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America is asking if Fahrenheit 9/11 is a healthy dose of dissent, or shameful cowardice, if Moore really believes what he says, or if it's all about the money. Fahrenhype 9/11 plunges a big needle deep into Moore's methods.

Dick Morris, Zell Miller
1 hour 21 minutes

Fahrenhype 9/11

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Genres Documentary
Director Alan Peterson
Starring Dick Morris, Zell Miller
Supporting actors Ed Koch, Ron Silver, Ann Coulter, Peter King, David Frum, Frank Gaffney, Dave Kopel, David Hardy, Jason Clarke, Peter Damon, Bill Sammon, Gwen Tose-Rigell, Ed Sapp, John Ashcroft, Osama bin Laden, George Bush, George W. Bush, Laura Bush
Studio Godigital
MPAA rating NR (Not Rated)
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Customer Reviews

Was I really expected to believe these guys over Moore?
J. Holton
Believing that America is so polarized that if they hate Bush that they love Clinton is another totally failed concept.
Joseph Biel
What to say about this film but that the intentions were clear, unambiguous, and that's the problem.
Paul Tremblay

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35 of 51 people found the following review helpful By J. Holton on December 1, 2004
Format: DVD
I lean slightly to the left, but I like to be open minded so I thought I'd see this film.

The film basically tries to do a point/counter-point argument against some of Moore's opinions in F9/11. The most powerful and effective are new interviews of a few people who were in Moore's film who thought they were not represented fairly. How well you think the rest of the film was made will depend on your bias.

I agree that the film relied too much on right-wing "experts" to counter Moore. For instance, a good piece of the film relies on the two men who wrote the book "Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man," whom clearly have a bias. The men seem more concerned with smearing Moore's image than corrected inaccuracies of information. It's pretty much epitomized when the fat bald guy says something to the effect of "Moore is unAmerican, he's not Canadian, he must be French." Then his little friend snickers like a weasel. A public service announcement of Project VoteSmart this is not. Was I really expected to believe these guys over Moore?

One of the most memorable parts of Moore's film was the sequence that showed Bush in the classroom after being told, "America is under attack." Fahrenhype basically argued that Bush didn't want to alarm the American public by making any sudden moves. First of all, who was watching Bush live in the classroom? Nobody. Everyone I know was glued to news channels like CNN watching live footage of NYC. Was it even being broadcasted live? Wasn't it just for publicity? Second, it doesn't explain the scared and lost look on his face which left such a strong impression on myself. They are sure to make clear that Bush actually did nothing for 5 minutes, not 7.
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23 of 34 people found the following review helpful By T-Man on July 17, 2007
Format: DVD
I'm so glad that I rented this movie from Netflix instead of actually buying it.

This movie barely does much rebuttal of "Fahrenheit 9/11," and is almost laughable at certain parts. Indeed, this documentary proves that Michael Moore perhaps did not give the ENTIRE story in Fahrenheit 9/11 in certain parts. But what this documentary does is it totally botches the story of Election Night 2000, by merely mentioning that certain "liberally biased" newspapers confirmed the recount was in George W. Bush favor. What they did not mention (and what Michael Moore DID mention) was how thousands of black voters (and we all know how 90% of blacks vote) were wrongfully knocked off the voters list, and how many ballots were faulty, and how Katherine Harris and George W. Bush's buddies on the Supreme Court stopped the recount. Al Gore's biggest mistake was not ordering a statewide hand recount.

Also, this documentary is EXTREMELY heavy on opinion and conjecture. Merely 15 minutes is dedicated to people talking about their experiences in Manhattan on September 11th. And merely 70% of the documentary is opinion anyway, perhaps 40% of it from Dick Morris, Clinton's fired advisor. I can only remember them using and citing actual documentation and news sources twice, the first one to show that Michael Moore allegedly misrepresented a news article, and one quote from the 9/11 Commission Report, an organization of which Bush tried to prevent the formation (an undisputed fact from Michael Moore's documentary not mentioned here).

There are two interviews in particular that were just awful. One of them was by Peter Damon. He was the amputee at Walter Reed.
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90 of 134 people found the following review helpful By wildbill on April 17, 2005
Format: DVD
The good news is that this DVD does enable one to be more critical of Michael Moore's movie, "Fahrenheit 911."

The bad news is that this DVD is at least as deceptive as Moore's movie. Even if leftist orthodoxy were not involved, this amalgam would be at no risk of getting any award at Cannes or anywhere else. Honest conservatives will admit that this was an election campaign rush job and a Rush job.

I ordered the combination DVD and companion book. I was disappointed even by the covers of each. The book cover has a tasteless, juvenile cartoon beneath even "T V Nation." The DVD package features incomplete biographical labels that will be used slyly in the actual film. For example, Dick Morris was a consultant to and image guru for Bill Clinton, but before that he worked for multiple Republicans and after 1996 (he left the service of President Clinton over Mr. Morris's peccadillos, remember!) he became a conservative author, debunker, and contributor to and analyst at Fox News. Identifying Morris as advisor to Clinton represents Morris as much as calling Ronald Reagan a New Dealer would. Where's the rest of him?

One reads, for a second example, that Steven Emerson has uncovered many of the plots since 9/11, but one is not told that Mr. Emerson authoritatively attributed the Oklahoma City bombing to jihadists. I don't blame the producers of this DVD for leaving out that juicy tidbit, but I do fault them for attacking Moore for similarly partial, partisan incompleteness. Sauce for the goose, baby! If you're going to attack Moore for being selective and deceptive (as you do and should), then you should redouble your efforts to be as forthcoming as you can. Clever labels incline the skeptical, attentive viewer to ask who is more deceptive, Moore or you.
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