to both.

Even after playing with this for a month I can still get a good hour to myself without having to worry about her getting in to trouble when I let her play with it. I've also tried squeezing some cheese into the center hole for her to lick and she loves this as well! I think peanut butter would be another excellent choice. After about a month she has found a way to pop the treats out once in a while, but it seems to be by accident because she doesn't do it every time. Even after she pops the treats out they still last a long time. If she doesn't get them out herself, I pop them out when there is only a rim left and give them to her to chew on.

The only reason I gave this toy four stars instead of five is that I wish the holes in the center were smaller to accommodate her dog food or treats. Small/med. treats fall out too quickly. It does seem to be sized well for their Every Flavor treats, but we haven't really tried those so I can't comment on them.

For anyone put off by the cost, this product is TOTALLY worth its weight in gold!
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