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on August 22, 1998
Fapardokly started out as Merrell and the Exiles, led by Merrell Fankhauser. They put out three singles and had some personnel changes along the way. In 1967 they changed their name to Fapardokly (I'm still not sure exactly how to pronounce it). The name is put togther from the band members' names -- FAnkhauser, PARrish, DOdd, and Dick Lee (the KLY).
Their debut album -- the only album they ever made-- is a mixed bag of Exiles singles and newer Fapardokly material, but the good stuff is *very* good. The music ranges from the lovely 12-string "Lila" to the biting "The Music Scene." The album is a bit schizophrenic because of the span of time between some of the songs, so there are more traditional pop songs like the Exiles' "Sorry for Yourself" and "Tomorrow's Girl" as well as weird psychedelic songs like "Mr. Clock." The three bonus tracks -- "The War," "Yes I Love You," and "Run Baby Run" at the end are good tracks, with "Yes I Love You" being my personal favorite.
The back cover of the album says "Love has made possible for some the pursuing of dreams. The Indian Love Bird has blessed the Fapardokly. Those who listen will also be blessed." Ah, 1967! Those were the days!!
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on October 23, 2002
A pretty motley collection of singles that Merrell Fankhauser was involved with in some way, stuck together in one package and called by the name of one of his bands. This could have just as easily (and more truthfully) been called "Merrell and the Exiles," or "Merrell: The Early Years."
Overall this is a very disjointed sounding record; production values vary widely from song to song, which is to be expected, because the songs were recorded at widely different times from one another, in different studios, and even with different bands.
That in itself doesn't account for the two star review; what really sinks this record is the general awfulness of the songs. The songs are mostly a mishmash of every popular 60's band you ever heard of, with very little musical innovation. The lyrics are absolutely horrible, loaded down with cliches' and easy rhymes, and all about "girls."
There were any number of bands across the United States who were writing songs like this in the 1960s, and they disappeared into obscurity. These songs are no better, and by comparison with many of the garage bands playing at the same time, Fapardokly a/k/a Merrell and the Exiles don't really come off any better. On some songs, they come off considerably worse by comparison. But most of the songs are amazingly average, pleasant enough but completely derivative and unmemorable. There are no "Pushin' Too Hards" or "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Nights" hidden here. Just very average (and sometimes not even that) singing and playing on some very average songs. The liner notes and photos of the bands verge on Spinal Tap territory.
This recording makes me wonder, frankly, what the big fuss over Merrell Fankhauser's music is all about. There's very little here that would make me come back to this CD to listen to it again. Painfully average.
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on March 30, 2000
I just wanted to add that the last writer was WAY off baseabout the album Merrell Fankhauser and the HMS Bounty-- it is one ofthe best albums of its era and fans of melodic pop-psych are well advised to check it out. I like this album too, but it is really more of a stepping stone towards the excellent BOUNTY record.
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on March 12, 2016
Couple of kind of sweet tunes and a lot of forgettable material.
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on January 11, 2004
This album is very stylistically uneven because it was recorded between the years of 1964 to 1967, I believe. The record was released in 1967 and Fankhauser followed with such albums as Things by H.M.S. Bounty and Mu (his true original masterpiece). Giving this album 3 stars is quite generous. There are a few genuine classics on this album though. Lila is excellent and would not be out of place on 5th Dimension by the Byrds. In addition, Super Market sounds like a distant cousin to Do You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star (also by the Byrds). The Music Scene is another gem that almost reminds one of Bob Dylan. Tomorrow's Girl and No Retreat are brooding Zombies-like numbers that are very solid. The rest of the album is very weak. Clock On The Wall and Glass Chandlier are cheesy, immature attempts at creating folk-psychedelia. Gone To Pot sounds a little too much like Eight Miles High but without vocals (well it has moans though). As for the rest, well we have weak ricky nelson type ballads and rockers that are disgraceful. I prefer the band and album Mu from Fankhausers later recorded output. I bought this album because it was recommended by Richard Unterberger in his Unknown Legends of rock music book. He considered this the great lost folk rock album. I'm here to dispell such notions. This album is nothing special. Unterberger also wrote in a most recent book that Dillard and Clark's first album was average and that the Byrd's Sweetheart Of The Rodeo is overrated (Both these records are country-rock milestones/masterpieces). Well I guess we should ignore his foolish statements and judgements because this record proves him wrong.
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on December 23, 1999
burrrr, it sure is cold down here....Fankhauser has a very traditionally enjoyable voice to listen to. The melodies are very catchy. If there were money behind these singles when they were released, any number of them could of been smashes. The album as a unit loses points for being so inconsistent. But I highly reccommend anyone who loves the oldies of the mid-sixties to buy this. Also searchout the selftitled album "MU" for more Merrell Fankhauser. Favorites: Lila, Music Scene, War, SuperMarket,When I Get Home, Glass Chandelier
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on March 1, 2004
It's about time that the myth about Merrell Fankhauser was exposed for the fraud it is. His career has been a series of mediocre records with little to recommend them. Actually, this one's worse than mediocre; it's downright awful. Bad songs, bad production, and weak imitations of Merseybeat, folk rock, and Roy Orbison. Sorry, but to say that Fapardokly is on the level of the Byrds is pretty laughable.
The only worthy effort he ever made was the first Mu album (also available on Sundazed) -- but then, it's a great record mostly because of Jeff Cotton's slide guitar playing, even though Merrell contributes songs. Buy that one and skip overrated crap like this.
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