External (powered?) speakers for the Mondo? I just bought my daughter a Grace Mondo, and while it seems to be a nice unit, better sound would definitely be a plus! I'm assuming it's going to require a powered set of external speakers to get much volume / clarity?
Has anyone tried or have recommendations for a reasonably priced, attractive, good sounding set of external speakers for the Mondo?
asked by basicblur on July 2, 2012
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look at some low priced computer speakers that have a wire you can put into the headphone jack on the mondo. i would suggest spending at least $20-$25 for a set. logitech makes some decent ones at that price. so does altech lansing. i have a set of logitech x-140 that i like a lot. they are very solid and sound nice. just don't forget to go into the sound menu and turn the stereo output on. otherwise, i think it will be mono and not sound so good. this only applies to the output jacks. stay mono for the single speaker on the unit. you could also use the rca jack to hook up to a stereo or anything that has rca inputs.
wisconsin wildman answered on July 31, 2012
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