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on February 6, 2011
I replaced a stacked GE Spacemaker laundry center with a Fagor FAS-3612 after the town cited me for improper venting. As I'm moving shortly and either selling or renting, I wasn't interested in doing extensive remodeling to meet code. Luckily, the Fagor became available around the time I began my search. I ordered it from AJ Madison and was satisfied with them.

There was an existing 240V circuit for the old unit that figured heavily in my buying decision. Most of the new combination units run on 120V, which seems wimpy given the physics involved in washing and drying clothes. The Fagor requires a 240V NEMA 6-15R receptacle and draws 10 amps. If not for the modest changes to the existing wiring, particularly if I only had 120V, I would have gone with an LG.

The machine heats its own water and needs just a cold water hookup, so I capped off the hot. The included hose leaked like a sieve from the connector no matter how hard I tightened it. I reused a Watts anti-flood hose. Installation was otherwise uneventful.

A mounting bolt cover on the back of the machine was broken on arrival. It's hidden, so no big deal.

My only other note is the machine fits in approximately the same footprint as the GE but is half the height. The old machine hid all kinds of nastiness behind it. Since it's in finished space, I'm trying to get it presentable. The door opening is very low; the top of the machine is counter height and can be removed to mount under a counter.

The Fagor washes very well and has a lot of features, too many to list. Because it has no agitator, it holds markedly more than the GE. I didn't appreciate this until I washed bedding.

There are no settings for temperature and water level, per se. Instead, you select a program from a dial and then modify it as you need. The program is a template that works like a Chinese restaurant menu: #5 gets you a normal 140ºF wash; push some buttons to get an intensive wash, easy iron, extra rinse, etc. I've settled on one setting for whites and another for colors. It will heat up to 194°F should the need arise.

Detergent goes in one of three troughs depending on whether it's pre-wash, wash, or fabric softener. The manual says you need an optional accessory to use liquid detergent but tech support disputed that and I've used liquid since.

The manufacturer recommends a mixture of small and large items. I had one incident where the machine could not balance the load, but then washed identical loads several times after with no problem. It goes through its business unobtrusively, except when it spins up like a turbine to dry. It has a clear door and I like watching it work.

Total cycle time, including "drying," ranges between 1:10 and 1:30. There is no need to transfer clothes from washer to dryer because it all happens in the same drum, but there is also no way to wash one load while drying another.

This is in no way, shape, or form a dryer. The best I can call it is a water extractor, or high-tech wringer that spins clothes at 1200 RPM. The clothes come out damp, albeit markedly dryer than from a conventional washing machine. This is just how this type of machine works. After the town cited me, I was forced to use a clothes rack and hoped to be rid of it. Oh well. In response to my inquiry, the manufacturer advised me not to overload the drum. No question that smaller loads dry better. Anyhow, I've had the machine a couple of months as of this writing and have gotten used to it. You should be able to hang things in your closet straight from the Fagor, with everything else going on a rack. Panasonic's NA-VR1000 is a similar unit but with an efficient heat pump dryer. If it ever comes stateside and isn't exorbitant, the Fagor may be a tough sell.

One feature I use often is delayed drying. The machine runs the wash cycle and soaks the clothes until you push a button to start the 10-minute drying cycle.

Other comments
Maintenance is fussy. You're supposed to leave the door open a while after you're done so the machine can dry out. My main complaint is a lint filter at the bottom of the machine, which requires periodic cleaning. Once you open it you will have water spewing as if from a garden hose. The manual suggests catching it with a plate, but there is no clearance between the filter and the floor. Not sure what they were thinking.

These combination units are markedly more efficient and sophisticated than the old-style stacked ones, like comparing a '79 Ford and '10 BMW. I like the controls and display. Electric usage is pegged at 115 KWH per year and water usage is also light. Downside is the old units have a good track record and the new ones will have to establish themselves. I know that front-loaders are typically less reliable.

The acid test is whether I'd buy it again? The answer is, yes.
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on December 4, 2011
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
I just love this machine it is the best buy in a machine I have invested in. Now I can wash and dry my clothes whenever...

I have heard some people say it doesn't dry I say...stop being lazy. If you open the hatch as soon as it allows you to from its safety feature... and leave it open until the clothes are cooled off enough to take out of the dryer (because yes they get scalding hot!)then they will definitely be dry sometimes I don't even do that and they are dry it just depends how many clothes you put in. If you put the full weight limit I would say try and leave the hatch open for 10-15 min and you should be fine or run it one more time on dry for 20 min and you should be good.

The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the plug is so awkward and it took a lot just to convince my uncle (my landlord) to switch the only 220v outlet I had in the house to the plug I needed which thankfully was in the kitchen but unfortunately meant I could not use my stove. Also if I ever move how in the world will I be able to get my unit hooked up??? THAT plug is where the headache lies...

I have even washed my bed covers in there however I don't know how it would have come out if the cover was heavier...hmmm...But I believe that my cover is a comforter its just the outside of the material is silky to the touch sort of. This unit is more than worth buying some cheap washer and dryer on craigslist and having to do the laundry in a dark creepy basement.

UPDATE: 7/18/2013

I still use this unit and no none of the clothes left in this unit after drying become wrinkled...If anything I feel that the dry cycle of this unit actually makes them come out as if ironed. :)

The plug situation wasn't difficult, it was just at that time it seemed difficult.
again it is just the switch of outlets. Love this unit but would like to possibly
get a stainless steel one at some point not sure....but completely happy with this one.
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on February 9, 2013
Color Name: White
Did they even try to use this thing before it went into production? Contrary to what the manual makes it sound like one would have to do, I have to clean the filter frequently due to having pets. It's not little keys and buttons that get emptied into my filter, as they illustrate in the manual; it's regular lint and pet fur. Since I can't elevate my machine (there was a space for it custom built under the kitchen counter in my rental), emptying the filter is pretty much a disaster every time. Yes, placing a towel under helps but the kitchen floor still gets pretty wet-- it's way more than half a cup of water that comes out. I haven't found a way to have the water come out slowly once you loosen the cap-- and there really is no room for anything to catch it. The manual says to use a a plate. Are you kidding, Fagor?! How is a PLATE going to catch all that water? I've tried using a funnel, very shallow containers, anything. So far I haven't found the solution. If you could elevate the machine a bit off the ground, that would be an easy fix.

Tip -- the fewer items you have in, the better things dry. (Duh, but it took some adjusting, I'm used to running my laundry machine at capacity -- don't do that.)

I miss having a regular washer and dryer.
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on September 28, 2012
Color Name: White
I found an awesome video that is Fagor's own DVD that someone uploaded on You Tube that shows the basic how to instructions for this exact Fagor washer/dryer combo machine FAS3612 and FAS3612X. (X- is the same exact model in stainless.)This DVD does not come with your new washer but you will want to have this video to watch when you are first learning to use this washer. The washer is complicated until you know the machine then it is easy. The manual is not completely clear. I did not have this video when I first tried out the machine. (Oh how I wish I had found this video first.)
This little 7 minute video will save you HOURS of trial and error trying figure out how to use the dryer component. It is so simple but not clearly explained in the manual.

I just got my washer but I have only been able to use my washer for 2 days because of issues which I will go into later after the dust has settled. I have washed approximately 10 loads including a queen size quilt, a double bedspread, and a twin blanket. I love that I can wash blankets and comforters in this machine and they are coming out very nice and clean. I could not do that in my old machine. I have not dried 10 loads (thankfully I have the backup of my old Maytag dryer. which is on a stacking wrack over my new Fagor machine. While I am catching up on lots of laundry and learning HOW the dryer function is going to work best for me. I could NOT have done 10 loads in such a short time period 2- days if I was using the drier component of the washer 100 percent. (maybe once i understand it but not yet) I am doing trial and error trying to figure out how long it takes to dry various loads so having the back up of a dryer has been wonderful. I call it the best of both worlds.

Now that my new Fagor washer dryer combo is up and running-- I must say that I am very impressed. I have been using the laundry mat and a friend's fancy Fisher Paykel washer for 3-4 months after my 30 year old Maytag finally bit the dust. I loved my Maytag. It was the top of the line in it's day and it gave me very little problems so I used it until it was pronounced dead and I was very sad to say goodbye. The Fisher Paykel machine that my friend owns, I had helped to research and pick out-- and it was the nicest washer that I had ever used (I admit that I was slightly jealous.) I the Fisher Paykel is a slow washer and that drove me nuts since I was in someone else's house waiting for a load to finish for what seemed like forever, but it got the clothes very bright and clean and I understand that slow is the new modern way of washers and I was going to have to accept that. (Thank goodness, I had a taste of slow washing already because yes this Fagor machine is slow.) Using mostly the old laundry mat for 3 months as I did, my clothes were getting extremely dingy. Stains were NOT coming out and then every now and then I would use the Fisher Paykel machine at my friend's house and my clothes would be noticeably much cleaner with one wash but it could only do so much even with bleach.

My first load in the Fagor Washer Dryer Combo was with bated breath, I had spent so much $$ on this machine and I had waited so long for it to arrive. I had run into issues with the wrong hoses being shipped, not fitting, and water squirting everywhere (I will explain that more later) so my first wash load (It took forever to figure out the little manual) I had to go back on line and read what the others here had typed about using the dryer program and it took me a few loads to get the dryer mostly figured out. So when the first load washed on PROGRAM-4 (Which is normal wash- warm- 104 degrees)came out of the washer, the clothes were steaming hot, wet, and they were SO CLEAN. WOW, Oh my gosh, stains were mostly all gone (without using bleach) I have a pair of off white cotton pants that I have worn in the garden and muck all summer which had ground in dirt stains. I had gotten them as clean as I thought was humanly possible with several bleach washings. Oh my word, the Fagor got most of the stains out (they have only a few light spots left),I bet that those stains WILL come out with a more intense wash program on this machine.

I spent a long time trying to figure out the manual, face it, it is written in English but for people who are used to these type of machines. There are missing pieces of key information for Americans-- thank goodness for this sight where we can share our experiences. And the above video.

Someone mentioned (I don't know if it was at this site or another site) that their clothes don't shrink. (I think that they must be using the gentle dry cycle. I have not tested that Program for shrinkage yet.) I tested the Normal Hot Program with a pair of Jeans that were a size too big and had been dryed on HOT in 5 different gas and electric dryers since I bought them (I could not shrink them). I was trying to shrink them all summer. Well one trip through the FAGOR Normal Hot Dryer Program, (@170 degrees per a phone call to Fagor Tech support.) I got the clothes bone dry and shrunk those pants in legnth and girth. Maybe I over dried them I am not used to this machine yet and it is hard to guess how long to set the machine to dry. I did something like this with the load that had the jeans (Drier time-- 20 minutes, walk away come back 2 hours later, no not dry yet still very wet, 30 more minutes walk away for 2 hours, no not dry yet, hmm I will try 70 minutes this time or I will never get this load finished.)

Something that you CANNOT do with this dryer is dry a little then open the door and pull something out or add another item. I like to dry that way. This machine LOCKS and will not open the door until the inside has cooled to a certain degree before you can open the door. Hence the walking away and forgetting to come back and check on the dryer again for hours. It would be much easier if you could open the door and test for dryness. I guess 170 degrees probably would scald you checking the laundry. But you waste all that heat inside the drum waiting for the load to cool off to pull something out or add something. I will have to learn how long through trial and error that it takes to dry different weights of fabric. Sheets vs towels for example then set the dryer accordingly to pull things out at the point I want to hang them up.

There is a Delicate Dry Program which I will try next to determine shrinkage. That may be the way to go with clothes. I don't know how hot the Delicate Dry Program gets that is not in the manual. It is recommended for synthetics. (And these jeans do have a stretch to the material so they probably should have been on the delicate heat because of the strech fabric) I am happy to have shrunk them- but be warned!

I have learned that it is well worth adding the extra 10 minutes to have a gentler spin using the Anti Crease Option. Otherwise the clothes are seriously wrinkled and the wrinkles don't hang out when the clothes are hung up wet. Even sheets I will use that Anti Crease option every time from now on. There is also a NO SPIN option for very delicate fabrics and clothes. I have not tested that one.

Prior to buying this machine I had asked everyone if they use H.E soap and or bleach and everyone told me NO to both. I asked my trusted repairman and he told me that Bleach wears out the rubber gaskets and things deep in the inner workings of the machines. (He is not familiar with Fagor yet but we did get him signed up to be THE Fagor Repair Specialist because there were none in my state.) He told me use bleach only very sparingly and remember that I need a lot less bleach than with a traditional washer because there is so much less water. He recommends not ever using bleach. Because there is a thin peice of metal (generic washer information) that is part of the spider mechanism that bleach eats. I am using H.E. soap I bought the little measured packs that you toss in the washer with the load of clothes. I am very pleased with H.E. soap (I bought these packets for the laundry mat and it helped get the clothes the cleanest possible in those crappy machines. My repairman told me also that he sees the non H.E. soaps are hard on the inner parts of the front loaders and actually causes them to wear out faster. The dirt floats on top of the old fashioned detergents and therefore float the dirt and soap debri up into areas where it can do damage when it is left behind. He said that the enzymes in those soaps continue to eat at the bearings and that thin piece of metal in the spider of these machines. Amounting to expensive repairs. He recommended using only H.E. soaps in all the front loaders. The Fagor mamual does not mention pros or cons of H.E soap. The repairman told me that also vinegar, and borax are perfectly fine to use in top loader machines-- in general they should do no harm. The same with bleach substitutes.

I really like that this machine is very quiet and smooth. It rather purrs like a little cat. This is the quietest washing machine I have ever used. I have it located it my bathroom which is just off my bedroom and in the center of my house. Normally I do not feel the vibration of the machine. But when it is unbalanced then the vibrations increase increase increase. I was sitting on my bed talking on the phone when the load went unbalanced. The machine is new so I didn't know what was happening. (User error I am sure) I laughed so hard as my bed began to vibrate,more and more and more, remember motels with the 25 cent bed vibrators? It was just like that. We used to love those when we were kids. Anyway that is not the regular experience with this washer. And while it was loud it wasn't obnoxiously loud. In fact the old washer made more noise every time I ran it. But I never had a mechanical vibrating bed outside of a cheap motel before. It was hysterical.

I will keep coming back to add to this as I am learning more about this machine.

UPDATE: I have had my fagor machine for 3-1/2 months. I have done a lot of washing of quilts and dog and cat bedding. I inherited a dog that sheds every minute of the day. So dog hair is on everything. AHHHH! This washing machine has been doing a really good job of getting the hair out of the laundry. I shake it outside before washing and in the past had to wipe down the inside of old washer after washing something hairy and wipe down the inside of the dryer after the same article. I keep all the hairy dog items together for one load. I still shake and keep the dogs items seperated from mine but this dog also gets all of my clothes hairy. So this is a problem for me, I hate hairy clothing! Good news is this washer does a really good job of grabbing the hair into the lint trap. After cleaning a hairy load of laundry the front rubber gasket and the holes where the lint is taken away is all that I have to wipe up with a little rag or thin washcloth, or even a napkin. The inside of the washer typically is NOT hairy after a hairy load. Except if your lint cup is full. Then the washer can't really grab the lint or hair and it gets deposited back on to the clothes.

The lint cup: That is my nemesis! I do not like emptying it because there is such a tiny clearance between the machine and the floor that it is impossible to get a towel back under the machine very far. I had emptied it after one week, that was too soon to be of any use a tiny bit of lint was in the cup and it was not worth the cup or two of water that pours out onto the floor so fast that none of my towels are able to absorb it before it is everywhere. (I don't have a sealed floor) I tried it again at the one month point. Still not enough lint to warrant the work and the water mess -- there was just a tiny ball of lint the size of dime and some hair. So I let it go probably about 2 months maybe a little more this time. I had a load with no lint of it's own get covered with lint from the previous load (new wash cloths) and was noticing that it SEEMED like suddenly clothes had more hair on them when they came out than when they went in.

Hmmm, it's been a long while since I cleaned out that lint cup...

This time I found a piece of hard wood that was left over from an old antique table that was 1-inch high, by 2-inches wide, by 30" long, I shoved that under the left side of the machine. I was able to tip the machine up and push this under with my foot. That gave me clearance to bunch up a towel under and around the machine to catch the gush of water. This maneuver will need tweaking as there still was too much water for my towel but this was the least mess so far. And the lint cup-- it was packed full of dog hair. The wooden piece from the antique table has a new permanent use to lift the corner of the machine. Now I will hunt for the right size shallow pan to catch the water to shove under the hatch opening for next time.

Update it has been about 2 years. I don't like this machine. I can't get the lint out of it I have no idea where it is hiding. I clean and clean the machine and then it deposits lint all over my clothes. I am the laundry queen and I have never had such beat up linty clothes in 30 years of doing wash. At first the machine was not doing this (I wasn't drying much in the beginning but now whether I dry or not this machine seems to beat up my clothes.) I do small loads, increasingly more and more on gentle (which isn't helping much) and I am a careful sorter. Linty things together. So I bought an entire load of sweat pants since I didn't want to wash them with anything else. 4 pairs of black sweat pants. It takes 4 loads of wash to get the black lint out of the machine. And all the black sweats look 90 years old because light colored lint got deposited onto them. The lint seems to become perment balls on the fabric. I am not happy about this. I have a lot of expensive worn out looking clothes that have only been washed on cold and gentle cycle and hung up to dry.

It takes forever to dry a load of towels and that is 2 towels, 8 wash cloths 4 dish sponges probably only about 5-7 pounds of laundry. I don't know how you would ever get 13 lbs of dry laundry into this machine. Drying one towel and some washcloths takes hours drying two towels plus smaller stuff I have done 3 or more hours.

I loved this machine at first (I chalked any disappointments to a learning curve, that would work itself out and get better) but after almost 2 years I am very disappointed. Cleaning the lint cup takes planning... what I am going to use this time that will be better than last time to divert the water so it doesn't run behind the washer where there is no way to get a towel? After 2 years you'd think I would be a pro at it. NO I still am not! Tonight was the cleanest ever but I had to use a rug and a bath towel which were both clean and now need to be washed. It is practically an act of God to clean out the lint cup. (I have found myself wasting mental energy re-designing the stupid thing). I finally figured out that I could take the little drop down plastic door off, with it out of the way the job is much easier-- but still not easy. I have less spilled water now with the door out of the way. Tonight I actually measured the amount of water that came out of the machine during the process, (because I caught most of it this time rather than spilling half of it. There was 4 cups of watered captured. (horrible design) I decided to leave the little plastic door off permanently so that it won't get broken before I decide to move. I will pop it back on and sell this machine with the house.
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on September 11, 2011
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
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on February 22, 2013
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
If you live by yourself (or with one other person) and do not have a lot of space, I recommend buying a washer/dryer combo unit. However, I can't recommend this particular unit.

The drum is smaller than a regular washing machine and the drying function is much slower than a regular dryer. That is true for all combo units - not just this one. If you are okay with a small load of laundry taking around 3 hours, then you should definitely consider a combo unit. This one has an estimated annual cost of $15 per year, which is incredible for washing and drying clothes.

People have complained about the 220V plug. Any electrician can convert a 110V outlet (the ones all over your house) to a 220 in about 5 minutes by making the neutral wire (white) a second "hot" wire. The trick is that it must be a dedicated circuit. Look in your breaker box for a circuit breaker labeled "washing machine" or something to that effect. DO NOT try to replace the power cord to match your wall outlet. You must replace the outlet to match the cord.

Regarding the poor rating (2 stars) - I ordered this unit December 30, 2012. It arrived 2 weeks later with scratches on the front. Not too bad but when you buy something new, you expect it to look new. It was shipped with two pieces of styrofoam (one on top and one on bottom) and plastic wrap going around it. I support the idea of not using excess packaging but at least use enough packaging to protect the product.

The water hose that came with it was a total piece of junk. I know because mine cracked during the 2nd or 3rd wash, flooding half my house. I replaced it with a steel braided hose from Home Depot. That worked fine for a while but I had to unhook it to finish replacing the drywall behind the washer/dryer (which got soaked during the broken hose incident) and when I went to put it back on I over tightened it, stripping the threading on the inlet valve.

So I contacted Fagor customer service. They were very friendly. I was told that the part was ordered and I would be hearing from a local company who would come out and install it. After waiting a little over 2 weeks I called back and was told that they had the part there at the warehouse and would send it to the local company. Rrrrrrrrr! Why is it just sitting there? Okay. Mistakes happen. Again, the service rep was very friendly. As before, she said the local company would be contacting me in 24-48 hours to schedule the install. That was 72 hours ago. She gave me the company's name so I tried to google the company. No companies with that name in my state so I can't call them myself. Very frustrating. I like that Fagor's customer service reps are friendly and I like that they speak English as their first language. But if they can't get the job done, who cares how friendly they are?

My unit made a REALLY loud banging noise during the spin cycle (others have mentioned this problem too). It was level, so I knew that wasn't the problem. While investigating the stripped inlet valve I took off the top of the unit and discovered a circuit board (that was secured with some cheap plastic clips) had broke off and fallen between the drum and side wall. That's why the banging was so loud. I was able to secure it where it was but, again, that shouldn't happen with a new unit.

In retrospect, I believe they sold me a unit that someone else returned. I can't prove it but that would explain the limited packaging, scratches on the front, and broken circuit board. For that reason, and the ongoing problem with customer service, I would suggest avoiding this brand.

If anything happens that improves how I feel about this product or company, I will update my review.

March 8 UPDATE: It has now been approximately 6 weeks since I originally contacted Fagor about the problem and I am still waiting for the part. Really regret buying a Fagor product.
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on April 10, 2013
Color Name: Silver
This machine is fantastic, plain and simple. Here are some key points to make this review easy to understand.

1- 220V required. If you have a 110V outlet, be prepared to get an electrician or wire it up yourself.
2- It is a bit heavy, but not impossible to move by oneself.
3- Yes - it absolutely dries your clothes. I use 90 minutes for the dryer, and it works great. Not sure about the other reviewers, but I suspect the settings are not correct or the 220V is not being utilized properly.
4- Is it complicated to use? Not really. Directions are explanatory. I use one setting with an extra rinse option and 90 minutes for drying. Perfect every time.
5- Excellent quality device. You get what you pay for.
6- Super quiet. It sounds like a dish washer. Even the spin is quiet with no vibration.
7- Requires HE soap. And although the directions require an extra liquid soap dispenser according to the directions, it's no different than any other front loader. One reviewer called the company and confirmed that it was not necessary.
9- The water hookup hose that comes with it is fine. It is a odd pipe thread type. Changing it out is not required, as long as it's on tight and the rubber O-ring is in place.
8- Buy this machine for apartment/condo living where space is limited. You will be pleased with the purchase.
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on October 10, 2013
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
I purchased this washer dryer on Sep29, 2012, so I have been using it for over 1 year now, and feel ready to write a review of it, after using just about all of its functions, and learning about all the pros and cons...

First let's start with the pros:

1. Size was indeed the motivating factor for us to purchase this unit. It is very compact, so much so, that we have it in our pantry. I love the space it now frees up for us.
2. It actually does a half way decent cleaning job. Just based on cleaning alone, I would give it a 4 star, but read on...
3. If it's not spinning, it is pretty quiet. I usually don't know if it is running or not (but it runs all day in our house, everyday)
4. Our electric bill has lowered BUT ONLY IF YOU DON'T USE THE DRYER SETTING!
5. Fairly easy to maintain, as the error codes are easily looked up on the net, and then troubleshooting isn't bad. I have a ton of experience fixing appliances though. You will mostly be emptying the filter, checking water pressure (if you need to turn off the water to your house for something, and release pressure in the lines, this will not work until the lines are repressurized, which takes a few minutes)

Now the negatives, which I think are at about the same level as the pros:
1. This thing, in my house (2 adults, one 2 year old), runs ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT, EVERYDAY. That's right, all day all night everyday like I said. We are not filthy people, but we use rags instead of paper towels, and we cannot keep up with the amount of laundry we produce. The load size is to blame, but we knew that going into the purchase. It's not a deal breaker, but we just had no idea how much laundry we were going to do...
2. Our bills lowered, yes that is true, but we don't use the dryer function. Our bill actually went up when we used the function for whatever reason. I personally don't think the dryer function works worth a crap! We live in an environment where we can just hang our clothes and let them dry in a few hours, pretty much exactly what you're getting with this little unit. If your relative humidity is around 15-30%, you are wasting time and money drying it in this machine. I don't know how this works in Europe, but this does not dry our clothes (most likely because we overload it in an effort to keep on top of our laundry). This is our biggest disappointment with the machine overall. It adds a huge step to our already busy day, which is hanging our rags and clothes after a wash. I am used to it now, but at first we were very disappointed. I just hang the clothes whenever I have a free moment now (which is rare with a 2 year old).
3. If you use the dryer function, your electricity bill will not go down, and might go up. Depending on how much laundry you do, you will be using this drying function all the time since it takes hours to get your clothes to the point where they are still damp. If you live alone in an apartment or something, this may be exactly what you are looking for, but for even 2 people, it is just not enough for drying. Washing function is fine, but the loads are too small, which leads us to have this thing running all the time. This translates to a HIGHER utility bill when running all the time with the drying function.
4. The spin cycle: Jeez, this thing gets going at like 1000 rpm's if I remember correctly. It shakes our whole house! It is scary enough that my two year old runs away from it when it gets going. Luckily, that only lasts for a few minutes, but leveling the unit only helps for a few days before it starts shaking again. It's not enough for me to worry about it, but man, this thing can wake up the neighbors. I actually don't mind it, because I know my clothes will dry quicker this way, but my wife wants me to include this in my review.
5. Frequent emptying of the filter. Yea, this thing needs maintenance. I have had to empty the filter 3 times in one year so far, but also, have had to clean the inside free of detergent, as it just builds up in the loading tray for some reason. I think a slightly more powerful jet spray can clear out this area better, but some vinegar in the tray cleans it out fairly well. Its a huge pain when your laundry is done, and you open the tray to see maybe 25% of the detergent made it to the clothes (maybe that is better for my body, who knows). It happens somewhat frequently, and we stopped buying detergent and made our own, which works better (much more finely ground).

Overall, I would not recommend this to a family of any size. Really, think about what you are getting yourself into here. Do you want to do laundry all the time? If I knew this beforehand, I probably would not have purchased this unit. But I am trying to be as fair as possible in my review, and for a young couple, or a single individual, this would be a dream machine, as long as you are willing to maintain it (clean out the machine, and empty the filter), which can get tricky sometimes, as the drain is at the very bottom of the unit, making it very difficult to not spill water everywhere when emptying it (who designed this thing?)). It has saved us money in utility bills ONLY IF YOU DO NOT USE THE DRYING FUNCTION. That's important, because there are all these reviews touting this thing's energy efficiency... Well you could get similar results using just a regular washing machine without a dryer. The estimated cost of ownership sticker on the top of the machine indicates that we will spend $15/year to operate it... WHAT??? How in the world is this number calculated? We spend that much in water costs alone PER MONTH to keep it running. Obviously the dryer function is not included in this cost, but our water is cheap where we live, and I definitely uses more than $15 per year! I have absolutely no idea where that number comes from. I am also aware that it is based on usage and utility costs, but even with the most conservative estimates for these variables, there is absolutely no way that a small family will be spending any less on this unit, than they would with another, due mostly to the low washing capacity, necessitating the need to do laundry all the time.

So in summation, I have learned to accept this thing after 1 year, and give it 3 stars, or 2.5 stars. I am used to hanging laundry, and it never really takes more than 5 minutes, but this thing runs constantly in the background of my house. I personally don't think it is worth $800, and you could buy a cheapo washing machine from a big box store for 1/4 of the price, and get the same exact results in both washing ability and utility costs, but a much more dramatic increase in the size of your loads, leading to less laundry going on. My wife agrees with everything I've just said! Good luck, and don't let my review dissuade you from your purchase, just know what you're getting into!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on December 5, 2012
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
I purchased this unit as a second washer/dryer for a room off of my kitchen for doing light laundry. Has worked beautifully. One of the bars on the drum fell off yesterday (after 9 months of use). Called Fagor customer service. They asked for pictures of the part. I took them and emailed them and was told they would just email me the part, which I should be able to install myself. I will update if something changes.
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on January 1, 2015
Color Name: WhiteVerified Purchase
Long story with this machine.

Did like it at first: compact, ventless, set-and-forget and the load is done from wash to dry; we have it on the 2nd floor, so no running up and down to do laundry; it's quiet enough and doesn't wake us so we were able to run overnight loads -- it does have many good features.

But after 18 months, I do regret investing in this model.

Defective inlet hose and broken drain hose right off the bat. New inlet hoses were sent relatively quickly, but still didn't work. I blame that on design flaw. Got my own at Home Depot instead. The broken drain hose was also fixed onsite relatively timely. Good enough customer service. If that was all with this machine, I'd have been happy with it.

Unlike other 2-in-1, this one has no problem with drying. At times, clothes actually came out way too dry and stiff.

It uses little water but that also makes my whites turn grey as the white absorbs the dirt in the very concentrated dirty water. A lot of my kids clothes are ruined this way, they become unpresentable and unbelievably wrinkled. We don't dry our dress shirts with this machine. All hang dry.

Now after 18 months, the drying function is dying as even after 3 hours of drying a half load of clothes, it is still very damp and has to be hung dried. We also started getting error codes F04 & F07, along with burnt smells, loud bangs, electricity short circuit 'fzzzzt' or zaps sounds, etc.

Call to find repair, but we are out of luck as it is an European design 2-in-1 combo. No offense to European products, I love many things from Europe, but no traditional appliance repair shop in my North American town seems to want to touch it. Biggest problem as they explained to me, besides not knowing the ins-and-outs of the machine, is that the repair shops can't get parts.

I phoned the "authorized" repair shop closest to me (in a different city), they charge a whopping $220 ($125 per hour + $95 travel) with tax, so it will cost me $250 to have them just check out the machine; and with parts, if any, this can easily be a $400 to $500 fix. They are actually unsure if they even have anyone close enough to me that they will come to me.

So, I'm stuck with this machine, too expensive to fix, too expensive to dump.

Learned my lesson: Will stick with brands that are popular in North America that any shop can fix. Or if you still want to try out this Fagor machine, make sure you get extended warranty.
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