Customer Reviews: Everybody Masturbates
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on November 10, 2012
When I was a tween & teen, masturbation was a guilty pleasure. Guilty not just because of the many things that other kids said about it and about people who did it, but because of the idiotic fairy stories made up in the past to try to discourage it! "You'll go insane!" "You'll go blind!" "Hair will grow on the palms of your hands!" "You'll burn for all eternity in Hell!" Well, I do wear glasses, I've had to fight bouts of depression, and I'm hairier than the average man; but it has more to do with family genetics than it does about my guilty little teenage pleasures! (I'll leave the fate of my immortal soul for Someone qualified to judge!) Did you know that circumcision became popular in the United States as an attempt to discourage masturbation? The thought was that removing the foreskin would make the penis less sensitive, and thus masturbation (and all future sexual activity, for that matter) less pleasant. And it didn't work; it didn't work for one generation, but they kept doing it to following generations where it was just as ineffective. So generations of boys and men were ritualistically mutilated all because people didn't want their boys to masturbate (like they had!). Kids were spanked -- even beaten -- for masturbating. They were ridiculed and humiliated about it. And these solutions were no more effective than anything else they tried. You'd think they (those idiotic adults and so-called experts) would have all figured out that it didn't make THEM go blind or mad or grow hair on their palms -- or have any negative effects on them at all except for unnecessary guilt -- and that it was a perfectly natural part of human sexuality. Forgive me if I find it sad that people commonly persecute others because of the things they feel guilty about in themselves.

It's awesome that we can now take away even that unnecessary guilt from our kids. And I believe that books like this one are a great way to do so. The sad thing is that there are parents who are going to refuse to accept the truth and continue to punish and humiliate their kids (as they were and with just as little effect) for being normal.

In the reviews here, people have stated that they wouldn't let kids read it unsupervised. Okay, that's fair -- do you really want your kids getting all their knowledge about sex from a book? Parents should always be willing to discuss these issues with their kids as it becomes appropriate to do so. This book isn't intended to be the be-all, end-all solution; but it is a wonderful place to start, especially for parents who are uncomfortable in discussing such matters with their kids. I've seen complaints that it wasn't written by a "so-called" expert in the field; sorry, but I've yet to meet a man who isn't an expert on male masturbation! (I can't say the same for females just because I don't have that kind of experience.) And what is there here in this book that demands some kind of piece of paper saying you know more than anybody else about masturbation? I think more of it because it was written by someone with practical knowledge as opposed to "education."

For far too long, we've hurt our children by the way we treat masturbation. It's time to stop the madness and start teaching them the truth. You know, it's kind of nice to hear kids being able to joke about masturbation -- or "fapping" as they say, in ways that don't humiliate anyone. Sorry parents and so-called experts, you're not going to be able to stop kids talking and joking about sex either!
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Well let me start this review by stating that the absolute last thing I would have wished for is to be forced into a conversation with one of my children or grandchildren over the subject of masturbation. I would rather have chewed in tinfoil or eaten ground glass. Fortunately for me, I never was forced into a corner in this are. But that being said, had I been put on the spot, I certainly would have given a great amount of money to have had this book available to guide me through a very difficult conversation.

In our society; our culture, masturbation is one of the few remaining subjects that is taboo as to discussing. The misconceptions, misinformation, personal nature, religious beliefs and horrible medical advice from the past are still with us and pretty well muck up the situation. Even relatively recent "medical" opinion blame (very poor research here in the recent past), masturbation for insanity, a plethora of medical problems and a sure sign of complete moral breakdown and indeed, insanity. Most of us know this misinformation is simply wrong, wrong, wrong, yet most of us are rather squeamish about it to one extent or another.

The first printed word I ever read dealing with this subject was found in my old Boy Scout Manual from the 1940s and early 1950s. This manual had about half a page addressing the fact that good Scouts did not pollute their bodies and minds with such matters and predicted dire consequences if they did so. I well remember a friend of mine, we were about 12 at the time, who came to school and while dressing out for football, it was noted that he had gigantic whelps on his back, buttock and upper legs. Some of these many stripes were actually still bleeding. It seems that his mother had caught him "playing with himself," reported it to his father when he came home from work, and his father took poor Billy to the back yard and beat him with a fan belt. How sad. That incident has stuck with me for many years now.

This work by author Cristian Young Miller is an extremely well written and sensitive book. It entails a conversation between a father and his son. It seems the son was found masturbating in the shower by his older brother and told that he would grow hair on his hands and go blind. The young boy believes his brother and is terrified.

On this conversation the author hangs his teaching lesson. Just what masturbation is, why it feels good, who participates, where it is appropriate to do it, hygiene and the fact that it, i.e. masturbation is not a subject for general conversation are all discussed. The author is very precise in his text, showing great sensitivity and a very good sense of humor. This is an informative and pleasing read. The authors question and answer play between father and son is the perfect vehicle to teach.

Now this is not a "how to do it" book. It is a teaching tool which addresses a very sensitive subject and does it quite well. The illustrations are cute and they are appropriate and greatly enhance the text. The text is written at a level that is appropriate for the adult reader, but can quite well be read and understood by an adolescent.

This particular work covers the subject of masturbation for boys. The author has also written one for girls entitled Everybody Masturbates for Girls

One of the nice things about this work is that if you are like me and would go to great lengths not to have this conversation, then you can "accidently" leave it lying around the house. I promise you that not young man of the target age of this work will be able to read the title of the book and pass it up. Reading it would be almost as useful as discussing it.

Like all such books though, each parent must make up their own mind and this work should be reviewed by the parent first...hey, that is your job!

The author has also written a very interesting and informative book...Everybody Has Those Thoughts: So It Doesn't Mean You're Gay

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks
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on July 4, 2011
If you wish to raise a boy to feel minimum guilt and shame as he discovers and explores his body, then Everybody Masturbates by Cristian YoungMiller is book to read and share with pre-adolescent boys in your family. YoungMiller empowers a parent to discuss this delicate subject in a loving and honest manner through his choice of characters: a father and his eight-year son. Sensing something is wrong, the father helps his son voice his concerns, and then reassures him that none of the myths surrounding masturbation are true. He clearly relates the core message: everybody masturbates at some point in their lives, for a variety of reasons.

The father also emphasizes that masturbation is a private part of our sexual lives, to be done alone or perhaps shared only with a loving partner. For those who are uncomfortable that their child will share this revelation with their peers or in inappropriate circumstances such as Show & Tell in elementary school, YoungMiller has the father repeatedly stress that though everyone does it, no one discusses it with others.The author does this without making a child feel guilty or ashamed. It is a private thing just like going to the bathroom; this brilliant analogy is something almost every child past potty training understands. This subject has, at long last, found an author unafraid to tackle it. I salute the author in his attempt to remove generations of unease and misinformation and hope both his books on this subject (yes, there is a corresponding book for girls) find a wide audience amongst parents struggling to help their children understand and cope with their changing bodies and urges.
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on October 30, 2015
Billy—the story says he is eight years old, but the back of the book says ten—lives with his dad, mom, older brother Tommy, and baby sister Sam. But Billy is very unhappy. Tommy, age thirteen, saw him doing something in the shower and told him that he was going to grow hair on his hands and he would go blind. Dad notices that Billy has been crying and takes him for a walk to talk with him. What had Billy been doing? And what does Dad tell him? Masturbation was a topic that simply was not discussed when I was growing up--period. Today there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of websites that talk about it openly. Personally, the only way I learned about it as a youngster was through those books about “how boys develop” or “growing up for boys” in our local library. And in our small-town library in the mid-1960s, almost all of those had been written in the 1950s or before. About all they did was say that it is self-stimulation and suggest ways to avoid or reduce it.
Author Cristian YoungMiller received his degree in Psychology from Beloit College and says, "this book has been reviewed positively by Child Care Experts," though nowhere in the book does it mention who these child care experts are that positively reviewed this little book. In the book, which the back says, “respectfully discusses what is masturbation, why it feels good, who does it, where it's appropriate, masturbation hygiene, and more,” the father’s explanation to Billy regarding masturbation is that “Everybody does it.” Perhaps that is overstating the case a little bit. Besides a few childish slang terms, there is no vulgarity. And Dad warns Billy several times, “It isn’t something that we share with others.” I also found it interesting that Dad says, “As you get older there will be people who tell you that it’s wrong to masturbate. And when that happens, you will have to listen to everything they tell you and then think about everything you know. After that, you will have to decide whether or not you should stop. That is the type of decisions that you will have to make as you get older.”
The cartoon-like characters with fruit for heads and the story format would make the book interesting to kids. So the question remains, would this book be of any benefit to Christian fathers in talking to their sons? The answer will depend on one’s convictions. For those who sincerely believe that masturbation is wrong, then no, it would not be of any use. However, for those who have concluded that the act of masturbation, in and of itself, is not sinful but may be something to assist teenage boys and young unmarried men in abstaining from fornication, it might have some value, though I would not recommend that a child read this without supervision. There is a companion book for girls.
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on December 17, 2012
I searched everywhere for a book for my special needs son on this subject. I wanted a book that was neither dictated in a religious view nor from a "clinical" standpoint. This book is very easy to understand and gets right to the point, even with a touch of humor here and there. A book that is easy to approach for children and parents alike that are easily intimidated by the subject.I recommend this book and the seller as the book arrived earlier than expected and in great shape.
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on May 20, 2011

This book is a wonderful gift for any 13 year old boy and up. It dispels all the rumors and urban legends about what can happen to little boys that masturbate. For any parent that is a little wary about how to broach the subject of sexuality and why we masturbate, this book is perfect.

Cristian YoungMiller has used his own life experiences to write a book that helps kids of a certain age understand that masturbation is not a bad thing, that everyone does it and it's ok. It is written in such a way as to explain it both in layman's terms as well as scientifically so that a child can comprehend it easily.

This book is only one in a series which YoungMiller calls his "Everybody" series, check them out.
I only wish I had a book like this when I was younger!

-Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club
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on December 22, 2011
This book has been criticized by some because it was not written by an expert. Since the subject is masturbation, I am convinced that the author very likely has considerable experience and may even be a noted expert in that field. I can't confirm that, however, as I don't read the types of magazines that would write stories about such distinctions, but I do have a hunch...
Everyone says "Not to make light of the situation," but the truth is that it's wildly inaccurate. Some subjects are much easier to discuss if you make light of them. This is a perfect example of one such subject. Our society has twisted kids' ideas of sexuality so dangerously these days. We tell them sex and anything associated with it is bad, we withhold valuable safety information and birth control and we tempt them with "forbidden fruit" and reality TV shows.
Sex- including masturbation- is natural and normal, yet very few parents will even approach the subject. It is time to acknowledge that we are no longer in the dark ages.
I haven't read this author's other books, but plan on doing so now.
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on May 4, 2011
This book is written for children to help understand how making your self feel good is normal and that everyone has done one time or another in their life. It takes a delicate subject and makes it approchable for children, teens, and adults to be able to discuss and accept this behavior in themselves. The illistrations were cute and kept the subject matter light and humorous but still got the point across that this is normal behavior and nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about.

I would recommend this book to parents with pre-teens and teenagers to help broach the subject. It is even good for adults to get a refresher in not being embaressed about masterbation.
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on April 25, 2011
Everybody Masturbatesby Cristian Young Miller is the type of book I wish I had growing up. I remember being confused and titillated by the stories told by my buddies about the sensitive and taboo subject of masturbation. Miller's book tackles the challenge head on of explaining this potentially embarrassing subject in a sensitive and matter-of-fact manner. By using likeable characters and real world situations and dialog, Miller shows that explaining a natural body function doesn't have to be difficult. I strongly recommended this book for parents with kids who are beginning to explore their bodies. Before or after they start touching themselves.
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EVERYBODY MASTURBATES is another fine little book by the very astute and wise author Cristian YoungMiller whose book 'Happiness thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement: A 'Novel Guide' to Jelqing, the G-Spot, How to Last Longer in Bed, and Other Sexual Secrets' continues to sell well. How this fine author decided to take on the guarded mysteries of this discussion is his own business, but it seems after reading several of his books that he is one who really cares about sex education - that we finally have some resources for the family to intelligently participate in completing the education of youngsters instead of depending on peer misrepresentation and at times damaging fear about 'our privates'.

EVERYBODY MASTURBATES is a concise, well-illustrated little book that should be a part of every parent's or care giver's library. The story is rather simple. Billy is a 10 year old youngster whose 13 year old brother Tommy 'catches' him rubbing soap on his penis and terrifies him by telling him that if he 'plays with himself' he will go blind and have hairy palms. Poor Billy. Fortunately his father notices Billy's terror and takes Billy to the park where he explains 1) what masturbation is, 2) that it is a normal activity or body need, 3) that it is a fine way to learn about future procreation, and 4) that everybody does it - kids, parents, friends, teachers, judges, etc. The manner in which Billy's father explains the topic is so sound and non-judgmental and healthy that it could serve as a script for any parent to follow.

We are fortunate to have writers such as Cristian YoungMiller - young, bright, caring and full of fun as well as energy in making the world of accepting each other as equals an easier place to inhabit. Grady Harp, October 10
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