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on February 9, 2010
Let me be the first to say that this is not a game for the casual gamer who wants to just pick something up and button mash. It's a mix of action & role playing with an added twist...moral consequences for your actions. Meet people, find treasure, start a family, gain power, customize your appearance, learn new abilities, become loved as a hero or feared as a villian....there are limitless variables which accompany the main storyline. Granted I didn't play Fable on the original XBOX, but I've never played anything quite like this. I really like the fact that despite the games complexity, you don't need a strategy guide....things are intuitive and the game will lead you in the right direction (using the "golden trail".

I'd guess I'm currently over halfway through the main quest. I have maintained a fairly moral path. I look forward to playing the game through again making immoral choices and gaining renown through villiany. Yes, I haven't completed the game yet and am looking forward to playing again.....high replay value IMO.

The Platinum Hits edition comes with both expansions, which make it the best value for someone who doesn't own a previous release of the game. This one has been worth every penny.
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on June 22, 2010
Pros: To start with the game is beutiful. the style is the closest you will get to playing a charles dickens novel. and except for the abrupt ending the game has a pretty great story that manages to hook you in the beginning take into account your actions through the game. the way your characters appearance changes based on how you fight, moral choices, the type of food you eat is pretty awsome.

Cons: secrets tend to hide worthless items. Money is so easy to come by that you won't struggle buying anything, and vendor equipment is typically better than the legendary equipment you find out in the world. bassically the game gives you all kinds of optional puzzles to solve, but all they give you for finding and completing them is a Pie or a gold necklace. The game is short for an RPG.
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Fable II for those who don't know is an Xbox only open world RPG which sends the player through the beautiful peaceful yet corrupt kingdom of Albion.

For starts the Game play is very fluid yet youll have to get used to it.
unlike most RPG titles your character does not "level up" , but instead using another system of doing so.
after killing any kind of target victim in the game they will leave behind orbs of experience which you must accumulate by holding RT.
Experience is divided into four categories : Strength , General , Will , And Skill. Strength improves the usage of any melee weapon , Skill improves the usage of any range weapon , will improves use of magic , while general helps with all kinds of combat.
skill and strength experience is used to buy new kinds of talents for melee and ranged weapons while will XP will be used to buy new magic talents , any kind of talent has more than one level.
Combat being a big aspect of the game if your traveling is pretty simple and straight forward.
the X button stands as your melee attack which if mashed continuously your character will perform basic swinging attacks , The Y button stands as your ranged attack , Hold or press B to use Will (magic).

like most RPG games Fable will have a line of main quest along with many optional side quest.

one major aspect of fable is the simulation of true life in the game think "The Sims" meets W.O.W.
For starters your player has an expression wheel ranging from Social , Fun , Flirty (not available when interacting with children) , Scary , and insulting which will affect how people look at you make some hate you others love you , expressions can be used during any point of the game.

your character will also be able to become fat or stay physically fit by eating certain kinds of foods (Steak pies against tofu fish celery) being fat will make you appear ugly to most people making it harder for them to like you.

through use of the right expressions your character can fall in love with another one which you can marry and start a family...which will involve SEX pretty simple don't wear a condom you might get an std or get your wife pregnant so for the sake of my character i always use a condom.

lastly the graphics of this game have their own look almost makes you think of Shrek cgi while the graphics are very good they still have a less realistic cartoonish side that makes the game look awesome.

the world of Albion while very beautiful and rich..i never had the ambition to explore it freely as i would in fallout or elder scrolls

overall this game is well worth twenty dollars and is an awesome addition to anyones 360 collection I would highly recommend buying this whether or not you have or haven't played the first one.

P.S. hope i wasn't to boring!
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To put things concisely I loved the look and feel of Fable II and enjoyed the moderate complexity of the combat but was a bit disappointed by the role playing aspect.

Looks. Goodness is Fable II beautiful. The scenery and buildings are gorgeous. The lighting and change of light throughout the day and in different weather is amazing. The whole experience is stunningly atmospheric. The npc's and enemies are fairly diverse though more variation in facial features (particularly of the female characters which don't benefit from the wide assortment of facial hair varieties) would be nice. As for customizing your own character, Fable II rocks. Furthermore your character's looks change based on what skills you develop and how you behave. Brilliant. It's a little annoying that getting stronger just means getting huge rather than getting more cut and lean muscle and regardless of whether you play a male or female character, but overall this is a really innovative and fun feature.

Combat is fun. I'm not a big video game combat junky and I don't like to have to carefully aim or time everything I do in order to survive a fight. If you like that you have the opportunity to focus on skills that allow it, however. I, on the other hand, enjoyed using easily targeted or area effect will (magic) combat. Overall it's rather satisfying.

Then there is the RPG element. Granted, it's the best I've seen other than Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but those two games seem to blow every other RPG out of the water as far as interactive storytelling goes. Those RPG's feel like a video game choose your own adventure novel. You get to actually have conversations with people and the choices you make can have a huge effect on how people treat you and how the game plays out. I was hoping for something similar with Fable II and didn't get it. I guess that is the difference in what I'd term a 4 star and a 5 star RPG. Certainly worth playing nonetheless.
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VINE VOICEon November 6, 2010
I was originally an Xbox player, but then recently switched to the PS3 for its all around general use. Recently, though, I've wanted to get back in to the Halo series and see how Mass Effect plays, and so I bought an Xbox 360. I sub sequentially bought around 6 Xbox 360 exclusive games and installed them all, playing briefly for about a half hour to get a feel for them. To my amazement the only one that immediately stood out and caught my interest was Fable 2. Fable 2 fast became my new favorite game and ranks up there with my other favorites in Assassin's Creed 2, Uncharted and Fallout 3.

Right away you get a feel for the medieval look and the vibrant colors that bring the game to life. The opening prologue, you as a child with your sister, draws you in and quickly makes you want to keep playing. Soon enough you embark on your quest to be a hero. As you traverse from village to village you run in to the highway men and the ruffians, giving you a chance to practice your skills and decide whether you prefer to use magic, melee or range weapon, or a combination of all three. This was one of the aspects that I liked about this game, the ease that you can use your various attack modes. As you gain experience you begin to decide where your hero's strengths lie, or whether you are a good hero or a bad one.

The pros. The vibrant colors bring this game to life and make you feel a part of something unique. The villages and towns are alive as you interact with the villagers. I personally like being able to purchase buildings and gain an income, and to have them continue to gain an income, though at a slower rate, while you are not playing. Your dog is another great addition to the game. He/she flows so smoothly through trails and on roads that he seems more real than a fake computer dog. After a while I loved running around and having the dog yapping away to tell me where a treasure is or growling when enemies are near by. The storyline is unique and the expressions are fun to use in the towns to get a response from the villagers.

The cons. There aren't too many in my eyes. The "open" landscape isn't really open, with oftentimes very limiting factors that make some parts of the world very linear. The map system is very clunky and almost useless. There seems to be no point in ever using the map. Your inventory is a little cumbersome to get through and use, especially since you have to keep going back in to your inventory after you use an item and start all over.

Overall I found this to be one of my all time favorite games. I was drawn in immediately and couldn't help waiting to play some more. All in all I got about 30 hours of play time in, although there seemed to be plenty of stuff to do after I beat the game. One disappointing aspect of the game is that you can't enter Fairfax Castle till you beat the game and can come up with the $1 million to purchase the building. I found that the castle was one of the more interesting aspects of the game and wished that this could have played more of a central role with my character. In fact the castle seems like an after thought as it isn't furnished too well and there isn't much going on with it, but it was still fun to run around.

A definite recommend.

5 stars.
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on February 22, 2013
The title of the review says it all, Fable II was a massive achievement for the Xbox 360 community in many ways more than just a few improvements. This is a must have action/adventure game that deserves more than it has earned(pertaining to the retarded 4 star rating this game has gotten on Amazon.)

And before anybody gets their pantys in a wad, let me clarify something; This is NOT an RPG(Role Playing Game)
It may be listed under the RPG genre category, but in order to not be let down by the pedestaled expectations that everyone had for this game in 2008; you have to think of this game as an Action/Adventure with some RPG elements sprinkled on top.

But enough of the Yada Yada's. Once again, lets get into the meat & potatoes.(No spoilers)

Graphics: 10/10
Let me just say, that out of all the games I have played in my life, not one oozes style as much as Fable II does.
This game is absolutely gorgeous, from the lush grass in the fields of Albion, to the creatures & enemies that roam the lands. This is one of the many upgrades that has improved from the original game ten fold.

Combat/Gameplay: 9/10
Melee: The melee system has greatly improved in my opinion. less clunky, more swift & agile like movements than the previous games combat system. Augments to improve your weapons also make a return from Fable.

Range: Range combat has a few new additions to the weapon selection. Bow & Arrows have been scrapped and replaced with Firearms, rangeing from Pistols, Turret Rifles & Muskets. Crossbows however have made a fully upgraded return from the original game.

Magic: The magic is the most improved out of the three combat category's in my opinion. Personally, I rarely used magic besides the healing power in the original Fable. But in Fable II, They made it so magic was actully useful and not a chore to use regularly in combat.

Story/Plot: 9/10
The original Fable's plot and inspiration was based off of folklore & fairtytale story's.(hence the name Fable)
Fable 2's story is based off of the period when technology was beginning to take off, a.k.a Then Industrial revolution. This period is known as the Age of Enlightenment.
Familiar towns from the original game have erected into full fledged cities & community's.
The story however, Doesnt have the mystic & enchanting feeling as the original game had. This is not necessarily a bad thing, this is just a different direction of storytelling LionHead has come up with. Instead of the abundance of cutscenes as seen in Fable 1, Fable 2 barely has any. Example: if your having a plot related conversation with a character, you have the ability to skip the dialogue or spin around your Hero, making the game feel less restricted.

The plot starts out fresh and keeps a steady flow of Drama, Action & a sense of exploration throughout the entire game. With the exception of the lackluster ending, which can be overlooked due to the many side quests that are available along with the up to par DLC's available on this version of Fable II. Above all else, a well rounded & entertaining plot and story.

Music/Sounds: 9/10
The legendary Danny Elfman makes a return as the orchestrator of the games soundtrack. The music fits the game like a glove and adds atmosphere to the beautiful lands of Albion. My only grief I have towards the games music is that it can get repetitive at times. I also found myself longing for Fable 1's music truthfully. I don't know what it is but, I found the soundtrack from the original game to be less repetitive to the ears.(my opinion)

Voice Acting: 9/10
The voice acting this time around has been slightly improved, The story driven characters give top notch performances. The citizens voice work however, have been completely upgraded but can get really tiring & old after hearing them a thousand times. And all male & female citizens seem to sound the same depending on their genders. Nontheless a great improvement.

Co-Op/Multiplayer 4/10
And this is where the one big issue of the game comes into play. The awful, awful nauseating co-op mode.
We were promised a well balanced story we could share with a friend. Invite him/her into our world and shape it the way we wanted......Well we got the well balanced story, but what we didn't get is a well balanced co-op mode. The guest in your world is forced to select Pre-set characters, allowing only the host to show off his/her Hero. And the main issue with the Co-Op mode is the camera angle. The guest has no camera angle, the host has complete control over what the guest can see and where he/her can travel to. Only allowing about 10 feet of separation from each other before an invisible wall pops up.

Replay Value: High

Game Size: 10/10
The map size has been confirmed to be 10 times bigger than the original game's.
if you want a game to roam and wander, this is your kind of game.

THIS IS A WARNING: If you are confused about which version of Fable II to buy, It is in yours and your wallets best interest to buy Fable II Platinum Hits edition. Or you'll be forced to spend extra money on the games Downloadable Content. Below are the names of the DLC's that come on the disc, not a code on a piece of paper next to the instruction guide; actual on disc content.

1. Knothole Island: a well sized plot extension w/ tons of extra content.

2. See the future: Also a well sized plot extension w/ tons of content. But you are given a small sneak peek to the plot of Fable III.

Fable II is a gorgeous & entertaining game that deserves more recognition then it has been given since its release date. Whatever problems the original game suffered, Lionhead has made it a goal to improve those issues and more. Aside from the Co-op issues, This game is a must have for anybody who likes games that make them feel in control of the world they're exploring.

I rate this game a 5/5
And it remains one of my favorite Xbox 360 games of all time.

Thanks for reading.
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on February 24, 2013
this game continues the great story and gameplay weve come to expect from the fable games. variable weapons and magic spells are awesome. the only downside is that through all the excellent and sometimes challenging gameplay the ending comes up short. no spoilers but it proly on most gamers top 10 worst endings. id still highly reccomend it to any rpg fan.
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on July 4, 2012
Fable 2 is overall a fun and great game. Is does not have the depth of Skyrim for example, but it is fun and easy going. Great story, entertaining, easy, you are a hero and will never die, even though you get knocked and lose accumulated XP from your previous skill or will leveling. You have lot of freedom and each action you take will have consequences. Fighting is fun, no matter if you are using swords, maces, guns or magic. With the XP you get while defeating enemies you can level any attribute when you reach enough XP to upgrade. There are cool bosses in some areas. When you master and raise the level of your magic spells, is great fun, especially the spells targeting an area, when you cast them over multiple enemies. Even though is an "easy" game compared to others , do not underestimate the game, it is a great game, well done and with a superb story.

I played Fable 3 first and then decided to play Fable 2 and my opinion is that Fable 2 is better by far. More fun, better story, you have bosses on different quests, and it is of course more challenging than Fable 3. Nice environments and great music (new age type). Ending story is cool, even the final fight was kind of a let down, but it is still a very good game. Great to get points for your Xbox Live Gamer score.

Main story is around 10 to 12 hours if you play straight, but there are a good number of other Quests, so if you take your time and do them then you will spend probably like 30 hours with the game. You will never get frustrated with Fable 2, it is a light RPG, but still a good RPG. If you want to be entertained and have fun with a game, this is a good choice.

This edition contains other DLC included, so for the price is a bargain for what you get.

Highly recommended
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on November 26, 2011
This game was a Great, great improvement over the original Fable, which is still a fanastic game, espicially with the expantion of the lost chapters, but this game changed the style, the format of the gameplay and made adventuring in this world all the more sweet, where every disition your character makes has an impact on the world, from the efforts or lack there of as a child to choices of whom to attack and kill, this game took all the orginal places in the world of Albian and expanded them into a newer and more evolved age in this world's history, with DLC already installed on this addition there is also more that even the orignal game didn't have to enjoy. Argueably the greatest achievement of the game is the A.I. behind your best friend in the entire game, the dog. When there is a CGI construct in a game that allows for such attachment, something was done right...nobody and nothin' hurt the dog and lived to tell the tale. Keeping the story from the original and adding in little ester eggs refering back to the first game it makes the play through that much more enjoyable. BUT! Parents, this is for you, it is reated M for a reason, so you have to decide if your child (or you) are mature enough to go through the world, drink to access if you want, have sex, have a family, be a grand villian, whatever. Just wanted to put that out there, thanks for reading and have a nice day!
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My original review was too bloated and harsh thus I've rewritten it.

Fable 2 - like it's predecessor - is a action/rpg hybrid that skimps moderately in both categories. Set some hundred of years after the first but still anchored to the fictional world of Albion, the game starts in very similar fashion to again it's previous iteration.

This time around life begins as a poverty stricken child who has no family but a sister. When a travelling merchant visits your quaint little run down town offering items beyond the physical realm, you and your sister attempt to better yourselves through the act of magic.

This is where you'll have first taste of the new improved mortality system. The catch to all things in life is money. As I mentioned, to find themselves removed from the slums will require a mere five gold pieces but as two poor children with less then even adequate shelter let alone food, what this essentially means is doing favor's for the people of Old Town regardless of whether they're intrinsically good or bad.

After some typical/predictable events the tables of just a wish becomes a saga of revenge and exactly where the meat of the game begins.

Now for anyone familiar with Fable, the game hasn't changed terribly much in many ways. For those that aren't; Fable 2 consists of singular button presses to comprise of specific fighting styles. Example: X does melee, Y - shoots a gun/crossbow and B casts magical spells. A simple, adequate combat system that while lacking does evolve as time goes on.

Along for the ride are a slew of new options such as: buying property, playing landlord, getting married, having a family, stealing, playing bar games with the game masters, finding gargoyles (think flying rats), finding silver keys, opening demon doors, doing all the side quests, and of course playing the twenty or so hour main quest.

Albion has a lot to do and is definitely a large world even if it feels somehow condensed and contained. Diversity is the game's true calling.

The story is fairly inheriting to all RPGs. Man (or monster) wishes to change/destroy the world and it's up to you to thwart their attempts. Much more then that is, as I said, tale of vengeance.

The graphics shine through as the other lost staple. Fable and Fable 2 while linear path based games have always provided nicely produced somewhat glossy looking visuals that never leave anything to be desired (unless you don't appreciate the art style). Some may even call it the Charles Dickens lens; I have no comment on that.

+ Wide range of gameplay with lots to do
+ Combat is simple but effective
+ Graphics are always "on"

- As an RPG the game lacks many things
- As an Action game it lacks more interesting combat styles
- As a free roam game it at times seems small and compressed due to it's linear paths
- Game is called Fable but Story plays second fiddle.


I thoroughly enjoyed Fable 2 even if I've been overly harsh of it in the past. I am and was disappointed in many things as was I with the first but each iteration proves to be not only to be more fun but evolves enough to warrant a purchase and thorough inspection through the ever changing world of Albion. And now, when you purchase the game you'll be able to experience it's two DLC packs free of charge. Both of which I actually rather enjoyed a lot.

Scored : 80/100
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