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on January 7, 2010
I have subscribed to 'Everyday' for two years, and I don't think I will renew for a third. The main reason was that, while extracting my favorite pages of back issues to create a recipe binder, I realized how much of the magazine's content is full-page ads. Serious cooks will not likely be interested in Rachael's Faves, which shows clothing accessories and non-food gift suggestions. The travel section in each issue offers interesting suggestions for accomodations, dining, shopping, and hangouts in the profiled destination. Rachael Ray does try to appeal to readers of many ages, but her many catch phrases and 'Rachaelisms' are tired! 'EVOO' and 'stoup' were clever for about a month, and I have to shrug and roll my eyes at any adult foodie who uses words like 'yummy' and 'sammie' in a written recommendation. Lighten up, you say? Her readers aren't kindergarteners. I'm glad she's proud of her Italian heritage, but she doesn't need to declare it more than once in each issue. For the most part, I like her recipes. They are unpretentious, substantial, and ethnically diverse enough for me. They don't require two dozen ingredients, and they fit into the hectic schedules of most Americans. The photography makes me hungry. Burger of the Month is a great feature, and so is the special recipe for a dog treat. The magazine has undergone some changes in the last several months. Good change: they scrapped B, L, D. A celebrity's spartan daily menu plan doesn't belong in a magazine crammed with high-carb food. The weekly menu planner has also been changed so that all ingredients in the shopping list end up being thoroughly used. Bad change: The entertaining guide in each issue used to feature two great ideas for themed get-togethers, complete with a menu and ideas for ambience and playlists. Now that section just features many quick random tips and reminds me of the how-to-do-anything-better guide in Glamour. I wish $10-Spot would be scrapped altogether, as it seems to annoy so many readers! I understand the purpose of precise cost calculation per serving, but most of us will not go through a whole jar of chiles or chutney before its expiration date. The main thing I dislike, though, is that so much space is wasted by ads. I'll subscribe to a more costly magazine that doesn't have as many; the extra cost would probably be worth it. Time to research...
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on March 12, 2008
Rachael Ray's "Everyday" magazine (clearly modeled on Martha Stewart Everyday,but with a Gen X&Y appeal) is a mixed bag of goodies for foodies. It's colorful, fairly kitschy (I'm not surprised Ray will be partying with Perez Hilton at SXSW),the recipes easy to read and follow. It's the food equivalent to PEOPLE magazine with its coverage of celebrities and vacation destinations. Ray has interviewed Dennis Quaid,Jimmy Kimmel, and Barbara Walters on their refrigerator contents. Other celebrities chime in with what they've had for breakfast, lunch and dinner (as if I really care)

There are useful recipes. Ray's macaroni and cheese made with cream cheese, broccoli, and carrots is different and delicious. The lemon pasta is light and savory. The chicken stew made with red wine and dried fruits is hearty and flavorful. However,Ray also comes up with some really unholy food combinations (think of the hamburger topped with mashed potatoes she cooked up with Craig Ferguson) that are reminiscent of the '50s. Gastroanomalies indeed.

"Everyday" is fun,light reading. It's NOT for serious cooks. It IS accessible. It's good for occasional perusing,but not worth a subscription. It's a snack, not a meal.
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VINE VOICEon June 9, 2006
After buying the first issue of Rachael Ray's new magazine I knew I would have to subscribe after only a few pages. Those pages were not only gorgeous and glossy, but chock full of fun facts, great shopping places for food and utensils, and of course tasty recipes that you do want to make. I have collected way too many cookbooks and food magazines that stand untouched because when it really boils down to it, its all about the food and some of those books and magazines did not deliver in the end. I have since bought some great cookbooks and pay more attention to what's inside then what's on the cover.

Rachael's recipes are not pretentious, and they certainly are interesting enough to engage the reader into trying them out. I've made several of the dishes from the Lemon cream pasta, Mushroom pizza, salmon and pasta dishes, to Sangria frozen pops and some great grilled food. Rachel provides shopping lists of standard pantry ingredients and fresh produce to buy, so its easy to see what you all ready have and what few things I can pick up on my way home to make a fun meal. I love making her recipes and adding them to my repertoire, as its nice knowing you can make a certain dish and its even nicer to whip up an easy dinner or lunch using this magazine.

I also adore the fun articles you can find about restaurants, cheese diaries, wine tasting, outdoor grilling and foods for events. The magazine is really a beauty to read and has more information and entertainment than advertising. I cant stand the regular food magazine I used to get that were half full of Cat litter advertising, along with page after page of useless products screaming in my face.

I hope this magazine will continue to bloom because I absolutely adore it and I intend on keeping every issue instead of tearing out recipes like I used to. Great buy and something you can cook out of with the feeling of a mini cookbook but simpler and prettier.
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Spa Parties and T-shirts that say "Delish" are very much a part of Rachael's magazine complete with pullout recipe cards and travel features. The recipe cards all have shopping lists on the back, so you can grab the cards and head to the grocery store. There is also a handy recipe index organized by categories at the end of the magazine.

The Kids recipe section encourages young cooks to participate in family meals. This issue had a recipe for a delicious tuna salad with roasted red pepper and grape tomatoes. Just for Kids tips give ideas for how to juice a lemon and there are cute kid comments about the recipes.

Everyday with Rachael Ray embraces life and does it with a realistic flair. In the June/July issue, ideas for picnics include shopping lists and recipes for Melon Skewers with Orange-Lime Marinade. Roy Yamaguchi cooks at home with his family and offers recipes like Miso Cod with Buttered Mushrooms.

What I like most about this magazine is the realistic recipes complete with everyone cooking and enjoying life. The pictures are spontaneous and the series of pictures for the Ice Cream Cake are step-by-step heaven. Just when you think this magazine has everything you could wish for, an Everyday Menu Planner appears to give recipes and shopping lists. Grilled Shrimp with Cucumber Salad and Smoked Turkey Panini are must-have recipes for the summer. Peaches resting on a marshmallow meringue are perfect for dessert after the Baby Back Ribs with Jammy Glaze.

This is a magazine about cooks, chefs and Rachael's recipes. The "Ask Rachael" section gives you a chance to send in e-mails to ask Rachael about her life or to have your foodie question answered in the magazine. She also has decorating advice so now you know what to do with the shells you collected at the beach (or you could find them at Pier 1).

What is the best feature in this magazine besides the recipes? "What is in the refrigerator of your favorite Celeb?" I'm always intrigued.

If you collect cookbooks, there are many featured in this inspired magazine. The advertising doesn't seem to overtake the pages and is subtly blended in so it feels very natural and interesting.

~The Rebecca Review
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on June 23, 2012
I have subscribed to this magazine since its first issue, and always loved it until Rachael decided to leave Reader's Digest publishing company several months ago and go with Meredith, which publishes "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Family Circle". Articles I read online said that her magazine was losing money for Reader's Digest as advertising revenue fell, and Rachael demanded more of the profits, so Rachael went looking for a new company. Unfortunately, the changeover has not been a positive one for the content of the magazine, and I'm not sure that it's going to do well over there either. The magazine is now more ads than anything else and finding the content in it is too much work and unsatisfying even when when you find it. Every month it looks less and less like the magazine I once knew. It is also smaller and the pages are made of cheaper paper. The entire editorial staff is different (gone is Sylvia Nardone, her long time editor) and the character of the magazine has lost pretty much all of its former charm and appeal as far as I can see. If you want to recapture at least some that charm, look to Food Network magazine. I'm pretty sure FN's mag. has stolen away some of Rachael's former subscribers and if her magazine continues to slide down into supermarket rag-dom, I too will be amongst them.
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on November 11, 2011
That says it. They said the November issue was "Extra Big" and felt it counted as 2 magazines so they shortened everyone's subscription by one unless you complained. That is a sneaky business practice. BTW, the November issue was 14 pages longer than the December one. (December was 108 pages)
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on October 11, 2014
After 4 years I finally called it quits with the Every Day magazine. The magazine has changed in size, layout, and target audience to the point where I feel I am NOT that demographic. The magazine has become aimed at the more wealthy members of society. The recipes are a bit repetitious or made with "one shot" ingredients, i.e. expensive ingredients that are hard to find. Ingredients used once then you are stuck with something you will never use again.

I'm really disappointed to see Rachael Ray go off on tangents about her expensive vacations. It's disheartening to see her monthly product page filled with items like jeans that cost $150. I thoroughly enjoyed the start of the magazine, but I do feel ostracized by recipes I cannot afford to make or that include ingredients so unique that making the recipe costs a lot of money. Sorry, Rachael. My budget has no room for you now. I love recipes, but yours have become too far off course.
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on May 27, 2014
Ok, I got my 2nd issue just after I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. So all her lovely desserts and high-carb treats are off limits now. So I MAY be bitter. Just a bit.
That being said, nothing really sets this mag apart from the other "foodies", other than maybe some cachet for her name. It's dessert-heavy (as are most) and too too many recipes call for something I don't keep on hand and wouldn't buy anyway. Artichoke hearts? Lemon grass? Fresh chard? REALLY?
Healthy and fun eating doesn't require fresh mango Vidalia chutney or seared Alaskan You've-Never-Heard-Of. If you love using unusual ingredients, making aoli, trying the newest thing, and have access to these ingredients, snap this up. There are tons of recipes and ideas in each issue, and the tone is very loose and friendly. Me, I'd rather have a down-to-earth well-seasoned grilled chicken breast with veggies.
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VINE VOICEon January 19, 2007
I admit, I have never watched more than 5 minutes of a Rachael Ray show, she is just too cute and too grating for my tastes. I wrote her off and avoided everything to do with her....Until...

One Day at the Dentist's Office I picked up the magazine and flipped through it. Woah, I loved the recipes! I loved the time saving ideas! I also loved the reviews, travels, and other contents in the magazine. Now, I am a bona fide subscriber. Maybe I just could not handle Rachael's voice but her magazine is great and fits a busy persons lifestyle. I especially adore the tear out 7 day meal plan with grocery list. It makes meal planning a snap! I do substitute many of the meat recipes with soy versions. I find the recipes are perfect for those of us who enjoy fun, tasty, slightly gourmet meals but want to keep the preparation simple & fast.

Try out an issue if you are a non-Rachael Fan. You may just like it!
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on October 5, 2011
I enjoy this magazine, but it is alittle too much "Rach." What I am really bothered by is the publisher changing expiration date at will. My subscription has always had a Feb. expiration, yesterday I received the Nov. issue. The issue is alittle thicker than normal, but is not labeled "Special" or "Double." I noticed that my expiration date had randomly changed to Dec. I contacted the publisher through Amazon (whose service has alway be excellent. I received an e-mail from publisher's customer service stating my Nov. issue was so special they decided to count it as two. I feel these "Special" issues should be anticipated in advance- subscriber's expiration dates should be considered almost a contract, I don't feel it was fair to rchange expiraton anytime the publisher chooses. I will not renew subscription, and will avoid Reader's Digest publications.
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