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on March 19, 2010
I hate to sound like a broken record reviewer, but like many others before me, I was REALLY skeptical when I discovered these here on Amazon. And like a smart buyer that I am I did my research before taking the plunge. I discovered that a majority of the reviews online were mostly all positive - the build is good quality and for the most part, it improved accuracy across the board for a majority of the buyers. Reading that, I pulled the trigger... (YES, that was a pun)

So like many millions of gamers out there, my latest FPS addiction is Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) for the Xbox 360, and the FPS Freeks promise to deliver on higher/better control and accuracy when you put these on. You get TWO per package so I just used one for the right thumb stick only. As promised, the build was solid and snapped on to my controller nicely. **NOTE However, if you have a controller with a WORN thumb stick (yes, you know who you are and what it looks like) then you might have to buy a new controller to take full advantage of these, as THEY WILL slip on worn sticks.**

Now that the build promise is pretty solid, what about the control/precision promise....?

Let me explain my gaming with MW2 for a bit. I'm not MLG pro material, at all, mind you. But I LOVE to play MW2. I have my hot and cold days and I'm certainly not a dominating "beast" when I play. What I can tell you is that my strength lies in my SMG and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) combat. When it comes to Sniping I rate myself as OK. But when you put a Assault Rifle in my hands, I downright SUCK!! I'm not afraid to admit it too. The most powerful arrangement of guns MW2 has to offer, and I have no skills to play them. Somehow everyone else can get a "bead" on me and kill with a single burst or head shot (maybe they're using FPS Freeks!) with little effort. I, on the other hand, seem to ALWAYS overcompensate, even when I'm LDS (Looking Down Sights) I seem to always miss my target. I've even experimented with multiple sensitivities to no success...

Fast forward to my new experience with the FPS Freeks:

Assault Rifles ---> HOLY CRAP YES, with assault rifles I can honestly say I've gotten better with it on. I'm still in the process of finding my new "sweet spot" with the sensitivity but what I like the MOST about having them is the sheer precision that you get by having your sticks extended with these. Now when I gently/slowly move (or flick) the sticks, the targeting overcompensates WAY LESS than before, which usually overshoots the target. I ALWAYS fought with the sticks on being subtle, now its so much less effort. Pick your poison gun at this point!! Hmmm Scar-H or ACR?? It didn't matter, my Kill-Death ratio (with assault rifles) dramatically improved. Again, not pro status, just better. ALREADY worth it at this point.

SMG/CQB (Close Quarters Battle) ---> Already my bread-and-butter setup, I noticed I had to up the sensitivity by a couple notches...and this was a good thing! I'm pretty good at the snap-shoot hipfire kills that CQB brings, but WOW, I can whip 180's in a sec and get my knife or SMG kill on with so much more precision and accuracy it seems illegal! Loving my FPS Freeks even more!!

Sniping/Long-Ranger ---> The MOST noticeable improvement thus far. Key word - noticeable -. I'm a tried and true "hard-scoper" (not a cheap quick-scoper) and is ALL ABOUT subtle precision. Holding my breath, leading my target, and taking that headshot has NEVER felt SO EASY!! I'm dead serious!! (pun again) Sure anyone can kill some dummy standing still, but killing a flagrunner from across the map multiple times in a match is sheer brilliance! Again, you may brag on your skills being godlike, but for us "common" gamers, this is an experience that cannot be described. Man oh man, the FPS Freeks have made things crazy!

CONCLUSION: So let it be said. I wanted to buy these to enjoy MW2 more than I'm already doing now. I honestly don't care about KD Ratios and Win-Loss ratios and I don't obsess over it like a lot of my friends do. NOW, I can say I am a more flexible MW2 player and having a boat load of fun doing it even more. FPS Freeks has passed with FLYING COLORS. If you're expecting to be "FPS God", NOTHING can guarantee that. Just like anything else, a tool is only as good as its handler. If YOU want to become better, by buying these, I believe you will. But if you need help getting there (or at least have some fun doing it), then I'm 100% confident that these FPS Freeks are the way to go!

Great job Kontrol Freeks!! Keep up the good work!!
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on October 2, 2009
Initially when I saw these, I was skeptical that they would stay on the controller. They snap on very tightly and haven't fallen off in the 2 months they've been on. I got them for my birthday in July and they haven't been off my controller since, other than to see how much they change the way I play. They are awesome. Within one week of having them, my accuracy on COD4 went up .5%. I know that doesn't sound like much, but considering that it has never improved in the 30 days playing time I have amassed, I think speaks for itself. On their site, Kontrol Freek recommends taking them off to see just how much they change the gaming experience. I took them off for a total of 45 seconds while playing COD4 and discovered just how much they change the way you play. I couldn't hit a thing.

I'm 35 and I consider these to be one of the best birthday presents I've ever received. I've changed my 360 profile to be a billboard for Kontrol Freek in my bio. Totally worth the money. 5 stars isn't enough to completely describe how I feel about these.
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on December 28, 2009
These have exceeded all expectations for such a small, inexpensive item. I bought these specifically to gain an advantage in COD MW2. My accuracy has increased dramatically; fewer wasted bullets and faster kills. I actually sped up the control speed, because these enable me to move slowly and accurately. I'm able to consistently nail headshots on running targets using assault rifles from a distance. Awesome! Definitely worth it... I just don't want to tell too many people!
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on February 11, 2010
While playing Call of Duty, Halo 2 and 3, and any other competitive first person shooter I would always struggle with the balance of the look sensitivity. For exmaple since Modern Warfare 1, I played with a look sensitivity of 4. This setting was great for me and I excelled at it. I could aim accurately but was not able to scan an entire room or quickly glance behind me an then snap back to the front again. To remedy this problem I did experiment with higher look sensitivity settings, like 6 or 7, I loved the ability to snap look around, but alas I lost my precision accuray, finding myself looking way to far past my target and then trying to correct it swinging past the target again, and then I was dead! So frustrating.

So now I tried the FPS thingees, and I have to say look sensitivity level 4 is way to slow, in fact I tried 6 and was pinpoint accurate and able to snap look around, again still under complete control of my character movements and aiming. So I was blown away by these, I had to put them to the test. I joined a Free For All game on Modern Warfare 2, and put my look sensitivity up to the "level 10 Insane" setting. Man, I was striking down foes with ease and spinning on a dime accurate. In fact I won the game! While 10 was sllightly a little too fast, I turned it down to 7 and found my sweet spot.

Testing My Skills without them after a week of using them:
Ok, so I take these FPS thingees off, to tet out my old skills.
Guess, what? I could still play on look sensitivity 7! I was like wow, these have trained me to be able to use this high look setting of 7. The only thing is that the nubby joysticks are actually ncomfortable on my fingers, yea that's right they feel "blocky" like a plastic lego. Another thing is that I actually went back to a level 4 after a week, because it was a hassle to try to aim long distance with pinpoint accuracy without the lower setting of 4 and without the FPS thingees.
One thing I liked about them not being on is that I can more easily hit the "back" button to view the score, which really isn't a big deal.
So I kept the FPS thingees off for a week, and I just had to try them again.
Guess what back to level 7 accuracy.

PS> You can still knife just fine with these on.

Worth the money.
Improved my gameplay. i.e. accuracy, mobility, and scanning a room quickness.
Was not disappointed.
Still use em, still prefer em.
Highly recommend them!
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on January 16, 2010
I was skeptical about these at first. They take some getting used to, and I only use the one on the right analog stick. But once you get used to them you will wonder how you ever played without them. I play COD MW2. You must also remember to crank up your sensitivity a couple of notches when you use them.
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on January 23, 2015
I bought these for my Xbox back when the listing just said Xbox compatible. I did substitute for the Xbox one versions for CQC Freak (the lower grey ones) for my controllers' left thumbsticks, and Bombshells for the right. I wasn't necessarily expecting it to improve my accuracy or anything like that, but I'm a girl with small hands, and would frequently find my thumbs hurting after a long gaming session because of the stock thumbsticks. A friend had me try his that had a similar configuration (lower enhancer on the left, taller on the right) and it felt more comfortable. I did ultimately but the CQC on the right and the Bombshells on the left, so that it is easier to go from stick to buttons.

While my accuracy has almost doubled from Cod ghosts to Advanced Warfare, whether or not these are solely to credit... I don't know. However, I do know that these make it easier for me to play (hence why it's more comfortable). I also love the color that these bring to my controller. I think it was a great purchase and I'd definitely rebuy.
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on March 17, 2010
Ok, this is the Truth on the fps Freak! I can't speak to any other controller than ps3.
I read every review on this site and a ton of others, all giving this piece of plastic A to A+ review. I was like heck yeah, I want to be better than I am at fps games and maybe get the edge on people that seem to shoot me before I shoot them.... Yeah right!

Here is what I found after 2 full months of use COD4 and MW2 (remember PS3 only)

1) Fast shipping, great packaging, cheap price point
2) The build quality of the fps KF is great
3) Was easy to install after you figured it out ( no instructions) I know, I know how hard is it? Well I don't live my life gaming (only half) so it took me a few. Lmao

After about 20 minutes of use, was like "why am I so slow (while running) and man it seems so hard to turn left or right while running"

Everything felt fine except for when you try and run (push forward on L3 or R3) and don't even think about turning left or right without it hitting and feeling like you are getting stuck. After looking closely at my controller I saw that the white teeth of the fps Freak where hitting the raised part next to the select and start buttons.

I removed the fps Freak and wow, all was good again. I love the feeling of having the L3-L4 up high but I surely don't like only getting about 75% of forward swing out of the L3 and L4 buttons.
So, if you want to give up 25% of edge on L3-L4 then buy this.

To me this is a VERY poor design flaw that someone should have caught in C.T. You are marketing this for MS 360 and PS3. And I have heard great thing about this for 360 but trust me on this, this product may fit the PS3 but it does not allow full function of the controller on a PS3!
This is not about money, this is about CHEAP crap being sold and others out in the gamming community hypeing this thing as if it will make you a gamming god. Far, far from it, it will do nothing but slow you down with a PS3 controller.

Lastly, for all the people that wrote reviews and use this on a Sony Ps3 controller and have said " this thing rocks" or "wow it has added 20 kills to my gamming" all I can say is WOW..really?

Again, I am not a basher at all. This is my 3rd review I have ever left on any product. FYI, I own a PS3 and 360 and this works just fine on my 360 controllers.
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on July 6, 2010
At first i was very skeptical when it came to purchasing the FPS Freek. I searched around on the internet for very thorough reviews.(Frankly, it was difficult to find the answers to the many questions i have about this product)

After thinking about it long and hard i decided to purchase my own pair of FPS Freeks.

Upon opening the package i was very excited to put them on my xbox360 controller and try them out. Upon first inspection i can see they are very well made, and look surprisingly reliable and long-lasting. The FPS Freeks are actually pretty big and add a large amount of length to your analog stick.(Installed they double the size of your analog stick) At this point i was having mixed thoughts about the product.
I then installed it onto my controller(This is very easy, it simply snaps on) and joined a game on mw2.

I do have small hands, but they were still comfortable. For the first few minutes of gameplay i felt a little bit clumsy in my aim and walking. But after some practice i was playing the best i think i have in a while. The controls are much smoother, fine, and careful. They are not rough, or clumsy. I was getting many more headshots than normal. After several hours of play i took the FPS Freek off my controller, and found that it was near impossible to play with the crisp perfection, and accuracy i had experienced before.

How do they work?: They FPS Freek works by giving you a longer analog stick, therefore giving more leverage over your controls. The range of motion of your controller is vastly improved as well. To be honest i cant explain the exact sciences but trust me, this product works, and it works very well.
Now for the big question:
The answer is absolutely yes. I have never experienced such fluid and crisp movement in my gameplay ever. For the absurdly low price you cant go wrong if you are an FPs player that takes their game seriously. I have been using this product for less than 24 hours and it has drastically chaged my gaming experience. My fingers are more relaxed and it feels more natural when i play. My gameplay has also drastically improved. I have been going positive 20+ kills over death, and my K/D Ratio has increased from .92 to .94 in less than 6 hours of play. I hope my review has helped you make a decision in whether or not to buy this astounding product. Thank you Kontrol Freek for making such a nice product that is guaranteed to improve your game experience.
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on October 19, 2011
Bought this with help needing better/ faster control and hopes of raising my sensitivity level.

The item arrived fast and was very easy to put on..I put it on and played with it in hopes of glory...only to realize I got worse!! I get about a 2kd a game on COD and i was falling below 1 because it felt as if i had less control.
I was close to returning it when I read on here to try it just on the right stick..and wow!! huge difference. Having it on the left created problems with what I was looking at..and I was looking at stuff faster then i wanted to..having it on the right created a much faster movement of the gun and that's what I needed. Also it helps you do a drop shot alot more easier...before I would be pressing it down hard since my controller is a little I press it gently and my player is going to the ground quicker.

I was playing on a sensitivity of 2...and as of yesterday I am up to 6 and playing very comfortable with it. I am not sure if it helped me much with the game it self..but it makes it more comfortable and I believe It is helping. For the's worth it.

My advice
Give it some time - takes 1 - 2 weeks to get comfortable with it.

Try it just on the right stick if you still are not comfortable.

Finally raise the sensitivity gradually - i started at a comfortable with the movements..and now I am up to a 6...I can probably play at higher sensitivity the more I seems i get more and more comfortable with each higher sensitivity. I figured having this on meant instant sensitivity improvement so as soon as I got it i put it to a 5 and I was all over the place.

It is easy to remove and put on - i removed it probably 5 times..since I was getting aggrivated with it in the beginning. Put your nail under it and lift it out - don't try to pull it out from the top.

Recommended if you need help raising your sensitivity level and want to easily do a drop shot.

Good luck
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on January 13, 2012
Got these after seeing youtube video's of gamers rocking these and the idea of getting more range of motion by extending the joystick height made sense to me. I got them and after a week of playing I've got to say that I will never play a FPS without these again. I always play with a high sensitivity but in some cases my small movements weren't that controlled and sometimes I'd go to much and basically look like I was spraying and praying. With these (for example) on Call of Duty MW3 I had a sensitivity of 6 and now I'm playing with max sensitivity and it feels like it's not that slower and more usable if that makes any sense. I'm a huge advantage and it's the same feeling when I was playing COD4 and bought some turtle beach headsets and was like "WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS" Spend the $12 and change and you won't be sorry. Oh side note that make sure you get matching colors, my controller looks ridiculous cause I have the Halo Xbox green controller and the joysticks are black. These are white bottoms with gray top and in no way match my control. I'm picky about that and wish I would have paid an extra $3 to get the black ones hahaha Oh and other side note I posted photo's on Facebook and my friends just don't believe and say things like my thumbs are that high or wow now the X,Y,A,B buttons are really far away....THAT IS NOT THE CASE. It takes like 20 minutes to get use to it and then you won't like using a controller without them.
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