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on December 22, 2013
So you already can tell from the other reviewers that Tournament mode was excluded in this game. So there is no point in me writing about it again because you know so here's a review about the game itself

FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 3, was already a fantastic game of footie, and without question, one of the best entries in the franchise to date.

So when it arrived on the PlayStation 4, it was tough to imagine what else could be done to the game to improve it even more. And for the most part, the game doesn't get any major improvements, but the visual polish and enhanced physics do stand out, giving the next-gen version of FIFA 14 some extra points.

All the modes that you find on the PS3 are still there, such as the Ultimate Team, career mode, matches from the current week and of course the online modes. For those who had previously picked up a current-gen version of the game, you can pass your season over to the PS4.

As expected, the biggest differences from the current-gen and next-gen versions are the graphics. Players, stadiums and the pitch look extremely sharp and detailed, not to mention more colorful and realistic. Even more minor improvements like how the jerseys and shorts ripple during play, look pretty cool, so without question, this is more of a visual feast. I also mentioned physics, which is another improvement in the game. EA built FIFA 14 on next-gen from the ground up with a new engine and you notice it quite a bit with the way the ball moves around the field. By that I mean that the ball seems to have more randomness to it, so that when you're passing it around, be it as a lob or a through-ball, it appears more independent than I'm used to seeing it. In relation to that, you'll notice player animations to be less canned and more realistic than ever before, as it's clear that the amount of animations is a lot deeper than in previous games, and players react more naturally not only to the ball, but to other players, regardless if they are on the opposite team or on your own.

A.I. also seems more authentic than in the current-gen versions as players on the other team appear to be more aware of what you're doing and react accordingly, so that using the same exact defensive strategy doesn't always work, forcing you to be more tactical and precise with how you play.

At the end of the day FIFA 14 on the PS4 and Xbox One doesn't make huge improvements to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but they're certainly more appealing to look at and provide a bit more realism to player and ball movement. It's a nice effort for a game that didn't need a ton of changes, and if this is how good the game can be in an first-year effort on the new consoles, then I can't wait to see what EA can do with another full year.
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on November 30, 2013
I won't comment on the PS4 graphics, other than to say it's way better than PS3. FIFA14 gameplay has been altered, but it's not necessarily better than FIFA 13, just different. The through pass is more important than in previous years which is the largest difference from prior years. Headers cannot be defended as well as in previous versions. Yes you can control the ball a little better, but the way to win this game is still unchanged; just play Real Madrid on defensive and then score your goals on the counter...boring. The game still struggles with referee jersey colors regularly giving the referee a dark jersey when the other team is also dark. It also struggles with offside, calling offside and stopping the play because the opponent is offside on a pass despite the fact that you intercepted the ball, and could have broken on a counter. Players still screw-up chasing balls kicked by the other team to the sideline, trying to stop it, not being able to and then giving the ball back to the other team when in real soccer, the player would have let the ball go out of bounds. When the game is over, it also will fill up replays with meaningless plays and not offer a replay of some of the goals that were scored. There is also an issue with making changes to your roster; whenever I make a change, the game says I have an illegal roster and will not allow me to play so I have to delete it. I am basically stuck with the default roster.

Handicapping in online play is more obvious in this edition than in previous editions because of the changes to gameplay. Particularly if you are up for promotion or relegation the handicapping is blatant. In Seasons if you go on a win streak and are within 3-6 points of the title, with 3+ games to go, the game will handicap against you to make it hard for you to advance, sending you on a losing streak. Your keeper will start to give up fat rebounds, or tip balls over the net for corners when there was no one around him and he could have easily caught it. Then the opposing team will score on the corner kick because your defenders will not defend but stand around or be out of position. The referee will give calls to the other team on tackles. Your defenders will run into each other leaving wide space for your opponent to score. And your strikers will miss, either by hitting the post, kicking it wide, the opponents keeper will make save after save, or your players miss-hit shots, and grab their head, or kick the ground. Your players will not run either, standing still allowing the opponent team press stand beside them and take the ball from them. Or your defenders will stand still on crosses so the opponent gets an open header for a goal. Once this has happened for 3 or so games, it will turn around, your players start to run and defend, you start getting bounces, shots are on target for goals or the opposing keeper will not make the saves once made. Then you will go on a win streak. This has happened so regularly when my team has been up for promotion, you can bet on it.

I've also played games where I should have lost, but won, where the other player misses over and over, obviously they are handicapped. It's clear that EA wants to have teams on a roll or in a slump in Seasons. This is ridiculous because you are playing someone online and when it's against you, it's not about you or your skill in playing, but recognizing that the game is giving the bounces to the other team, forcing you to try to adjust your game and weather the storm, often times there is nothing you can do other than take the loss.

This handicapping makes playing online Seasons almost meaningless, because your ability to win or lose online is largely dependent upon whether the game is for you or against you.

Overall, you get the sense that EA is mailing it in with the FIFA franchse...make a few changes to game play so it feels different for two weeks until you get used to it. Update the rosters and then charge $59.99 for it, and not fix ongoing problems like the referee jersey, sideline errors, replays, and offside. Pretty lazy EA, pretty lazy.
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on December 10, 2013
This game is alright for the most part but i will say that there are many bugs and add-ons that need to be done to the game. this game has frozen on me a few times in witch i was a little upset as i was in a middle of a match. but also this game does not have No tournament mode. this was a big thing i was looking forward to but i guess we are just going to have to wait around and see what happens.
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on November 19, 2013
As the first game I purchased for PS4, I was excited to play this game. I used to be a big fan of Pro Evolution Soccer, but FIFA has been impressive the past couple of iterations, and when I discovered that PES 2014 was not releasing for PS4, I immediately pre-ordered FIFA 14.

So a few days ago, I finally got the PS4 and booted the game up to start a Premier League season. Then I look and look and look. There's no tournament mode. Gotta be a mistake, right? It's on the PS3 version, and it's been on every friggen FIFA and PES game. They can't be so dumb as to make this game unplayable on single player? Yes. Yes, they can.

They removed tournament mode. So unless you only play online (for which you will need to pay for PS+) or don't mind only playing single game friendlies, this game is a borderline fraud on the soccer gaming community.

The graphics are a tiny improvement over PS3 (although the crowds look amazing). The gameplay is good but a big sluggish. But none of that matters when they inexplicably remove the main off-line mode.
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on March 15, 2014
Game run smoothly but doesn't look impressive there's nothing particularly special about this version beyond any other console. If your people fan by the cheapest version you can mail pretty much look the same because the Fifa team are just lazy or too small or possibly just given the wrong priorities. Considering there doesn't seem to anything particularly special load time seems quite slow. Maybe that has something to do with the physics they employ needing to get into place. More likely I suspect as is common with Ea launch titles for systems it was just rushed and not optimized and will never be updated

On the very positive side gameplay additions are wonderful especially the mini games which can help teach someone who's never played this game for how to actually win one without throwing a controller across the room. I don't mind if they focus on graphics for the next version and leave the features relatively stagnant they just needs to better with the graphics in my opinion gameplay wise this is easily the most balanced one yet (full disclosure I don't play online)
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on March 27, 2014
I don't play as often as I used to, but when I do, I tend to win 9/10 of the games I play on Seasons. Last year, I placed in Division 1 on consecutive promotions, won all the cups and stopped playing.

I tried Ultimate Team after reading many positive reviews from different publications. Looking back, I noticed now that most of these reviews were from professional outfits, but I digress.

I got rained on. 4 games straight I got paired with teams at least 25 overall points better than every player I had on the pitch. Shots were being sent in from 35 yards out and going in, no problem. My opponent was beating the last man with EVERY single pass, and I do mean every single one. I don't usually capatizlize, but believe me, he could have back passed it, no look while signaling to the bench and it still would have beat my defenders.

I wanted to obviously try to upgrade my team and low and behold, the money grab begins. It was going to be at least 5 bucks to buy a gold pack with decent players in it.

Hold on, didn't I just pay 60 to buy the game? What the hell else am I paying for? This is ridiculous, seriously. I can understand charging if they want a team with slightly better stats, but to be forced to by packs to even compete is gouging the consumer and makes me regret buying the game.

Now, on a different note, the game feels remarkably different from 13. The players physics have been effected the most, as to me they seem to take longer to shift their weight from foot to foot. The ball travels differently albiet in a better way, its more realistic with how long the pitch will carry it based on the weather conditions in the game, which is cool.

The crowd is 3d, i love it. Its that dumb stuff that makes the game a bit more personal, and give you more of a reason to jump out of your seat when you score in injury time.

By the way, I played a few games online regular seasons mode, just to see if I was crazy or maybe I was just terrible at the game now.

I'm 7-0 and have conceded one goal with PSG and Dortmund.

TL:DR Ver: So yea, Ultimate Team needs to be balanced. No tournament mode. Better Physics
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on October 29, 2015
Except that it's already out of date! These types of games are worse than iPhones! As soon as you get it, the next one is out! Ugh I wish you could just update it for free, ARE YOU LISTENING EA SPORTS?

Also, the cover looks a helluva lot better than 2016 lol
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on November 25, 2013
Having just upgraded from my ps3 to my ps4, I'm astounded at how pig-headed EA is being about this launch title. A large part of the appeal of this game franchise was the social aspect of team play. Fifa14 is now lacking in two of the most critical features of the previous generation. I purchased my PS4, pre-ordered fifa14 and an extra controller for the sole purpose of playing seasons online on the same console with my friends. We all buy our own copies and have our own systems but we like to play together on the same team in the same room because of the social dynamic.

To put things simply, this is our version of a poker night - it is the way that we unwind from school and work etc and features that have been included in prior iterations of the game (including the PS3 version of fifa14!) have been removed!!! As yet this problem has not been rectified. Fix this EA otherwise these negative reviews will continue to pour in.

I would strongly advise anyone who plays exclusively with guests or with guests fairly often to reconsider this purchase. Stick with the older versions of the game on the previous gen systems. You will not be able to play online with a friend sitting in the same room with you on the same console. Save your money until EA decides to smarten up.
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on December 27, 2013
If you have played FIFA, you will find yourself familiar with this version as the gameplay is similar with some improvements in the graphics and animations of players, stadiums, fans in attendance, etc. Although the graphics are better, I feel they are not truly next gen such as NBA 2K14, or games such as Forza, Ryse, Killzone which are much better...then again, graphics are not everything if gameplay is not there.

My frustration with this version of FiFA for PS4 is the lack of tournament edition, which for me has been one of the best features out there for which you can select a team from any of the leagues and play the entire season following a full schedule, standing, etc. This is a huge disappointment and feel EA Sports should correct it via a free DLC, otherwise I suggest getting the PS3 or Xbox 360 version which does include it for some reason.
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on June 4, 2014
So after holding back on writing a review till I completed a full season in my player mode here are my thoughts on this first FIFA iteration on next Gen.

This game was the main reason I decided to buy a ps4 console now rather than holding off till the ps4 game catalogue grows considerably. I consider myself a casual gamer but after watching a few My player FIFA 14 clips on YouTube and played a few times on a friends console I decided to take the plunge.


1. On world class the computer AI becomes unreal and is almost impossible to play against. Here's what I mean by impossible: You can't tackle because even if u are playing with Kompany and trying to win the ball off a 2nd division midfielder or attacker the AI has this annoying way of swiftly evading most tackles u make. The other thing I noticed is that the press button (on legacy defending) becomes less effective on world class difficulty. When u hit the press button your players have this annoying hesitant movement they make, acting inline with the cheesy script by the developers to make press less effective and the game a little more difficult. But I find that approach disengenious. I want to be beaten or challenged by intelligent or clever gameplay not by the unreal/bizarre system the developers implemented.

2. I played through an entire campaign (35+ games) and a single red card was not given to any of my team mates or the players from opposing teams. The tackles that got foul calls were mostly light impact. That's another aspect I found unrealistic.

3. The corners in FIFA have always been a sore point for me in the series. I consider them too smooth for my liking. 8 out of ten times. Player crosses, player heads straight into the unchallenged hands of the keepers. All that tugging and shirt pulling in real football rarely exists in FIFA. And when I'm chasing a game, annoyingly, there's no sense of intensity in corners. Men do not load the box, keepers dont come out in the dying minutes to load up the box.

4. I noticed so many moments in the game when my team mates have their brain freezes in concert especially in defence. Happens too often for my liking. Doesn't matter if you are on a man united team playing on legendary difficulty against a bottom of the league team.

5. Commentary is meh. And becomes nauseatingly repetitive. When u play in other leagues apart from the epl the commentary becomes much more underwhelming.

6. The less said about penalties on FIFA the better. But seriously FIFA needs to get rid of the current penalty format, it is ridiculous(those annoying bars)


1. The gameplay on professional difficulty is a bit manageable and actually fun and dynamic.You'll begin to develop chemistry with some team mates and notice the influence certain team mates make on your team. For instance I played as Hazard with Chelsea and Matic has the best long passing rating on the team apart from Oscar and Hazard and this was very apparent from the exquisite long balls he was able to feed me on numerous occasions from his deep lying position. Other players like Luiz and ramirez were more hot and cold with their long ball passing. Having other wingers switch positions intelligently with my player was also great to see. Some of the intricate tika tika pasing i was able to do with my team mates was also fun and lifelike. A lot of times it really did feel I was watching a live game footage looking at the midfield gameplay.

2. The overall presentation and layout was neat and very intuitive. Though I don't think the in game grahpics are a huge leap from current Gen.


I'm glad I purcased the game and look forward to playing a few more seasons on my player mode. But I really don't think this first soccer title on next gen comes close to some of the outstanding football sims we had in the past like the FIFA wc 2010 on ps3 and pes6 on ps2. FIFA have had over 19 years and next to no competition recently so I'm a bit dissapointed with their recent effort. However, if some of the weakness I and other reviewers have touched on are addressed I'm pretty sure we would be close to having the soccer sim football fans all over the world deserve.
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