Customer Reviews: Fallene Cotz Plus SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, 2.5-Ounce Tube
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on November 25, 2007
The box says this sunscreen dries clear, but it's tinted and the tint rubs off on clothing. (It does wash out in the laundry, but it gets all over clothing). The suncreen never "dried" and was always sticky. I was in Hawaii and the humidity and heat were not that bad and so I was expecting it to be drier on my skin.

It did protect me very well and was extremely water resistant... and soap resistant... and washcloth resistant. In fact the only way it came off was to get a nylon scrubby and scrub.

I have PMLE (an extreme photosensistivity), and my dermatologist recommened this brand. The lotion did prevent a major out break and was extremely water resistant. So for that, it' gets three stars. However, I found that if I was not going out on a boat or doing hours of water acitivities that the Neutrogena Sensitive Skin (SPF 30 and with 9% Zinc) was just as effective and did not stain. It washed off more easily (but still needed scrubbing).

Becuase this was so effective, I'll try the Clear next time. I did not get the Clear for this trip as it wasn't available on next day shipping in order for me to get this before I left on my trip.
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VINE VOICEon July 6, 2008
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I like that this sunscreen is rated one of the least toxic by the Cosmetic Safety Database. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are considered the safest, most effective materials available for sun protection and this combination of the two, by Fallene Cotz, has the advantage of feeling less slimy than most sunscreens containing these two minerals.

I was somewhat dismayed by the fact that the product has a tint to it and my skin is quite fair, but it wasn't noticeable even on my face. The box says that it "dries clear," but that is only partially true. While I couldn't see any visible change in my skin color with it on, the tint did come off onto a white napkin when I wiped my mouth. But the product did a good job protecting my face and neck from tanning and burning for an hour in the summer sun, and even after a full day of wearing it, my skin never felt greasy.

I would definitely order this product again, although I wouldn't use it on my body if I were wearing light colored clothing.
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on July 25, 2006
I am in my mid-30s and since I was a teenager I've used well over 20 brands of sunblock, all over SPF 15. Fallene Cotz is the ONLY sunblock I've used that does not irritate my skin, does not feel like a mask, does not cause me to sweat (my skin can breathe!), does not feel greasy, goes on smoothly, provides complete tanning prevention, and is affordable (unlike cosmetic counter sunblocks). I recently switched from Proactiv sunscreen SPF 20 to Cotz. Since Proactiv was developed by dermatologists, I assumed it would be ideal. Not quite. Proactiv left my face feeling like I had on a cellophane mask. It was greasy, and when I began to perspire, it melted. Yuck! Cotz does none of that and I get better tanning prevention! Cotz has a slight beige tint to it which helps since titanium dioxide is white. Just blend evenly over face and neck and forget about it!

My only complaint is that shipping directly from Fallene took over 4 weeks. I would recommend getting it from another shipper or order it early enough.
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on April 14, 2007
I love this sunscreen. I have oily, acne-prone skin, and everything makes me breakout, so when my dermatologist recommended it, I was a little hesitant.

It does NOT cause any spots at all, and the zinc soothes any red spots or irritation I may have.

The light cream color (due to zinc) may not work for all skin colors, but if you continue to smooth it in, it will fade a bit. For me, it evens out my coloring if I dab a bit more on certain areas.

This sunscreen does not feel greasy and it does not melt.

I haven't been able to put sunscreen on the delicate skin around my eyes until I found COTZ; there is no burning at all on sensitive or delicate skin.
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I like Cotz because it primarily contains two UV-blocking ingredients, and not a lot of extra chemicals, perfumes, or additives. Additionally, I'm amazed at how this can be "clear" - usually, titanium ozide or zinc are an opaque white (the kind lifeguards apply to their noses). But this goes on pretty clear. And it's an extremely effective sunblock, and seems to last a long time, despite sweating (I haven't tried it in water yet).

That being said, there are a few drawbacks. First, it's not really odorless - but it is nearly odorless. I don't really mark them down for that. But do not expect a lotion that smells like baby oil, coconut oil, or traditional suntan lotion.

Second, it does go on clear, but don't touch your skin with white or light-colored clothing.

Third, and probably most important, titanium dioxide is not completely safe for frequent use. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently categorized titanium dioxide as a possible carcinogen to humans. That being said, it appears to cause lung cancer more than anything (when inhaled). Even though urine tests will pop positive for titanium dioxide when applied to the skin, the level of carcinogenic properties is unknown for topical applications like this.

So my recommendation would be to use it if you have severe skin/burning problems, use sparingly on those longs days at the beach, but not use too often.
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Update: March 1, 2010

Five stars.

Having tried too many sunscreens that burned my eyes, either by way of an inadvertent splash of lotion on the eyelid, or by way of sweat running down my face and into my eyes, I am re-evaluating my view of Cotz. I have not been able to find another sunscreen that works as well, and that does not sting my eyes.

I am switching back to the Cotz for my full-time sun protection, as I am so tired of the eye irritation that comes with the use of other sunscreens. Cotz does not sting the eyes, and I am finding that fact to be of more importance that I realized when I wrote the original review.

I have also discovered that I was applying it more heavily than is necessary, hence the chalky look.


I have to say that I was a bit dismayed when I first opened the tube and saw that the product looked like liquid makeup. It is a pale beige-pink color right out of the tube. However, the label cheerfully reassured me that the product "dries clear." I was a bit doubtful about that claim, as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide are all quite distinctly opaque substances, but whatever... To paraphrase Bill Clinton, I guess it depends on what your definition of "clear" is." Just the appearance alone was immediately making me think of negative things to say in a review.

Sure enough, when applied, it does leave a very slightly chalky-looking film on the skin. On light-skinned people, it's probably not going to be too obvious. On people with darker skin, well, I think it will be pretty noticeable. My skin is definitely on the light pink side. When I applied it to my face and then looked in the mirror, my first reaction was to grab the blush and lipstick, because I sure looked washed out. (Might be good for convincing someone that you don't feel too well....)

So, just in terms of appearance, it might be great for kids that are too young to care about looking good, and adults who are so adverse to getting burned, or to using a sunscreen with chemicals in it, that they also don't care that much about looking good either. If you are trying to be a gorgeous gleaming beach god or goddess, look elsewhere for skin protection.

I used the product when working in the yard for several hours on more than one sunny day. It does work! My skin burns very easily, and Cotz protected it quite well. I also liked the fact that it was not greasy, dried rapidly, did not sting my eyes, and did not feel slick or unpleasant at all. I gave it four stars because it protects quite well, and is PABA-free. If it hadn't been for the slightly chalky look, I would have given it five stars. I would not hesitate to recommend this to others.
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on July 1, 2008
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I had the perfect chance to test this product under pretty severe conditions last weekend: a three-day bluegrass musical festival in northwest Kentucky, two days of which were spent outdoors from about noon to almost midnight. The festival was held in a county park that offered very little shade to serious fans wanting to listen to the music directly back from center stage. For that reason, I was exposed to direct sunlight (wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses and a shirt with three-quarter length sleeves) for several hours at a time.

I wasn't sure how heavily to apply the sunscreen on the first day and purely by chance I went a little light on a couple of places on my face. My arms, hands, neck and ears got the thickest application - and it showed when I returned to the motel that first night. I could see exactly which spots I either missed entirely or went light on because those places had noticeably reddened even though I didn't feel any pain or "heat" from those spots.

I was more careful to apply the product evenly on the second day and had much better results. I was out in the sun for approximately 12-14 hours over the two days and managed to pick up a little bit of a tan with zero burning. I'm convinced that the product did its job.

My only complaint is that where I sweated most my clothing came away somewhat "stained" by the sunscreen I applied: where my baseball cap touched my forehead and along the collar line of my shirt. Both areas had a "whitish" line from contact with my skin but it is very possible that the "stains" will vanish when the cap and shirt are cleaned.

Overall, I am very happy with Fallene Cotz SPF 58 sunscreen and will use it again. I'm rating it at a 4.0 rather than a 5.0 only because of the way that it came off on my clothing - a problem that may not be all that serious in the long run.
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on August 19, 2006
I am allergic to all other sunscreens and this saves my skin. I just returned from Playa Del Carmen and was the only member of my family with no sunburn even after spending most of my time at the beach!
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on June 22, 2007
i have can get it from being pregnant (mask of pregnancy), overexposure to sun, age (age spots), or a combination there of. anyhow, i am treating this skin darkening with retin-a and hydroquinone which cannot allow your skin to be exposed to sun at all. enter is the perfect sunblock, and i've tried them all, from ones i've purchased from my dermatologist, to the zinc suggested by the lifeguard. this stuff isn't cheap.....but it's worth every penny to keep your skin safe from the sun. you canactually use your retin-a in the morning to get rid of your wrinkles if you have any, and your acne, and then put the COTZ on top. you won't get any discoloration or dark spots as if usng the retin-a alone. or i can use my Obagi system and use COTZ on top, and get full coverage while still lightening my skin......i'm thrilled.
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on August 11, 2012
I have only had this product for about a week. I will update this review if pertinent information evolves as time goes by.

I live in the desert and commute 2 hours a day during peak sun exposure hours. A friend recently pointed out that my left arm is darker than my right arm, from "commuter's tan" and I realized I need to be better about sunscreen.

Other reviewers have mentioned a red residue that flakes off on clothing. I have very yellow undertones, my skin gets very dark, so maybe this is part of it, but I have not had any problems with residue from this product. In fact, it makes me look more light-skinned than I am used to. Not in a bad, zinc-nosed kind of way; it is smooth. But it's like a base to other make up and it blends well with my skin tone.

The thing I like most about this product is that it makes my skin feel truly moisturized. I have used oil-free sunscreens before but they leave my skin feeling dry and in need of another product to moisturize. This product kills two birds with one stone. Throughout the day my skin feels plush.

I apply this product twice a day, before driving to work and before driving home. This is because of another reason I like this product, which is that it lists all well-established sun-saftey advice on its label. I am a certified health education specialist and I appreciate that it explains its uses and limits clearly for the average user. It recommends reapplication every 2 hours or after 45 minutes of heavy sweating or water exposure.

I have acne-prone skin and have not had problems with this product so far. Again, I will update this review if that changes. But as far as a multi-purpose product goes, this is the best I have tried so far--moisturizer & sunscreen.
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