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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 1, 2010
. . .don't get out of the kitchen - get a pair of these oven gloves!

I needed to replace my circa 2002 set of 'Ove' Glove Hot Surface Handler, 1 Glove because I could no longer tolerate how OVER-SIZED they were. I used them and liked the concept, but the sloppy, enormous fit made it a challenge to handle hot items, which pretty much defeats the whole purpose. The fabric was also slippery, so I also wanted to upgrade to the newer version with the silicone grips. I tried on a pair of Ove Glove Set of 2 at the store, but they were still enormous on my average-size female hands.

Reading through the oven glove options on Amazon, not only was this brand a real value at the 2-for price, but the reviews seem to indicate they might be a bit smaller and fit my hand better, and indeed they do. The benefits of fingered oven gloves have doubled for me now that I have a pair that really fit, and the addition of silicone provides an amazingly secure grip as a bonus. I've used mine a dozen or more times now and conducted my own heat tolerance test. Taking a baking sheet from a 400° oven, I held it for 20 seconds with no burning sensation at all. I suspect I could have gone another 20 seconds or more, but that was good enough for me. I am extremely satisfied with these oven gloves.

====> JUNE 16, 2012 ====> UPDATE: After two years, I'm happy to report that I use these oven gloves all the time, and still like them as much as ever. When I purchased mine two years ago, there was only one size - since then I see another size has been added. Measuring mine (10-1/2 inches), I see they would now be classified "large," so the new size option that's been added is obviously the "medium." I'm still pleased with the fit, as my large size was better fitting than anything else on the market at the time, but when it comes time to replace them, I'll opt for the medium size for even better fit. I keep mine looking new by washing them in the washing machine, then air drying them. Still the best out there, IMHO.
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on March 2, 2010
I bought these because my wife burnt the oven mitt. So far I love it.
I use the oven a lot for broiling and cooking. These gloves definitely protect your hands and the wrist. I was able to hold on to an iron skillet at 450 degrees for about 10 seconds before it started to get uncomfortable. Grasping cookie sheets and pizza stones...etc are a breeze. Very convenient to have the use of all your fingers. They have silicone pads/patches on the outside for extra grip and more insulation. A word of warning though, those silicone pads get really hot on the surface so be very careful not to touch them immediately after handling something very hot. That's my only gripe. It's a little weird to actually wear gloves as opposed to an oven mitt but you stop caring once you see how convenient they are.
Absolutely would by them again. A pair for $25 I think is a fair enough price. Remember that these gloves don't make you invincible so use them with common sense.
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There are two main considerations when purchasing oven gloves: heat resistance and dexterity--i.e., how well you can maneuver your hands and handle objects with the gloves. Unfortunately, either consideration tends to work against the other--gloves with greater heat resistance tend to have less dexterity, and vice-versa. Simply stated, the Ove Glove's great strength is that it offers the best compromise between heat resistance and dexterity currently on the market.

The first time you put them on, you find your hands have as much freedom as if they were in heavy cotton gloves, and the weave of the fabric lends additional flexibility to your movement. In fact, I was nervous the first time I picked up a hot pan out of the oven with them, wondering if gloves with this kind of comfort and dexterity could possibly protect me from nearly 500 degree temps. Amazingly, they do! Plus, the fact that these ARE gloves--instead of oven mittens--is another key to the dexterity they provide.

This particular model of Ove Glove has longer cuffs to protect your forearms when reaching deeper into an oven or working over a hot BBQ grill. I find the added protection worthwhile, but if you feel you don't need it, then check out the model with shorter cuffs that just cover the wrist.

But as good as the Ove Glove is, it's not perfect, and here are the main minuses to consider:

1) You can't carry very hot objects for longer periods of time. This won't be an issue in nearly all everyday tasks, where you're generally moving something from a hot oven or grill to a nearby cooler surface. But there are times it could be a problem: for example, I recently had to carry a blazing hot cast iron pan from my backyard BBQ grill to my kitchen--a distance of about 75 feet--and I wasn't sure I would make it without having to drop the pan. The heat penetrated the glove over time to the point that it felt like I would soon burn my hands. Fortunately, I made it. And here's the thing: I've owned silicone mitts that were more heat resistant, but they were so clumsy to use that I would often end up not wearing them and grab towels instead. With the Ove Gloves, I never hestitate to put them on, so I end up with better protection.

2) Since the fabric is woven, hot liquids and hot steam will penetrate it to your skin. Again, not an issue in nearly all everyday tasks--not even for tasks like draining cooked pasta, where there's often a cloud of steam rising out of the pot as you empty it. But if you're going to be exposed to prolonged steam, there's a new steam-proof version of the Ove Glove available.

3) It's washable, but still doesn't clean up all that great.

All things considered, my headline for this review says it all: the Ove Glove isn't perfect, so I've deducted a star, but it's the best oven/grill glove that's currently on the market.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review and I hope that you found it helpful.
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on May 14, 2008
All in all these gloves are great. I like having use of my fingers, which you don't get with mits. But sometimes heat does get through eventually.

They're perfect for lifting a pan out of the oven, reaching into the oven, or carrying hot objects to and from the oven and the table.

Not good for holding hot objects for a prolonged period of time.

The longer cuff is a nice feature, I haven't gotten burned yet.
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on August 27, 2009
I work with hot asphalt in the lab and all the available industrial gloves just don't keep the heat away. These gloves do. They're great and make work much more bearable.
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on November 5, 2009
Perhaps the previous reviewer bought an off-brand of these gloves; there are several imitations out there, and his purchase wasn't "Amazon Verified".

You know that worrisome feeling you have when you quickly move a pot or dish from the oven? Gone. These gloves provide you the use of your fingers, so you have far FAR better control over hot items, without rushing. I've removed salmon from under the broiler (at 500 degrees) without feeling even a warming sensation, something that I'd always felt, even with expensive silicone mitts. I can hold pots removed from the oven (at around 400) pretty much as long as I could want, and am able to take them straight to the table without pausing at the counter to remove (and reset) my grip. The one tiny drawback is that you can't immediately slip them on; they take about 10 seconds to put on versus the few seconds it takes to put on big mitts. I really hope the manufacturer makes pot holders in the same style and fabric in the future.
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on March 2, 2010
For the most part, I like these gloves and I think they do their job if you are quickly removing a pan from the oven and setting on top of the stove or on the counter. However, I make a lot of stock at home and that involves handling really hot roasting pans for a significant amount of time as you deglaze the pan and I've found that when used in those times, these gloves don't keep you protected from the heat that well. I find myself getting very close to uncomfortable levels of heat quickly, which is a bit of a bummer. Also, as I think another reviewer mentioned, if you get them wet and then handle heat, be careful as it will hurt your fingers or palms. I do like the extra long cuff though and again, for basic kitchen use, they are totally fine, I just think for what I tend to use them for most, they don't really keep my hands as safe as I'd like.
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on January 21, 2008
Shipped on time, shipped as described, product performs well. The extra cuff length covers most of your forearm improving protection from the door, grates and sides of an oven. Good design. I appreciate that the packaging was eco friendly as well. Simple recyclable plasitc bag, no marketing schumtz included or wasted packaging to turn into a landfill. I wish more manufacturers would do this. Would have been nice to get at least a 'care and cleaning' sheet though. But if you're curious I checked on the Dupont site (producers of Nomex) and all they say is keep Nomex clean. Fire resistance in in the material, not a coating of any kind. And its permanent.
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on November 30, 2009
The fabric on the glove is not water resistant. I guess I'm used to those old fashioned mitts where the water just kind of rolls off. If hot water spills on the glove it will seep through, although not immediate. I found this out after using the gloves to drain some noodles. I did not realize the hot water was falling onto my fingers because the gloves "do what they say", which is, withstand the heat but when the water finally seeped through to my hand it was pretty hot. I still did not scald myself but it made me realize that I still have to be careful. These gloves work so well, it gave me a false sense of protection. Also, make sure you grip the baking pan with the green digits. It starts to get hot if you don't. Otherwise, I like the extra long cuff for reaching into the oven and the fact that you have fingers instead of one big mitt.
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on February 9, 2011
I'm a size 7.5 in women's gloves. These gloves really didn't fit.

They measure 5" across the palm and each finger (including the thumb) is 3" long. From the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand is 8", and there's an additional 3" cuff past the base of the hand. Since the material is pretty bulky, I'm guessing they would be most comfortable for someone with a glove size of 9 to 11 and relatively wide palms.

There were a few minor defects in the weave, but the fit is the bigger problem for me.

And there is no sign of a butterfly embellishment, so I guess that was a complaint made about a different model.
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