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on March 21, 2014
I know a lot of people say Demon Hunter is great because they're brutal, and this CD sucks because its soft and has a ton of ballads. Well, I actually never thought DH was brutal. They're a very artistic, melodic band that produces beautiful metal with ballads and such, while still retaining the ability to have a harsh, but not "brutal" sound. For that, I give you Deathcore, which I actually don't like very much. Ryan Clark is a very versatile singer, like Bjorn Strid and Christian Alvestam, and he makes this band unique. This album is different, but its as good as any other because DH is the rare band that makes good albums consistently enough that a argument for which album is their best would have like, 6 entries.

Songs to listen to:
Artificial Light: Some nice clean vocals couple with a harsher metalcore sound than Demon Hunter uses in the majority of the album.
I Will Fail You: Among an album of lots of ballads, this one is among the best. Great singing.
Gasoline: Another ballad of sorts, with a really cool guitar riff and vocal shout for a hook
Heart Of A Graveyard: Great ending track, with really cool synthesized sounds along with a good instrumental performance and vocal work.

Overall, Extremist IS a bit softer, but its softer done right, and I'm starting to think that this is my fave DH album. For now, consider this a 4.5 rating.
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I loved, and still love True Defiance, and had a hard time believing Demon Hunter could top it. After all it was so Brutal and Heavy. I loved Artificial Light when I heard it, and liked Last one Alive but then was kind of disappointed by I will fail you. Not that I will fail you is a bad song, it's just that each song released got softer and softer and I was worried their would not be that many heavy songs on this album. Not to worry though their is plenty of heaviness on this album and it has a great flow to it. Each song is well played quality metal!!!!!! My favorite songs are Artificial Light, What I'm Not, One Last Song, Cross To bear, In Time, Beyond Me and my Favorite hands down is Gasoline which is Awesome!!!!!!! Heart of a Graveyard is good too with a sweeet mix of melody and heavy. The Album has a great flow to it from start to finish and there is no song that is not good. You can listen all the way through and be satisfied with everything on tap. I shouldn't have worried after all this is Demon Hunter and they are Awesome!!!!! Does it top True Defiance I don't know. All I know is that Gasoline is one of my new favorite songs, and it would sound good played between Someone to Hate, and Cross To Bear followed by Crucifix. If you love Metal get both Extremist and True Defiance!!!!!!
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on July 8, 2014
I've been a fan of DH since their first album back in 2002 and was even looking forward to the band back when they were all mysterious and trying not to let people know who their identities were but the rumors went around fast that they were a super group of former Christian band artists from various projects. Demon Hunter blew me away with their self-titled release. They had early signs that they were capable of blending heavy/brutal metal with some powerful, emotional and softer guitar riffs or acoustic ballads early on, so this album (sadly) comes as no surprise as the band takes a mellow, natural turn into territory they've been creeping into over the years on previous albums with fewer heavier songs and more lighter/radio-friendly ballad songs.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed Extremist (their 7th studio release to date), but don't expect the Demon Hunter frojm the first couple of albums. Expect the Demon Hunter from the last few albums but with even less metal. It's not a total loss, however, as they manage to pound out a couple of bangers here and there (Cross to Bear being the heaviest/in-your-face song on the album), and Demon Hunter can mix the heavy with the melodic very well, so while there's a lot more if it- it's not terrible.

The style on some songs (Heart of a Graveyard) has some HIM influence or sound, and the level of emotion in this album seems to be more real than ever; songs like I Will Fail You and The Last One Alive showcase Ryan Clark's ability to write lyrics that are not only artistic and poetic but down to earth and identifiable to Christian believers/fans while also being common enough to be understood by non-believers as well without being "preachy".

The album, Extremist, is titled so with a concept that Christians in society today are being labeled more and more as bigots, close-minded, hate-filled, right-wing radicals or "extremists" for their views on social hot button issues that liberal/progressive society is leaning further towards every day. The message of the Bible is clear, and to me, Clark is speaking of not compromising in the face of this adversity since the direction of society in it's humanistic views is obviously not making room for Christianity even though "tolerance" is a two way street (The Last One Alive). Christians are being labeled and targeted more and more and it
s becoming next to impossible to express your 1st amendment right to religion without repercussions of losing a job, being slandered in the media or bullied, so it's easy to see a society where Christianity becomes illegal & "archaic" with believers being persecuted, imprisoned and executed like in third world countries where socisalism & communism reigns & any religious freedom beyond what the govt. dictates is punishable without a trial or defense.

I love how bold DH is on this subject, as they have always been real and up front on their religious beliefs and how they view being examples to fans and inspiring people through their message in the songs they produce, while also being humble and acknowledging their human being sinners at the same time (I Will Fail You).

I'm personally disappointed that they are becoming more mellow in their style, but I'm still enjoying it, so I can't complain. It's been a great ride so far on the DH express- lots of great songs over the years!
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on September 26, 2014
Demon Hunter is an amazing band. Their slower (less screaming) songs like fading away, collapsing, one thousand apologies, and driving nails are some of the most played songs on my iPod. Songs that are 100% screaming are my least favorite.

So when I heard some say Extremist was more mellow, it actually sounded good to me. I absolutely love this's easily become my favorite. I will fail you, the last one alive, artificial light, and heart of a graveyard are all amazing.

This is still a hard album, but not nearly their hardest. And for some of us, that's a great thing.

(If this review was helpful, please let me know.)
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on March 21, 2014
I told a friend at work "Got the new Demon Hunter album. It's good."
He said, "Ok. I'm gonna have to pick that up."
Not enough for you? Ok, here's more:
I think as Demon Hunter continues, their sound kind of evolves for lack of a better term. They get older as I get older. More singing and not as much growling. It works for me, either way. Don't get me wrong. I think it got 4 stars instead of 5 because I really like the growling, super heavy, crunchy stuff. But if they want to mix it up a bit and try some new things, to me, they did just that and it's fine with me.
I think Ryan Clark's singing is great and maybe, through the years, he has gotten more comfortable with his voice? Not saying he never did, but maybe that's the thing with the more singing on the album.
To sum up this rambling, I really liked the album. I love Demon Hunter period. From the first album until now I don't really think I've heard a bad song from them. But this is coming from a Demon Hunter fanboy (since 2001). If you want more of an objective point of view I'm sure there are some reviews below or above me. But as for me personally, this is a good album and will tide me over until the next one, I'm sure. Kudos to the band. They knocked another one out of the park.
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on March 20, 2014
I could have written this review before I got the CD in the mail. I've never bought a Demon Hunter CD only to be disapointed. In fact, Demon Hunter is one of the few bands I BUY CDs from. A few songs took me a listen or two to get into, but most of them were brilliant. Perfect timing. I listened to this CD on the way to work and got stuck in traffic. Good thing I don't have road rage :-).

Seriously, I listened to the lyrics and sang along and it was almost like HEAVY METAL for the soul.

I'm not a man with words, so I'll just leave it at that.
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on June 14, 2014
When the title Extremist was revealed weeks before this album's release, many fans expected the heaviest album musically in the Demon Hunter catalog. Well, this album is not the heaviest music wise, but it may be the most extreme lyrically. It could be argued this is the album DH had to make.

They remain the best at what they do. The DH recipe was set way back on the debut album. The recipe remains, but now each ingredient is pushed further than ever (or to extremes): the metal is as menacing as ever (Death, Cross to Bear) and the melodic sections are more refined and singable than ever (Last One Alive, Hell Don't Need Me).

Demon Hunter has always had a penchant for perfect opening songs, I'm happy to say they nailed it here with "Death". It is a perfect introduction to the album as well as a pre-curser to the deep themes found in the music.

The song "Cross to Bear" is perhaps the most aggressive song on the album, musically and lyrically. The subject matter is heavy: those who complain of the "cross to bear", yet have no relationship to Christ. Thus, the words of the song are in brutal contrast to this hypocrisy. The song repeats the refrain "Not one of you bastards has a cross to bear!" over and over. In the words of front-man, founder, and lyricist Ryan Clark "The use of the word 'bastard' is this chorus is, in fact, contextual. Making a statement like this shows an obvious division between its conveyor and a Heavenly Father.'" It could be argued another word could have been used but it does convey the message. Perhaps Ryan Clark had Hebrews 12:8 (KJV) in mind when he wrote the lyrics, "But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons." Just be aware of its inclusion...

Other than Death and Cross to Bear (all heavy), DH usually employs a brutal/melody approach here. It's the most technical and accomplished album of their career, a true high-point. No other band nails this approach better, well worth your money.
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on October 21, 2015
Love this band and, at first, I thought this was a dynamite album. After listening to it more, I realized I was only really digging about half of the album. Demon Hunter have some great writing capabilities, but their last album or two have seemingly softened them up a bit and their sound is a bit lacking in an genre that is constantly finding ways to immerse a listener deeper into the instrumentation and vocals. I don't feel the music as well as I'd like, and I don't fully buy into this album like I did with The Triptych, Storm The Gates of Hell and The World Is A Thorn.

I will say that the album opener, "Death", is a brutal monster that should have found a way to be made into a full 3-4 minute song. "Artificial Light", "What I'm Not", "I Will Fail You", "Cross To Bear" and "Hell Don't Need Me" are my recommendations if you're not willing to buy the entire album. Fans will not find this album distasteful, just not quite the awesome that DH has been in the past. Still, it shows me they may still have the magic - the band just hasn't quite replicated it since The World Is A Thorn.
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on March 19, 2014
I was so ready to bash this album, expecting another True Defiance (worst DH album IMO). My expectations were not any higher after hearing Artificial Light. But I bought it cuz I'm a fan and dude... this one rivals TWIAT on many levels. So heavy and dark! I love me some DH ballads but I thought the trend was getting old so I'm glad they juiced it up.

Gasoline is mad hype!!

Anyway, long story short, excellent album, if you're a fan definitely pick this one up, you won't be disappointed.
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on May 9, 2014
This CD is just great! Though I believe a lot of the long-time fans or the fans that like to complain a lot don't care much for this CD, but I LOVE it! And seeing how I've been a fan of this band since The World Is a Thorn came out.

Anyway, here a Song-by-Song ranking of each of the songs (1 being the lowest; 10 being the highest):

Death: 10/10, an AWESOME opening song for this album! It is also one of the BEST songs on this album despite how short it was!

Artifcial Light: 10/10, this song is just amazing! Ryan does a great job on screaming and singing in this song, and I don't normally like it when bands do that, so since that I like it here it makes all that much more awesome!

What I'm Not: 8/10, it's a good song, but it feels incomplete to me, but, what do I know?

The Last One Alive: 9/10, I like this song a lot, but isn't one of the best, but still a great song to listen to.

I Will Fail You: 10/10, darkest song on this whole album, and it is probably the second best song on this album!

One Last Song: 10/10,Edit: I've changed my mind on this song after hearing the epic talking part again I have to say that this is a great song!

Cross To Bear: 12/10: BEST. SONG. ON. THE. ALBUM!

Hell Don't Need Me: 9/10, great song! I listen to this a lot! It also has more of a nu-metal feel to it, which is still awesome!

In Time: 8/10, Awesome song! The solo is mind-blowing.

Beyond Me: 10/10, "YOU FAIL ME"- is all you need to know.

Gasoline: 10/10, AMAZING! It reminds me a lot of one of their previous songs called "I Play Dead" but he only screams one word insted of a sentence.

The Heart Of A Graveyard: 10/10, probably the most pop sounding song Demon Hunter has made but still doesn't fail to meet my expectaions!

And if you do not have this album, then don't waste anymore time, buy this album NOW!
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