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on September 6, 2001
Family Values is a great video to own if you are a fan of any of the bands on the tour and just want to see live footage -- But if you want any really in-depth interviews, look elsewhere. For the most part, everyone performed well, and the performances kept my attention for the whole time. Here's how the band's did:
Limp Bizkit - Newcomers to the scene at the time, definetly the worst performance on the video. Fred walks too much like a duck during Counterfeit and his voice fades away all the time because he can't just stand still. Nothing against them or anything, but they did a really weak job. 2/5
Ice Cube - Probably the most interesting part of the tour. Ice Cube does the best he can with a rock crowd and wins over a few fans. One of the best moments on this video happens while Cube is performing "F--- tha Police" and it zooms in on some cop in the crowd with his arms crossed who looks like he's about to cry. It would have been nice to have seen Korn come out with him for "F--- Dying" instead of just sampling the guitar work. Still, a very very entertaining and energetic performance. 5/5
Orgy - Like Limp Bizkit, they were newcomers at the time and NO ONE was into their show. But they did a really good job performing and I liked the interlude they did before "Stitches." Really bad filming though on this part. 4/5
Rammstein - If you have the uncensored version, you know what this parts all about. Definetly quite a few moments to remember. When David talks about Rammstein being taken away by the cops, close your eyes. Trust me, it is very very gross. 4/5
Korn - Obviously the band that the whole crowd was there to see, and everyone obviously loved every minute of it. Lots of great backstage stuff, like the birthday party backstage, in between songs. Korn pull out some of their best songs, taking from all 3 (at the time) albums. The longest performance on the video, clocking in at about 45 minutes. Look closely during "All in the Family" and you can spot all the members of Incubus. 5/5
Overall, this is a great home video, and very fun to watch, but the filming was REALLY bad and the sound quality was horrible. More interviews with Ice Cube and Rammstein would have been appreciated. I suggest you buy this though, you really won't be disappointed.
(Just for the record: The reason why no Incubus performances were included on the home video is because they weren't officially on the tour. They came on for the last week or so to fill in for Ice Cube, who had to shoot "Three Kings." Just so you know.)
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on February 28, 2002
It rocks, it rolls, it has interviews, backstage and dressing room footage, good music and good times. There are kids all over the place, in the audience, on the stage watching their daddies jump, dance, wail and flail their bodies around. It even has a birthday party with a brand new batmobile touring car, but most important it has Korn, Rammstein, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit and Orgy. You should have both the VHS and DVD.

Those Rammen Daddies from Berlin steal the show as they perform Buck Dich and Du Hast. Quiet man Paul Landers sets the stage in this event and this time Rammstein doesn't get arrested!
At first I was stunned when I saw him dance backstage to Orgy's 'Blue Monday', a most excellent song. But during Buck Dich, he bends toward the singer for the 'letzte kuss' as they say. Poor Flake, you've got competition! Paul doesn't stop here. During the clips of the afterparty he is seen eating styrofoam for the camera. Is this the same expressionless man who plays guitar when Rammstein performs? You go!

The Concert CD Soundtrack is excellent! Get a copy. Don't pass up the window of opportunity to get the DVD too so you won't miss an angle. Its a good show. All performers, well done!!!

One WARNING you'll receive from me: For hard core fans only. A hard rock family hour most seriously.
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on September 17, 2004
This is one to rent. Rammstein's live performance was spectacular. It's hard to outshine them in that area. When Till whiped out his fake dick and hosed down the audience.... I hope that freaked some people out who'd never heard of the band. Crazy kinky psycho Germans. Good stuff.

Korn was good too. I loved the All in the Family performance. Definately worth seeing. If you like more than 2 or 3 of the bands, maybe you'd find it worth buying. Like previous reviewers said, there are better DVDs out there for each band. Rammstein fans should definately check out Live Aus Berlin.
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on April 21, 2013
The Family Values 98 package tour included Orgy, a now defunct as far as i know and largely forgotten "Nu metal" band, Limp Bizkit, Who many of us wish we could forget we were into, Ice Cube, it was the time of rap/metal, Korn and Rammstein, The most enduring act of the 5. I don't remeber any others if there were any. The DVD is largely concert footage interspersed with interviews and backstage footage. the Orgy and Ice Cube segments were watchable but not overly impressive. The Limp Bizkit songs are alright, although all the members of the band look cool with their metal weirdo outfits except durst sticking out with his signature frat boy trying to be hip hop look. The Korn Songs are good, including a performance in halloween costumes of all in the family featuring limp bizkit battling verses with Korn. What i really bought this DVD for was the Rammstein Footage.

The Family Values Tour 98 DVD Also has a short 2 song Rammstein concert footage section with the infamous fake wang on Buch Dich and short interview with Flake as well as some backstage antics featuring Tiel giving a european style smooch to a member of orgy and a very cool looking Till and Chris "Doom" Schnieder trashing the backstage area and leaving with an authoritative "Party Over" when some female groupies go into a fake lesbian shtick to the delight of the more easily impressed members of other bands. This dvd does feature nudity of both the real and prosthetic varieties.
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on December 31, 2012
rammstein is nasty in this movie. if you have young kids i suggest you dont let them buy/watch this because its very vulgar. i like the other bands like limpbizkit and orgy. the cd to this (sold seperately) is pretty awesome too. in my opinion rammsteins stage show ruined the film.
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on August 1, 2011
I first watched this in fall of '98 on MTV and recorded it on VHS. I was a huge Korn fan at the time and thus began my love for concerts and dvd concerts. FAMILY VALUES '98 is a great dvd if you're into old school Korn and Limp Bizkit. This is when both bands were still heavy and just starting to get lots of play on MTV which unfortunately led to them making crap music. I'm not into Ice Cube much but he does sing "Children Of The Korn" with John Davis plus some other rap songs which I skip through. Orgy and Rammstein are also on here but I skip through them also I'd give this dvd a 5/5 BUT the song "Shot Liver Medley" by Korn is not on here. It was on my old MTV Family Values VHS tape. It's also on the FAMILY VALUES '98 CD. It's the best song Korn plays live IMHO. I'd like more of Korn and Limp Bizkit and less of those other bands. For $5 (shipping included), you should buy it here on AMAZON!
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on December 3, 2013
I give this DVD 5 stars because I used to own the VHS, so this was more nostalgic than anything else. I always wished there was more Rammstein on here (only 2 songs), but otherwise a cool concert! If you had the VHS before, get this DVD! Great price & collector's item.
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on June 26, 2000
I bought the VHS version a while back after I bought the Family Values 98 CD. It is pretty good, it really is.
Positive's: A few really great songs, like Revive by Orgy and Jon, All in the Family by Korn AND Limp Bizkit, Counterfeit, Buch Ditch, f tha police, and more. Rammstein's great live performance, A few good Korn songs, and most of the other songs were pretty good also.
Absolutely nothing on Incubus. Not even a glimpse. This is a drawback because Incubus is and was a great live band during the tour.
Most of Orgy's performance was dull, and you could tell the crowd really wanted it to end soon.
Ice Cube really isn't my type, but it was amazing that he could get these fans who came for Punk and Metal music like Korn and Limp Bizkit to get really into him.
Some songs are the same as in the CD (Cambodia, Jump Around, Check Yo Self, blue Monday, F Tha Police, and more.)and I think that they are from the same concert, so the audio will be familiar but the video won't
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on June 3, 2011
To start off this Dvd does not have full sets by any of the bands. I knew this so I wasnt disapointed. Also note that this dvd is mainly revolving around Korn, seeing as Korn started this tour ,headlined it and was released by their label. Ok, so It really captures the vibe of the whole thing. I think it is an awesome dvd, there is some funny stuff on this also. The best performance was Korn, then Rammstein, then Ice Cube ,then Limp Bizkit. I was really excited to watch this and it was worth the money.
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on August 17, 2001
If you're a Korn or Limp Bizket fan, good for you, buy this DVD. You'll love it. If you're a Rammstein fan, think twice. Do you have Live Aus Berlin on DVD and VHS? If not, spend your money on that first. The Live Aus Berlin DVD has an interview, multi-camera, the music video for "Stripped" and many others. But the only way you'll see "Buck Dich" is to get the uncensored VHS. Family Values has "Buck Dich" and "Du Hast" but it is bady filmed (with terrible sound quality) and the audience is just annoying. There is barely any backstage footage... no interviews, no commentary ... I'll keep my copy just because I keep anything that Rammstein is in, but if you have no interest in seeing Till kiss a member of Orgy and hear the correct pronunciation of Flake's name... don't bother.
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