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on February 16, 2004
Its all sad really. Fallout 1 and 2 were two of the best games ever made, IMO. This new game FO:BOS, has none of the humor, creativity, good plot lines, different choices, etc... It is so linear, characters are flat and game play gets sooooo old. It is instead plays like a hastily thrown together game, on top of a pre-existing (playstation Dark Alliance) game engine, which it is. It is crude, boring, uninspired and repetitive. After 10 + hrs playing I am burned out with it and want it to be over. Although the fan sites dismissed the game before released, they were definately right. Your better off with many other titles.
It's only not consisent with nor anywhere as good as its predecessors, it isn't a very good game at all, even based on its merrit as a console type action game rather than RPG. That combined with the horrible PR job Interplay did, managing to offend and insult their fan base, makes this bungle even more remarkable. I bought both the game and guide book pre-order because I loved the series but I certainly won't make that mistake in the future.
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on February 6, 2014
First of all, I was a huge fan of the Dark Alliance Baldur's Gate and Champions of Norrath games that came out for Ps2 years ago. Then, more recently I got into the Fallout series, starting with 3, then NV, then 1, 2, and Tactics, but I still wanted more. I discovered this game and bought it knowing nothing about it other than it was some Fallout spin-off made by Interplay, the original owners of the Fallout series (and who also made Baldur's Gate.). When I popped this into my old Ps2, I got a HUGE surprise. This game runs the EXACT same engine as the Dark Alliance games. The gameplay, leveling system, and even menus are pretty much identical. It's like a bizarre cross-over of some of my favorite games. It was fantastic because I so badly wanted more games like those old hack n' slash games. I was excited at first, but of course, it was not all good. The substance that the other entries in the Fallout franchise have in splendor is virtually non-existent in this one. It's pretty corny and crude at times just for the sake of doing so. You don't get the feeling that they took any time at all on story-telling the way they did Baldur's Gate. It's just a lot of "go there," and "do that," for no particular reason. It gets repetitive. That being said, it is still pretty fun to mindlessly play with a friend. Many seem to be angry it's so different from other Fallout games, but it IS a spin-off. It's the nature of spin-offs to be different. If you wanted more games like Dark Alliance and Champions, and you like the world of Fallout, you should get this just for the odd experience.
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on September 15, 2015
I wanted to play it because it looked similar to Baldur's Gate and Champions of Norrath. My boyfriend wanted to play it because he loves the Fallout series. We both left disappointed and have not beaten the game. The game play got repetitive in a bad way, and it was hard to find the story line interesting. Might play it again if we get desperate for a co-op, hope not.
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on October 13, 2012
This was a really fun game. Most people were honestly irritated by the fact of this game being named "Brotherhood of Steel." Though its not canon it still does have a fallout feeling, just in its own way. Play the game because you like the wasteland feeling and fallout not for the futuristic weapons and advanced T-51b power armor. This game really evens you out with all the other NPC's which makes the game a lot more challenging. I would definitely recommend this game to die-hard fans. If you got hooked because of Fallout 3, I don't recommend it. When I say die-hard I mean DIE-HARD fans,only they will see and have the true appreciation for this game.
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on February 17, 2004
As a fan of the original Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout: Tactics series, I'm biased to be inclined to like anything to do with the series. A friend of mine bought Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and though it was a great play for a few hours, it seemed to get old after so long. That's where Fallout: BOS is different.
Instead of the severely modified world of Dungeons and Dragons, you're thrown into the nuclear-blasted wastelands of the 23rd century, where radscorpions, raiders, super mutants, and deathclaws reign supreme. As an initiate in the Brotherhood of Steel, an organization of high-tech warriors who are trying to bring peace and sanity back to human civilization, it will be your job to find a group of your bretheren and to slaughter the threats to the local town.
Many of the Fallout classic weapons, like the Desert Eagle, hunting rifle, and 10mm SMG reappear with deadly new capabilities. Plus, you can play two-player cooperative action, so grab a friend and get killing!
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on September 4, 2012
While this game stays in the storyline of the fallout universe it is no where near the same category as any of the other fallout games. I am a huge fallout game player and even have the original Wasteland that started it all. Had FBOS been like wasteland, Fallout 1,2,3 or tactics I would have been delighted. Problem is FBOS is like none of these. You are NOT permitted to make your own character in any way what so ever, instead you are given the choice of picking from ONLY 3 characters. This is bad. Now what makes the game truly terrible in my opinion is the fact that it is played as a 2-D shooter with a heads down view. Had the game developers made this playable in the same format as fallout 1,2 or tactics then it would have been much better, not really a viable option to be played in the same view as Fallout 3 or New Vegas. If you are an avid collector looking to add another game to your Fallout collection, then buy this game, otherwise move on and buy something you will enjoy much more.
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on August 30, 2011
This game is under rated. Most Fallout fans don't like this game because of how differant it is from the origanal games, but that is all a matter of opinion. I'm a huge Fallout gan and this is a very good game I'd recomend it to new Fallout gamers and huge Fallout fans alike.
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on December 7, 2008
Ever since Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance came out for the PS-2 it spawned many similar action/rpg hybrid clones. For example there is the Champions of Norrath series and even Hunter the Reckoning. These games attempt to take the themes we enjoyed about Ever Quest, Baldur's Gate, and the world of darkness and make them into entertaining hack n slash co-op fests. In that regard Brother-Hood is more of the same. While it may wear a cheap Vault dweller uniform you can tell it is more " loot n shoot" than it is Fall Out 1-2 or Fall-out tactics.

I understand why the Fall-out fans were peeved about Brother-Hood of steel. It was at a time Fall Out 3 had been promised many times only to let us down. Of course Bethesda FINALLY answered our prayers so bitterness and skepticism are things of the past.

The main thing you should know is this is NOT going to stand up to Fall-Out 3. Fall out 3 has a great series of plots. Brother Hood of steel doesn't. Fall out 3 has interesting non player characters to interact with in myriad ways. Brother-hood of Steel's NPCs are a cliche nasty bar tender, a prostitute, a cowardly mayor, and an old gnarled military vet missing an arm. Yup, I'd say Carbon has about 6 NPCs to talk to and that's it.

However keep in mind Brother-hood of steel was not even trying to be Fall-Out 3 to begin with. It simply wanted to provide a fun 2-player destruction fest in a post apocalyptic world setting which is interesting. On that level it does succeed. Assuming you have a friend over it can pass the time. However I imagine playing it alone is a drab task of monotony.

Each brother hood of steel initiate has different strengths and weaknesses. The girl is fast and agile, the tribal male is the proverbial slower power-house, and Kain the cool ghoul can actually walk through radiation without it harming him. When he upgrades certain attributes rads even heal him.

I'd elaborate more but that's it. None of these characters have profound connections to their world. There is no stellar story line on the horizon. You accept a mission, kill raiders, ghouls, mutants, scorpions, rats, and death claws, upgrade equipment, and repeat that in tedium about 50 more times.

While this game is supposed to follow the formula of a Fall-out Diablo a little innovation would have been nice. For example it would be better if some missions were personal to certain characters or that you could actually make pivotal choices instead of just being given the illusion of choices through giving those you talk to varied responses.

I believe even 2-player action RPGs can have lovable protagonists and deep plots but apparently those in charge rather crank out the same dull uninspired engine over and over again.

If you have a friend over all the shooting and smashing is fun, then again the same can be said of almost any game using this same premise.

If you find this game in a bargain bin or for dirt cheap pick it up but if someone is asking for a high price laugh at them, extend your middle digit, and proceed to getting FallOut 3. (Aka how Fall-Out SHOULD be done!)


+ A decent 2 player hack n slash fest.


- Nothing to offer a single player and lack luster in almost every regard. Cussing, profanity, and kinky clad raider girls does not automatically make a game worthy of the name "Fall-Out".
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on June 3, 2005
I am a HUGE fan of the Fallout series(And yes, we should have slit Chucky's throat before he made this game.) and thusly, this game is a HUGE dissapointment. If you want to play a Fallout game, this is NOT the one to get, it is a bastardization of the series. This game is nothing like the others, and does not deserve to be called by the same name as those classic pieces of art.

However, if you ignore the fact that they are trying to pass this off as Fallout and try not to get pissed off about it, you might have a bit of fun. I thought the game was alright when I wasn't steaming about all the changes in the storyline that make it a piece of crap.

Then I played it co-operativly with a friend. We had fun, mostly from making jokes as we did stupid things. I remember the final battle in this arena, telling my friend "Follow me, I have a plan!", a second before being roasted by a continous fire laser. So, yes, you can have some fun with this one.

Keep in mind, this game is not a deep RPG like it's predecessors on the PC, it is an action game and should be approached as such. So the bottom line on this one is: If you like action games and playing them with friends, you might like this one. If you are a hardcore Fallout fan and are looking for more of the great PC type games, you won't.

Therefore I give this game 4 stars for fun, and 2 for over-all, because I hate what Interplay has done to the Fallout license. Thank God they sold it to someone else, who just might make a worthy Fallout3. But don't get your hopes up on that one...
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on January 11, 2014
Great game but hard at times and is alot of fun with a friend to enjoy with thank you very much.
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