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on April 7, 2013
Tom and Chris talk about current events that are both in front of the average individual and also hidden behind the veil. Having been in the military, having been exposed to MKU projects, having read and talked with those involved with SRA and having researched the type of information written about in this book, it is a fascinating and enlightening read. The amount of research they have done is incredible as are their resumes. A lot of people will experience "cognitive dissonance" when reading this book. That simply means you've led a "sheltered life". Don't let it stop you from finishing it. You must remember that our military, government and groups like DARPA are 40-50 years or more ahead of where you think we are when it comes to technology, science and cloning etc.... Information is POWER. The truth will set you free. Thus ignorance will keep you dependent on others, bound and needy. I highly recommend this book. If you don't believe what's in the book, then may I suggest you start asking the hard questions to those who are in authority and see what kind of response you get.
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on April 9, 2013
I have been a fan of Tom Horn for a few years now. When he brought Cris Putnam on board with the previously released Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here, I thought Cris might bring a little more skepticism to the content, as well as more fluid prose to the writing. As it turns out, I was correct.

I hadn't read the aforementioned "Petras Romanus", simply because I had done enough research on it myself to satisfy me. I thought Malachy's prophecy too narrow to be expounded in 500 pages.

Not so with "Exo-Vaticana". The scope of this book is broad. And although Exo-Vaticana is a book of considerable size, I am sure it could have been twice as thick if Horn and Putnam hadn't tempered themselves.

I noticed that the addition of Putnam has really brought Horn into focus. If you have read some of Horn's other writings, like Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed, you have noticed that Horn throws facts, figures, and correlations out there in a, more or less, machine gun fashion (The incomparable, and late, David Flynn also used that writing style). The writing is more refined now, and presented more objectively. Everything is presented as a "could be" scenario, instead of presenting it in the affirmative. Also, Putnam has reined in Horn's zeal. Horn, who seems to have a natural predisposition for the supernatural, sometimes let's his zeal want to confirm what hasn't been confirmed yet. Not too often, I concede, but I have seen it. Of course, Horn isn't nearly as bad as Steve Quayle, who seemingly wants to slap a "Thus saith the Lord" sticker on everything that gives him a goose-pimple. Horn still knows that the end-game is still just speculation at this point.

I guess that is an over-complicated and roundabout way of saying I think Horn and Putnam are a great team. The keep each other in check. It has been my experience that in friendship, Christian brotherhood, and in accountability, the best pairings are those pairings where one party wants to take the knowledge and epiphanies and run to proclaim it to the world, while the other party, being the more introverted, skeptical, and intellectually cautious, says, "Wait just a minute, let's stop and think this through first." That seems to be Horn and Putnam's relationship. Putnam has brought scholarly respectability to Horn's material, and Horn has given Putnam a medium and platform in which to reach the world. "Iron sharpening iron" is the image that comes to mind when I consider Horn and Putnam's investigative partnership (and friendship).

As to the content, I will not spoil it if you want to read it. But I will say that, like most of Horn's writings (as well as writings in this vein by other esoteric authors like L. A. Marzulli, Rob Skiba, Dr. Chuck Missler and Dr. Michael Heiser), the subject matter is nostril deep in the metaphysical, and as such, probably cannot be properly digested by your average, "Old Rugged Cross" singing, Psalm 23 reciting, bread and milk, modern Christian. I am not saying that only smart people can read it properly (my own IQ is only a mere 80 or so). I am just saying that most of the Church is on intellectual lockdown, and such material is anathema to them. "Cognitive Dissonance" is what another perceptive Amazon reviewer called it. It is really a shame that the Church (as a whole, not to say there aren't churches that are the exception) has largely neglected the metaphysical. There are those of us who recognize the deficiency, and purposefully look for means to compensate for the Church's neglect of these areas. Horn, and authors in this "niche" (I affectionately call it the "Nephilim Niche"), provides the answer for us.

At bottom, I highly recommend the book. I am neither condoning or condemning the proposed viability of the book's subject matter. I am saying that the evidence Horn and Putnam provides is difficult to refute. The book reads differently in different areas. At some points, it seems to retain Horn's original style of popping off researched facts and correlations like a automatic rifle. At other points, you feel like you've dived into a scholarly dissertation. In other places, it seems like you are reading history. And, in some places, you even feel like you are reading a written sermon.

I will say that this book, like "Petras Romanus" before it, seems to be simply a book to make us cognizant of the diabolical forces at work. Technically, if true, the events that may occur isn't something that can be avoided. Not like a political book that might say, "If you elect so-and-so, this is what will happen, so let's work hard to ensure so-and-so isn't elected." As Christians, all we can do is pray about it, build up our spiritual constitution, and make our peace-calling and election sure during the times ahead of us. Scripture says to WATCH, and this book is a great way to gauge the spiritual and metaphysical climate of our society. By reading this, I think one is essentially "watching".

For more information, please see my review on my blog...

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on April 7, 2013
To be "spiritually blind" is to choose to reject the truth! Take a moment and Google Mt. Graham + LUCIFER and you will be shocked what you find, plus find who owns the telescope! Why was our first manned space trip to the moon called Apollo? In Revelation, Apolloyon is the destroying angel of the bottomless pit; a name sometimes given to the Devil! Now knowing this, why was it called "Apollo"? Can you tell me who the is the woman/city on the seven hills, in Revelation? Tell me why our government is refusing to acknowledging UFO's? I haven't, but know personally those who have seen one or more? Are all these just a coincidence? Why do most believe in angels, yet refuse to believe in fallen angels and demons...and yes, I'm talking about Christians as well! Instead of UFO's, could those in the "heaven" be Apollyon's/Satan's helpers? His fallen angels and demons?

I gave this only a four because it is so deep, filled with many things to verify, and re-reading passages to re-open my eyes as I realize I have been taught/told lies from the "church" and from our "great education system"! And thanks to these two men who have been to Mt. Graham, seen the LUCIFER telescope, talked to many and are bold enough to get their facts in order, then publishing such a book! Yes, they will be mocked, ridiculed, and chastised, but doing this to prevent others from not knowing the truth will be a blessing to many who receive what is written!

May we awake to the soon coming "changes" in our world as the One World begins and what they have written becomes visible to the eye. (Oh, you don't believe there is a New World Order coming either?)
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on April 7, 2013
I've been reading some of the one star reviews, and I would just like to let you know if you are new to this book or these authors, that there are "haters" out there doing their best to keep people like you from reading this book. These people seem to either be Catholics who believe this is some kind of attack against their church, or they are fake reviews by trolls. One guy calls this a "novel". Sorry dude, it ain't a novel. But what it is is one of the best jobs of investigative reporting on the planet ... on some of the most important topics of our time. If you are new to these authors, you may or may not be able to assimilate the information. It is FAR OUT SCIENCE, HISTORY, TECHNOLOGY, POLITICS, and BIBLE PROPHECY. You may not find a "box" in your understanding of reality to put it in. For those of us who have been following these two authors and are somewhat up to speed on this cutting edge information, it is a treasure. Don't miss it!
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on April 7, 2013
Stunning. Incredible. Eye popping. Books like this used to be banned, cast into the fire and the author flogged through the streets for completing a puzzle, pulling back the curtain, exclaiming "the King is naked". Thank God we live in America where (at least) Freedom of The Press still reigns. Exo-Vaticana is first, a fast read. Second, a thorough read and third; a critical read.

But for the hide bound, the hyper-dogmatic and worldly (kosmos) Exo-Vaticana will offend like maybe nothing else in recent memory. Facts upset illusions. Facts ruin the balance the Big Lie achieves. Facts have a marvelous way of being light in the midst of darkness and facts; just piss off some people.

I revel in the 1-star reviews Exo V is receiving. It means Horn & Putnam have put a full salvo right in the waterline and the "Thing" which controls most people cannot stand it. If a man is known by his enemies, Horn & Putnam have done the job.

Quoting Esther 4:14 - For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?"

Exo-Vaticana - for such a time as this.
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on April 9, 2013
I just want to say that I have been researching ufos, ancient history, the bible, aliens, and everythig in between for almost 10 years. Ever since the abominable atrocity we know as 911, and how obvious it was that we were lied too, I started researching all such events and every mystery in history. While for the longest time I considered myself agnostic (raised Catholic), only recently have I begun to find faith again. Though I am not devout, I consider myself catholic, and I know that the authors dont seem to think too much about them, sadly. I just hope they know that most catholics are good people. Regardless I find the authors work to be very well researched, and quite informative. I was actually reading the book with a tablet next to me to fact check some of the claims while reading and so far can not find anything that contradicts said claims, though I am only about halfway through it. It was Tom horn, LA Marzulli and others that finally brought all the mysteries I researched together into an all inclucive theory that finally really makes sence. I've known about the popes prophecy since around 2005 or so when it was the basis for a Tom Rollins novel, but im glad Mr horn has shared his well researched findings. Read this more than any other tom horn book. You wont regret it. This comming from a Non Bible Thumper.
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on April 4, 2013
I just completed this extraordinary cannot make this stuff up...I am one that has to have proof...and Tom and Chris have done just that. We are living what Revelations is talking about that is "BREWING NOW"...all this makes sense...and the Vaticans Agenda is crystal clear! I couldn't put this book down. I have learned so much...history...present...future...BE READY FOLKS! Scary times we are living in...and who would have EVER THOUGHT's here! For sure...this is not just a is a manual to take seriously in these fast approaching days. Praying for Jesus Christs soon return...He and He ALONE can save us.
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on April 7, 2013
Book Review by Terry James

Following hard on the heels of their powerful best seller, Petrus Romanus, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam present for the reader's quest to know what on earth--and in the heavenlies--is going on a book involving ominous and apocalyptic possibilities-even probabilities.

By delving into the most secretive and influential organization of any sort--the Jesuits of Catholicism--the authors illuminate cabalistic intrigues designed to, perhaps, bring in the world system of control long ago disrupted. The Jesuit order of the Catholic system, so little understood by most, have constructed, it seems, their very own tower as did the Babel builders of the post-antediluvian world.

This tower, however, resides, not on the plains of Shinar in the Middle East, but in the form of Earth's most powerful telescope atop a mountain in America's southwest desert. It reaches into the heavenly sphere, according to spectacular research performed personally by Horn and Putnam, to bring down powers that, the searchers believe, will be the savior for this destruction-bent planet.

Written with the highest scholarly acumen, the story of what is truly going on in the Vatican, and why, is nonetheless given in plain, understandable language that will hold the attention of every reader from front cover to back.

Interspersed within these dynamic, fascinating pages is information thought to be part of the perennially taboo blueprints from deep within the bowels of the Vatican. Those designs meld science and spiritism, and make clandestine, connective application to the cult-like ritual, liturgical machinations of the Catholic Church. The blueprint for mankind, as is implied within this book's title, is supernaturally drawn to specifications that will assure that the Jesuit hierarchy will rule a new world order from the Vatican in Rome.

Horn and Putnam carefully explore how the inner sanctum of the Vatican projects to the outermost reaches of the cosmos in an attempt to form an alliance not unlike Nimrod pursued millennia ago. From the first flying, triangle-shaped, unidentified flying objects reported by a highly respected military flyer in 1947 to reports of a massive, slowly moving UFO seen by thousands, including the governor of the state in which it was sighted, increase of UFO activity is progressing geometrically. The Vatican-alien connection appears, according to the authors' research, to be a common thread running throughout the phenomena involved.

More troubling in their findings is the accumulating evidence that, like in the times before the Flood of Noah's day, sinister forces beyond the human realm are again insinuating themselves into the bloodline of mankind. Like was reported in Genesis chapter 6, these beings are in process, the authors believe the evidence indicates, of mingling their seed with the seed of man.

The intentions of the powers and principalities from the earliest days of human beings populating planet Earth, according to the Bible, was to replace the God of Heaven with their own rule of this fallen sphere. Some Catholic clergy have expressed thoughts that such an alliance of the Vatican with alien consorts could be a counter-salvation methodology or an extra-salvation methodology to redeem mankind.

One statement from a Catholic father offered: "[The extraterrestrials'] version of salvation might be based on a savior other than Jesus...even a messianic member of their own race. These beings, closer to God than man (perhaps even unfallen), would possess superior theology that could `expand markedly' our terrestrial understanding of redemption and knowledge of God."

The part the Vatican is playing in this grand scheme to control what some would-be masters perceive will be a universal utopia, under the benevolent auspices of fellow beings from far-flung places in the cosmos, is examined in depth in this volume. For me, Exo Vaticana goes a long way toward providing insights into these strange times in which we find ourselves.

I highly recommend you read and re-read this extremely well-researched and well-written book.
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on April 4, 2013
Tom Horn and Chris Putnam have a cutting edge book here. The footnotes are an education in themselves. They have done a tremendous amount of research here. This book should be in every pastors office.
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on April 5, 2013
In my quest to find the truth as to what is really going on around the world, I found Tom Horn & Chris Putman's website, [...], it is filled with information that is filling-in the gaps. For the last year, our family has sensed we were not receiving the truth from the media, politicians, not even from the pulpit.

I was raised on a border town in Arizona, in a Roman Catholic home, my parent's are devout practicing Catholics, we were taught to tell & seek the truth. Sometimes seeking the truth means coming face to face with the ugly face of Lies. On my truth journey, I've struggled with BELIEVING the truth, it's been difficult, but I haven't been alone on this quest, with the help of my Father in Heaven- ABBA, my family, and Exo-Vaticana (Tom & Chris), and other Watchmen, we are on the right path.

Exo-Vaticana has answered many of my questions, and saved me hours of doing my own research. Tom & Chris's research notes are documented on the back of the book, for those of you who would like to do their own research. Also, Exo-Vaticana includes drawings, diagrams, newspaper clippings, collections of data, photos and best of all - I received a free library disc .......YES!!

Yes, I would recommend Exo-Vaticana for everyone, especially those who are truly seeking the truth, it will help you move forward. And will help you make some tough decisions you may be putting off.

Thank you Tom & Chris for your dedication, and COURAGE in making sure this book was published. God Bless!
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