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on October 17, 2011
We finally get a US release. /facepalm @ US publishers for taking so long, but moving on with the review...

Fairy Tail has been a hit series for a reason. That is, well, its just great content. Good action, nice stories, and fantastic characters. But of course, so is Naruto and Bleach/etc. However, unlike those, Fairy Tail is not riddled full of filler. For those that have been keeping up with other popular shows like Naruto, you'll know the inevitable dread that filler brings. Either poorly written or completely disjointed stories that serve no purpose but to buy time till the artists finalize the next story arc.

Now, one cannot say this series is without filler. But here is the big difference, the Fairy Tail filler is actually capable of being part of the main plot. Then also you'll see them refer to the episodes later. If you notice filler in shows like Naruto, they never are part of the main plot or are linked later. This has caused a sour taste to grow in the mouths of viewers whenever they come to the end of an arc, knowing they have to put up with months of filler next. With Fairy Tail, after watching over 100 episodes now, I honestly can say I was disappointed in maybe a half dozen of them. But they still added something to the story.

The rest of the time when watching this show, you are pleasantly moving from one arc to the next, which doesn't take long. There is a lot of comedy and slapstick antics in some episodes, while others brings in a tone of seriousness and drama that may even bring a tear to some eyes. Fairy Tail does this and it does not seem out of character when it does. Neither is it a roller coaster ride of dizzying highs and lows.

It is true that some of the story arcs are better than others. But this is affected by the characters who take a more prominent role from arc to arc. There is some variation that takes place as episodes go on. Characters will grow, some more than others. The world is big after all. There is a lot of growth that can be done in this series. Only time will tell if the writers of it can keep the good trend going strong.

Really hope this show will get a respectable English dub for you who can't read the subs. I cringe at the thought of Natsu or Lucy having voices similar to those used in big shows like Naruto. Lets just face it, English voice actors just cannot do over the top characters very well.

That said, enjoy it! Fairy Tail is a fantastic show that hopefully will be around for many years to come. It has been strange to not see it hitting the US sooner but it is good to see the show finally getting some spotlight, instead of some of the real tripe that has been picked up by publishers in the last two years. Really is good to see some quality anime getting finally released here.
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on November 17, 2011
I love this series. I'm a long-time anime fan, and yet this show managed to become my absolute favorite, not just one of my favorites, in a very short time. I hate that it's taken so long to get a US release, but eh.

Since lots of other people have told at length what makes the series great (awesome characters, engaging, moving plot, some great humor), I'm going to keep mine on the dubbing. The Japanese language casting for this series is spot on, so it was hard for me to get used to the English dub at first, but I have to admit it has grown on me. While I wouldn't choose to watch it in English if I had the Japanese available, it certainly won't kill you. Some of the voices lack a bit in enthusiasm, but they did a good job overall of matching the original. The only things that gets me is the way they say Erza's name in the English version. Err-za. Wrong, *twitch twitch*.

That aside, it is definitely watchable, and if you really have an issue with the dub, they handily included the original Japanese too. If you are a fan, get this now. If you haven't seen it and are curious, get this now. Fairy Tail is one of the best recent anime series to drop and has a little something for everyone. Love it!
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on November 26, 2011
I've watched this on crunchyroll since it was first released and it is one of my more favorite shows that are currently airing right now. This English dub doesn't surprise me as it's well translated and the casting wasn't too bad either. Funimation is definitely the brand of Anime that I like. Still, this serious is a mixture of hilarity and randomness topped off with a very serious story. This series is by far one of my favorites.
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on November 24, 2011
I was initially very please just because Funimation provided it as a Blu Ray/DVD combo pack, Fairy Tail is my favorite anime by leaps and bounds. In a general sense the more you watch the anime the the animations get, compared these first twelve episodes the animation in the later 50 is outstanding, saying that it is still well done.

This DVD covers the first twelve episodes of the series and I felt the voices they picked for the dub were excellent. I am going to say really get out there and buy these first four parts, so Funimation will pick up the rest of the episodes actually from the source!

As far as packaging, it has a cover sleeve then a standard size Blu Ray case. It includes two discs for both the Blu Ray and DVD. As far as extras, it includes commentary on Episodes 1 and 9, the two openings and two closings so far without any text over it, and the brief trailers they had before each disc.

Episode 1 - The Fairy Tail - Commentary is the Episode/Casting Director (Tyler Walker), Natsu (Todd Haberkorn), Happy (Tia Ballard), and Lucy (Cherami Leigh)

Episode 9 - Natsu Devours a Village- Commentary is the Episode/Casting Director (Tyler Walker), Natsu (Todd Haberkorn), Erza (Colleen Clinkenbeard), Lucy (Cherami Leigh), and Happy (Tia Ballard)
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on December 4, 2011
I am a huge fan of the series since the manga came out and now that I have the DVD copy I now have it in English dub anime! The cast was well cast~! Plus with blu-rays becoming more the thing nowadays, I have a copy if we ever get a blu-ray player!
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on November 6, 2011
This is seriously one of the best anime series going on right now. I remember when I first saw it on Crunchyroll and will never forget it! If you have not seen this yet (the only way to see the original episodes is through "fansubs" now) then now is your chance! The pure emotion in this series is what puts it at the top of my favorites list, the character development will astonish you, there's so many things and so many people for anyone to fall in love with here! You'll laugh yourself silly right from the start, cheer on Lucy, Natsu, Erza, and so many more as they battle not only some of the most fearsome challenges to confront "Earth Land" and it's inhabitants, but themselves as well.

Truly, one of the greatest stories ever told through animation, and Hiro Mashima's art and story will never let you down! If you're worried about "filler" episodes, there's hardly any in this series, and those that do exist really just delve into some of the key characters' personas to give you a little more background of who's who and what's what.

I've waited long, and now is the time, way to go Funimation! And thank you Hiro! Buy this now, before you get all the spoilers from your friends!
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on November 18, 2011
This is one of the best anime out right now. I'm going to buy this because i want to support Funimation. I love this anime. I love it some much that i workout to some of the openings in this show. The best opening in my opinion is the first one. I'm buying this to because i am getting a PS3 for Christmas, so i will have the DVD and the Blu Ray. If your thinking about getting this, stop thinking and just buy.
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on January 1, 2013
Are you looking for a fun, make that hilarious! and enjoyable cartoon series that does not take itself too seriously, but is not overly childish? This may be what you're looking for!

***This Review is Spoiler Free, and covers the First Two Seasons (Part 1 and 2)***

"Fairy Tail", is based on a Japanese comic book (manga) series, which is based on Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs). Basically, watching Fairy Tail is like watching a JRPG. If you have not played any JRPGs, then you should know that all RPGs are more or less based on Dungeons and Dragons. In other words, Fairy Tail is in principle a fantasy world filled with magic, dragons, and all that jazz. It is NOT Tolkien, so don't expect Lord of the Rings. This series was not created primarily with adults in mind. It was created so that adults could enjoy it, but it's most definitely meant for teenagers. That said, I'm far past my teens and I very much enjoyed this series. I admit that I am a fan of animation, however I am NOT an Anime (Japanese animation) fan. Which is not to say I don't like Anime, I simply don't watch that much Anime. I want to point that out, since I believe this is a series that even people who are not Anime fanatics can still appreciate and really enjoy.

So then, what to expect? Fairy Tail has a number of main characters which I describe below. Note that I will be using the American names, since I only watched the English dub, which I will talk about later. First, the principle players:

Lucy: she is your "typical" adolescent guy's dream. In other words, she is blonde, blue-eyed, big boobs, and is a schoolgirl. Yeah, so clearly she "appeals" to more than just adolescents. Anyway, Lucy also displays other traits common in Japanese Anime and RPGs, meaning she wears form-revealing clothes, get's captured now and then, and cries now and then. She may not sound very original, and in many ways she is not, however she is actually fairly endering and also quite funny. Fortunately, as the series progresses, she also becomes stronger, more confident, and fights more. She has the ability to summon spirits to her aid, and the spirits are very funny! For example, she can summon a Minotaur that is totally infatuated with her (and is quite open about it)!

Natsu: Natsu got rejected from Dragonball, and thus found a job in Fairy Tail. Seriously, if you thought Lucy was generic, wait until you see Natsu! Spiky hair? check. Rebellious attitude? check. Heart of gold? check. Just wants to eat and fight? check. I personally find him the most boring character. That said, he does have his moments, and I find that as things progress he is more tolerable. If I were a really young kid, I would definitely admire Natsu. However, I'm not a really young kid, and I find Natsu a bit cliche. Fortunately he has quite a few funny moments, many due to Erza and Happy.

Happy: Happy is a blue cat. That talks. And can fly. Happy is awesome. He's basically a narrator of sorts (although Fairy Tail has an actual narrator as well) that often helps out the team and is hilarious and cute. He sticks with Natsu, and is far more entertaining in my opinion. This cat has spunk!

Erza: she's your typical beautiful girl-next-door who could beat you to a pulp without breaking a sweat. Although her character is very serious, often when she's around funny things happen. Many people are scared of her, because she is serious and pushes herself and others to the limit (and can beat most anyone to a pulp), and this often leads to wonderfully comedic situations. As you find out later in the series, she like everyone else, has secrets and her own daemons to overcome. Erza is a favorite for many, and for good reasons.

Gray: well, he's a lot like Natsu, but more quiet and thoughtful. Thus, less annoying at times. Still, he is stereotypical in that he gets hit a billion times and then gets up saying "ouch, ouch, OK, I'll get you!" [I paraphrase]. Natsu is a fire wizard, and Gray is an ice wizard, so obviously they get into fights... but fortunately Erza is there to keep these guys on the straight path.

So, the aforementioned are the main characters, but the supporting cast is actually fantastic! One of the great things about this series is that the supporting cast really do play an important role. They are not just there to go on errands for the main characters, but really move the plot forward and show character development. That is one of the great things about this series, there is substantial character development... although Natsu has not developed too much yet, but the series is still young! Anyway, Natsu and all, the characters really mesh beautifully. The stories are often very humorous, and there's enough action to keep things entertaining and fresh.

Animation Style: this animation style is very similar to the manga, with characters showing exaggerated expressions etc. I'm not a huge fan of this style, but for this particular series it fits perfectly. I don't think the animation is as beautiful as some other animated series I have seen. In my opinion it's not as stylistically beautiful as Batman the Animated Series, nor is it anywhere as majestic as the classic Disney or Studio Ghibli films. That said, the animation does the job and at times can be beautiful. Also, the animation is mostly hand-drawn, with some computer animations. I much prefer hand-drawn animation, and fortunately the computer animation is not overly used (all the spells are computer generated).

Music: The opening and closing tracks can be both addictive and annoying at the same time. That said, all the music throughout the series is good. I don't find it particularly memorable, and I have no interest in purchasing the soundtrack, but it fits the bill perfectly. What does the music sound like? Honestly, it sounds like a JRPG (not a surprise).

Story: the plots may be nothing new (good vs. evil...characters with hidden secrets...dragons, magic, the city/world...) but you will love how the characters interact, and how they grow and develop! There's romance, mystery, and LOTS and LOTS of hilarious mayhem! This series is basically a fantasy/comedy, and very well done. There is NO nudity nor gruesome violence (I have seen zero blood in this series). It is 100% (well, at least 90%) kid friendly. Of course a young kid will not understand everything that's happening, but I think they would still find it entertaining. Still, I feel this series was made for older kids, including the kid that all adults still have somewhere deep down!

***What's GOOD***
+++Great storytelling! Good pace! Often very very funny!
+++The interaction between all the characters is charming and hilarious!
+++World is dynamic, so characters will change, and the story will progress!
+++Characters do develop (well, most do)!
+++Excellent English cast! I haven't heard the Japanese (it's available if you want it), but I'm super pleased with the English dub.

***What's Bad***
-characters can be generic/cliche ("oh hey, you've got an evil grin and harsh laugh...gee, guess you are evil")
-you get 4 discs! BUT this is a DVD/blu ray set, so if you want just blu ray, guess what... you're also paying for the DVDs anyway!
-very few extras. I don't consider this terrible, but if you're someone that really likes extras in a set, you will be disappointed.
-the episodes are short, so you will be seeing the opening and ending credits A LOT!

OVERALL: I really have enjoyed the Fairy Tail sets. This is the most enjoyable Anime experience I have had in years. Mostly, this is due to the hilarious nature of the series. If you're an Anime fan and/or JRPG fan, you should not hesitate to get this. If you're like me, and want to give something new a chance, I would recommend purchasing both the first and second season (Parts 1 and 2), since they form a continuous story-arc. Chances are you won't be disappointed. Also, the second season (Part 2) is much better than the first, but remember that the first season is more or less to introduce the characters. I look forward to seeing the remaining series as they are released. As I said in the beginning, this is an excellent series if you know what to expect: a light-hearted action/fantasy series with romance and lots of humor! Happy says "Aye!"
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on January 28, 2012
Fairy Tail: Part 1 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Hey everyone,

So if you are a fan of the Manga series or just an anime lover this is a pretty good one. It boasts a colorful collection of characters all with interesting story lines. Now if you want to know about the show and what it is all about I will give a brief synopsis but I'd like to focus on the DVD product itself. The show is about a country that has many gifted wizards for hire, these wizards collect in different guilds and all have unique abilities. Fire magic, Ice magic, equip magic, and item magics are just a sample of what is in the show. The story focuses one guild named, Fairy Tail, who are known for being robust and destructive, yet are known for their pure hearts (even though they have tons of antics.) The show is refreshing and funny, I would say that there is something for everyone. I would advise a parent review this before buying for children because there are busty females. Over-all I would say that it is alright for kids and adults. I am 26 and love the show if that says anything.

The DVD's all have 12 episodes. There are 4 disks, the first two are the Standard DVDs and the second two are the Blue-Ray edition. So it is pretty sweet. It has a reversible cover too as well as a cute sleeve for the dvd case. I was surprised it did not have as many extras but it makes up for it with quality. The show goes ver-batem with the Mangas so it is nice that the story line does not change at all. Good paced and the DVD leaves every part in suspenseful areas of the plot. If I could have one complaint it would be that the voice actors for some of the characters are annoying, I mean really annoying. They kinda sounded better in Japanese but this may be because I watched all the available episodes with subs before buying this...

My advice is to wait for a few to be released, one the price dropps on the DVD's so you get a way better deal than pre-order and also you can buy multiple too. Second, like every series preview it on Hulu or something before you buy.

Honestly I say that this is a great buy and makes a amazing addition to any anime collectors shelf. All the combo packs are worth it and the quality of the show and the packing is pretty good too. Hope that helped a little, happy hunting!!
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on February 2, 2012
As an avid Anime fan, I know that claim does overshadow a lot of other great shows out there but I will explain in detail. The reason why Fairy Tail is one of the best new shows out there is because it takes a blend of all the other great series out there and what made them popular while avoiding their mistakes. If I were to sum them all together it would be like this: The epic battles of Bleach, unique characters like One Piece, powerful emotions of Naruto, and epic story lines of Full Metal Alchemist. The series has its points where it will make you bust out laughing, wiping tears from your eyes, and cheering for a character in their fight. It doesn't get overly soppy like the One Piece scenes or ridiculous world ending explosions of Dragonball Z.

The series also avoids filler arcs that are notorious in frustrating Naruto and Bleach fans in pointless non-related storylines. Another concern is the voice casting for the English voices. As difficult as it can be, it was spot on in this series! The dialogue matching the flaps and voice depiction of emotions was perfect. Having watched the series in Japanese, Erza is by far my favorite character and casting Colleen Clinkenbeard (who voiced Galatea in Claymore) was the absolute perfect match amongst the other great voice casting matches.

Every episode is engaging and fun to watch more than once. With the series already passing 100 episodes in Japan, this makes this a great series to get into. I assure you will not regret buying it. It's going to always be in a proud top place in my collection.

5 stars is simply not enough!
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