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on September 18, 2015
too many hours spent on this game. Make sure to go to nexusmods before you get too far into it (right after installation) and get some fun looking mods. I personally don't use anything that makes the game easier, but there are a lot that add quests, enhance visuals, change gun animations etc. Worth spending an hour before you start optimizing.
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on August 17, 2015
Really thought it would be next to impossible to top FO3.... but boy did Obsidian come through!! Have played all content including DLC's (for those looking to purchase this, please note the "packs" are NOT content per say, they give you items at the beginning of the game, and the Gun Runners Arsenal adds certain weapons and weapon-mods to the game).

Awesome barely covers it, plus (if you're into it) the modding is awesome, effectively dozens of extra DLC's if you want to go through them all!!
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on December 29, 2014
Just a few hours into it, but I can already tell that it will gradually kill any chance I had of living a normal life for a few weeks. The game mechanics have changed a bit from Fallout 3, but it is the same enjoyable, story-driven game I have been playing since the original Fallout way, way, way back in the day. It's a Steam code, and it was cheaper here than Steam was selling it at the time. All of the additional packs were included.
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on December 26, 2015
This games a bit old at this point, so the question is: does it hold up? Relatively and positively: Kind of? The graphics do not hold up what so ever. THANK GOD FOR MODS! You can download a large amount of graphics mods and other things for this game at These will make your game look like a AAA game from 2014 rather then a relatively poor looking game from 2010, which btw we all know fallout NV is built on an engine from 2006. The story however is lovely, great! More than 10 endings and so many story branches its crazy. You can have the clans in the game war against one and another and even kill off main characters. You can basically be any one you want besides the main story of hunting down a con man, Benny, who shot you in the head in the beginning of the game and yet you survived. Benny is voiced by a little someone from the TV series known as friends BTW :P
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on October 14, 2014
As usual, Bethesda rules. If you want to get into a game and completely immerse yourself, then this game is for you. You model your character and decide exactly who you want for him to be, or become. Of course, sometimes, you might do something that reflects in a way that you would rather have avoided... Lots of fun.
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on March 3, 2014
Obsidian (with some of the original team from FO1 & FO2) was able to create a great Fallout experience that pays homage to the originals in more than one way.
The dark humor, exploration, and unexpectedness of Fallout are well captured in New Vegas, and this game very much rewards creative thinking. Though it's a tad clunky at times and characters may seem a bit stiff, the heart of what Fallout is shines right on through! From the great western tunes, and desert atmosphere, it's very much an apocalyptic cowboy game with enough diversions to suit many different tastes. With so many warring factions and branching quest lines you’re bound to enjoy at least some aspect of the game. The core experience as always is great and offers quite a lot of customization which adds the replay value of the game.

The DLCs as well are all top notch, each one offering a very unique story that adds new characters, weapons, and items to the games running lineup. There are definitely some challenges and goodies to be had with each of the DLCs, and if you stick it out you may even discover a few juicy secrets. The DLCs are included on a separate disk for download. The DLCs are:
-DEAD MONEY (a sort of survival horror game with an odd treasure hunt aspect)
-HONEST HEARTS (exploring a national park wilderness full of hostile tribes)
-OLD WORLD BLUES (Science gone so so wrong, learn the secrets of the wasteland)
-LONESOME ROAD (the courier’s final journey to face off against the mysterious Ulysses)

Bethesda made a smart move in letting the original devs make a new addition to the Fallout franchise. As much as I love FO3, New Vegas takes the cake by offering superior story/quest writing and multiple ways to play and complete objectives. I cannot recommend it enough.

Check it out.
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on June 29, 2014
This is legitimately on of the best games I have ever played. My opinion on the 3 vs. NV situation is that it is like comparing apples to whiskey. They have a lot in common as far as basics like tasting good but they a dissimilar mainly in their style
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on December 24, 2014
I like this game, no I mean I REALLY like this game. But I can't in good conscience give this a 4 or 5 star rating with the headaches it has caused me. No not, literal ones, but this game has a lot of problems that didn't get addressed by the game company, and thus it deserves a hit to its rating.

Bethesda has a history of making some really cool games with great graphics, game play and immersive worlds. Unfortunately, they also have a track record of games with a tremendous amount of defects. I consider a defect as either a bug or a glaring error in the way something should operate.

I'll break this into parts letting you know the good and the bad:

Character Face Design - You get the choice of both gender and race (African-American, White, Hispanic, Asian), not to mention a selection of several hairstyles and beards and a near endless choice of hair colors.

Character Creation System - When you begin a new game, you will speak with an NPC and through dialog and the use of a machine, you will determine your stats, skills and a few optional traits. The nice part is, you have one more chance to redesign your character (face too) when leaving the first area.

Controls - Easy to learn. I found that I and even my non-gamer friends could pick up the controls easy. The quicker you can get people into playing a game the better.

Character Movement - Love it. I feel in perfect control of my character. I don't feel inhibited in my movement, the weapon usage is easy and that makes for good, fun fights with bad guys.

Character Choices - My hat is off to this chapter of the Fallout series. In the previous Fallouts I played (1, 2, 3, Tactics), you could be immoral, but you really couldn't pick sides (except small ones in a certain town). For example, you could choose to help the people of town X, or not. The choice affects the ending, but Fallout endings are done in parts, showing what happens to each area/faction. In New Vegas a new element is added in that you choose a major faction to align with and that affects all of the ending parts (I think). /so you now have more ending choices and can truly play as "the bad guy" instead of just someone who is a murderer, but still wins the game the same as a good person.

Graphics - Good for the time. Not perfect, but I like them fine.

Voice Acting - Most of the voice actors do a good job here. I would say that some of them lack emotion to convey the situation, but most of them are well done.

Sound Effects - No complaints. Sounds good enough to make it feel believable.

Music - Most of the songs are great. Really sets the mood. Two words: Big Iron.

Quick Travel - Once you have been to a place, you can instantly return there, but time passes. This cuts down on a lot of running around.

World Design - I hear a lot of generic complaints about this, but I personally think it is fine. I have been to the areas in the game (in real life) many times, but I don't expect a to scale replica.

Character Creation System - Having to go through the same drawn out process to make a new character after the first time is annoying. There should have been a quickstart option.

Invisible Boundary System - Ugh, I'd almost rather have a giant wall wherever you aren't supposed to go. Sometimes when you are on a hill, trying to go this way or that, you are stopped by an invisible force. I get why they do it, but it kind of kills the immersion.

Lack of a berserker mode - Admit it, in open world games, sometimes it's fun to just go around and shoot everything. Unfortunately, that isn't really an option here. Yes, you actually CAN wipe out some towns and get a custom ending for it, but only when the game wants you to. Not really a con, but a disappointment.

Music - Two words: Johnny Guitar

Artificial Extended Gameplay - This plagues many of the popular games today that boast long hours of gameplay

The first problem is walking time. You'll spend a lot of time walking from A to B. Fortunately, there is the quick travel option, as mentioned in Pros. Unfortunately, there is usually not a lot to do when initially going from A to B.

The second problem is having to loot EVERYTHING and sell it. It's annoying to scrounge in every box and strip every body to sell their bloody clothes to vendors. You don't HAVE to do it, but without an online guide, you'll be checking for special things everywhere and doing whatever it takes to earn money.

The last major time lag is due to crashing and save game bugs. Sorry, but games shouldn't crash this much. I know software companies have deadlines and that the more complex games are the more chance there is to have a bug, but they could have fixed a lot of the glaring errors in the game.

Bugs - There are lots of them, but only some really hurt a game. If a character model's eyes pop out for some reason, yeah it's an eyesore (pun intended), but it won't kill your game. If a weapon vanishes or an explosion pushes an item behind a wall or somewhere else unreachable, that sucks, but you can make do. However, when choosing the energy weapons skill, one of the 5 major combat skills in the game, you create goo piles and ash piles that don't go away. This leads to lagging the game after a while. This is very bad, and virtually impossible to deal with unless you use console commands (PC only).

The Bottom Line
This is a fun game, and worth playing. Skyrim with guns! The unfortunate aspect is that you will spend much of your time reloading games after crashes, having to repeat 15-30 minutes of game play, or losing saves to corruption and having to do the same. Yes, you can download unofficial patches, do workarounds, etc... but I'm sorry, that shouldn't be a requirement to have a game that plays as intended with minimal problems.
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on January 30, 2014
If you liked any of the previous FO games or are new to the series this game is a great start. If there is something you don't like about the game or would like it to be changed then there is probably a mod that fits you. NV has almost unlimited replay value. Even though it requires Steam it doesn't break it. Overall I think it should be in every gamer's library.
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on February 1, 2015
Great game, Huge open free world style, letting you choose what to do first/last. If you ever finish the game once and go back for a re-play, you will be able to have a completely different experience if you choose other options.
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