Customer Reviews: Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
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on October 13, 2009
This is the 3rd time I've tried Fallout 3, and I must say, the third time's a charm.

I didn't like this game the first or the second time, but granted I gave it only a couple of hours each time. I last bought this game in June, but returned it when I heard about the GOTY edition a few days later.

The GOTY does come with 2 discs, Disc One is the gameplay for Fallout 3, which looks virtually unchanged, except on the actual disc itself where it says "Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition". Besides that, there's little to no difference. Disc 2 has all the DLC, including the last installment; Mothership Zeta.

The instruction manual is a new one for GOTY, and instructs you to install disc 2 to your hard drive, before playing if you've never played Fallout 3, or do not have a current save file. However I didn't read it, and played about 3 hours of disc one before I noticed. I installed disc 2 (About 10 minutes, give or take), and everything was fine. I got the messages in-game letting me know that I have all 5 DLC's unlocked, that my level cap was raised to 30 etc.

After playing this game a good 10 hours, and not even completing half of the storyline, I feel like an idiot for not liking this game the first or second time. I think I was completly hooked when I saw the Washington Monument. It's just an amazing experience.

It gives you the option to choose what DLC you install. You don't have to install all 5, you can pick just one, or two, or all 5.

Here are the requirements.
Broken Steel = 620 MB
Mothership Zeta = 324 MB
Operation Anchorage = 369MB
Point Lookout = 413 MB
The Pitt = 492 MB

Total of 2.2 Gigs. (2218MB)

Go buy this now. If you haven't bought any of the DLC, go trade in your old Fallout 3 disc, and get the GOTY edition.
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on October 15, 2009
In 2007, I purchased Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Game of the Year Edition) after finally jumping into this generations gaming systems. Close to 400 hours later, I decided that game was the best value for my money in terms of content, quality, and overall fun that I would ever play.

I was wrong.

My wife purchased me Fallout 3 in 2008 as an anniversary gift; she knew I'd played the original Fallout games and really enjoyed Oblivion with me, so it was a great gift. To say that I was stunned and enraptured with Fallout 3 would be an understatement; I've played this game with regularity for over a year. It is a huge, expansive, detailed, life-like world with so much to do and see that each time through you can find more and more surprises that you may have missed previously. Toss in all 5 DLCs at a mere $60, and this game is pushing 150 hours of game time just for one play through.

This is an incredibly involved game and isn't for everyone; its the kind of game that takes hold of your imagination and won't let go, so if you have the time to play a game of this depth, I recommend purchasing it immediately, its worth every penny.
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on October 13, 2009
I played through Fallout 3 and beat it and reached level 20 back when it first came out. It was well worth my time then. I got hours and hours of fun gameplay out of it then.

I eventually auctioned it and got half my money back but I'll buy this version, and STILL feel like I'm getting a good deal. There's fifty-dollars worth of DLC included in this package. If you consider that, along with another 10 bucks for the standalone game, this might very well be the best video game deal since "The Orange Box." Compared to Oblivion, which only came with two expansions--and how about Left 4 Dead, which included the FREE DLC for their "GOTY" edition.

As for the game? It's stellar. I enjoyed it a lot more than Oblivion. I'm not a huge RPG fan but great action RPGs like this and Mass Effect are first rate. If you haven't played Fallout 3, you should get this copy. It's a one-of-a-kind experience.
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on December 11, 2010
I knew little about the fallout series before I played this game. Since Fallout series was popular and this game received great reviews , I decided to give it a shot. After finishing it (60+ hrs w/o DLCs; 80+ hrs with all 5 DLCs), here is what I thought.


LONG, JUST VERY LONG AND ENTERTAINING RPG: These days when most of the games (even RPGs) are 10hrs, it was a rejuvenating experience to play this long RPG. Just like other RPGs and games in general, while some elements were redundant, it has plenty of variety to offer as you progress in the game. Even after playing 50+ hrs (not even touching the awesome DLCs), there were always exciting and unexpected events in the game. Great job Bathesda, great job.

CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES: In this game, just like Mass Effect and Bioshock, you will have to make choices, lots and lots of them. And each choice you make will have major consequence on the outcome your missions and game all together. Again wonderful job. There will be time you will make a choice, finish the mission, get the results and out of curiosity replay the same mission again (assuming you saved before the mission), to see what outcome you might have gotten if you were to make a different choice.

KARMA METER: The choices you make will give you extremely positive to extremely negative karma. And different karma will change behavior of people of wasteland towards you allowing you to do different missions, unlock different achievements and different rewards. Depending on the choices you make, you will turn certain groups into your friends and others into enemies. Words simply can't describe the experience. You have to play it get the feel for what I am saying.

OPEN WORLD: Yes you are free to roam in wasteland and go wherever you want to go. I personally loved it. While to progress in the story you have to go to specific places on the map. You can take whatever route you can take and complete whichever missions you like.

SURPRISES WHILE ROAMING IN OPEN WORLD: This was one of the strongest aspect of the game. While roaming in open world and exploring new areas and wastleland towns, you never know what you are going to encounter. While a lot of open world games have the same type of enemies and areas in open world, this game will introduce to plenty of varieties. Can't tell more without spoiling.

RPG ELEMENT: As you defeat enemies, complete missions, solve conflicts and progress through game, you gain experience and level up. Leveling up will allow you to enhance your traits and unique abilities (for example, your aiming, your melee power, unique abilities like your conversation skills, atomic explosion when you are damaged enough etc.)

COMBAT MECHANICS: The game is First Person Shooter for most part, but it has unique combat mechanic. While playing FPS, you can freeze time so do speak and target specific enemies part for higher damage of decapitate them. This can make game very strategic as some enemies faster or bigger than others and sometime enemies can have devastating weapons. So if you use this time freezing and aiming trait well you can target specific body parts or their weapons and slow them down.

VARIETY IN ENEMIES: A lot of long games becoming boring in short time as they have the same enemies over and over again. But that is not the case for this game. As you explore the wastleland, you will come across plenty of different enemies ranging from thugs and little creatures to heavily armored soldiers and super mutants. LOVED IT JUST LOVED IT.

DECENT STORY: While it is not the strongest aspect of the game, it does have decent story with somewhat of a suspense and oh depending on the choices you make, story and ending changes.

DIALOGUE TREE AND GOOD VOICE ACTING: If you played Mass Effect than you know what I am referring to. While talking to different characters, you can choose what you want to tell them. You can be charismatic and friendly or you can be rude. You choose. Again what you choose affects the end result of the game. To me what was nice was these dialogue were well designed and voice acting of hundreds of people you talk to was much better than what I expected. This truly makes gaming experience more rewarding.


FIVE DLCS = 10+ MORE HOURS OF GAMEPLAY: The five DLCs will add to the main story of the game, but in addition it will take to you to a hidden slave town, alient space ship, pre-nuclear explosion war era and on a mystic island. I loved all five of them especially the island and story+ dlcs.

INCREASE LEVEL CAP TO 30. If you don't have these dlcs, you can level up only to lv 20, but if you have these dlcs you can level up all the way up to lv 30. That means more traits, more choices and more unique powers.


GLITCHES: This is simply unacceptable. There are glitches in the game that can make you go crazy. For example for me I completed a mission and I didn't get achievement unlocked for that particular mission. Fortunately for 360 version a lot of these are fixed by patches. Nevertheless you will still encounter some.

LEVEL CAP: I also didn't like you can only level up 20 or 30 depending on which version you have. I wish they would at least let you level up to lv 50 and get all the traits possible.


I truly wish they would have worked hard to fix the glitches, but contrary to those glitches this game has a lot to offer. 80+ hr of gameplay paid me back every single cent I spent to buy this game. I highly recommend this game to RPG and FPS lovers. If you can get GOTY (9.5/10), if not then at least give normal edition a shot (9/10).
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on June 7, 2010
The first time I played Fallout 3 was as a rental. That was a mistake as I felt pressured to get through a game of such magnitude in 5 days, leaving me overwhelmed and frustrated. There was simply too much to do. So recently I thought I should give it another chance, and I'm glad I did. Even after a couple months of playing, I'm nowhere near finished exploring every area, or finishing every mission. Particularly with the bonus content, which is also massive. The main drawback I had was how super-glitchy it could be. It freezes, buildings disappear, you walk in a house and the door locks, forcing you to reset. Endlessly frustrating, but the excellent gameplay outweighs every negative, tenfold. My advice for saving time and sanity: save often.
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on January 14, 2013
Fallout 3 is fantastic. It is grit and gore and loot galore, and you will place it atop a pedestal and begin to compare it to all the games that were and will be. Even when the game glitches in true Bethesda style, you will forgive it.

If you are familiar with anything Bethesda sandbox, then you know that you will be hoofin' it cross-country just for funsies. It doesn't matter if you give two hoots about the actual quest: you can spend 600+ hours just trying to find all of the locations on the map. You can pick up nearly everything, and you will attempt to do so. The 15 extra forks in your pocket that make you overweight and therefore slow will make you weep, but you will not abandon them. Oh no. Someday you will need those forks...

You are alone, in the wasteland that is the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, and it is scary. Your introduction into life helps to establish the basic controls, and you learn quickly that scenarios change depending on how you talk to people. You have the option of being evil, neutral, or good, and these designations evolve as you do. Steal a bunch of forks and you'll sink toward evil. Pass out some bottle caps (ye currency) and you'll rise toward good. Some people along the way will join or abandon you depending on your karma level.

You shoot, you loot, you survive. The GOTY edition comes with all of the great DLC available for Fallout 3 (and you should probably look into the exploitable glitches for said DLC before doing them, hint hint). I felt like I played this game for half of my life, and I was still nowhere close to finished. It is impressively long. There are many load screens with many tips, but the game isn't as terribly complicated as its cousins: the Elder Scrolls series. You will scrounge through your menus often, but not often enough to feel bored (or angry). It will freeze, and glitch, and nearly make you jump out of your skin as a Deathclaw vaults out of a container and into the wild blue sky above (and suspiciously does not come back down), so you should make it a habit to save often.

The environments are vast and incredibly detailed. The people you meet are chronically Bethesda-ugly, but you can always kill them if you hate them. Your arsenal is a fantastic mix of melee and ranged weapons, though many of them you will covet rather than use. The VATS targeting system is awesome. It adds a layer to the game that is welcome. You can choose to never use it, or you can use it for every foe you come across.

When people praise this game, it's genuine. Forget Fallout, Fallout 2, or even Fallout: New Vegas; Fallout 3 is the one that will suck you in and make every minute worth your while. This game has great replay value and will look stunning on your mantle.... Just don't play it with the kids around.
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on February 18, 2013
I won't get into it here are there are many more reviews on this fine title, most with more depth. Let me simply say I just bought it to start playing it again FOUR YEARS after I beat it the first time.

The choices and ways to approach your game are remarkable deep. You can opt for a pacifist route by build up speech and charisma to avoid confrontation, or you can fight with energy weapons, pistols and rifles, or grenades and mines. I love the sense of exploration, and the level up system is the best I've ever seen. I cannot get enough of Fallout 3.

This is the GOTY edition with five sets of DLC. These are what made me buy the game again and start a new path. It seems the DLC will let you bring your goodies into the main game which is quite enticing. If you're longing for an RPG with great story and lore in the present or future day, you won't do better. There is a wealth of information on wikis and other sites to bolster what you'll get in game. If you're a shooter or RPG fan, check this out. Even now in 2013, it's just as good as the day it came out (and all the bugs are gone!).
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on October 13, 2009
Ever wondered how humanity would survive after the fallout of nuclear war? How seemingly normal people would react if they went from a life of relative luxury to that of a hostile, radiation and violent super-mutant filled, environment? The previous 2 Fallout games explored this angle through bird's-eye view RPGs (similar to Runescape and Diablo), but Fallout 3 explores this idea through first and third-person shooter perspective in the wasteland that was once Washington DC and the surrounding metro area. You assume the role of the "lone wanderer," a survivor in Vault 101 that exits the sanctity of his/her home in search of their father. Along the way you battle super mutants, heavily mutated scorpions, crabs, bugs, and robotic remnants of the US Army. You also interact with a large variety of people (with full voice acting) and either help or hinder their efforts to survive.

You can become a bastion of hope, a harbinger of death, or play Switzerland and remain completely neutral with every choice you make. Combining dialogue features akin to Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, you alone, determine the fate of the Capitol Wasteland.

Thus endeth the introduction.

To any of you, who have not played Fallout 3 and wanted to enjoy a great open-ended RPG with a LOT of exploring, I strongly encourage you to check out this packaging and NOT get the original version of the game. Ignore the fact that it costs less because you're getting more bang for your buck here.

Why, you ask? Well, let me explain from the perspective of someone who bought the game (at full price) when it originally came out in 2008.

For a few of us, the Fallout 3 Game of the Year package is a slap in the face since we spent full price on the game and 1/4th that for every expansion set out there (see my review on Broken Steel/Point Lookout) and then this complete package set comes out less than a year after the release of the original game.

Oh well, my heart will go on! :P

In the meantime, the Game of the Year packing has got to be the best idea Bethseda has come up with since they re-released the first two Fallout games and expansions on the PC. It includes not just the game itself but all five expansions including the new Mothership Zeta (which I am currently playing and having a blast with). This means newcomers to Fallout 3 will not have the misfortune of playing the game for 30-50 hours, beating the game and then realizing that the ending sucks and there's nothing else to do. That was the curse of the original game, however, with the Broken Steel expansion not only do you raise the level cap from 20 to 30 but you have post-ending game content with and open-ending game play as well.

While Broken Steel is probably the nicest expansion in the Game of the Year edition, the newest one not yet available for mass (offline) purchase is Mothership Zeta. Released, so far, only as a download on XBox Live, Mothership Zeta was not available for those of us who do not play online so its inclusion into this packing really makes a difference. Not to mention I have heard that many original glitches, such as audio loops causing the game to fail advance the story, have been fixed.

In fact, my Broken Steel/Point Lookout expansion caused my game to go into a dialogue loop at the very end of the game and, since I used nothing but autosave like an idiot, I could not revert and try again. What I ended up doing was erasing all the expansions I had on my Xbox hard drive and, using the expansion disk from the Game of the Year packaging, reinstalled them and the glitch was fixed. If you experience the same problem I had, try this method.

Other than that, the other expansions (such as Operation Anchorage and The Pitt), offer little more than extra quests and more gear including some slick weapons. Point Lookout, however, offers more of the same but with a massive new map for exploration and the farming of new weapons.

All in all, Fallout 3 Game of the Year packaging is a must have for any newcomers to Fallout 3. Not so much for veteran players since we've already spent waaaaay too much on everything already. I only bought it because I was using my brother's copy in the meantime. :P

Peace out!
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on March 31, 2016
After 20 hours of play:

- Pretty engaging, I don't normally like rpgs, but this one is more fun for me since it can be played in first person and some of the characters are kooky.
- I like collecting stuff, and there's plenty of variety to collect.
- Build your own gear in the workshop.
- The battle mechanics are interesting where you can target specific body parts and chain attacks
- Fast travel to locations you've already been before

- The pep boy controls are a bit clunky
- How many headshots should it take to kill something on normal?! Has the fallout somehow dispersed people's brains away from their heads? Sheesh, talk about unrealistic and frustrating. If the devs wanted to make the kills this time-consuming, they should have only equipped us with pebbles and bb guns.
- Talk about dreary looking. I know it's a supposed to be a wasteland, but come on, isn't this also supposed to be entertaining? I feel like there could at least be more *shades* of grey and brown and little bits of green added to the pallet. I'd love to use the phrase "gorgeous wasteland" to describe this game, but I can't muster that degree of exaggeration.
- Baddies re-spawn like nobody's business. Even insects don't reproduce that fast.

I actually didn't realize how many cons I had for this game till I started writing them down... on merits, it looks and feels like a three star game. Maybe I'll change my mind as I get further in the game.
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VINE VOICEon June 24, 2016
I don't know why it's taken me so long to discover the Fallout series of video games, but I'm really glad I eventually did. Fallout 3 is a lot of fun yet equally frustrating at times. I've lost count of the number of times I've waded into the fray only to find I'm restarting because I didn't have enough stimpacks or the right gear or even the best weapon equipped for the job. At any rate, the world map is large and allows for a fair bit of free roaming while still allowing for a straightforward approach to completing the main quest line. The Game of the Year edition includes five of the dlc missions on a separate disc to be installed which adds even more to do. Bethesda kind of throws you into the world just like the character is forced to do and find your way, but that's where all the fun comes in. A deep game with some great mythology in a post-apocalyptic world that will keep you entertained for a very long time. Well worth whatever price is attached in my opinion.
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