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on November 28, 2007
I just got my house and it's great! Most who are interested in this set probably already know each of the 210 episodes by heart, so I'll describe the packaging. It looks so cute on display. The roof lifts up to reveal the nine cases for each season. They look like minis of the individual season cases with sturdy covers that open up like books. They are set in the house at different heights so they are easy to pull out. Inside there is the episode list and photos like with the individual seasons. The discs are in cardboard sleeves that have a photo of one of the 5 main characters with two quotes. I know a lot of people are concerned about the cardboard sleeves scratching the discs. I will admit, they do fit rather tightly in the sleeves, but each sleeve has a paper backing that seems to protect the disc from scratches. I have not noticed scratches on the ones I've pulled out so far but, I haven't played these discs enough yet to really test it.

What I really like about the box set, besides it being so cute, is that it takes up less room than those big, bulky individual season sets. It takes up a little more than six individual seasons worth, so that frees up a lot of space in my cabinet. The discs have the same extras as the individuals seasons, plus you also get a book with the shooting script for "The Finale." The autographs of the writers are facsimiles on the cover. If the discs hold up (I've heard of disc protectors you can snap on called "D-Skins," but I'm not sure they will fit with this setup) and with the reasonable price you can get this for on Amazon right now, I see no reason to keep those bulky individual sets, so up for sale they go!
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on September 20, 2015
I don't know about the others, but I love this set inside and out. I read most, if not all, the reviews before my purchase and I'm glad I did because it really helped me make a decision. Though I wanted the "house" packaging, it just had too many negative reports about warped or scratched discs. I live in the Philippines and the return option that buyers in the US enjoy is just not reasonably available to me. So I settled with the simple box set and I am very happy with it. The dvds are all nicely tucked and protected inside. The cases are slim, so if you think that 9 seasons of a set might take up a whole shelf, hardly. It's just about half the size of a shoebox. I have watched seasons 1 through 3 and so far, no scratches nor jumps, and all the dvds work. I think if I come across any jump along the way, I'd be laughing too hard to notice anyway, so don't worry about it.

Now for the content and how the episodes are put together. There is no debate on the genius of this show so I won't go there. This is really for everybody who loves Raymond. And Robert. And Frank and Marie. And Debra. So if you're not one of us, just don't buy it. But if you are, I'd like to say a bit about the common complaint I've read here about the fact that the producers didn't put in a "PLAY ALL" feature. I thought that would be something annoying at first, but when I saw how they allowed the viewer to "take a break" and manually choose the next episode, I thought it was really a non-issue (with me at least). I like that I'm able to still laugh at the jokes and punch lines before I tune in to the next one, or make a quick trip to the snack pantry skippity hopping to the jazz piano tune that has now become like a siren that means "IT'S LAUGH TIME!" in my house. I also like that they present a simple synopsis of the episode before you choose it. I don't know, I just like reading titles because it helps me get ready. :)

But wait! I think the producers have been listening in to all the "no play all" complaints here because I just started on the 3rd season and... Viola! ... PLAY ALL. It turns out so far that only seasons 1 and 2 don't have the play all button. Not sure if the rest of the seasons are like this... we'll see. I guess it's a good feature to have if you want to watch it nonstop.

So there. I hope my review has helped you. And I hope you will enjoy every episode as much as my whole family does.
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on August 8, 2007
Probably not, if you're even visiting this Amazon page in the first place. As a widespread array of popular television shows are planning to release their final season DVD sets by the end of 2007 ("Full House," "Gilmore Girls," and "Everybody Loves Raymond," to name a few), they have all taken a similar path by releasing deluxe full-series collections at the same time. That, right there, is a currently growing trend that you can expect to find with every future television show that is being manufactured on DVD. When popular shows like this one reach the point where their final season is ready for release, the DVD companies must do something to keep their profits rolling. In order to reel in even the consumers who have already purchased the previous seasons, there is only one thing left to do: design some super-fancy packaging, promise a few little surprise bonuses that do not come with the original DVD's, produce a "Complete Series" set, and slap a $200 list price on it. After all, there is a slew of dedicated "Raymond" fans in the world, and for many of them, something like this is difficult to pass up.

Now that we are all starting to see how many shows are going for the complete series appeal, we can learn to know better than to impulsively buy the individual seasons as they are pumped out--that is, if we care enough about the bigger and the better. It's a matter of preference, I guess, but I have always liked the packaging that "Raymond" has used for the DVD's. It's sturdy, the discs are easily accessible, and unlike the original "Sex and the City" packaging, it doesn't just fall apart the minute you take off the shrink wrap. For that reason, I will stick with what I have and look forward to September 19, when Season 9 officially arrives.

However, if this set looks ideal to you, or if you love the show and would like to start collecting the DVD's, be prepared to shell out a good $200. These special editions look great, but they sure don't come cheap. Still, "Everybody Loves Raymond" is simply one of those contemporary classics that is worth every penny, and if you're looking for something with a solid, consistent blend of hilarity and poignancy, this absolutely fits the bill. The show began as slighty sluggish, yet brimming with potential, and the basic plot was easy for viewers to tap into. You've got the protagonist Ray Barone, a sportswriter who mostly lives up to the title of the series, but he often has a hard time pleasing his wife, his kids, his parents (who so conveniently reside right across the street), and his perpetually jealous younger brother all at once. The show was initially designed to take some universal conflicts within families, place a humorous spin on them, and perhaps prompt viewers to realize that maybe their own scenarios aren't quite so bad. Although the plot always attempts to (and typically succeeds at) depicting the reality of marriage and family life, they sometimes steer a little too far off the deep end, but that's the fun of the writing. The marital snits between Ray and Debra, Frank and Marie, and Robert and Amy are always interesting to watch, and the laughter comes just as naturally as the cringing when you observe Marie's perpetual hold on her husband, her grown sons, and her daughters-in-law. The majority of women will easily identify with Debra's frustrations against her occasionally selfish significant other, as well as Frank and Marie's apparent lack of understanding about a concept known as "ringing the doorbell when you visit your son's home." Robert's nonstop efforts to be noticed and achieve a rare edge over the lovable little brother "Raymie" (even if it's only for a few minutes) blends humor with sympathy for his character, and it's virtually impossible to keep a straight face whenever Frank blurts out one of his brilliantly scripted punch lines ("Holy crap!") Can you ask for comedy that is any better than that? After watching just a few episodes (particularly those from Seasons 4-9), it's easy to see why this has been labeled as "the sitcom of our times."

Then there are the three Barone kids, who don't take much precedence in the show, but are still worth mentioning. Ray Romano and series creator Phil Rosenthal always believed strongly in keeping the kids' screen time short and sweet, for the sake of preventing their series from sharing a similar category with shows like "Full House." Without the cutesy dialogue and professionally written, Olsen twin-style catch phrases that no real kid would ever even understand, oldest daughter Ally and twin sons Geoffrey and Michael succeeded in being a pleasure without being overused. Real-life siblings Madylin, Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten did it just right. They were cute enough, while avoiding being too over-the-top or overtaking the whole show, and it wasn't hard to buy into them as authentic, true-to-life kids. No snappy comebacks, no smart-alecky wit, just real kids. Of course, this is the only series that could get away with having them make a quickie appearance, run upstairs, and staying away from the remainder of the episode while the adults had long, heated conversations that often led to screaming matches. How on Earth did those children manage to sleep through it when their parents were duking it out in episodes such as the Season 4 classic "Bad Moon Rising?" To those kinds of questions, we may never have an answer, but for the purpose that it served, it worked just fine, and it helped the intended plot move right along.

Through it all, though, was it that helped the magic survive for 9 consistent years? Sure, the writing was excellent and always generated well-deserved laughter from the audience, but in the end, without the acting, it couldn't have happened. Plain and simple, the formula just would not have worked if Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, Monica Horan, Doris Roberts, and Peter Boyle did not lead the cast with remarkable precision and skill. They each had their own special little quality that they brought to the mix (e.g. Ray's endearingly nasal voice, Amy's million dollar facial expressions). By the time Amy McDougal's painfully straight-laced parents (so un-Barone) and kooky younger brother made it to the fold in Season 7, it was evident that the casting was nearly flawless. There is perhaps no other television family that worked together as well as these seasoned stars, and defying what is natural with most shows, they only seemed to get better with time. Simply stated, they all just seemed to understand exactly what the script required, and when they got in front of the camera, they executed with impressive ease. They knew what it was all about, and through the family that they created together, the show became entirely their own. Beyond just being a talented and experienced group of actors, they delivered as a convincing American family that got at each other's throats half the time, but still managed to be strong and close-knit in their own way. As perfectly spoken by beloved actor Peter Boyle, "Every character got the ball, and everyone got to score" when it came to the razor-sharp dialogue, and that's exactly how any piece of solid television should be.

With that being said, be sure to remember that this set is coming out on October 30, right in time for Halloween--and as long as we're talking about that holiday, don't forget to watch the hysterical "Halloween Candy" episode from Season 3 (whether you've seen it or not, it's some truly great stuff). If you've had a bad day at work, you're tired or just need a little break, "Everybody Loves Raymond" is perfect for the spirits and can always be counted on to lighten the mood. As for this great big, newly designed edition, the outer box is slated to look like Ray and Debra's house, with all the main characters peeking out of the windows, and all 9 seasons will be placed under one roof (in this case, literally). Special features haven't been announced yet, but I wouldn't expect anything that hasn't already been on the previous sets. I mean, I guess it's possible that they'll add a few new things here and there, but for the most part, the $200 list price on this item is for the cool new packaging, some cast photos from over the years, maybe a new episode guide......things along those lines. If you're a fan who hasn't started buying the DVD's yet, this is the perfect excuse to do so; with all the episodes arranged and sold together, it's basically a dream come true for the hard-core Barone junkies.

Maybe not everyone will agree with me when I say that it is one of the greatest shows ever made, but surely it's one of the best comedies out there, and in a society where complete series DVD's are becoming the norm, here's one of the "best bets" that will surely be watched and re-watched often enough to make the investment worth it!
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on February 19, 2009
actually I'm writing this review after just receiving the long waited set, and from my first impression it's nothing less than AMAZING!
it comes in a relatively small package, shaped like raymond's house.
after you open the roof you can find the complete series. each season is packed seperately in somekind of a "mini-book", all made out of carton.
the seasons are at diffrent heights, so it's easy to pick the season you want, and start watching.
each season case contains a printed table of contents with the name and location of every episode.
beside all the episodes and many extra features, there's also a small printed book, that contains the script of the series finale, with the autographs of the entire writing staff (including Ray Romano).

from a couple of randomly picked episodes that I've watched, the quality of them is very good, and they contain English subtitles which is very important to many people.

if you like the series of Everybody Loves Raymond, you should order it RIGHT NOW! it's an amazing and beautiful set, that contains one of the best sitcoms ever made. it's a must-to-have set for every fan, and for every DVD collector out there.
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on May 28, 2011
This is my all time favorite TV Series "Everybody loves Raymond", I own three Complete Series, this one I bought from Amazon when it was on Sale, after seeing the Packaging, the nice house with all the DVDs inside. I keep one in my bedroom where I have my Treadmill, I play two Episodes, walking and laughing all the way to better Health, another one in my workroom for when I feel I little Stressed out and need to laugh, and the third one for Emergencies. I love this people!

I got to get my share of laughing everyday, and would you believe I also watch the reruns on TV every single day, two Episodes back to back...yes I do!, that's my Medicine, is like my Religion. I know every Episode by heart, sometimes I finish their lines before they do, it is the only TV Show that keeps me laughing all the time, I know what's coming but still Cracks me up. This Group has become like a Cult for me, I wish they will get together again and produce more Shows. To all the Great Actors, Writers and Producers...We need you, Please MAKE MORE EPISODES! Thank You So Much
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on August 28, 2014
I bought this a long time ago and I'm finally getting around to watching it. Instead of disc 2 for season 7, I received 'two' discs I don't have disc 2, which should have Debra on the front, NOT Ray. I'm bummed about this. So, I suggest looking through every set when you get this. I didn't and regret it now.
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on January 27, 2012
Content: This series is brilliant in its writing and articulation. There is hardly an episode where there are not laugh out loud moments. It's easy to understand why the series had such staying power and stacks of awards. The extras are both interesting and enlightening, as to casting, producing and writing, plus many hilarious out-takes.
Product: Frustrating packaging with discs jammed in, hard to extract. Technically, although not Blue Ray, the product should play on a Blue Ray player. This was not the case, as the discs continually froze and pixilated. Having a regular player saved the day, or so I thought, as half way through the first season, freezing and pixilating set in again. Fortunately, with a gentle soap and warm water wash, I was able to solve the problem. As I have not finished viewing all seasons, I fully expect the freezing problem to rear it's ugly little head again. Let's hope the cleaning continues to do the trick, so I can be included in the "Everybody" who loves Raymond.
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on December 22, 2011
Ordered this product - arrived NEW in appearance, all discs seated in hub holders however several discs were scratched and had fingerprints, one disc totally did not play, some episodes on other discs would not play. About 10 of the discs were damaged. Called Amazon, who promptly shipped out a replacement NEW set. The replacement set was even worse. Outer packaging was sealed like NEW and again discs looked to be seated correctly in the packaging, however, several discs were scratched and had fingerprints, and one disc was actually cracked! HBO Home Entertainment should be ashamed at the appallingly poor quality of this product.
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on October 2, 2013
Order shipped and arrived quickly however MANY of the DVD's are scratched and freeze or jump to the next episode. I haven't watch them all yet but of the 10 or so I've watched this has happened on half of the DVD's.
And for the record I bought a brand new Sony DVD player for them so its not my player. It's the DVD's.
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on January 5, 2011
We LOVE Raymond, but this set was defective. Amazon replaced the first set with another and I had the same exact problem. The 4th episode of the first disk of season 1 would not play at all (odd that it was the same with both sets) and both sets had paint on the "play" sides due to the paint from the cardboard sleeves. The first season came in a red sleeve, so all the disks from that season had red paint on them and caused some of them to not play correctly. The second season came in a green sleeve and had green paint on the disks and the 3rd season came in a blue sleeve and had blue paint on them, etc...I could scratch most of it off with my fingernail, but some of them skipped in the areas where the paint was. Also, the first set had glue on 2 of the DVD's which caused them to skip or not play at all in those areas. I couldn't remove all of the glue and actually scratched one of the DVD's trying to do so.

I am not going to try for a 3rd set, so I just went ahead and ordered the more expensive set (for $40.00 more) that comes in the box shaped liked Raymond's house. I was really excited to get this set for $95, but it was not worth saving the $40 for all I have had to go through to get a good set. I will follow up with another review when the new set (the 3rd one!) arrives...
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