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Size: Fujifilm X-E2 - Crystal Clear|Change
Price:$12.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on October 8, 2013
I have had the expert shield for Fuji X-E1 for about a week. It seems to work and keep in place. A solid piece of plastic, looks like the glass itself. No, I have not put a belt sander to it to test durability.
Application was easy, the protector is a rigid piece of plastic and they give you a microfiber cloth. Gold star there.

1: My main issue with this screen is size, it is about 1 millimeter to short. I aligned the protector with the top edge of the screen when applying it which left a noticeable gap on the bottom, leaving that part unprotected.
It is, however, a small gap and doesn't interfere with any of the image unless you look at it from a low angle and who'd do that?
2: This is NOT anti-glare, like some of their products supposedly are (I this is my first purchase), which would have been nice when out in daylight.
3: I have received two emails in a week asking for a review. I paid money for a product, not to do PR for it. I only write this one to be fair to prospective buyers.
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on December 9, 2014
the protector fits well but that's end of all the good stuff.

I used it for couple of days and the protector came off with normal usage, see attached photo where its coming off from the edges.

The customer service is non-responsive. I've sent them mail about the problem and they have failed to respond for 3 days now; forcing me to write the review and mark it as a loss.
review image
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on April 25, 2014
This high-quality screen protector is cut perfectly to fit the X-T1 LCD. The protector has a nice stiffness to it and comes with a protective sheet on each side. Installation is a breeze: remove the screen-side sheet; line up and place on screen; then remove the outer sheet. Dry application, no adhesive. The film seems perfectly clear.
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on September 5, 2014
This is the second Expert Shield I have used - the first was on my Fuji XE-1 camera and is still giving perfect results - so I understood the process for fitting it right first time.
The recently purchased shield is now on my new Fuji XT-1 camera and is a perfect fit. This shield is so clear you are not aware it is on the LCD screen. First job is to clean the LCD screen and make sure you are in tidy and clean area. Prepare yourself mentally for a steady and continuous process without any stops. The key to fitting the screen correctly is to lay it across the LCD screen, to gauge where to start attaching it, before you peel off the first protective cover. Then peel back just a little of the protective cover to expose the edge and make sure it is perfectly aligned with the edge of the LCD screen as you attach it. Gradually remove the rest of the protective cover by pulling it forward slowly allowing the shield to drop down onto the LCD screen. As the shield drops down onto the LCD screen follow behind it with a credit card to ensure no bubbles get trapped. There, it is quite straight forward really. The trouble starts when you are not quite satisfied and try several attempts which results in tiny bits of dust under the shield - I know because this has happened to me with other makers shields on other devices. If it is not perfect first time but you can live with the result then my advice is don't go for perfection as you may end up disappointed!
Be positive and don't dither - I know you will be satisfied with the result as it is a great product.
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VINE VOICEon October 23, 2015
This product made several guarantees, and failed to deliver on any of them. The first problem was that I ordered an anti-glare film, and though the packaging was marked "anti-glare", it was as crystal clear as any screen protector I've ever seen.

So let's talk about the claims made in the product description:

1) "Your Expert Shield comes pre-cut to the size of this screen."
-No, it's a few mm too long, and the edges of the protector jut out annoyingly from the LCD.

2) "Your Expert Shield comes with a no bubble guarantee."
-No, it had all kinds of bubbles that couldn't be scrubbed out.

3) "Your Expert Shield also comes with a no scratch guarantee."
-I didn't get a chance to test the film's durability- because it was so bubbly and awful that I removed it right away. That said, other reviewers have claimed that this screen protector is quick to get scratched. Judging by its cheap construction, I don't doubt it will scratch very quickly.

4) "Actually, your Expert Shield is pretty much guaranteed to make you happy (we guarantee it)."
-No, actually this product made me quite frustrated. This is the same crappy thin plastic film that has been infuriating electronics lovers for years.

The pull tabs, which are supposed to aid in lifting the adhesive film, ripped immediately. I was forced to do the ol' "bend it just enough for your thumb to get a hold of it" trick.

I took extreme care to clean the LCD and avoid any dust particles making their way under the film, but it didn't matter. There was a giant bubble right in the middle of the screen. I tried to lift and re-apply, as the instructions said to do, but suddenly I had three bubbles. I tried one more time and was rewarded with a whole screen full of bubbly mess.

The manufacturer can "guarantee" all they like, but the reality is that this product is no different than any other cheap crap on the market. It's much easier to return the item to Amazon as defective than to bother submitting a "contact us" form on their terrible website, and then hoping and praying I ever get a response.


I'm going to order a GGS Screen Protector. I've got one of those on my Nikon DSLR. It was super easy to apply, had zero bubbles or dust, is optically superior in every way, and it still looks flawless even after three years of not-so-gentle use- no scratches, no hazing. It still looks brand new. I'm just kicking myself for being fooled and giving this "Expert Shield" a try in the first place.


UPDATE 11/18/2015: I ordered a LARMOR Optical Glass Screen Protector and couldn't be happier. It was exactly $1 more expensive than the Expert Shield ($14.95 vs $13.95) and worth every penny. It went on in seconds, fits perfectly, and had not one single bubble. For comparison, I've added two photos of the LARMOR screen protector, installed on my Fuji X-T1.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on September 12, 2014
Short version: Well sized for the Fuji X-T1, easy to put on, with excellent clarity. Customer service was great.
Long version:

I bought one of these near when it first come out for the Fuji, either I put it on wrong or it was a tad too large, and hung over the outside edge. It was very clear, and it stayed on pretty nicely for a while, but the parts that hung over eventually gathered dust and caught on my camera case. So it peeled off fairly soon.

I bought another, and the back (the part with the silicone gel) and the front labels were reversed. I wrote the seller, and not only did they priority mail me a new screen protector but they refunded me for the first one I bought! They said that they had fixed the problem with their first shields, which were a tad too big, and indeed this one fit my camera perfectly.

To help mitigate issues that may come from my mis-aligning the screen protector, I tried to align it against the bottom left corner of the screen (to make sure it does not overhang to the left or bottom of the screen). This if there is any extra material to hang over the edges, the overhang would be over the rest of the camera rather than hanging off where my camera case might catch it. But this proved unnecessarily, as the new screen protector was better sized (slightly smaller than the screen while still providing excellent coverage), and it was just as clear as the first.

This company definitely stand by their products - fixing problems reported, and very responsive to customer feedback. Should my screen protector peel off at any point, I would definitely replace it with more of the same, and if they made screen protectors for any other devices I own, I would certainly buy from them as well.
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on July 3, 2014
Love this product, love this company. Initially I took a chance because I had not seen any reviews of this. Now, of course, pro photographers are buying it and singing praise. First of all it is a well-designed product (two outer layers enclose the actual screen) with a microfiber cloth to help and very detailed instructions. Actually it is very simple and easy to apply but the instructions are detailed to dispel any doubt. It fits perfectly. Buy this.
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on August 30, 2014
As some of the other reviewers commented, the labeling on the protector is wrong (side 1 vs. side 2 for sticky side down). That wasn't the issue however. I had this protector on for about a week. I was shooting in a very humid building and the protect peeled off and landed in some dirt. Needles to say it was completely ruined. Unfortunately, I tossed the protector and Expert Shield stated they needed it for a replacement. Its too bad because it looked nice when it was on, very clear, couldn't event tell it was there. And, yes I followed the directions when applying it, even had the sticky side down.
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on July 31, 2015
I'd give it zero stars if I could. It might be OK if you don't go by the instructions. DON"T use the black cloth, it is not lint free. I first wiped my screen with the black cloth. Even hit it with some compressed air. As the protector goes on I can see black dust underneath. Couldn't see them before since the screen itself is black when turned off. Tried the tape lift off trick mentioned in directions but they ended up stuck to the protector and touching the protector with tape (regular scotch tape) left tape residue on the protector. In the end the protector was installed into my trash bin. I've installed plenty of screen protectors in the past and have been absolutely fine. I suppose if I used my own lint free cloth which would actually be lint free, this thing would have worked. But don't trust the supplied cloth. Why would you even make a lint free cloth black? I just took a second look at the cloth and it has a rough scissor cut edge. If you graze your finger across that edge you'll find black fibers stuck to your fingers.
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on April 14, 2015
A screen protector is one of those things that's a must have on any lcd screen. I use my X-T1 for work and it hangs on my Black Rapid strap. As good as the strap is at minimizing movement it doesn't eliminate it. The LCD screen is always brushing on something especially in my bag. The camera is constantly in and out and it's inevitable that the screen will get scratched. I have the worst luck when it comes to screen protectors. The instructions on the expert shield are thorough and witty. I appreciated that. But even with that I managed to get dust in it. I took it off per the instructions and used some scotch tape to lift the dust off. That worked really well. Didn't get rid of them all but enough to not get on my nerves. I think I may just go ahead and purchase another one because I kind of frayed one of the edges when trying to pry it off the screen to get the dust off. My advice is to be very careful and do it quickly.
review image
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