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on August 3, 2011
Hi This is Denis. I am the creator and manufacturer of the Ezyroller. I initially designed and manufactured my Ezyroller in my garage in Auckland, New Zealand for my boys (they are on the pictures on the box); so first of all I want to say that I would never have designed anything for them if it was dangerous. They still play on them (they are now 8 and 9) so I see them used in a lot of different situations. I am not sure I understand your comment about tipping and fingers getting caught because my Ezyroller is actually very stable and in fact purposefully designed low to the ground ensuring stability and resistance to tipping. The instructions clearly state that Ezyrollers are to be used on smooth flat surfaces which ensures the Ezyroller ride is a safe and stable experience for kids. It is however a mobility toy, and like all mobility toys that move, there is a always a slight risk that children might push the toy to its limits by riding on steep or unpredictable surfaces but I write all over my product (on its packaging, in the instructions) never to do that. This for me, are the only conditions in which the ezyroller could be deemed unstable.

The position of the hands is close to the ground as well but hands are supposed to be placed on the hand grips which are purposefully raised at one end so that they sloop away from the ground. These grips are designed as well to be not only prominent but to work ergonomically with where kids naturally want to place their hands while riding. All the kids that buy and ride Ezyrollers, naturally place their hands on the grips designed for them.

I am very curious to understand the problem you had with the wheel assembly because there is actually no wheel assembly per se since it assembled in the box. Then I write in the instructions not to put the hands/finger near the wheels in any case, tipping or not tipping so again I am not sure how these problems occurred. Obviously it would great if you can send me a video showing me what is happening.

My Ezyroller is one of the most awarded ride-on toys of all times and has won most of the best independent toy awards on the planet (from the US, Germany and the UK), awarded by both consumers or retailers (you have the list on my website).
I am always looking at improving my product and looking for customers feedback. I could have missed something and I'm sorry if I did but so would have the nearly 100 other reviewers on amazon that have posted positive or very positive reviews so far.
My Ezyroller is a cool mobility toy that has been recognized as one of the best ride-ons on the market and I really stand by my product. If you want to talk about it you will find all my details on my website.
Thanks and talk to you soon.

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on May 7, 2010
My 10-yr-old daughter has balance issues and is self-conscious about them, and thus has not learned to ride a two-wheeled bike like her friends in our apartment complex. Now that she has the Ezy Roller, everyone here ditches their bikes and can't wait to get a turn to try it out! She also has a Rip Rider 360 - So check that one out as well - Both are great but this one seems to be the preferred vehicle by the dozen or so kids she hangs out with here.

I love that the length of the Ezy Roller can be adjusted to three different sizes, and it came almost totally assembled! All I had to do was connect the front and rear sections - along with one of the extension bars due to daughter's length - and it was ready to go!

I should also add - This toy seems to be very tough - It has held up to use from a lot of kids - and is still going! Kids now knock on our door on sunny days to ask when we are coming out to play and daughter is thrilled at the newfound attention!

My only regret is that they don't make these in adult size - LOL - I would LOVE to be able to get out there and race my daughter!
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on May 15, 2008
This new roller bike is absolutely fantastic - my kids were given one for Christmas last year and they REALLY LOVE IT!!! I have 2 kids - one 5 1/2 boy and a 3 year old girl and they want to take it everywhere we go. My little girl coco hasn't yet learnt to ride a bike so she is especially excited to be able to move fast around the place...We use it at the park (their cousins have one and so they love to race/ play together), outside in our back yard ... and my little girl even insists on using it indoors (on carpet and wooden floors - i'm not not kidding!:))... It's perfectly safe - low to the ground with brakes so they only ever have fun on it (no tears!!)... I highly recommend this as a fantastic ride along that will last for years(it extends as kids grow and even adults can ride it - many people often ask us for a go when we are at the park/ beside the beach) - Highly recommended - loads of fun!!!
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on December 30, 2008
I bought the Ezy Roller for my 7-year-old daughter for Christmas. I'm often frustrated when I purchase a toy, she plays with it for ten minutes then it collects dust in the corner. Not the Ezy Roller. She loves it and has not stopped playing with it since she first got on it. My 4-year old also plays with it. Basically, it hasn't been left unplayed with for even a minute. It was easy to assemble (5 minutes max) and is durable. It comes with additional poles to adjust to their growth so they won't outgrow the toy anytime soon. It's also appealing to both boys and girls. It's good for inside if you have hardwood floors with a good uncluttered stretch and it's great for driveways and sidewalks. This toy exceeded my expectations.
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on February 12, 2013
I have never written a review on a toy but this toy is amazing. We have four children and most of time I feel like we are paying for a toy which my children will use for 5 minutes.

We purchased the first EzyRoller two years ago for our 8 year old daughter and then another one for our 4 year old daughter. They work great on flat services. They were a great quality and still in great shape after two years. In other reviews, I saw the wheels wore down but ours have been great and they are used often even around the house. We take them on vacation every where we go and get so many questions and compliments. They are the best toy I ever purchased.

Why I decided to write a review: Yesterday, packing for vacation, I noticed the brake had fallen off our EzyRoller. I tried to buy the replacement part but they only sell wheels and replacement seats on Amazon. I went onto EzyRoller website and sent an email. I received a response from Denis within an hour. I sent a picture of the missing piece and it was mailed out today for free. I found the customer service amazing this on top of an amazing product.

For the most fun, we take our kids down to the bike path or an opened parking lot when the store is closed and they have so much fun.
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on August 16, 2009
The ezy-roller is fun. I got it for my 8th birtday and my dad put it together. At first it was a little hard to make it go. Then I finally figured it out. The wheels are the same as my scooter and have lasted fine. All my friends said, it was a cool toy and wanted to ride it.

There are three things I don't like about my ezy-roller. It is sort of slow, cannot climb up hills, and it is low to the ground.
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on January 7, 2010
The first time I saw the Ezy Roller, I almost tackled the kid who was using it! Instead, I found out what it was called then ordered one for my 6-year old son. Unlike the kid who I saw, my son is orthopedically delayed, and not yet able to sit or walk independently. He also prefers to use only his left hand, but since the Ezy Roller is steered and propelled by the feet & legs, it is perfect for him. The only addition I had to make was to figure out how to keep his feet on the control bar. I bought bungees and they work really well, and a BMX helmet, which I highly recommend (he's taken a few harmless spills). Just today, he was speeding around a school parking lot, and for the first time, he figured out how to turn himself to avoid running into obstacles. Add to that the fact that the Ezy Roller will grow with him and I think we've finally found the answer to the "bike", "scooter", "skateboard" dilemma!
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on July 12, 2014
PROS: My kids (ages 7- 15) LOVE this riding toy. All the neighborhood kids want to ride it as well. Even adults (over 150 lbs) are bummed when they can't have a turn due to weight restrictions. It's well constructed, except...

CONS: The wheels. It needs heavy duty rubber tires. When the kids used it in the house on the hardwood floors it worked out okay. After a few days of riding them outside, the tires began to wear down to nothing. The breaking mechanism starts to tear up one tire considerably and the others wear down due to breaking friction against the concrete. A set of two new tires costs $20... twenty percent of the cost of the bike.
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on June 3, 2015
It's okay. With all of the over-the top reviews, I guess I was expecting more. However, there are some inherent engineering failures on this machine, and I was missing some parts.
1. I only got two bolts for 3 extension rods. Not such a big deal, but the threads were metric, and I was putting it together at 11 PM. Luckily, I found the right size from an adapter kit for my weed eater that I had just installed earlier that day.
2. As this machine is made to wiggle back and forth, I was surprised that there were no lock rings for the bolts. If you've had yours for a while, make sure to check them, I'm sure they aren't as tight as you put them on.
3. What did you put in the bearings? They barely turn. My advice: flush them out with acetone and dry, then add a light lubricant from a skate shop. It's not a car, it doesn't need this heavy duty grease. A wheel that barely makes it around with the same force as one that keeps spinning for a full minute - which do you think will be faster on the road?
4. So... the axles are bolts, which thread into the end of the rear pipe. Both normal threaded, but with a good amount of locktite added to each side. So if you change the tires in back, unless you add more locktite to the bolts, one will eventually fall off. Guess which one? The left one, of course, as the wheel spins round, counter clockwise, it will be gradually loosening the bolt. Again, with the back and forth motion of this vehicle, you are putting pressure against the flange of that bolt while trying to unscrew it. This is basic mechanical engineering, people.
And while there is a washer (aka "speed ring" ) on one side of the bearing, on the other side, the flange of the bolt is mashing down on the bearing. You use skateboard bearings, but it seems nobody on the design team has ever seen one before?
The axles are fixed on a skateboard, and there are speed rings on each side of the wheel to pin the center of the bearing and allow the outer ring with the wheel to spin on it.
5. Seems to me the wheels are a bit on the small side - this thing could go faster with some bigger wheels, or perhaps just one in the front.
This is something I haven't tested, but I feel right in this.
6. No foam padding for the bars where your legs and butt rest? I guess we could be thankful that we got anything, there was one piece on the back bar, which is fine to prevent chafing or brusing while you ... pedal. But the weight of your body is constantly on the bottom bars.
This is what I'll do with mine - fix the axles by threading, then welding them into place, leaving enough space for a wheel to be attached along with it's nut. Cutting off the head of the bolt, I'll then cut threads into the end, so that a locking nut can be attached along with a speed ring. That is how you make an axle on something that goes any faster than a slow crawl with a human in it. Then I'm going to put some foam padding over the bars I'm sitting on. Find it at any homestore, water pipe insulation is what it's called.
The machine is pretty beefy, if it wasn't, I'd simply send it back. So it seems like the initial thought was engineered correctly, but then there were some shortcuts taken, or some engineers replaced before getting to the final draft.
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on February 9, 2010
I love this thing! My son had it for a year now and still loves it, he'll be 7 the end of this month! It's very quiet, easy to peddle- the steering with the feed takes a little figuring out but is done fast. The color is vibrant, the EzyRoller fast and easy to assemble.It actually comes with an extension, so your kids WILL have fun for a long time with it, even in to his teens. Even adults can ride this one, if not weighing over 150lbs (however there are EzyRollers for adults as well). The fabric fo the seat is extremely sturdy, so is the whole frame! I can only say i love it, and I'm here actually to order another one for my best friends son, who's turning 10 the end of the month and loves my sons roller. It's time to get him his own!

My little daughter likes to play with it too, she turned 3 the end of october, she did drag the rider upside down across the concrete once and it wore the fabric on the backsupport, now I have to get a new one, but hey0 a replacement seat is only 6 bucks. That is awesome and really affordable!

Oh and did I mention how many times my son or me are getting asked what it gods name that funny thing is and that it is so awesome and where to get one! You won't regret this purchase! The priuce for the exyroller seems here to be the best, I saw it on other websites for 100$ up!!! I hope you'llenjoy this unique ridingtoy as much as we do! Now, I'm off to order one for my best friends son!!!
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