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on March 22, 2013
when the xbox first came out i was estatic but unfortunately i wasnt old enough to play this title yet. :/ and when i did get old i ended up buying a ps3 over a xbox 360 so i didnt play the sequels. still i never lost my curiousity for the series and now after all these years i decided to try the pc version.

although the graphics are dated compared to what we play now, it does not change the fact that this game is AWESOME. typically i would only using my laptop for games like the sims series so it did take a while to get use to using a keyboard and mouse for a game like this. the game was harder for me to play using that control scheme and for those that are hesitant to try this game bc of that, should definitely consider downloading an emulator such as MotionJoy so that you can use a ps3 or xbox 360 controller to play this game. (the only con to this option is the time it takes to map the button to a configuration that works for you)

other than that the story is rich and the combat is fun. the rpg elements make the games replay ability amazing. the only thing i do not care for is probably the map layout and the teleporting, but then again i am comparing it to games like fallout 3. the map layout for Fable the Lost Chapters to me is similar to kingdoms of amular: the reckoning. the good thing about the map tho is that it forces players to explore more.

overall, awesome game. anyone that likes rpgs should like this game
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on March 3, 2013
This is one of those games that I think even non-gamers should play at least once. The PC version is just like the Xbox version but with the ability to increase resolution to modern levels. While this in of itself doesn't make the game better but it does give it a shiny new look in contrast to the console version. I also find playing with a keyboard and mouse a little less cumbersome.
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on April 19, 2013
I bought this game for the Xbox when it came out and I don't think I have ever played a game more times than this one. I have played this game in more ways than imaginable and have beaten it about 15 times. Fable: The Lost Chapters does fix a lot of the problems with the original fable and does make the final boss fight a lot more cinematic. It's well worth any money if your a fan of the original Fable. Also, this is still the best Fable.
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on February 16, 2014
Ever wish that your choices could mean more? Well, here you go. Not much to really say about this dazzling Hero or Villain game other than that your choices will reflect whether you become a Hero, or a Villain. Either way you're referred to as a Hero, but the evil undertones are completely removed and you're given horns after you've done enough bad deeds. NEvermind how easy the game can get once you get certain abilities either, because the game makes up for it by being not bad to look at (it's old and still looks great to me on max settings) and being fun to play with multiple approaches.

And the modding community was very strong at one point, so there's plenty of stuff to do anyway!
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on February 24, 2014
Dont pay 60$ for a redo. Fable 1 on PC is all you need, and costs way less. An RPG classic. Get it before Microsoft takes it away like they did Fable 3. Uses Steam DRM.
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Its an okay game that has a real attraction but its not without issues.
The map feature is inexplicably obtuse by focusing only on local areas ,it prevents any kind of 'big picture' view which is frustrating .Another is the sheer volume of mouse clicking needed for battle. I have to take repeated breaks from battle just to rest my wrist. This is the only game ive ever encountered where this is necessary.
Fighting airborne foes causes crazy whiring camera angles that makes tracking an enemy very difficult.
Overall Its a colorful game but with awkward looking characters and the voice acting is stilted but that doesnt bother me as I simply turned it off outright and just read the dialouge.
The graphical appearance reminds me of Quake 2 . There are a lot of key bindings to keep in mind with at least one that never seemed to have been installed. The ability to heal NPCs that are under your care seems to have never been implemented or if it has I cant figure out how to do it.I discovered you CAN heal NPCs but only with a healing spell and NOT with items
I like to keep my game play simple and though ive been largely able to play using this method its still a bit obtuse and awkward .I frequently have to pause the game to consult the key bindings. Your character develops an appearance using a variety of ...moral...I guess choices which is neat and You can alter your appearance by purchasing tattoos and hairstyles that impact your goodness or evilness rating but not as much more than behavior.
Overall this game is fun but not without issues. Skyrim is an example of how to do these types of games right as it has an elegant and smooth interface whereas Fables is clumsier and just too 'busy'.
Another odd thing about this game is its weird way of measuring time. According to my stats Ive been playing for less than 30 game days but ive aged to my late 30s from my mid teens , so im aging an an accelerated rate but I physically dont show it nor has my performance deteriorated in any observable way ,moreover I dont even know if Ill die of old age before completing the story.
This game is pretty low on charm and I set it aside at the plot point where im in a torture chamber being made to run a race. Maybe ill pick it up again later....maybe not.
I got this for about 10 bucks on Steam and it runs well on my Alienware beast and because of its cost I recommend this game.If it was selling for top dollar I would say look elsewhere.
It aint worth more than 10 bucks
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on February 3, 2014
Got this game when it was on sale for like $2. Awesome classic to add to anyones collection. Always recommend it if you see it on sale, never can hoard enough games :D
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on January 26, 2014
I was introduced to the Fable series with the second game, I liked it a lot so I got the xbox live arcade version of Fable for my xbox 360. The port was so bad I simply could not like it : terrible loading times, rather awkward control mapping on 360 controller, ... It felt like a chore to play.

I was quite impressed by the PC version. I'm used to subpar ports on PC regarding former console games, but this is clearly not the case here. The graphics are beautifully updated with free resolution support and the game now runs flawlessly. Strangely enough, the game doesn't work with a controller (not even an xbox360 one), but the mouse+keyboard controls are near perfect, and certainly better than the 360 version. The only slight problem I have with this game is the save system (unchanged from the original) which is rather complicated and can be annoying since you often need rather long play sessions if you don't want to lose progress.

That said, I can clearly recommend this game. It's a great mix of light and dark moments, part poetic, part silly, with colourful characters.
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on August 11, 2013
I really loved Fable 2, so I decided to try the first game on my PC. Really great for an old game! The storyline is a lot more involved than I was expecting too. I recommend the game, but I kind of wish I'd bought the disc instead.
I've had several problems with the Steam part; First I didn't know steam was required before purchase, so after I paid I found out I have to download a whole new program before I can download the game, which takes up more room on my computer. I also had trouble with the Steam account on my computer losing my log-in info so I couldn't play offline until I logged back onto the internet to fix it.
I love the game, but I feel like it's false advertising to not explain that an online Steam account is required BEFORE purchase. I have an old computer that bogs down when there's too many programs running; the last thing I need is another self-activating online account.
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on October 19, 2014
One of the greatest games that was ever made for Xbox and PC. I love the detail more on PC now that I have it!
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