Customer Reviews: Smith and Wesson SW671 Extraction and Evasion Tomahawk Hatchet with Kraton Overlay and Sheath
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on August 28, 2013
This is a top-notch, SOLID piece of well-designed equipment. It is NOT a toy or for screwing around on the weekend. NOT a camp axe--but in answer to the other reviews which say that it is "too heavy to carry:" you need to get off the couch and do some pushups or shoulder raises. Same to those who say it is "too heavy" in terms of swinging/deployability: do some physical exercise. The grips are cushioned and comfortable--if you think your hand is going to "slip," buy a glove. The handle offers 3 positions so you can "choke up" if need be. Not a "light combat 'hawk" but, really folks, you aren't Hawkeye, and this isn't "Last of the Mohicans." Which, honestly, makes this axe the best option vs. its competitors' priced from $200-$500--come on guys, really? Stop living in that fantasy world.

Sharp out of the box--not shaving sharp, but meat cleaver sharp. This is the perfect tool to breach car doors, car windows, residential doors, pretty much anything you want to breach. The 1070 steel is TOUGH as nails. In a pinch, you could use it for CQC, but I would say unreservedly that you would need to PRACTICE with it A LOT to get used to the feel prior to your self-defense experiment because, if you don't, you'll hurt yourself just as much as the other party. Again, this is NOT a toy. Throwing? Uh--why? NONE of my training/experience has ever led me to believe that throwing away your weapon is a clever course of action. This is the best item of its kind out there, and the price point cannot be beaten.
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on July 24, 2014
This is probably the most durable tomahawk you will ever find on a budget. Out of all the tomahawks I've owned, this one is my favorite so far. I've literally beaten the crap out of this thing over, and over again and it just keeps going! I've managed to chop through many full sized trees with it too (not an ideal tool for the job, but a little determination can go a long way).

This tool is one solid piece of steel, which makes it nearly indestructible! On top of that, it is made from 8 mm thick 1070 high carbon steel. This was a very nice touch - You get a balance of durability and edge retention. Through my comparisons with 1055 carbon steel, this one is much better suited for chopping. As of now, I've only seen one significant nick in the edge about 1mm in size (from who knows what). I would recommend wiping this down with oil if it ever gets wet; carbon steel has a tendency to rust. However, I have not noticed any rust stains from regular use.

The edge is more of a utilitarian edge, meant for breeching - Very strong, but not as sharp as most tomahawks. The weight/edge shape is very good for splitting smaller logs for kindling. It could be honed to meet the needs of other tasks, but that's up to you. Also, the spike is very nice, and similar to the Vietnam tomahawk. It's not sharpened at all, but the geometry is well suited for busting concrete.

The grip is Kraton, which I've seen used on SOG knives and other tactical styled blades. It's held up well under the rough conditions I've put it through, but I would prefer something else that looks nicer. Also, there are about three ergonomic griping positons on the handle, which also allow for a two handed grip. Both Kraton slabs can be removed for cleaning once the 8 screws are removed. Personally, I wrapped mine with a layer of 550 paracord. This ensures I have a solid grip, and no shock transfer from the handle.

This tool is absolutely amazing! It feels like a hatchet and looks like a tomahawk. Not only can you chop wood, you can break concrete, bust through doors, dig a fire pit, use it as a climbing aid in the woods, and fight with it as a last resort. The amount of power you can achieve from a single swing will destroy just about anything it hits. If you think you can handle the weight, I would highly recommend this tool!
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on June 30, 2011
For less than a $100 you are getting a tool. This is not for chopping wood or throwing or lugging around with you in the woods for miles and miles. this is an urban tool and is so well made i am confident I could use it in any urban environment to use it EXACTLY as it is labeled with Extraction and Evasion. Thick steel all the way through super sharp out of the box edge and a wicked spike. Will need a better sheath in my opinion but most knives do not come with quality sheaths especially at this price range. Cannot say enough, though I would love one I could never justify a Shrike tomahawk but I bet this one will work just fine. Worth your dime get it for urban settings.
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on May 28, 2012
This S&W Extraction and evasion tomahawk is the best one I own ( and I own 11). I have held a RMJ shrike tomahawk and I would put this one up against it ANYTIME! Period! THICK full tang steel and very heavy. No girly man should buy this hawk. There are very few doors, wood or metal, that could stand against repeated blows from this this tomahawk. The only negative about this tomahawk is it is so heavy it might not be ideal for hikers. You will be able to pass this hunk of steel on to your kids and grandkids. It's that well made!
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on December 10, 2013
I appreciate and only use hand saws and axes when clearing out my little piece of dirt. I own one and two man crosscut saws and several Gransfurs Bruks axes, I bought this because I consider myself an enthusiast and hobbyist for saws and axes and this thing IS a Smith and Wesson. I bought it because I appreciate a quality well made product and this little baby fits the bill just great. If you need a tree felled and/or limbed this is NOT the axe you are looking for. If you need a camp hatchet this is NOT the axe for you. If you want a bona-fide bad A$$ piece of tear a hole in a brick wall or take a solid door down then this IS the axe you are looking for, rock solid chunk of angry steel. It was ok sharp when I recieved but a little time with the stone puck and the edge was up to zombie apocalypse standards.
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on July 27, 2014
As mentioned by some this is one heavy solid piece of metal. Too heavy for a go bag, or hiking. This is better suited to keeping in my truck along with my other emergency gear.
The reason I gave it 3 stars are that the handles are terrible on this. They aren't flush with the back and front on the tang. This makes for a very uncomfortable grip.
In this day and age machinery you would think this would be a simple problem to fix. I would just wrap it with paracord like I did.
I haven't put it through any testing yet, but it is solid and would be good if you had to open up anything from a wall to a car.
If your looking for something to put on a go bag and like me would rather not spend $400-$500 on some of the high end Hawks (this really doesn't qualify as a hawk) go for the CRKT Kangee. That extra $300--$400 buys a lot of extra ammo and gear. Overall a solid piece once you replace or wrap the handles.
unlike some other reviewers mine arrived very sharp.
I think they need to up their QC since there seems to be some inconsistencies in their manufacturing.
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on June 13, 2011
Well made, steel is thick, making it heavy. I have been collecting less expensive tomahawks and this one is tops so far. You would have to work pretty hard to damage this tool.
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on May 9, 2015
Entry/Exit tool. Think steel doors and cinder block walls, cement, heavy plywood, even pry bar in an emergency.
NOT so much for camping or hiking or throwin or cqc.
This is a heavy dangerous tool. It is sharp on both ends and it will cut you and puncture you if you are careless.
I bought this for getting into places and getting out of places. that's its purpose and so far I love it. I did paracord the handle for a heftier grip, the stock grips are just a little thin for me even with my gloves on.
I'd recommend this for anyone needing a beefy breaching tool but not for those wanting a combat hawk or a throwing hawk
It's a tool, not a toy.
Also, for brand snobs, this is made by Taylor Tool. The same ppl who make Shrade and Uncle Henry. don't buy it because it says S&W on it. Most S&W knives and such are made by Taylor Tools and are marginal quality in some cases. The secret it to know your materials and to buy products with the quality materials and design that fit the needs of the job.
This is one solid piece of 3/8 inch 1070HC steel.
it will break but not easily.
UPDATED 1/4/16
I discovered a beautifully finished steel under the coating. I goofed up removing it and was left with some serious scratches.
I used a 400 grit, which works well as a starting point on my 1095 knives, should have used a stripper and 1600 (max) grit. I can remove the scratches over time, I think.
My idiocity aside, there is a beautiful piece of steel under the coating.
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on October 31, 2014
4 stars here. I love this hawk, good weight/balance for me. Sharp pointed end, the blade is not going to slice paper, but that's not the intent of a hawk. So I think it is a great close quarters weapon. But when I opened the box 2 of the rivets on the blade end of the sheath fell out.
I had to get a pair of pliers and use them to clamp the rivets down. Hopefully they will not come off again. So the sheath could have been made better.
Also for those who do not think it's sharp enough, then use this

This sharpened the heck out of mine. And what a difference...
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on August 9, 2015
The Tomahawk is solid, stout, and the finish is great. There are better axes out there but you will pay many times more for a little more refinement. You are getting a lot for your buck with this S&W axe, bill used for scale.
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