Customer Reviews: Facing the Music And Living To Talk About It
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on September 19, 2013
This book is a hard one to review because it reads like a self help book but I picked up more of a self realization for Nick in the pages of the book. He talks a lot about his drug and alcohol history and the steps he had to take to overcome it and while none of it was new information, it was interesting to read it from the perspective of the addict rather than some "expert" on the issue. While I personally have never had a drug or alcohol addiction, the majority of my family has so it's easy to understand what he is speaking about. Though I find it interesting that while he does delve into the issues he has with his family, and accepts partial responsibility for those issues, he doesn't clarify the role his drug and alcohol abuse played in the strained relationships with his family. In my experience, the addict often doesn't realize the toll that their addiction takes on those around them. When the nosedives happen, it's always because of something someone else has done or a perceived wrong done to them. Nick does acknowledge that he was the one ultimately responsible for his actions and the unfortunate outcome.
Throughout the book, I felt that Nick was being too hard on himself. We are always our worst critics but Nick needs to take a step back and realize that all these things that he thought was so horrible, really weren't. For example, he speaks of the movie he did a while back, Sleepy Hollow, and how horrible his performance in it was. The movie itself certainly wasn't A level material but I liked it. In fact, we have it on DVD and my kids watch it all the time. He writes about the time period around his solo album, Now or Never, as if he put a piece of garbage on the market. The album itself was actually pretty good though I would agree with his opinion that his promotion for the album wasn't his highest point. We went to see him on the Wayne Brady show during that time and you could tell he was burning his candle at both ends. Though, in his defense, he still performed well.
I can't claim that I read every single word. As a non-addict, I did skim through a bit of the addiction information as it didn't really pertain to me. However, what I did like was the fact that Nick not only presented his drug and alcohol history honestly and brutally, he also backed up a lot of the assertions he was making about his process with legitimate research and facts. So many celebrities write these types of books like they are an expert and fans eat it up. Nick didn't do that. He wrote about the physical, mental, and emotional ailments that his substance abuse caused and he gave the reader the reason why. I was especially impressed with the valuable information he gave concerning mixing difference substances which then combine to create a third substance. A lot of young people have died because they didn't understand the dangers of mixing substances.
At the end of Nick's book, he has a ton of resources for anybody going through the same type of issues he has. Wow, that made the book for me. Rather than doing the usual celebrity, "I am a survivor!" crap, he gave his readers a legitimate source for help. I applaud Nick for making sure that he provided a starting point for someone to get help.
I can see this book being purchased mainly by his fans but it would be nice if it could reach a larger audience. I am the same age as Nick and he is correct when he writes that our generation is one of the most substance addicted. The majority of my friends are either addicted, recovering, or dead. A book like this, written by someone in our age group would be an asset to a lot of the people going through the cycle of addiction.
Overall, yes, it is a good book. He doesn't spend the pages whining about what has happened to him but rather what he has done to stop playing the martyr. He clearly identifies his responsibility in what has happened in his life and the importance of getting over it, for lack of a better term. If what you are looking for is the inside story of BSB then you are going to be sadly disappointed but if you legitimately care about Nick and what he is trying to achieve in his life, then you will appreciate this book.
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on September 22, 2013
I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but I was not expecting what I got. This book has encouraged me to continue working on things that I want to change about myself. No I'm not a drug or alcohol addict, but I struggle with depression and can relate to some of the feelings he has towards his family. I got so much more out of this book than I ever would have guessed I would. Thank you Nick for being strong enough and brave enough to write this.
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on September 17, 2013
I read this book in less than two days, very simple to read. If you are expecting Nick Carter's autobiography, this is not exactly the book for you. While there is a substantial number of facts and personal stories in the book, the author focuses on his experiences with drugs, alcohol and family relationships. He repeats himself quite often, I guess, to emphasize the importance of what he has learned through his personal experience. The book consists of a combination of tips and pieces of advice from a former drug addict and alcoholic, encouragement to achieve your best and some autobiography. It is very honest and filled with what seemed to me true emotions. Hearing about the struggles a celebrity went through opened up my eyes that money is not everything, no matter how silly it may sound for many.
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on January 26, 2014
I knew this was a mix of self-help and biography, but I expected there to be a lot less of a self-help aspect then there is. The book gets very repetitive at times. Also, while it is great that Nick was able to solve his issues without rehab or medication, I think some attitudes he expresses about them could be dangerous for people reading the book in search of help, especially his attitudes toward mental health medication. Hopefully this book is able to help some people, but I had really hoped for more biographical information about his life with BSB.
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on March 11, 2016
I like Nick, but he comes across as nothing but a baby victim in this book. And it's kind of ironic because every other line is "don't be a victim." I thought he was particularly cold about his dead sister, and his droning digs about Paris Hilton remind me of a school boy keeping score.
The man sounds like he holds a lot of grudges over nonsense things. Not a good voice for a self help book.
Grow up Nick, glad you're clean and sober, but you definitely have to grow up some more.
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on April 16, 2014
i think it bridges the gap between the closed circles of the celebrity world and the rest of the various factions of life. anyone who lives in the spotlight knows that they are up for a lifetime of media smear campaigns and tables being turned against you. it puts hard working artists at odds with the very people they are working for and trying to reach because their jobs are made impossible. unless someone from within the system speak up about it, we are doomed to losing some of the finest contributors to culture and society. in our resistance to change and insistence on clinging on to outdated conventional modes that no longer serve any function, we drive the pioneers of live to despair, and leave them to create a downward spiral of self-destruction, which is candidly addressed in this book. no one should have to get out of it alone. talking about it ensures safe passage back into the world, on more measured, equal terms. i do not think it is ethical for the tools that artists use to make a living, be used against them so that others can get ahead. who is protecting the artists and ensuring they receive their due, credit and rights? they are required to perfect an image, and yet we use the image game to throw them off. artists deal with sensitive subject matter in protected environments. we have to, as a community, make sure that we provide the spaces the artists need to be heard and understood, so that their messages are not used against thme, for financial gain.
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on October 22, 2014
... saying I had no clue that this book was out. I just randomly stumbled across a year old episode of Dr. Phil, who was stating the book is a must read. About Nick Carter I didn't know much, I knew he was the blond young one of the Backstreet Boys. The one with the nasal voice who always sounded like he just hit puberty. When a song was played on the radio, I wondered why they let him sing so much, but shrugged it off as the teenaged fans probably liked that. And I remembered him from front pages of gossip magazines at the supermarket while he was dating Paris Hilton. Also, I somehow vaguely remembered the Backstreet Boys in connection of a song called "This is the end" and thought they had broken up years ago. This was all wrong, but I obviously hadn't paid any attention.
I had heard on the radio that one of his sisters had died shortly after it had happened. This in addition to me being a youth caretaker with a psychological background, Dr. Phil's episode sparked my interest in the book. I was expecting lots of background gossip and drama. But the book was a nice surprise. It has a lot of heart, and a lot of good advice, I recognized pages and pages of sentences that are being used to try and help troubled youngsters, which usually fall on deaf ears, unless a certain level of maturity has been reached.
I give him mad props for trying though. The subject matters to him, he seems to have his heart in the right place, and he struck me not as superficial and a little more emotionally intelligent than I unfortunately tend to think teen idols are.
As I myself have given plenty of the same advices in my job throughout the years, I found "Facing the Music" a good read, nothing I didn't know before, but it's uplifting and encouraging. He clearly doesn't want to come off as patronizing, hence why he is tiptoeing around certain subjects. Reading through the comments, he is proving himself right: there are still people who feel offended all too easily, and are annoyed if their expectations weren't met.
Luckily, Carter probably knows now to let go of all that. If the techniques he is describing are used as tools by an individual, they will make changes to ones existence; he has experienced that and wants to share. I personally I am glad that Nick Carter seems to have responded to the treatment sessions he's been attending and truly understood what he's been taught. This usually takes years though, and a lot of one on one teaching. But as Carter says, if only one person can understand a few clues how to change things in their lives for the better, he has reached his goal.
I read the book in six hours. It's sometimes brutally honest, sometimes sweet and emotional, keeping a nice balance. The writing style is good enough for a first time author, the subjects probably only suited for readers with an interest in Carter or some commonly used psychological techniques. It did entertain me, four stars.
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on September 20, 2013
I knew going into reading this book what it was going to be like after hearing him talk about it before it being released but I didn't know by opening the book I was also going to find myself in the pages of it. I am dealing with depression to the point of wanting to end it all. I really needed this book I think in way god made a way for me to find out about it after my last break down being a few days before it coming out I hadn't even made it to chapter 2 before I knew I had pushed to far and I was in full tears knowing I needed help I couldn't fight the battle by myself thanks to Nick's words I'm getting the help I need. I know this isn't the end of it I know I will still fight with downfalls just like Nick says in his book but I can't get the help without admitting it first to myself I need it which I have and truly believe it.
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on October 13, 2013
This book was hard for me to read at times... because looking back and even now its hard to see pictures, video clips and things like that during his dark period in life... and now knowing what he was going through and what he was doing to himself... and not seeing the darkness hiding behind his eyes.

I am so proud of Nick for writing this book because it couldn't have been easy but it is an amazing book and his tips for people going through the same or similar situations are real and he goes into things that people can do with or without the kind of resources he has/had available.

This book will be hard for fans to read but it is worth it especially if you know of or are someone going through drug or alcohol problems.... or like me and nick where a loved one has already passed on due to those problems...

Well done Nick!
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on November 1, 2013
Great read - enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling that they are at the end of their rope and need to be inspired to journey forward. Nick did a grew job of offering words of encouragement and insightful knowledge that one must continue to strive to find their worth.
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