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on April 8, 2014
I attached this to a Kill-A-Watt power meter. Then I plugged in zero to four devices. It scales up power draw as you add each device. Furthermore, when a device is finished charging, it drops the draw again. Draws zero watts (I assume rounded down from something between 0.0 and 0.049 watts) when there are no devices attached or all devices are charged. This enables me to leave it plugged in 24/7 - significantly better than all the plugging and unplugging I used to do.

During one year of use, 3 of the 5 ports stopped working, one by one. I contacted Anker and they sent me a full refund with no fuss.
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on July 13, 2014
I purchased this to replace the many chargers that I usually have to bring for my gadgets. I mainly use a speaker, a Bluetooth headset, a phone, a tablet and an iPod Classic. I have other gadgets but these are the main ones. Just right for the 5 ports of the charger. And I was in charging bliss. Or so I thought.
Turns out, 2 months later, two of the ports have stopped functioning, and I'm worried that the others will break down if I continue using them. I only use the charger during weekends when I travel far from home and I use my standard chargers on weekdays.
Needless to say, I am very heartbroken and disappointed. I cannot recommend the product. My father-in-law wanted to buy one also but I shall dissuade him from doing so. Please think twice before making your purchase.

Update 1: I was contacted by Anker and was sent a replacement unit with their upgraded hardware. Will begin my stress testing in earnest and will update this review accordingly. I granted another star for this review because of the swift and diligent follow-ups. The first unit I purchased on the other hand has only one port left that can charge my gadgets. Perhaps it's only a matter of time now before it fails completely.

Update 2: tested the replacement by connecting 5 different gadgets to it. They charged quickly and so I set on draining them to test the charging again later on. After 18 hours, I set up my gadgets for charging again. Lo and behold, the 3rd port wouldn't charge! I switched my phone to other ports to see if they were okay but shortly after, the 5th port stopped working! This is ridiculous!
Unless there is a way to reset the circuits somehow, I'm inclined to keep the rating or revert it to one star. So very, very disappointed!
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on September 30, 2014
So far my product works perfectly so 5 Stars!

BUT I received the following email which will help all of you having any USB Charging Ports that stop working!

"Thanks for purchasing an Anker 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger! Some customers are experiencing an issue with this product, and we want to tell you about it and how to avoid it.
The simple explanation
If your device or cable malfunctions, a charging port may become "dead" or unusable. This does not pose any safety risk to you or your devices.
The details
As this charger has an industry-high charge output designed into an ultra-compact profile, we've taken extensive measures to ensure complete safety for you and your devices, including meeting the UL certificate requirements. One of these measures is a built-in fuse on each charging port that trips when a connected device draws more than 3 amps of current. As no current popular devices require such a high amperage, this happens only when the cable or device is malfunctioning (usually a major or micro short circuit). The tripped fuse prevents your device and cable from sustaining damage, but because it can't be reset, results in a "dead port" that is no longer usable.

Our product development team has upgraded the circuitry to a current limiting switch that also limits the current output to under 3 amps but automatically resets afterwards.
How to avoid this issue
Remember to only use quality cables: To ensure complete safety and best performance, we strongly recommend using your device's original cable or a third-party certified one (such as MFI).
Avoid charging in a confined spaces: To ensure against overheating, avoid using the charger in confined spaces or in higher than room temperature environments.

What should I do if my charger has a "dead port"?

If your charger has a "dead port" that doesn't charge or any concern, please contact Anker customer support with the following information and we'll send you an upgraded replacement right away.

1) The product SN number (found on the side of the product)

2) Your current shipping address

3) Your Amazon order number


Hope that helps you all having problems!!!
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on June 4, 2014
It worked well for a whole week and then 4 of the 5 USB ports died within the following few days. Bad quality!
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on July 9, 2014
I carefully researched chargers and choose this one knowing that others had reported issues with ports failing. I choose this model for its ability to handle multiple devices but also for the Anker name as I've been pleased in the past with the build quality and performance of other Anker devices (chargers & battery packs).

So after 1.5 months of light use (never all 5 ports at once), imagine my disappointment when ports 2 & 4 failed, followed quickly by port 5. In 48 hours, I went from being able to charge 5 items to just 2. I've only used OEM cables and tried each cable in each port. I can verify without a doubt that the issue doesn't stem from the cables nor the devices being charged. An important feature for a charger is its robustness. I expected more from an Anker product as I've been pleased with my other Anker purchases.

Anker's customer service contacted me within hours of my posting this review and offered to ship a replacement unit. The unit is on its way to me and I intend to more carefully observe when the ports fail or what conditions lead to those failures. As I had mentioned, I was aware of other reviewers' issues with dead or failing ports, but I had factored that in my choice of charging unit (charging speed vs reliability) and my choice of vendor (Anker's customer service is highly rated).

Anker issued a replacement unit to me at no cost and within very reasonable time. While I was disappointed to have the unit partially fail when I counted on it (during travel), I am very impressed by Anker's commitment to customer service and as far as I'm concerned will continue to shop for their products.
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on June 8, 2014
I seriously love this thing (is what I wanted to say)! What a great device (I had thought). That's what I would have written (without the parenthesis) if I reviewed it in the first week.

Normally, I love these kind of gems I find on Amazon, but this product is terribly designed. The first port has failed so quickly on me and now the second port seems to only work SOME of the time. I thought I had a defective cable and then I realized it was the device port itself. I think it's only a matter of time before each and every port begins to fail. Very disappointed in Anker and Amazon.

Please contact me if you know how to go about returning this failing device. I really hope I kept the box around my apartment as my wife has a tendency to chuck them out (argh). I'm sure there are good ones out there, but looks like I have all the bad luck.
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on May 21, 2014
I had previously purchased and recieved a 25 watt European charger sent to my home in Ireland. It works great and was / am extremely happy with it. While on holiday in USA, I decided to upgrade to the 40 watt, by purchasing this additional item. I thought it would be a smooth transaction (since I was happy with first purchased item).

On receipt of this 40 watt device only 3 out of the 5 ports worked successfully to charge my devices. But within 2 weeks only 1 port is functioning.

In this past 2 week time frame, the supplier/vendor has emailed me twice to inquire about my customer satisfaction. I replied both times indicating the disappointing status of issues stated above. At no time however have I received any form of communication or email from the vendor in an effort to resolve my dissatisfaction.

I believe the vendor could quite easily resolve the issues by acknowledging my concerns and replacement of the faulty device.
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on June 19, 2014
Bought 2 units. The 1st unit has 2 non-working USB ports. The 2nd unit has 2 USB ports that keep disconnect charging after a few minutes of plugging in and/or not charging at all. However the other USB ports are working perfectly. Why have just 3/5 ports working! RETURN! I only charge an iPhone 5S and 2 Ipad Airs. Very disappointing. I have an older ANKER charger w/o the IQ for months and it works 100% so far. I had high hope for this newer/better with IQ charger because I don't have to guess which USB port to plug in devices (i.e. iPad, Samsung Tab, iPhone, Android). I can't even replace/exchange the defective units because Amazon doesn't have them in stock. So now I am returning both units. Maybe I will wait for the next generation.
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on October 15, 2014
I actually asked for the 25W (when it fist came out) for Christmas. Yeah, that's how nerdy I am. Now I picked up the new 40W on a Lightning deal.

Perfect for travelling, not having to carry every single, single port USB charger. This one charges everything! If I need more ports, I charge the portable USB batteries at the same time.

No more worrying about what port my USB is plugged into for the iPads, iPhones or other devices.
25W is now the home DIY Coffee Table charger.
40W is the new travel charger.

Lots of devices to charge? One tech to charge them all.
review image review image review image review image
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on July 3, 2014
This is my second attempt at this product. My first order of this item had 1 out of the 5 USB ports defective. No matter what cable or device I used nothing would charge from this one defective port. I then returned it and ordered another and all USB ports worked for the first couple days. Now, again one out of the 5 USB ports will not work at all. This is the second time a USB port has become non-operational for this product and something tells me it has to do with quality control or poor design. I'd like to hear from Anker themselves as to why this is happening and what they are willing to do for me. I want to be able to use this product without worry that it will become defective in only a couple days from using it but so far this has been a very poor experience. I have purchased Chinese ripoff chargers before for older phones that I have owned that lasted years and truthfully never burnt out. I hope there is a good reason for this problem otherwise I can't imagine putting much trust in this product.

Look forward to being contacted by Anker.

UPDATE: 7-22-2014

I was contacted by an Anker rep within 24 hours of my post. I provided my serial number for my defective product, was instructed to keep the defective unit and a new one was shipped out to me. I have received the new product and so far all USB ports are working and I have been using it for over a week. I was told by the Anker rep that there may have been a bad batch reason why I got two defective units in a row. After a week using the defective unit it only had two working USB ports left on it so I trashed it after receiving the new one. I am glad Anker is watching their reviews and they care so much about their customers to do all they can to make things right. I couldn't give 5 stars because of the time wasted on ordering 2 of these and returning my first to Amazon. My main reason for buying this was to use it for a 2 week travel out of the country and I had to use the defective unit for the two weeks I was out of the USA. Luckily the defective unit still worked even it was only 2 USB ports, so it got crowded with all the electronics I had to charge, but I lived. I appreciate all the call backs and emails making sure I received the product and that it was working.
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