Customer Reviews: My Little Pony Exclusive 12Pack Pony Collection Set Includes 6 Special Edition Ponies!
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on December 5, 2011
My 3 year old got the 4 pack tube (despite the price, oy!) for her birthday. We, of course, lost a couple of them. Well, I saw this 12 pack elsewhere (yes, it is much cheaper at TRU), and got it for her. She is totally absorbed in these little things. She loves reinacting the episodes of MLP: Friendship is Magic with them.

As stated, there are 12 total ponies. There are the 6 main characters~ Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie. The 6 bonus ponies are named Gardenia Glow, Beachberry, Peachie Pie, Coconut Cream, Skywishes and Sweetsong. There are only 4 molds, apparently, because there is not much variation in pony positions. (Not a problem for kids, but seems to be with MLP: FIM purists.)

These ponies ARE small~ about 1.5 to 2 inches tall. And yes, since these are small, they can get lost easily. My daughter is young, but DOES try to be careful with her ponies. I am a bit anal retentive though, and keep meticulous track of these little things~ and that is because these are my daughter's favorite Ponies, and she mourns when one or some are misplaced. (The product doesn't deserve a lower rating because of their size; there are tons of toys with smaller parts!) And they are not so small that if a crawling baby finds one that he or she will choke on them. I have a 15 month old who looooves to "play" ponies with her sisters. And her version of play is, well, chewing on them. Or banging them on the play table...

The paint doesn't come off though, and ours have been through h-e-double hockey sticks and back. These figures each have the true expressions and colors of the cast from the show. And they come with little trading cards that describes each pony's personality and such. (I have enough trouble keeping track of the ponies, so I put the cards up and away:)

The packaging is nice because there are little cardboard compartments for both ponies and their cards, framed by a cardboard case. I didn't find much sense in keeping the packaging though because of two reasons. It IS just cardboard, so it doesn't survive a 3 year old's not so gentle handling. And these ponies would never end up back in the case because they are in constant play. I cut the back of the case off so I would have a reference to the bonus ponies' names though. Helps to figure out who I need to find under the couch;)

Understandable that these ponies are pretty expensive on Amazon right now. But that is because the toy is so in demand elsewhere, so sellers here can jack up the price. If you can find it around or under $25, go for it!
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on August 27, 2012
To anyone who may not be aware, there is a large following of young adults who genuinely love this show for the art, humor, messages, and more. We call ourselves Bronies (Bro + Pony, though 'Bro' here is a unisex term).

These toys were sold as individual blind-bag items previously. Each toy is about 2 inches tall, made of PVC plastic. There are five unique molds, one for each of the main cast with Fluttershy having to share Rainbow Dash's mold. This set contains one of each in the main cast (Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie) as well as six "alternates" of them with different names, colors, and marks. The alternates are considered special edition because they were not in the original blind-bag series. Their colors and marks aren't bad, they look fine next to the official cast. All ponies come with an individual card the same way the blind-bags did, except these ones are not printed with the ID codes that the blind-bag cards had so I think they look a bit better.

As for the individual figures, they seem sturdy enough for normal and gentle play. I could easily see some wings or tails breaking off from rough love though. The molds are not perfect and have some minor deformities, and yes, Fluttershy doesn't look right. The paint jobs aren't bad but on a couple there are some visible errors where the paint lines don't match up perfectly with the mold. For anyone who's picky about picture-perfection, these will probably not do, but at this price I was more than happy with the quality.

The box itself doubles as a nice display and carry case. It isn't hard to put them back in the box but personally the first thing I did was pop every pony out and start putting them on display. I've never been one for keeping things mint, even as a grown man I want to play with my little pony toys.

Originally this was a Toys R Us exclusive, but they're now carrying new sets that feature other characters (the Royal Wedding party, the Cloudsdale set, etc). The blind bags are still around too if you look in the right places, but if what you want is the main six and some friends, get this. You'll save a bundle in the long run. Great for giving your kid something to play with and recreate the show, great for older fans who don't mind a few errors.

Durability: Nice built, but some weak points.
Educational: Not really, but the show itself is, so I give it a little because it reinforces the messages in play.
Overall: Five out of five. Great set for the price.
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on January 2, 2012
Bought this at TRU for my 3yr old before Christmas around $25. She loves them! As a bonus, she matches the ponies to the cards included in the box. Each card has a picture and a little detail about the personality of the pony. We purchase the ferris wheel & the little carriage to go with these ponies. Big hit!
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on February 9, 2013
Great product and enough to share when playing with friends!!!! Love it! Great size they use them on their princess dollhouse and with the carriages! They play with them over and over again. Really recomend these!
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on January 10, 2014
My granddaughter, age 8, requested this for Christmas. I knew nothing about it, but she has enjoyed it very much. I will let her words speak for themselves.

Dear grandma,
I heard you had to say something on Amazon or something so here I am to tell you about what I do with them. I usually play like how the episodes are with nightmare moon's evil return, her transformation back into princess Luna, how Twilight sparkle learned about friendship, how they turned Discord to stone, then they made him use his magic for good or reformed him and at last her roll being princess Twilight sparkle. Well that's it for today!
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I got this as a gift for a couple of My Little Pony fans, and they absolutely loved them! They had been trying to collect each of the ponies for some time, but were still missing quite a few. Of course, this package comes with the 12 ponies, (six of them special edition) as well as a 2 sided card behind each figurine that has the name, picture of the character on it, and as a description of that pony. They like having the collector's cards as well. It would have been great if I could have found this set with the ponies having brushable hair like some of the larger ones, but these fans didn't seem to mind one bit that it was all completely hard plastic. The ponies are really cute, and I was so glad to have found this on Amazon!
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on February 18, 2013
I got my daughter a couple of My Little Pony playsets at a garage sale, but we needed ponies--little ponies. These fit the bill. She loves looking at the trading cards (?) that come with them and give each pony's stats.

Now personally, I don't get the appeal of the whole pony thing (we don't get HUB so I dunno)...but then again, i am not 5. I am basing my excellent review on how they appeal to that section of the population.
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on April 18, 2013
9 yr old granddaughter loves My Little Pony and chose that as her birthday party theme. We searched in-store and on the 'net for My Little Pony cake decorations, but found none that would do; they were too big to put atop a cake. Then, I came across this set, and ordered it on behalf of her maternal grandmother. Her aunt designed a two tier cake and put 6 of the ponies on the first tier amidst grass and flowers made with frosting. The smaller top tier held a flower shaped candle holder and the "Happy 9th" birthday wording. The remaining My Little Ponies were left in the box, wrapped and put with the rest of her gifts. The ponies were washed and given to her, after she blew out the candles. Granddaughter and her guests loved her My Little Pony cake! And she's been playing with her My Little Ponies since her birthday.
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on August 7, 2012
these are really neat, although I think these are more for collecting rather than playing with. My fourteen year old daughter wanted these and was going to give half of them to her 4 year old sister for her birthday. She changed her mind noticing that the heads of the ponies come off easily. So I bought some bigger ones and made them from her older sister. I think thirty dollars was a little pricey After I opened the box and saw how small they were. That was my bad though since I did not look at the product details I took the word of my fourteen year old. By the way she loves them and is starting a collection of the smaller ones so money was not wasted.
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on September 16, 2014
a perfect gift for any little girl, very beautiful good resistance although it is small ponies

un regalo perfecto para cualquier niña, muy hermosos de buena resistencia a pesar de que sea pequeños ponys
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