Customer Reviews: Fallout Trilogy - 3 Pack Compilation
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on August 7, 2009
Never haven played any Fallout games before, I didn't know what to expect. I knew they were most likely great games after hearing PC Gamer magazine go on about the greatness of the original Fallout games all the time. Even then, I underestimated the games. I started playing Fallout and found that it was fun, addicting, and really immersive. The world's are beautifully crafted and will make you wish YOU lived in the post-apocalyptic world. The story's are great in all the games. Each character has their own original personality. And being made ten years ago, they are perfect netbook games. You don't need me to tell you these games are great, just buy it. You won't be dissappointed.

P.S. Despite what other people might tell you, there is no DRM. No disc is required to play (also a plus for netbooks) and there are unlimited installs. But hey, it's only twenty dollars. Why pirate it?
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on October 23, 2009
If you don't mind the limitations of a 1980s program, this is a great package. If you haven't ever played the fallout series, I envy you. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. A lot of love when into these games. They are not just "good for the time", they are just plain good.

The original fallout was a winner. Fallout 2 was even better in many ways. Both of them were very absorbing with a lot of replay-ability. Both quickly developed a fanatical following. Fallout Tactics is not really the same kind of game. I believe it was a result of lots of fans screaming for a sequel. It's basically a 3rd person shoot-em-up and not in the same league with the first two, but still lots of fun.

In fallout and fallout 2, Your actions determine how others react to you. You can play the game as a shooter, or a talker, or evil, or nice. Each type of play is not only possible, they are all fun.
Both Games have a fairly straightforward story line with a few cool twists and a LOT of other stuff to do. You can mess around in the wasteland for a LONG time and never see it all. You can play a different type of character and have a completely different gaming experience.

The NPCs (especially in fallout2) are very memorable. Sulik, one of your companions, is staunch, dependable and has a hilarious way of expressing himself. Once the game ends, you find yourself missing him. Marvin (a teenage boy who wears red sneakers) is also pretty funny. Try leaving him behind and he panics and offers you bribes not to ditch him...(try playing a female and watch Marvin's hormones kick in...funny stuff.) The NPCs also interact to some extent with each other. All of this is achieved without overpowering the game's story line. It's there if you like it, or you can ignore it. In fact, you can totally ignore the story line and just go around throwing dynamite into outhouses. (try it)

A word of warning. The GUI takes some getting used to. Once you master it, the GUI is very playable and ergonomic, but it's probably not like any game you have ever played. If you are tired of all the first person 3D shooters with lame stories, and are starting to get bored with spectacular graphics... You might be ready to play a lower-tech game with some substance. Give fallout a try.
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on February 1, 2010
I ordered Fallout Trilogy from a Private Seller through Amazon. What I recieved was the European Version. Both the Images (Box Art) and certain Reviews conflict with each other. If you plan on ordering from a Private Seller make sure they have their product placed correctly. One is distributed through White Label (European Version), the other by Interplay (US Version). Aside from the distributer, the European Box Art is different from that of the US. The main contrast in the UK Version is the removal of children. This takes away from the original game as well as removing certain quests. Aside from that, if it's important to you, some Violence Animations are removed and a minor Language filter is present. Although not completly unplayable, if you are like me you want your game as it was intended by the developers.
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on February 27, 2013
I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas and loved them so I thought I'd try the originals. Even though I'm mostly a console player and don't usually go for PC versions. I really haven't played the games yet but after what I went through to install them I thought I'd share some resolutions since it seems others have encountered similar incidents.

The games came on one disc and if you look around on it you'll find some pdf files which have the manuals. There's other documents and some patches in the Bonus folder (dig deep).

Fallout and Fallout 2 have color issues on newer PCs with higher resolutions. You can find patches at Vault-Tec Labs (search for it, don't know if I can put url here). They're called Fallout 1 High Resolution Patch 4.0.2 and Fallout 2 High Resolution Patch 4.0.2. They're well documented but take a little to implement, read the instructions.

Fallout Tactics needs a patch to get rid of the "Wrong Disc" error. A good one can be found at Cheater's Heaven (again, search for it), it's called Fallout Tactics 1.27 nocd. Pretty well documented and it worked. Be careful of other sites who tack on funky tool bars or Trojans or other junk.

Oh, it was easier for me to find the install programs on the disc rather than use the redirect with the three installation choices (it doesn't take you to a web site, it's a self contained url on the disc). I have Windows 7 and had to right click on the Fallout installer and "Run as Administrator". Fallout 2 installed but I have to go into the interplay/Fallout 2 folder to run the executable, the shortcut is confused and looking for the executable for Fallout 1. Fallout Tactics installed well, I suggest going for the Full install and not the Medium it defaults to. Hope your experiences are better than mine.

Hope this helps and it takes a little work, but if you like an occasional blast from the past for a really reasonable price, it might be fun.
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on May 27, 2009
You can kill all the children you want! Yes! I always hated the youth of today, now I can blow them away in the Fallout Trilogy.

Interplay is back! And they brought the Fallout Trilogy with them! How awesome is that?

Okay, now to the good:

*Not Censored! You can kill children in it, and all the good stuff it came with when it first came out. This isn't some lame European edition.
*They all work. I tested each game on my Windows XP machine. They all work just like they did many years ago. I have not had a problem with any of them yet.
*Bonus material! Now don't get excited, this isn't that big of a bonus. Included with the game is the option to be able to install extra content when you install the game, such as community mods and Windows XP/Vista fixes.
*Games come patched.
*This is released by Interplay! Interplay! Interrrrrrplay! It feels good buying an Interplay game again.
*It's Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics! What else is there to say?

Now on to the bad:

*The packaging isn't all that great. The game comes in a DVD style case, with no manual. You do get the game manuals on .pdf format. They are located in the game's folders.
*Icons! I won't spoil it for you. Check the game icons for Fallout and Fallout 2. Unless my memory serves me wrong, they weren't like that in the original. It's fun for a laugh, but I had to change it.

I'm a huge fan of Interplay and the original Fallouts. As a fan, this package is a good purchase.
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on November 10, 2013
I prefer real-time to turn-based combat but that's about the individual games. This is a review of the Fallout Collection DVD. It's a single disc that combines 5 CDs for Fallout, Fallout 2, and Tactics. Not to be confused with Fallout 3 for anyone not familiar with the series.

First thing when you insert the DVD, AutoRun will open Internet Explorer and tell you that the games can only be installed this way. That's a lie. Browse the contents and run the individual setup programs yourself.

The install versions are Fallout: 1.2, Fallout 2: 1.02, and Tactics: 1.13.

The DVD also contains a 1.1 patch for Fallout (lower version than what the game is already at), a 1.02 patch for Fallout 2 (same version as what the game installed with), a 1.27 patch for Tactics, some bonus programs for Tactics, and PDF scans of manuals. There are also some empty folders, it looks like someone ran a patch from that location before the DVD was mastered.

I have yet to confirm with a serious play through but I suspect these are the European / censored versions.

Fallout 1 & 2 can be run in Windows 7 but encounter a problem called the "rainbow glitch" which can be fixed with some system trickery.

Fallout Tactics will request the original disc from the 3-CD release. It has NOT been updated to remove the CD check NOR to recognize the DVD as authentic.

For collecting or preservation purposes this compilation is no substitute for the originals.
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on July 7, 2009
Good set of games for a good price. Everything works, except Tactics, on my XP Pro system. I can get the installer to work, but when I go to play it tells me to Insert a Fallout Brotherhood of Tactics CD. The CD is in, I've uninstalling and reinstalling many times. The patch you get with the game didn't seem to fix the problem... other than that, Fallout 1 and 2 work perfectly.
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on November 20, 2012
I bought the fallout collection because i loved the first two games back in the day. when the games arrived i put the disk in my computer and it lead me to a website to download them from. I followed the instructions and although the first two games work they haven't fixed the color problem so it will operate on the newer windows os and the third game just doesn't work. i loaded and unloaded it multiple times and it always asks to insert the "fallout tactics disk" i looked on interplay and everyone seems to be having this issue but nothing has been done about it yet as far as i know.
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on September 7, 2010
I first learned about Fallout when my older brother's friend brought it over one day. I was about 10 years old, and this game was a 10-year-old boy's wet dream. It was by far the most violent game I had ever played (and I grew up on Mortal Kombat, which was pretty violent for its time), and that immediately appealed to me. When I played it the first time, I had no clue what I was doing, but I still had tons of fun. My brother gave me help every now and then, but I largely did what I wanted how I wanted.

And that's what makes this game so great. You can do whatever you want. Raiders kidnapped a girl? You could be smart and talk them into giving her up. You could be evil and sell an ally into slavery in place of her. Or you can do what I did and kill the entire camp because they had cool-looking guns you wanted. You can do it however you want. Hell, you can even play the game as a character with no intelligence, so all he can say is "duhh" and "durr"! The designers at Black Isle Studios put so much thought into this game.

The writing is wonderfully hilarious (it's Black Isle Studios! What'd you expect??), but the story is well-developed too. It uses old sci-fi "science" from waaaay back that people used to talk about (nuclear radiation, mutants, plasma pistols, cyborgs, that sort of thing), and does it really well. The game captures that retro feeling so well, but makes it all feel fresh and new at the same time. The wasteland that is created from a nuclear war both feels and looks real. The "scientific" methods used to explain how the mutations and viruses and everything spread look really legitimate (I'm sure biologists would take major umbrage at the pseudo-science, but it's still done very well!), so you feel like the writers were scientists themselves.

The game is just so great and fun, and it's another game that I find myself reinstalling annually to beat it a different way. All three of these games are great (Fallout Tactics sacrificed a good story to make a really great combat system, though, and is not really in the same canon as Fallout 1 + 2). I'll always remember Fallout as one of the first PC games I ever played, and one of the reasons why I switched from consoles.
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VINE VOICEon November 18, 2014
Won't all. Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout tactics--nothing, notta, ipso, sorry about that...everything---nothing worked.

This is another way of saying my computer treats the disk as if it were a blank disk. As a matter of fact it treats it as if the disk was not even in the computer. It shows nothing. No information comes up. I clicked on COMPUTER and looked at the name of the disk (I expected to see FALLOUT or something like that as being in the drive) Nope--nothing listed. Ejected, injected...ejected, injected several times.

The only thing I got was the hard drive running full speed for about two seconds then it slows down to a stop.....nothing happens. Too bad, I remember Fallout from the old days--guess it'll have to remain a part of my memory (along with the money I spent.)


Well, don't ask me how, but ten minutes AFTER I wrote this review--'pop' a install window opened up for all three Fallouts. All three installs 'seem' to have run without trouble. I played all three games years ago so I gave them their rightful star review of 5 instead of the 1 the review above drew.

Boy...that was close!
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