Customer Reviews: Fallen in Love: A Fallen Novel in Stories
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on January 24, 2012
First Impressions: When I first found out that Fallen in Love was going to be available very, very soon, I turned on my computer, went to Amazon, and pre-ordered a copy for myself. Then I went to Netgalley and requested the e-arc. I was a happy girl when I was accepted to review this book. You have no idea how much I love this series! Fallen in Love was just what I needed to make it through the next few months before the final book, Rapture, hits the shelves. Can you tell that I am excited about this book? Because I am!

Characters & Plot: I'm not going to make this a long review since this isn't a very long book. Well, that and every time I've tried to write this review today it was spoiler, after spoiler, after spoiler. So here is what I am going to tell you: If you love the Fallen novels, you must proceed to your nearest bookstore and grab this on January 24th. If you haven't read the Fallen novels, you don't necessarily need to since I think you will be able to follow along regardless. BUT, I think they are worth reading so you might want to hold out.

All of the stories included in this book take place sometime during the Passion (I think?) novel, over one particular Valentine's Day. I love the Medieval England setting of each story and the way Lauren describes everything, makes me want to be there myself. Each of the stories somewhat flow together at first, but I think they are meant to be read separately. I finished this book off in a matter of a couple of hours, so it didn't take up much of my time, but it left me really, really wanting to read Rapture. So much for holding me over until the final books release!

There is a lot of insight to be gained in this book and some new character revelations make this book even more interesting and attractive for Lauren Kate fans. I got to know more about poor Cam and how he survived after his failed marriage to Lilith. I seriously feel bad for this dude, and I really hope we find out more about him in Rapture.

Roland's story nearly melted my heart! Boy, was he ever different when he was younger! In this book we get a whole different Roland then what we are used to seeing. He isn't the cool, calm, collected, and confident Roland. His first love story is ridiculously cute and so sweet! Arriane's story was also unexpected but very sad. I finally found out how she got the scars on her neck, which had been bugging the heck out of me.

Final Thoughts: I loved this book because it really gave me quite a few of the answers I had been dying to know. This is definitely a "filler" book, but unlike so many others, this one is worth having. One of the best parts? The exclusive look into Rapture at the back of the book! I highly recommend checking this one out!
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on January 29, 2012
Although I was really happy to find that Lauren Kate was finally shifting the character focus this go around (especially after the painfully long read of the last book); giving the reader a break from the Lucy and Daniel drama, I still wouldn't call this a riveting read.

There's no denying that FALLEN IN LOVE is less whiny then its predecessor with a much sweeter undertone. Covering several "Valentine" tales taking place in medieval England where Miles and Shelby find themselves after they last attempted to take an Announcer home to Shoreline at the end of the third book, PASSION. While I found Miles and Shelby's story sweet, albeit a bit campy it was Roland's Valentine tale of lost love that was the most enjoyable. And though FALLEN IN LOVE was a nice break for the series and the monotony of Daniel and Luce's whole "I love you more than anything, but we can't be together" drama; I was still put off a bit by the melodramatics of Arriane and Tess's story.

In the end I'd say it's an ok read, better then the last, but not necessary to the series. I really hope that in the final book, Kate is able to bring back the "it" factor that the first book FALLEN had in spades... Oh, and more CAM please!!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 24, 2012
This book, as fair warning to the reader, is not the book you want to start with in this particular set of books. It has snippets from the lives of many of the characters we meet in "Fallen", get to know a bit better in "Torment" and gives us the background of where they came from. For some, it details the journey of trying to find Daniel and Luce across time from a different perspective. Those who were frustrated with "Torment" where Luce goes through time seeking more information about the epic, star-crossed love she shares with Daniel, this will likely be even more frustrating as it does little to move the story arc along. If Torment tormented you, this might drive you nuts. It feels like a cross between a Valentine story and some of the author's character sketches- though the focus remains on Luce and Daniel.

If you want to get to know the supporting cast a litte better, you will enjoy this- it does answer some questions about what the other 'teams' were doing searching for Luce through time- for example Miles and Shelby. It also develops the characters of Cam, Roland and some of the others of their kind.

The best part of this brief(it is a short book of short stories) book is the bonus at the end- THE PROLOGUE AND FIRST CHAPTER OF "RAPTURE".
Of course, you can always wait until this summer to just read Rapture but for me, this book was well worth it.

There was also a story about Luce and Daniel and I enjoyed that. While it was frustrating for me to read Torment, in some ways, it really fleshed the characters out- and like in Torment, "Fallen in Love" does give some vital understanding to the characters we came to know in the past couple of books.. "Fallen in Love" fills in more of the pieces around the ending of Torment and I could see a number of wonderful spin-offs coming from the characters and their lives that surround Luce and Daniel.

Overall, it tides me over a bit as I wait for the next book but enough already! Let's get to it!

If you came across this book and have not read "Fallen" and "Torment", STOP!! Go read those first!! For other Fallen fans, beware that this is sort of a time out to tell a Valentines Day story about the main characters in Fallen and Torment. Honestly, aside from the slice at the end of "Rapture", some fans will be disappointed and frustrated but since it is short, not nearly so much as in Tormented. :)

Lauren Kate holds very true to her writing style and while this book might not be absolutely necessary to move the series along, I think it was well worth it and will make future installments only better. It did feel as if Lauren Kate wanted to take a time out and give, however brief, some relief to her characters who have suffered so much over the centuries for their everlasting love. The book is broken into sections, four chapters long on the characters of Miles & Shelby, Roland, Arriane and Daniel & Lucinda, followed by an epilogue- then there is the advanced, 'sneak-preview' at the end.

All-in-all, a fun, quick, up-all-night read- especially the gift at the end of a glimpse into "Rapture".
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on January 30, 2012
I bought this because I was excited to read the stories of the other characters. I did not realize that this entire story just part of what took place in book 3, this all takes place in one of the past lives of Luce. I forgot how much I missed the characters and how beautiful Lauren Kate's writing is.

I rated this a 3 because I only really enjoyed 2/4 short stories and the extra point is because they were all written with beauty and skill that only Lauren Kate can provide.

Now the story I thought I'd like least was Shelby and Miles, which was really good. The other story that was written amazingly beautiful was that of Luce and Daniel. These two were by far the most "romantic" of the stories.

I found myself most excited to read the stories of Roland and Arriane. Those two stories were the ones I felt fell the shortest. They were both EXTREMELY short and depressing. Almost filler and fluff. I am thinking perhaps Lauren Kate provided them in the way she did just to show what the angels had been through.

Nonetheless if you are a fan you will enjoy the writing style and the stories of all four. I enjoyed all four stories but was hoping for a little more. It was a Valentine's Day special. When you read it, you will understand. Once you have invested as much time into the characters you want them to be happy.

The best part of the book is the fact that you do get to read the prologue and first chapter of Rapture. Which was really good, and now I can't wait for that to come out! It's still a solid 3/5. I'm a huge Lauren Kate fan either way and for all fans this is still a good read.
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on November 30, 2015
Loved how this book filled in the gaps to some of the past love stories. You also get a sense of why the demons and angels cling to Daniel and Luce and want their love to work out for once. So much amazing history to go back on and it was a wonderful short read. I didn't want to put it down. A must have for a fan of the series.
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on January 2, 2013
This book is a nice little extra book that tells 4 nice love stories. I of course personally loved Luce and Daniels story the most it was just so nice!

Shelby and Miles

Takes place (when they had gone in the past looking for Luce) right after Daniel had told them to go home but Shelby and Miles end up in the middle ages by mistake and seek to find an announcer to take them back home they end up seeing a past Luce, heartbroken that she has not seen Daniel and Shelby and Miles promise her that they will bring him to her during the Valentines festival, they then see Roland (from there present) who tells them that he will get Daniel there and he will give them an announcer to go home. As the night moves on Shelby and Miles become closer and share a kiss.

Roland and Rosaline

Roland seeks Daniel to bring him to the Valentines fair but ends up passing past Rosaline's (a girl that Roland was deeply in love with) castle and remembers the love that they had but how he went to go ask Cam in which he should tell her that he's an angel but Cam tells him to break it off now, Roland listened but Roland now regrets it. Roland wishes to apologize to Rosaline but doesn't when he see that she has a child and husband and another baby on the way. Rosaline's husband has to go off to a war but when he try's to take off Roland lies to him and tells him that he will take his place in battle that he should stay there with his wife and kids. Roland then seeks Daniel again until he comes across Arriane who tells Roland that Daniel is already on his way there.

Arriane and Tess

Arriane is and angel and Tess is a demon who are in love but must keep it a secret. However Tess tells Arriane that she had told Lucifer about their love and that they could be together if Arriane joined her. Arriane becomes upset and tells Tess that he was lying that the only reason he said that was so that she could tip the scale. Arriane and Tess get to an argument, Arriane breaks up with Tess and leaves. Arriane then feels that something had happened to Tess and goes searching for. When Arriane finds her, Tess had hurt herself, Arriane try's to help her but Tess blood burns Arriane's skin and Arriane's blood burns Tess (that will leave marks, this is what caused the scars that Arriane has) Arriane tells Tess that she will send someone to help her but also fully accepts that they really can't be together.

Luce and Daniel

This is an untold story that belonged in Passion. Luce cleaves with her past self, she finds out that she is poor and that Daniel is a knight, Bill tells Luce that this is the only Valentines Day that they ever spend together and tells her that he is going to leave for a little and tells Luce to enjoy to just a least have sometime off, Luce agrees. When she arrives home her family is getting really for the Valentines festival in which they will be having a masquerade ball. Luce worries that she won't see Daniel but Bill had said that he would be there. Luce goes to the festival and joins in the dancing but worries where Daniel is as it gets later and later, finally Daniel shows up where he takes her away from the Valentines masquerade and into a forest where Daniel had done something very special for Luce and they spend the rest of Valentines Days together.
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on February 16, 2012
Fallen in Love is the perfect addition to the Fallen series, and it's just in time for Valentine's Day! The novel consists of four short stories; all love stories featuring a few of our favorite characters from the series.

Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles is the first short story in the novel. Shelby and Miles story was sweet and simple. I never really thought of them together when reading the previous books, but after reading this, I can definitely see them together. I really enjoyed getting to know both Shelby and Miles more in this short story, and I'm really hoping that we will get to see more of them in the next novel. They are such great characters.

Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland is the second story in the novel. Roland's story was just heartbreaking. This is totally not the story I was expecting for Roland; he's always been a character that I enjoyed, and I was hoping for a happy story for him as well. But we all know that love does not always equal happiness.

Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane is the third story in the novel. Arriane is another character that I have always really liked. In her story, we get to see a completely different type of relationship than what I expected. Very emotional and intense, this story is definitely one of forbidden love.

Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda is the fourth and final story in the novel. I found this to be really sweet as well, although I do wish that Daniel and Lucinda had been together a little more through the story. However, the anticipation building up to where they finally meet was well worth it. Daniel and Lucinda's relationships are always sweet to read about.

With the four short stories, and the quick pacing, this makes for a very fast read. I love getting the history for the characters that we still didn't have a history for. It was really interesting getting to see the past for Arriane and Roland.

Overall, I thought this book was a good addition to the Fallen series. The stories were interesting, and I love the gorgeous cover for the book as well. It looks lovely displayed on my bookshelf!
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What makes your heart race a little faster? It's FALLEN IN LOVE, four wholly original and romantic new stories collected in a novel set in the Middle Ages by Lauren Kate. FALLEN IN LOVE gives fans the much-talked about but never-revealed stories of FALLEN characters as they intertwine with the epic love story of Luce and Daniel.

The stories include: Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles , Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland; Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane; and Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda.

I really enjoyed this extra look into Luce and Daniel's past lives. And how Miles and Shelby were able to see some of those lives too, and discovered some of their own feelings along the way. It really is a must read for anyone who enjoys the Fallen series. I highly recommend reading it after you read the first 3. SO be sure to read Fallen, Torment, and Passion first. Then Rapture last, which is out June 12, 2012
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on December 19, 2013
This was a nice added bonus to the Fallen series and I enjoyed how the stories intertwined with each other. It was also appropriate that it was released around Valentine's Day! Though not necessary to follow along with the series, by reading this you'll understand a few references in the book that came out after this was released.
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on April 13, 2012
ive read a lot of reviews about the series not giving many of the integral characters backstory, and sure enough in time for valentines day she threw together a filler. which i dont mind at all :) i try not to be too critical of the books as i just love to get lost in the stories rather than critique them, and ive been dying to see the last book. well i bought this back when it first came out, and i just now read it. read it in two days. very quick, easy read, could have finished it that night but i was reading in bed and got tired. but it held me over until the next one comes out in june. very cute stories. gives you some insight into the characters pasts, and even a new adventure. if youve been reading the series youll enjoy this pit stop.
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