Customer Reviews: F1 2011 - Xbox 360
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on September 23, 2011
Last year I fell in love with what I believed was the best f1 game ever. This year I find myself unable to touch 2010 because 2011 is just that much better. The cars just feel so much better and the new changes allow me to unleash an aggressive driving style on the track. Curbs are now my best friends as I can trample them without fearing a loss of control. Everything about 2011 is just improved over 2010, especially the graphics. If you like a challenge and a great sense of speed, buy this game NOW!
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on September 21, 2011
Not to sound dramatic, but this game is really pretty amazing. Admittedly, I have only spent an hour and a half behind the wheel, but so far the attention to detail is actually close to my expectations for an F1 game. I have a feeling that I will be investing a LOT of hours in this one.

Last year I had PS3 version of F1 2010 (G27 wheel so forced to get PS3) and I was kind of disappointed. Nothing wrong with the game for me, but just felt sterile and kind of blah. Visually the color palette was too drab, maybe handling wasn't lively enough, cockpit views kind of disappointing, and the McLaren wasn't even shiny? (Seriously, how could they not get that right in the year 2010 with all the experience they have developing games?)

I don't know if it is because I bought the Xbox 360 version this year or what, but WOW, I am impressed. The handling feels lively and the interaction with the AI cars has an exciting feel. The graphics are just beautiful, tons of detail that you might not even expect. I literally sat there with a huge grin on my face, like the feeling you get on a great ski run or after hitting a beautiful shot in golf. The McLaren is so shiny that its distracting (in a good way - I couldn't stop staring at the beautiful reflections). The rain drops on the cars and little rivulets of water running across the body work add a level of detail that draws you in. The spray behind the cars feels "right", not sure how else to put it.

Overall, the game has the level of polish that I was hoping for. The good news is that it will only get better from here! I will enjoy this one for the next 364 days and have even higher expectations for next year. I have been playing with the Xbox 360 wheel from Microsoft, and am not overly thrilled with the performance of the wheel. Since the 360 version is much preferred, I'm going to order one of the Fanatect wheels and eventually eBay the G27. I'm trying to decide if I should get the GT2 or wait a few weeks for the new Forza wheel. Any feedback on that is appreciated.

Bottom line for me: I LOVE this game. I don't have PS3 version to compare to directly, but comparing last years PS3 version to this years Xbox 360 version, it is truly a HUGE upgrade and I think it will be many months before I'll be setting this one aside (unlike last year, when I just couldn't get into it, no matter how hard I tried nor how badly I wanted to love it).
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on February 29, 2012
The most fun I've had in a racer in years.

Anyone can play F1 2011; fewer will invest the kind of time and patience is takes to master. This game is not for the faint of heart -- if you're looking for a casual, arcade-like racer, look elsewhere. F1 is technical (to a degree), challenging and will, unflinchingly, punish you for mistakes. It requires focus, consistency and strategy.

What makes F1 unique compared to other racers? Quite a bit actually. Realistic factors that come into play:

1. Tire management - When your team puts on new tires, they are "cold" and therefore not as grippy. It takes a lap or so to get them warm.

2. Dynamic tracks - temprature of the track itself gets warmer as the weekend goes on by virtue of use. Watch laptimes go down as the weekend wears on. Race line forms as the sessions go on, leaving rubber marbles on the rest of the track, which be slippery.

3. Fuel Mix can be changed on the fly, which will allow you to go faster, but burn fuel quicker.

4. Weather! Amazing dynamic weather system that can change as the race goes on. Should you come in for wet tires, or try and keep it on the track and wait for it to subside? These decisions have to be made in wet races.

5. DRS and KERS features, which are real-world technologies that allow speed boosts for brief moments or certain parts of the track.

6. Pit stop strategies include deciding what tires to start on, when to pit, how many times to pit, etc.

7. Random failures. While rare, it's possible to blow your engine, or for your KERS/DRS to fail. F1 is a team sport and reliability is just an important as the driver's ability.

While Codemasters did not do much in terms of upgrading the overall scope of 2011 (career mode is solid, but still feels incomplete), they did polish up the multiplayer, graphics and overall gameplay. The cars have more weight than 2010, where you can almost feel the Gs as you glide around corners trying to keep it on the track.

The biggest new addition is an online co-op championship mode, where you and a friend can team up online and race for the constructor's title. Very fun to compete with one another, but still be working towards a common goal. The head to head multiplayer is also fun and the most popular modes are the 3 lap races. But you can do full Grand Prix's if you so choose.

Graphically, this game is beautiful. Perfect? No. But how much detail does one need flying down a straight at 200+ MPH? The key here is gameplay and F1 2011 is buttery smooth. Players may initially be surprised at how fast the cars are, but to do well is balancing speed with angles. Understanding an apex goes a long way to keeping good lap times.

The sound is excellent. The scream of the engines are very accurate and you can hear the wind as you scream down a long straight. Periodic updates from your engineer are a nice touch, albeit a little canned at times.

While most will focus on multiplayer, the games Career Mode is strong for offline play. Start with one of 4-5 teams, then work towards improving the car as the season goes on. Compete against your teammate for "first driver" status, which allows you to dictate upgrade paths. Earn XP for meeting objectives, which raises your reputation and marketability for better offers. Answer questions from the press that dictate how happy you are with you car, your team and season status.

My only problem with the game is that I still feel the Career Mode could be expanded. I'd love to have an option to build teams and control all aspects of team management; from hiring a lead engineer, to sponsorships, to reseach and development. Would also be cool to hire/fire pit crew, or increase their skill as the seasons go, just like the car itself.

It would also be nice to see perks for players who use less/no assists. For example, the fewer assists you use, the more XP you earn. As it stands now, there is no in-game benefit for playing on harder difficulties. This should be fixed in 2012 and more XP is a fine solution.

Overall, a brilliant and fun racer but again, requires the "three Ps"; Practice, patience and precision.

Stick with those things and you will be ready to rise and compete!
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on November 1, 2011
Why didn't they do the video upload like dirt, they need to change the race selection look too. The racing is like F1, I enjoy the action. Good for first edtion. Would like a chance to have a do over for career once completed race!
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on October 12, 2011
Having bought the 2010 version and enjoyed it I was looking forward to the new release. Was it worth it? Yes and no. The game defienetly plays better and is a lot less buggy then last years version. For all of that though some things are annoying. They still have not figured out how to make the career aspect of it fun and interesting. When you win a race or finish in the top three there is no podium ceremony or drivers interview either. There is no agent to manage you either like last year and communication with the team is reduced to emails. The race engineer does not even seem to be as helpful as the last version.
The good news is the graphics are excellent as well as the driving physics and it really is a thrill driving these beautiful cars around some of the greatest tracks in the world. One more thing. I purchased the xbox 360 version even though I have a ps3 also and I am glad I did. The 360 version just plays and looks better then the ones I have seen on the ps3. In fact I have yet to enjoy a driving game on my ps3. Gt5 was a huge disappointment and I am so looking forward to the new Forza game.
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on October 25, 2011
The game is pretty good, Graphics are not as good as I thought they would be, but the realism is good, becareful when using the DRS during Qualifying because if you are not pointed straight you will lose the rear end very fast. You do not spin out as easily as in F1 2010 you atleast have a moment where you can get off throttle and save it. Really like the fact that you can start off in Force India or (either Williams or Torro Rosso can't remeber) instead of just the three new teams. This allows you to be more competive in the first race.
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on February 17, 2015
Great game,tons of fun... your palms will definitely sweat. Realistic force feedback and racing sounds. Surprising amount of detail and realism built in. I haven't played the newer versions but this game really draws you into the action. If you choose Career mode you work your way through all tracks, with your own British race adviser keeping you updated during an event. I completed my season and am playing it again, the wins are very satisfying too. I almost ordered the newest version of this game, but after reading reviews it doesn't sound like a huge improvement. For instance, the 2014-on versions have the current low-revving engines, the 2011 has the old screamers.
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on November 28, 2011
I've really enjoyed this game. I've never played any of the previous F1 titles, however I've always enjoyed watching F1 racing. The game actually made me even more interested. The graphics are pretty good, not amazing but considering the game overall the gameplay value is fantastic. A must have for F1 fans.
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on May 8, 2013
Now, I have yet to play the 2012 installment, but this game is excellent. Colors, modeling and sound are all far superior to the debut of this series in 2010. Also found perspective was better in the cockpit view: no longer was the nose completely obscuring everything in front, no more huge antenna right in the middle of your view, and no more wondering where the turn is--2010 was notorious for giving you a flat perspective of a flat track so tracks like Malaysia were impossible to navigate without prior knowledge or a dynamic racing line--this game keeps your eyes above the track so you can spot the visual cues needed to enter a turn.
I had played 2010 through as many seasons as I could possibly stand (maybe 5) and was sort if burned out on F1, but then I threw in 2011 and was amazed. Try racing a Lotus machine down the track and seeing the environment reflected off its shiny green body and not being impressed with the brilliant look and feel of this year's F1. It's beautiful. I guess it's missing Hockenheim. So what<?>. For $15 you can introduce yourself to easily one of the top 10 racing games on consoles.
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on October 17, 2011
This is the best simulation racing game on out there. It has great graphics plus you can change the settings to help assist on driving while you start your career out but the better you do the top teams will offer you to drive for them. Id you don't want to do career you can drive any car and create your own grand prix circuit by choosing which racing sites you want for the season. The game is so realistic that you can choose what kind of tires you want, change fatigued engines, tune your car from how you want you suspension change to brake pressure, how much fuel you want in tank, adjust your fuel flow through race for faster speed plus many more options. All the wreck in the game are incredible plus they call for penalty's on bad driving. The game keeps track of everything you do from how many miles to wrecks and so on. The pit stop are so realistic when you pull it actually show's all the pit crew changing ever thing and if you have damage on certain parts like wing you will see them change the wing. This game has so much more I could talk about you won't be dissapointed.
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