Can I put a 50mm lens F1.8 on the G12? I really would like to do portraits where the background is blurrier. Portrait mode on SCENERY menu is not cutting it. Or should I splurge and get a DSLR camera?
asked by Amazon Mom on June 11, 2012
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No - the G12 is a fixed lens camera. You can screw a telephoto converter on the front - that, together with working at the long end of the lens, will help you create the shallower depth of field you seem to be looking for - the term is bokeh. That said 85mm-135mm (35mm equivalent) are considered to be the classic portrait lengths - the longer focal length (as compared to the 50mm you mentioned) contribute to the shallow depth of field. Be aware that if you use one of these lenses wide open you will get bokeh but you will also have to work to learn how to get the area of interest in focus. One other thought - part of the reason a DSLR (especially a full frame one) has less depth of field is the larger sensor. Basically the smaller the sensor the more depth of field - one of those immutable laws of physics things - that's why even the Canon Gx1 with its comparatively larger sense exhibits less depth of field (ie more readily creates bokeh).
Chris Korody answered on June 17, 2012
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