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Style Name: Test Lead Kit|Change
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on December 30, 2013
Overall the kit is pretty decent. The case is nice and touch and all of the leads and attachments work well. Will detail them out next. The main issue I have is that the kit is not exactly as shown/advertised.

Carrying Bag:
The included bag is a very nice heavy duty bag. It’s a tri-fold bag with 3 pouches sealed with very nice heavy duty Velcro. There is some extra room in at least 2 of the pouches to store additional wires while still being able to close the bag properly.

Main Lead wires:
The main leads are nice, each end includes a nice cap to keep them clean and free of debris. The lead wires are 18AWG and overall are very nice. They fit into my DMM perfectly and the attachments clip on easily as well except the alligator clips (details below)

Test Probes:
The test probes are nice, but larger than I expected from the product images. They double as banana clips which is a nice addition. They have plastic covers, that while on cover up the banana clip part leaving only the test probe tip exposed. Again this is nice to keep things well insulated when needed. The major issue I had was that the probes alone are much thicker than I had expected from the images and with the covers on they are even thicker. This doesn’t make them bad, just slightly misrepresented and not the best for smaller electronics work.

Mini Hooks:
The mini hook attachments are very nice they have a perfectly tensioned spring for smaller electronics work. The hook pops out easy and the tension from the spring is tight enough to keep it well attached but not too much as to bend wires. Overall these are very good attachments and work well with smaller electronics

Alligator clips:
These are where my major complaint is, and the largest reason for the lower rating. The clips I received are nothing like what is in the product images. Please view the customer added image gallery sections full a full library of all of the products in this set. In that gallery you will see that the alligator clips included are very heavy duty. They are nice clips, but not what was shown to come with this set. They are hard to attach to the lead wires and are too large and strong to work with many smaller electronics products. If you try and remove the insulator boot you find that the clips are nice but the end is completely bare. This was a disappointment. Again please see the customer image gallery for details

Overall this is a good kit, and contains some good parts for small electronics but the test probes are larger that depicted and the alligator clips are miles away from what was expected to be with this kit. I would like to give this product a 4 or 5 start rating, as the products are not “bad” they are just not what was represented in the pictures and product info. This is a kit meant for larger electrician or automotive electrical work maybe. This kit is not the best for small electrics hobbyists. That said, the price may be low enough to be worth he bag and the couple parts that are good for the small electronics work.

Please review the image gallery and determine if they will be worth the money.

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on December 11, 2010
I couldn't agree more with the pluses made by other reviewers; see any 5 star reviews.

However, it has 1 major drawback as general purpose test leads.

Lantern tips

The head of the main probes is flared like a male banana jack, Fluke calls these 'lantern tip probes'. This is helpful when inserting the jacks into banana females and for much electrical work, but when probing tight spaces like circuit components or feet of through hole DIP ICs, and worse on SMT components, lantern probes make the tips too wide, even if they are sharp. Sometimes minigrabbers will work, but most times simple thin leads are all that's universally needed.

Worst of all, you cannot insert these probes into a NEMA power socket to check the status of the hot or neutral lines, but it will fit the ground plug. They are better for general electrical work for circular holes found in European style power sockets.

In addition:


PVC is widely used, including as a low cost insulator for electrical wiring. However, its stiffer and sticky compared to silicone. Other than that, these leads are just as electrically good as a $50+ Fluke lead set Fluke Corporation TL220 Industrial Test Lead Kit.

What does >3x more cost get you? The Fluke probe tips are the common thin design. Fluke leads use silicone-rubber instead of PVC, a more expensive insulator that is lighter, supple, soft, and easier to grip. They are both electrically capable of CAT III-1000V rating and more, but the Fluke materials make probing with these leads repeatedly less taxing, something a professional electrician would notice with daily use.

In September 2010, Extech released their own silicone test leads and kits. It uses the standard thin probe tip, like Fluke. A pair of the Extech leads alone cost as much as their entire PVC based test lead kit, so part of the Fluke's higher cost is at least in the materials.
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on October 19, 2010
I'm surprised this Extech TL809 Electronic Test Lead Kit (made in China) hasn't received a flood of positive reviews. This is good stuff, people. Even more so considering the currently low price.

The kit comes with a thick tri-fold canvas pouch (black) with three clear vinyl interior pockets, all secured with Velcro-style hook & loop. Inside those pockets are modular components consisting of two roughly 50" (package says 42") lead extensions with banana plug-style connectors (any probe accepting a banana plug should fit these cables), four small caps (removed during use) to protect the lead connectors, two fine point test probes with surrounding banana plugs, two 1" insulated alligator clips, and two plunger-style mini-hooks with 6" cable (extra cable reduces weight on the small wire hooks). Each set of two are coded in red & black.

Those lead extensions plug into the multimeter, while the various probes, clips, or hooks plug into the lead extensions. This modular design allows probe tips to be changed very easily, while also slightly reducing wear & tear on the multimeter (how often cables are plugged in).

The tri-fold pouch, when folded, very roughly measures 7 1/4 wide, 4 1/2 tall, and 1 1/2 thick (depending on how much is stuffed inside). The pouch spreads out to almost 17" opened. There's easily enough room inside for the original multimeter probes (with small accessories you might have) and all items included with this kit. There's a windowed business card / ID card pocket on the back of the pouch.

Everything, from the pouch to the leads, seems to be made very well. No poor sewing or loose threads on the pouch. Electrical connections (plugs) are smooth and firm. And the cables are every bit as thick & flexible as those included with my Fluke 115 multimeter. Of course, all fit and worked perfectly with that Fluke multimeter. Considering the price of Fluke probes and probe accessories (seemingly no better), this is an exceptional deal.
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on December 21, 2011
This is a decent set, and fairly well designed for versatility. The main leads are of generous length and the "working" end allows the connection of different ends. The probe tips are OK. A little bit short, but useful for most applications. But, my test instrument already has a good set of leads with permanently attached probes. I was interested in the versatility of the interchangeable clip ends.

It is this issue that makes my rating of 3 stars. (Maybe a 3 and a LITTLE more.) I guess I can't complain too much. The price compared to the big names is certainly attractive. However, I am quite disappointed in the alligator clips, which were my main reason for the purchase. The insulated sleeve the clips slide into is so bulky and stiff that operating the clips is difficult. By itself, that isn't such a big a deal. However, the length, bulk and stiffness of the insulator also makes it nearly impossible to make a secure connection between the alligator clip and the end of the test lead. Regardless how much I push the alligator clip and test lead together, the connection isn't secure; and any tension on the lead while the alligator clip is attached for testing, will cause the alligator clip to slip off the end of the lead. This happened to me very frequently the first time I used the alligator clips.

I was able to save the day by removing the clips from the insulating sleeve and connecting them directly to the test leads. This allowed a secure, but obviously UNINSULATED, connection. My frustration level isn't enough to go through the time and cost to return the item. Maybe I can modify the insulated sleeve somewhat to allow a more secure connection.

If these were insulated with a softer material (silicone comes to mind) this set would rate FIVE stars for sure!
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on July 13, 2010
Ordered these yesterday for my Bluepoint Multimeter, Got them this morning, good service from the seller and amazon, But these leads are nicer than a set of snap-on I was going to buy, plus you get a lot more versatility out of this set for a lot less money, They are great leads and come in a awesome pouch
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 2, 2015
Got this kit to use with my INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter and they are a perfect fit for it. After getting inaccurate readings w/ the cheap flimsy test leads that came with the DMM, I decided to give these set from Extech a try. They are well made & the extra length in addition to the switchable lead heads is much appreciated. Don't know why I didn't get this kit sooner.

I especially love being able to ground my multimeter using one of the alligator clips to a metal frame while single handedly taking reading with the positive lead.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 19, 2014
This set is spiffy in that it uses one set of leads for multiple tips, the problem I have with them is they are NOT MESTECH COMPATIBLE. I had to remove a tiny rubber end cap piece off the metal tips before my meter would be able to detect the leads. No not the typical end caps that most test leads come with, but rather when you remove that end caps and look down the hole there was a tiny rubber piece that was preventing the test leads from making contact with the meter contact points. Once removed I was able to use these leads; and I am here to say that tiny piece of rubber was not easy to remove either. Overall these test leads are decent, obviously not Fluke Quality, but I didn't pay a Fluke Price either so I can live with what I got. The nice thing is the tips are replaceable but for 15 bucks I would just as soon buy a whole new kit rather than monkey around trying to find new tips. The main reason I made this purchase was for the Alligator Clips and for that I give this kit 6 Stars but deduct two stars, one for each lead, of the rubber tip removal as that was a most pain in the arse as pains could possible be. I think the leads are PVC but they do seem to be somewhat flexible and at least have a 10A rating, just like my meter, and they are equal to the leads I received with my Mastech Meter. One really nice feature are the caps on the test leads pull off and reveal a banana style plug end that slips in nicely to make a solid connection with the Alligator Clips. Not sure if that is standard across test leads but it is well worth mentioning here. If you seek solid Alligator Test Leads then this is the brand for you; provided you have something other than a Mastech Meter. Needless to say if you can afford Fluke, well then buy it, but for the rest of us looking for decent leads WITHOUT COSTING an arm and a leg, these test leads will do nicely...
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on February 26, 2014
I was hoping to get away with not buying the master lead kit from Fluke (almost a 10 dB price difference). Didn't work out. The leads aren't compatible with my Flukes (model 179). Overall the quality was good enough if they had fit but it definitely wasn't up to Fluke standards. Not sure I'd trust them in a Cat III situation.
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on September 4, 2013
I just received the Test Lead Kit this morning. The package was in excellent condition as well as the lead component appearance. The alligator clips will not remain attached i.e., unable to complete any test using these. I have used Fluke Test Lead Kits for over ten years and, they are robust, just too expensive for my use at home. The other adapters work well. I would not recommend purchasing this Extech TL809 Test Lead Kit.
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on November 9, 2014
Bought this kit as an add-on for my Fluke Multimeter. I read in customer feedback that someone else said the leads fit into their Fluke and they use them all the time. So I took the chance to get these too. To date I only have Fluke products that I use with the Fluke meter. However, this kit is awesome! It comes in a nice carrying case that is very visible with three pockets to store the various lead types. The leads are well made and they absolutely work well with the fluke upon my trials to ensure I am pleased. I highly recommend these Extech leads upon my short term experience thus far.
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