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on September 26, 2012
I put hundreds of hours into Fifa 12. Several seasons, hundreds of games with my ultimate team, and dozens upon dozens of 1 v 1 local matches against my friend and sworn Fifa rival. Despite its shortcomings, Fifa 12 became one of my favorite games of all time. Fifa 13 does little to change the fundamental mechanics of Fifa 12, rather, small additions, tweaks, and improvements give Fifa 13 a glistening coat of polish and make it an even more realistic, accessible, and satisfying football/soccer experience than ever before.
I'll address the question of whether Fifa 13 merits the $60 price tag, particularly if you already own Fifa 12. There's no clear-cut answer to this question, a number of factors need to be considered: How much do you play Fifa? Do you closely follow current soccer, whether domestic or international? Do you play Ultimate Team? If you are a very casual Fifa player, jumping on every now and then for a quick game or two to get your fix, then there's no rush to buy Fifa 13, as the core game experience is very similar. But if you're more like me, and want the most up-to-date squad rosters, player ratings, Ultimate Team, and most realistic soccer experience available, then certainly the investment in Fifa 13 is justified.
Big new additions to Fifa 13 are as follows: For actual gameplay, the new "first touch" mechanic basically adds more variability to how well players trap the ball. Depending on the position of the player, whether or not they're moving, and their ball control rating, players may trap the ball in a less-than-perfect manner. Dribbling is a little smoother; it still takes a fair bit of practice before you'll be successfully rounding defenders left and right, but it's more accessible than in Fifa 12.
Fifa 13 exhibition matches have a cool new feature called Match Day, where EA updates player ratings on a week-to-week basis to reflect how well the player/team played that week. This feature can be turned off if you'd prefer to simply play with the players as Fifa/EA decided to rate them for this year.
Edited to add: I've had a chance to play a number of online ultimate team matches; online stability/lag appear to be pretty similar to Fifa 12. I have a decent connection, so most of my matches have been pretty smooth. Ultimate Team has received a make-over, with single matches no longer an option, but offline and online "seasons" added, in which there are 5 divisions, and each season you play a set number of games against players in your same division, with the potential of promotion or relegation depending on how many points you can get.
For the sake of keeping this review to a somewhat reasonable length, I'll end by saying that thus far I am extremely satisfied with Fifa 13, and I foresee myself putting hundreds more hours into it over the coming year.
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on October 30, 2012
I have a hard time rating this game. I have played it a lot and keep playing it so obviously there is something good about it. I played Fifa 12 a ton as well. Maybe it's just soccer games that do it. At the same time, I don't think I have ever played a game that has caused me to want to throw my controller right through my TV screen as much as this one. If you like soccer video games and enjoyed Fifa 12, you will likely enjoy Fifa 13 too. If you like feeling cheated constantly and frustrated beyond belief, you will also enjoy it.

There really isn't that much of a difference between Fifa 12 and 13 in terms of actual gameplay. The first touch feature is more realistic but can also be unrealistic based on EA's programming. (more in a second) Dribbling is more exact this year and can be a real asset if you have skilled players. The career mode has some nice touches that Fifa 12 did not have like international management and improved transfer negotiations which make it fun. So why I did I give this game only three stars?

The main reason my star rating wasn't higher is that EA really messes up in terms of programming the difficulty levels with this game. I started playing the game at World Class with no change in sliders and could do absolutely nothing. I noticed my guys just completely stood around and did nothing if I was not controlling them (hard to control all 11 guys in a soccer game with much success). I was consistently getting beat by 4-5 goals on WC. I then went down to Professional and was winning every match by several goals. I could get the ball off the CPU whenever I wanted and there was absolutely no challenge. Why such the discrepancy between two game levels?

I think what EA did to make the game harder on higher levels was simply resort to cheating and scripting results. I say that because I began to notice that Gareth Bale (pace of over 90 - among the fastest players in the game) was consistently overrun and chased down by middling LBs and CBs on other teams with middling pace ratings. Why would this happen? If he has a higher pace, why wouldn't he be able to stay ahead of them if he got past them, regardless of difficulty level? EA simply made all the players on World Class and Legendary faster than the human players regardless of ratings. Instead of programming CPU AI that would say, increase the structure of the CPU defense and passing ability, they simply took the easy route and made all CPUs faster so you can't get past them. Certainly that makes the game harder, but also completely unrealistic. I finally had to lower the speed and acceleration ratings of the CPU on world class to get a fair game where faster players were faster and slower players could not catch them.

Another example of EA's lazy programming - the "80 minute barrage". If you are up by one goal as the final ten minutes approach, you will almost always see the CPU on world class and legendary levels get superhuman energy and start rushing all of your players once you get the ball. Yes, this does happen in real soccer as teams must play more aggressive when down. I understand that. I also know that they aren't always successful because they have played a full 80 minute game just like the other team and don't have the energy to run down every player on the other team and steal the ball. That's exactly what happens in Fifa 13. You can try to pass it around to avoid the superhuman pressure, but the programming will often make you pass it right to them anyway. If you are dribbling, forget about it. You could have Messi and he will have the ball stolen almost 100% of the time. The tackling ability, speed, acceleration - basically everything - becomes so ridiculously overwhelming for the CPU in the last ten minutes that it just makes the game not even fun. You almost know you are going to lose because the CPU decides that it wants it that way. Usually what will happen is that they will somehow get a corner and your defenders will not do anything and they will score to tie it up. Fun stuff. Again, I understand that teams play more aggressive from behind and take more chances, but how about doing some programming that makes the CPU pay for taking chances if the human passes it wisely and counter-attacks. The whole thing feels extremely cheap and scripted. By the way, I do not remember this in Fifa 12.

I am hopeful that this game can be patched to eliminate these flaws. I often go into game knowing within the first ten minutes that I have no chance of winning regardless of how I play because the CPU has the outcome predetermined. Many times I have had 20 or more shots compared to the CPU's 2 and will have lost 2-1 or 2-0. Just finished a game (had to turn it off in the last minute because I couldn't take it) where I had at least three counter-attack breakaways and missed the net on all three using finesse shots from the center of the box. Meanwhile, the CPU puts shots on net from 40 yards out and my goalie has to dive to save them. I am trying to find sliders that help a bit but since these things appear to be programmed into the logic of the game, I don't think sliders will help. I keep playing it so there are good things about the game, but much like almost all other products from EA, I just keep saying to myself, "this could be so much more". Typical laziness from EA. What else is new?
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on April 28, 2013
Finally the ghosts of past FIFA's seem to have left with the latest FIFA game. This version makes defending more of an art rather than a complete mashing of the X button. Players get rewarded for positioning their defenders, anticipating passes, and zoning out properly. Conversely offense is now much more rewarding, as it takes a couple good passes to get through a proper defense. This is made much easier by the new crossing types that EA has added to the game. Now you can get that perfect pass through the defense, and get rewarded with an awesome looking goal.

The physics of the game have also greatly improved. The game just feels REAL, which has made each match feel much more unique. The commentary seems to be a bit more dynamic, and is a nice touch for players who like to play many matches in a row.

After playing this game for awhile I can easily say it's my favorite FIFA game, as it's not just a 'roster update', rather a game that makes your FIFA experience much more richer - and in turn more enjoyable.
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on February 17, 2013
- El juego es muy interactivo bastante información en el modo carrera, además de que se puede hacer carrera con un jugador de campo o un portero y también se puede hacer carrera con un jugador ya existente en algún equipo. El juego premia atributos y hace crecer al jugador en modo carrera si juega destacadamente, hace pases, cabezazos, centros, goles, remates a marco, juego uno contra uno, entre otros.
- Para los que hemos jugado FIFA STREET el movimiento de los jugadores es el mismo pero sin los golpes ni los trucos.
- Realmente soy fanatico de PES pero si quieren probar algo diferente recomiendo este juego, la verdad cumple las espectativas.
- La queja que tengo es que en el modo de equipos internacionales no aparecen ciertos equipos como por ejemplo Costa Rica.

-The game is very interactive, lots of information in career mode, in addition you can play in career mode witha field player or with a goalkeeper, even you can play using a real team player. The game rewards with atributes and makes grow the player if it plays outstanding, pass the ball, head shots, goals, shots, one on one plays, among others.
- For the people that have played FIFA STREET players movement is the same but without punches or tricks.
- Really I am a PES fanatic but if you wanna try something different I recommend this game, realize spectations.
-The only complain is that in International Team mode there is no existence of some teams like Costa Rica.
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on October 20, 2012

Full licensing
Lots of modes to play
Skill games are fun and new


FULL of glitches/bugs
First-touch addition is bad
Online play is tedious
Easy to lose to cheap tactics

I've been with the series since FIFA '98. Anyone remember the indoor mode in that game? That was awesome. This year's showing is mediocre at best. Since the "pros" listed here are basic, I won't discuss them as they should be included in every game.

I've had this game lock up my system at least once per session. I will try to play online and I get frozen in the arena. I can move around, but it never progresses to the game. Other times, it will just flat out freeze in the arena. Other times yet, I will get into the arena and I will be controlling another team's player, then the game will quit once I get to the stadium. Even further, I can go into my roster editing before the game and it will only show my default team, even though I may be playing with another squad (e.g., my default is Man Utd and if I were to play with Germany, I'd see I'd chosen Germany, but the roster would display United players). FULL of glitches and bugs.

I want to say that the first-touch mode is terrible. I can play against the computer and they have perfect first-touches all game. I play a pass with Xavi or Scholes to Messi or Nani (I'm using examples of good passers and excellent dribblers/ball controllers) and the ball ping-pongs around the pitch. I can understand if I'm playing with a League 2 team and someone with a 55 rating, but when the superstars in the game can't even pass and receive the ball without issue, something's wrong. It rewards build-up play, but it's hard to build up when it becomes a giant mess of 5-6 people clamoring for the ball. It looks like a little kids' match.

Online play? No one seems to press forward into the game. I'm stuck watching the introduction and anthems. FIFA lets the celebrations go on forever. The goalscorer can run around the pitch forever before finally going to the replay. I just want to play the damn game, not have some little kid rub it in and make me watch the intros, celebrations, and replays. There are some screens/animations that can't be skipped. This is tedious and significantly detracts from gameplay. I recognize it's the other person that needs to press X to move it forward, but some of this is on EA for allowing this to happen in each year's edition.

For all the talk about realism and first-touch, the game is still prone to cheap tactics by other players. I was Division 1 in last year's edition.. I'm hovering around Division 6/7 in this year's edition because I keep losing games on cheap tactics that seem to work despite EA's insistence they've made a "realistic" game. Anytime opposition plays a through ball, I will switch players and my player will stand still, this allowing the opposition player to continue unobstructed to the goal for an easy score. Other times he will get someone in on goal and his team will come up to provide support, where's my team? NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. This allows for the cheapest of cheap, crossback pass to tap-in goal. Frustrating to dominate in possession (60/40) and have twice as many shots, then to lose on balls played over the top and cheap tap-in crossback passes.

Bottom line: If you like the series, this is still worthwhile, but there are lots of issues that make this extremely frustrating at times.
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on January 16, 2016
Got this for my husband and he plays it almost daily. Seriously. Gets on my nerves! Haha! Why did I do this to myself?! It came quicker than expected and in perfect condition. The one thing I love about the game is the music. My husband loves everything. Great buy.
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on February 2, 2013
Finally, the ghosts of the past FIFA seem to have been the last game of the FIFA. This version makes the defense more of an art rather than a complete mashing the X button Players are rewarded for the positioning of its defenders , anticipating passes and zoning out correctly. Conversely crime is much more rewarding , since a couple of good passes it takes to get through a proper defense. This makes it much easier for new types of crossing that EA has added to the game . Now you can get that perfect pass through the defense, and be rewarded with a goal of stunning look. The game physics have also improved. The game just feels real, which has made every game feel much more unique. The comment seems to be a bit more dynamic , and is a nice touch for players who like to play many games in a row . After playing this game for a while I can easily say it is my favorite FIFA game because it is not just a ' roster update ' instead of a game that makes much richer experience of FIFA - and turn more enjoyable.
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on February 18, 2015
Great game, had a smudge on back but once wiped off it worked flawlessly. The only issue I have with Fifa is the anger and frustration when people use Real Madrid ALL THE TIME, kinda takes the fun away from online game playing when you have to go up against the top dogs of the world.
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on December 31, 2012
Excellent product, very good seller, my order arrived within the stipulated time, recommend to all, five stars seller, I am satisfied with my purchase since buying amazon has always been a pleasant experience. Once you have the product in your hands you can not think of anything else other than you made an excellent choice to disburse money to acquire it. The seller will behave responsibly and comply with the details and shipping details. All Perfect, All good, all amazing.

Excelente producto, muy buen vendedor, mi pedido llegó en el tiempo estipulado, lo recomiendo a todos, cinco estrellas al vendedor, estoy satisfecho con mi compra ya que comprar en amazon siempre ha sido una experiencia agradable. Una vez tienes el producto en tus manos no puedes pensar en otra cosa que no sea que hiciste una excelente elección al desembolsar dinero por adquirirlo. El vendedor se comporto responsable y cumplió con los detalles del producto y los detalles del envío. All Perfect, All good, all amazing.
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on July 20, 2014
Another year, another FIFA...

With minor improvements applied to last year's edition, FIFA still reigns champion in the 'football' arena. Some disappointments remain (slow menus, graphical hiccups, rubber-banding AI) but do not really detract from the overall fun.

Bottom-line: FIFA 13 is still highly recommended.
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