RII Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (Built-in TouchPad/Laser Pointer) - Black
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Falls asleep stays aslep I purchased the ProMini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (ipazz port keyboard model KP-810-10BTT) a few days ago. The unit sets up and works just fine initially but after sitting for 20 or so minutes t puts itself t sleep and never wakes up. If I remove the device from the computer and reinstall it works fine until it falls asleep again. I have tried it on 3 other computers all with the same result. Is their a fix for this issue or is it a defective unit?
asked by J. Brinson on March 26, 2011
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Mine goes to sleep as well but can be 'woke up' by pressing the Enter key.
R. Anderson answered on March 29, 2011
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