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Far Cry 2 - PC
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on December 2, 2009
Platform for Display: PC
Given the many bad reviews, I was very hesitant to buy..

The reviewers could not have been more wrong. It is an AWESOME game.
A classic example of a great game which was misunderstood by most gamers.

As mentioned in most reviews, the map is huge and you have to travel all over to complete missions. It seems MOST of the negative reviews fail to understand the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION system in the game. There are BUS STOPS clearly marked on the map -- one at the four corners of the map, and one in dead center. Dead center is your home base. The four corners are where most missions will occur.

So...after accepting a mission, go to the bus stop, board the bus for your destination, and in an instant you are transported to that corner of the map. Time of day has changed (dusk, midnite, early dawn, etc.) to imply it was a LONG bus journey... There is always a vehicle waiting for you outside. And usually, there is a weapons shop nearby (in case you want to change your weapons or ammo.)

I think 99% of negative reviewers FAILED TO UNDERSTAND this concept. (If you don't take the bus, YES it will be slow/frustrating to cross the map). There are enemy outposts and armed checkpoints along the roads, which are also patrolled by armed jeeps. If you insist on driving instead of taking the bus -- YES the game seems slow, frustrating, and impossible...

The game developers should have made this point clearer (it is not explained in the game manual). But if you play the game as intended, is a great experience.

1. Take the bus.
2. Even when driving, try to stay off-road as much as possible to avoid confrontations.
3. Don't be afraid to abandon your vehicle and go on foot. Eventually you'll find another vehicle.
4. Take the time to experiment w/ the display. May take a long time depending on your PC/graphics card, but is worth it.
5. Chose a lower resolution if necessary. I play 800x600, maxed out. If you don't play maxed-out, you are not just missing out on eye-candy. You are getting a much poorer quality experience.
6. Try turning "shadows" down. Moving/morphing shadows are PC-intensive. Turn shadows down, and max everything else.
6. Choose "realistic" setting, and play w/ your on-screen crosshairs turned off. Much harder.
7. Limit yourself to missions from the 2 rival factions -- this will progress the game story as intended.
8. Avoid random side missions, these get repetitive and don't advance the story line.

- Great single-player experience.
- Totally unscripted, non-linear gameplay. Great voice-acting. (Enemy dialogue can be hilarious and suspenseful).
- Very smart AI..the more you play, the more you will appreciate it. (AI can be down, wounded, bleeding, but still try to squeeze off a few rounds as he's dying.)
- Huge map, amazing environment, changing weather conditions/time-of-day.
- Great in-game tension and stealth gameplay. (some of the best scenarios are after taking out a target and trying to make it home while low on ammo.
- Stunningly beautiful, at max settings.

- Lack of direction from developers. Failure to utilize the "BUS" concept will result in frustrating, repetitive experience.
- Endless choice of side missions will fail to advance the storyline and can seem pointless.
- Fans of pure run/gun shooters will be frustrated by the need to for strategy, planning, and stealth.

OVERALL: Great game. In terms of single-player, non-linear, non-team based combat, voice-acting, intelligent AI, game length, replay value, and game environment, this game might sit alone at the top. It's too bad most people didn't figure it out and gave such BAD reviews! Buy it and try it!
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on October 24, 2008
Platform for Display: PC
Far Cry 2 is OK. It's nothing to write home about, though.

My issues with the game:
1. - Guns - Who did the firearm research on this game? Some guns, like the AK-47, are completely mirror image. Some, like the HK G3, are just wrong. (Charging handle and ejection port both on the left side? Not in this reality.)
2. - Damage - Shooting someone in the chest with 10-20 rounds from the PKM to kill them? Zzzzz.
3. - No prone? Come on, is this the 90s?
4. - Enemies can see me in the dead of night, and know where I am, even when I am in the bushes and using a silencer. Hmmm...
5. - Repetative missions - Wow, let's do the same missions over and over and over and over and over...
6. - Respawning badguys. Just cleared that guard post? Funny that all the guards are back 3 minutes later...
7. - "Most realistic fire ever!" - with fire graphics that look completely unrealistic.

Give this property back to Crytech. Ubisoft did a half-baked job at best.

EDIT: Also, the DRM this game installs broke the Burn feature of Windows Media Player on my PC. Buyer Beware.

EDIT 2: SecuRom has a program on their website that will allow you to remove their DRM from your machine. However, it will be reinstalled - without warning or notification - the very next time you play a game with SecuRom DRM. If - like me - you have issues with burning CDs after installing one of these game, you pretty much have to uninstall the DRM anytime you want to burn. Convenient, huh?
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on November 3, 2008
Platform for Display: PC
Id like to preface my review by stating that in no way has my opinion of the game been swayed by the DRM used for piracy protection by Ubisoft. This review is solely in regards to the gameplay itself.

With my pure enjoyment of Far Cry and Crysis, I was extremely excited about the release of this game. Unfortunatly when I began playing the game, I became more and more disappointed as I played. In fact, if it werent for the graphics, this would easily be considered an instant bargin bin title.

I have so many gripes about this game that Im not quite sure where to begin, so I will start with my biggest one... the firefights. You have so much against you from the very beginning that it is extremely difficult to find them enjoyable. In fact you feel as though you are being punished just for taking the mission. Your gun will continuously jam. You have malaria, so in the middle of a gunfight you may need to pop a pill to get over it (everything turns yellow and fuzzy). If your health gets low (and it will... continually from all the sharpshooters they have in Africa) you must first pull the bullet out, then.. you must heal yourself. I must ask... why?? I suppose it was to add tension, but only succedes in being frustrating. You will die often... not because you get overwhealmed by the (incredibly stupid) AI, but because of a gun jam, having to heal yourself with a two step process or because you get a malaria outbreak.

As I get off that rant, I invite you to another. Lets investigate the whole "sandbox, free roam, open world..." direction in which the developers decided to take with this sequel. First off the compass is horrible and the map is even worse. Not because they are a bad concept... they work extremely well in GTA and games of the like. The problem is, your objective is sooooo far away that even when you pull out your map, because it isnt a full map, all you see is the general direction you are supposed to be going and not able to pinpoint the best route to take or where exactly your objective is. This is compounded by the fact that you hit several checkpoints (more on these later) that ensue a "forced" firefight... and I believe I already explained how much fun they are. It will take you at least 10 minutes to get from point A to point B because of this. Rediculous.

Now, remember the checkpoints. These lovely roadblocks are apparently set up by guerillas (no... not gorillas) who attack you when you come close. I guess that makes sense, however, the frustrating part is after you destroy a checkpoint, they respawn so every time you drive by, you get attacked again and again and again. If you try to blast through in your vehicle, a car chase ensues.... sounds like fun right? Wrong, because no matter how fast you are going, they magically appear behind you and if they shoot your vehicle 3 or 4 times, it stalls. And I bet you thought the engine was in the front of the vehicle. So, because of this you end up getting out of your vehicle and... you guessed it, a firefight begins... malaria.... damn... gun jammed... shot need health... pull out the bullet... use medi.... dead.

Finally the vehicles themselves. For some reason, the geniuses at Ubisoft only give a 1st person view of driving... so you try to drive, look at map and compass at the same time and because the vehicle handles so poorly you hit a boulder and the vehicle stalls out, so you get in front of the vehicle and fix it. Get back in and hit a lovely checkpoint further up.

There are several other nuances in the game like no checkpoints... well theres lots of those, but I mean autosave points... so hit F5 ALOT or your 10 minute trip from point A to point B can take you 30 minutes. There isnt really much of a story here to be found either, so you really just find yourself doing side missions... even the main missions seem like side missions which dont give you much of a feeling of accomplishment.

I realize I have been on quite a rant, and most of my reviews are not as negative or sarcastic as this. As a matter a fact I dont think I have given a single star review to anything before... but this game definitly deserves it. As I attempt to leave with a positive remark, I am at a loss. I could mention the graphics, however theyre really not better than the original Far Cry... and I can max them out on my machine.

I was extremely disappointed and feel my $60 was just wasted. Ive played the game for about 11 hours, and cannot bring myself to finish it... and thats an extreme rarity for me. With all the great games coming out this year, spend your money on something else.
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on October 31, 2008
Platform for Display: PC
Clearly the game was designed for the console market with PC as an afterthought during development. Although there are some interesting aspects, it ultimately is just a boring game on the PC platform with minimal replay value. Games are judged relative to the alternatives available for that platform. In the PC area it falls down hard.

Start with the aspect ratios the game screens take are very TV/Console rather than PC monitor oriented.

There is no back-story and no reason for me to care why my character succeeds or fails. I care as much about him as he does about his employers.

My character is more durable than his weapons. So while he can pull bullets out of his body with his teeth and repair almost any device, he is incompetent when it comes to cleaning, repairing and maintaining the tools of his trade - his weapons.

Ubisoft's rationale for no predators is that it would upset the ecosystem. Lame excuse -- More likely either cost or time reduction in coding. Adding animal threats as NPCs who only respond to specific classes of players or NPCs within a certain radius is fairly simple to do and would improve the game play value.

The damage model needs refinement. My character has terminated NPCs at 15 yards with a single spray from the shotgun and yet 5 or 6 center mass shots with an AK-47 (whose ammo is rifle loads, not pistol loads like a submachine gun) at the same distance doesn't even knock the NPCs down. At close quarters scattershot can be the uber-weapon, but over distance it's gonna be a lot less lethal.

I can't tell if the endless slogging through the veldt is a cover for weak AI coding, a way to extend the "playing" time of the game or an infomercial from Ubisoft aimed at marketing their Dunia engine to other developers by demonstrating the effects you can create. For me, it quickly became downright annoying.

Not much to say about DRM that hasn't already been said. Their EULA is very specific. Ubisoft will install DRM code on your PC. They will require you to register it online. They will require the CD to be in the machine. They own the software and they are not accountable for any problems any of this cause for you. Your rights are 100% subordinate to theirs. If you don't like that you must send it back to them before you perform any activations. About the only thing you don't have to do is send them a copy of your driver's license and a DNA sample. But stay tuned...

Since software DRM is totally ineffective against pirates I can only assume that the ultimate objective of excessive DRM is to kill the PC game market and drive everyone to consoles. It makes good business sense as it's easier and cheaper to develop games for consoles and no PC games means one less SKU to stock and track.

Bottom line...It may do okay as a console game given its competition on those platforms, but as a PC game, it's just too boring and console-centric to be worth buying. If you are really curious about a game based in what was a very promising location, wait a couple of months and pick it up for $9.99 in a jewel case.
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on October 26, 2008
Platform for Display: PC
Before the release of Far Cry 2 the game was being hyped as a new generation of First Person Shooter--one to set a new bar.

What they showed us was footage of combat surgery, fire propagation, stealth gameplay, mercenary buddies, and a vast sandbox.

What we hoped for was a First Person Shooter that would have all of those things finely tuned and greatly expanded upon, immersing us in a world where guns for hire and arms dealers were partners in a civil war.

What we got was exactly what they showed... EXACTLY what they showed. The combat surgery is just for show. The fire propagation dies so very quickly so that it seems more like a fireworks display rather than a true wildfire. The stealth gameplay fails more often than not leading you right back to the run and gun style of play First Person Shooters are infamous for. The mercenary buddies are nothing more than strangers giving you second chances, as well as a means to give you a side-mission whilst doing a mission. And the sandbox is just littered with no-name faces just wandering around, waiting to shoot you on sight--that is to say that they show absolutely no intelligence and are far too plentiful. Let's not forget that the game is very rough around the edges and needs some serious patching.

It's as if they half-made a game, ran out of time, dumbed it all down, stitched the little bits and pieces together, threw in a story, and made three large maps for it. The game is overly easy and is only made difficult by beefing up foes so that they take more shots to kill. And the hardest part about the game is staying interested enough to play smart, and not simply plow your technicle into the middle of an enemy camp just so you can feel a little more excitement.

The only saving grace is the hope that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the modding community can modify the game to be what it ought to be. But as it is right now, there is now SDK for them to work with, so they will have to rough it out on their own until one is released, if ever one is. On the bright side, the STALKER modding community has done wonders for that game even without an SDK, so here's hoping.

Until then, I'm shelving my copy, and warn any prospective buyers to wait for the price to drop before you bother picking it up.
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on November 3, 2008
Platform for Display: PC
When Far Cry 2 came out I rushed to the store to purchase it and I didn't mind paying the $50 for it either because I really loved the original Far Cry game. I've been a long time avid fan of First Person Shooter games and the original Far Cry still ranks among my top favorites. To start off I'll say that this review has nothing to do with any copyright protection issues, in fact I had no idea there was any - it was a smooth installation and when starting the game there are no delays or hitches. The game also played with no problem with my widescreen monitor at 1680X1050. That being said, Far Cry 2 is one of the biggest sequel disappointments I've experienced. It is NOTHING like the original (a "far cry" from the original if you may). There's absolutely no reason why the words "Far Cry" should be attached to this new game. The character Jack Carver, the enemies, the weapons, the scenery, the exploration between the bounds of realism & supernatural, and the story elements - NONE of that was passed over to Far Cry 2 and so it could have been branded a completely different game altogether. I think they put the words "Far Cry" there to attract people like me who loved the original into thinking that it would be remotely similar to it. To brand Far Cry 2 with the original Far Cry was very misleading and will be very disappointing to you if you liked the original.

Even if you've never played the original, this game has issues. About halfway through this game I almost abandoned playing completely because the missions were so repetitive and thus became boring. However, starting around the last third of the game to the last quarter, the story does pick up and get more interesting, although it's debatable whether the payoff was worth the entire trip. For starters most of your game time will take place inside a car going from one place to another just for the sake of getting from one place to the other (without any development of the story or the characters along the way). At least with other games like Half-Life you build the story or characters while you're traveling - this wasn't the case with Far Cry 2. This is ridiculous - most of the game time of any First Person Shooter should include firefights, development of characters, or development of the story but you'll find yourself busy in a car driving to get from one place to another for most of the game. And it's not just small distances we're talking about - you'll spend A LOT of time in a car (or a boat). This results from the game developers bragging that the game covers 50 square kilometers. What they don't tell you is that most of those 50 square kilometers is much like the real Africa - barren land, grass, rocks, fields, etc. The only key points of interest in the game only occupy a very small fraction of that area and they are distanced far apart from each other and hence you find yourself in a car (or boat) most of the time. Note this is the case even considering that there is a bus system which can transport you to 4 corners of the map. Even with the bus system, the game still entails too much traveling in your car.

Sure there will be gunfights along the way whenever you drive past a guard post but there are issues even with that. Let me give you an example. Say you spend a lot of time & ammunition strategizing & taking out & clearing a guard post. Satisfied, you drive down the road for a bit but then you return to the guard post you just cleared out (say you forgot something or want to re-stock on supplies or are just on your way back taking the same road). You've only driven a small distance & then return back to the same guard post. Behold, every single guard has respawned & is shooting at you regardless of all the hard work you just spent clearing them just moments earlier! It's almost like the game "forgot" that you just killed everyone there. For some games an infinite respawn like this is ok to have at certain points in the game (like alien creatures from Crysis) but to have an infinite respawn at every single area on the map where there are enemies is ridiculous and undermines the realism of the game (creatures may respawn but humans do not). It also undermines all the work and time you spent into clearing out a zone. So what reason is there now to clear out any zones at all for the rest of the game? Can you imagine playing with that in the original Far Cry? In the original, after clearing out an entire town or jungle full of mercs (and if you remember Jack Carver took out more than 20 at a time), imagine triggering a respawn script by simply stepping "out of bounds" - everyone you've just killed comes back to life and you'd have to start all over again - it'd make everything you just did meaningless. This seems to indicate a lack of creativity or thought on the part of the game designers when designing this game.

So before long you'll find that these guard posts are merely a nuisance and significantly take away from the pace of the game & the overall experience. I spent most of the time just trying to avoid these posts by driving past them (yes, it was usually in a CAR). It's better to just save your time & ammunition (but you'll see that avoiding the guards isn't so easy). And this infinite respawn isn't just for guard posts - it's for almost every area in the game where there's enemies. When I first played I explored the fort in the northeast area. I killed every single guard there and there were many of them and it took time in the planning & execution. Then later in the game I returned back to the fort and every guard I killed was back to life in the exact same positions as they were before, alive & shooting at me. It's like what I had done previously was a meaningless waste of time! Again, the game "forgot" what I had previously done. To me it seems like a "lazy", unthoughtful way for the designers to design a game and perhaps disrespectful to gamers. The game designers should realize we're not just a bunch of blockheads who'll salivate at any chance to shoot at anything. Although gunfights are an integral part of a FPS, a good FPS should include ALL the elements of a great game, not just blindless repetitive shooting at enemies who we've already killed several times earlier in the game. Speaking of lazy designers, every single building interior looks the exact same (all safe houses look the same on the inside, all weapons shops look the same on the inside, all houses look the same on the inside). I would have expected that for a game from over 10 years ago but not for a game in 2008 self-proclaiming to be the next generation shooter.

Again, when you pass the same enemy areas you've already been in before (especially the guard posts because there are so many of them along the roads that you must travel), you're in for the exact same gunfight you just had and you will soon want to avoid them altogether. This is also not a characteristic of a next generation First Person Shooter. But you'll find that it's not that easy to avoid these guards all the time because you inevitably must cross their path one time or other (again because of all the driving you must do) and if you try to avoid them most times they end up chasing you in a car of their own. So you end up tediously fighting the exact same people at the exact same locations in the exact same ways & way too frequently. These respawning guard posts make the game become very repetitive and BORING and unnecessarily takes away from the flow of the game. I think one of the reasons why the game designers did this was to lengthen the playing time of the game (they do brag that there's over 50 hours of playing time). However, I would rather play a much shorter game but with better, meaningful and entertaining missions (like Crysis Warhead) than play 50 hours of the same repetitive, meaningless and boring tasks of Far Cry 2.

That leads to another major problem this game has - there is no real story for the first two-thirds to three-quarters of the game. You just go about completing various tasks for different people throughout. And most of these tasks are very simple and repetitive (either kill someone, deliver something, or blow something up). And none of these tasks seem coherent to each other nor do they build up any kind of background story. They just seem to be random various acts with no real meaning or purpose behind them. This leaves you with no sense of satisfaction that what you are doing in the game is actually accomplishing anything or advancing any sort of plot, and that feeling goes on for countless hours of playing time. So for the majority of the game it feels like you're in a dead meaningless world. Even the music and the landscape seems very melancholy, almost depressing. If I was the character in the game, I would have taken a flight out of there a long time ago. However, as I mentioned a story does develop in the last third to quarter of the game but just getting there was very boring and full of meaningless & repetitive tasks (coupled with those annoying infinite respawning enemies). Again it's debatable whether this last part of the game was worth the entire trip. I am betting that many people quit before reaching the end. So if you've already bought this game and like many of us considered to quit part-way through, my advice to you would be to at least play it all the way through till the end. Believe it or not, a coherent story with more interesting & meaningful missions does develop but it occurs near the end and there is a twist as well. However, I can't say that this last part is justification for spending the time and money for the rest of the game though. In my case, it did make me give the game 2 stars instead of 1.

If you're new to First Person Shooters or never played one before, then you may well like this just because of the new experience & virtual world you can explore. But my bet is that even that will start getting old for you. If you're new, I would highly suggest you try playing the original Far Cry first and note the difference in game play, story, and overall fun you have in playing. Also try playing other great First Person Shooters like Crysis or Crysis Warhead. To me there is no comparison. I hope the game designers read this & all the other negative criticisms about Far Cry 2 and learn from it if they are to ever develop a 3rd Far Cry game.

Tips To the Game Designers:

* Should have followed at least some elements of the original Far Cry formula (rather than ignore it completely).
* For most of the game the missions are repetitive & boring since there is no real story to follow. Except at the end - the entire game should have been more like the last part of the game.
* The infinite respawn of enemies is too repetitive, frequent, wasteful, unrealistic, irritating, and significantly takes away from the flow of the game. In addition it's an impediment to appreciating & exploring the open "sandbox" world - there's no reason to explore an area on the map on your own when all the enemies you kill there essentially have no effect (since they will respawn). Players are thus more inclined to go to the area only when they have to (only when they are instructed to go there in a mission). This in effect makes the game more linear than it is marketed to be.
* I can't imagine anyone appreciating the infinite respawning of enemies but if you thought there was an audience for it, you should have made it so that respawn or no respawn was an option, configurable by the player's own choice.
* Please be more creative with the interior design of buildings - they all look the same on the inside!
* There is way too much travel distance between places of interest on the map.

Tips to Gamers if you buy this game:

* If you feel bored or the game feels slow, stick to the "Main" missions which you receive from the 2 factions & the occasional "Buddy" mission if it's not too far from the main mission (don't pay too much attention to the side missions unless you need money for better weapons). Even main missions will be slow for most of the game but they do pick up towards the end (if you can make it that long without being turned off by the game).
* Since many main missions seemed meaningless, I personally found some satisfaction in the Buddy missions when it involved saving them. If a buddy gets injured in battle, you have a choice of healing them or abandoning them. If you want a more interesting game, take part in at least some Buddy missions and keep them around by healing them rather than abandoning them.
* As you play the game you will soon see that it is better to avoid those repetitive irritating respawning guard posts rather than confront them. Drive past them as fast as you can & then look for the car that's chasing you and shoot it with your car's gun. Use your car's ammunition for these guards because if you use your own you will be wasting it (because they will respawn the next time you pass by). If the guard post is located at a corner, cut through the corner to avoid them completely if you can. (Note, this is a testament to how ridiculous this game is that I'm recommending you to do this - what FPS in 2008 is it better to run away from the enemies than fight them? None except Far Cry 2).
* Do not explore an area of the map unless you are instructed to go there first (via a mission). If you go there before receiving a mission to go there & kill all the enemies there (there may be more than 20+ enemies you have to deal with in some places), you will have to do it all over again when you are eventually assigned to go there during a mission (again because all of the enemies will respawn). So in this way this game is not practical for experimenting & wandering different areas of the map as you please, which should be a characteristic of a "true" sandbox-type environment.
* Make sure you've tried playing the original Far Cry, which is a much better game (to me there is no comparison and these games should not be linked to each other).

[This review was for the single player campaign - I never bothered with the multi-player.]
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on October 23, 2008
Platform for Display: PC
Pros: Creative use of african ambiance..the music, sounds, accents of the characters you interact with, all give that "you are here in Africa" feeling. Music is tribal/ambient and thus fits well with the mood. Graphics are decent, though nowhere near Crysis, or for that matter, COD4. Decent frame rates on a lower core 2 duo.

Cons: respawning, poorly implemented stealth, mouse drags in high resolutions regardless of cpu/gpu, respawning, drm, senseless, random attacks by enemies, did I mention RESPAWNING enemies??. Tell me, how is it I can sneak up on some poor chump and slit his throat special forces style, and the WHOLE bloody camp knows about it the instant it happens? Didn't Ubisoft learn anything from Thief the Dark Project? Rumor has it they are working on Thief 4. God help us if they employ the same sneak tactics here, where every guard within 50 feet can hear a mouse fart. Then there is the respawning guards I just killed, including respawning jeeps (huh?). It is inconceivable to me that the very jeep I blew up not two seconds ago is now following me with armed guards every 13 seconds?
You already know about the DRM so I will skip that portion.
Part of the allure of this game was that its touted as a mercenary for hire sort of game whereby you obtain contracts to acquire wealth (diamonds) in exchange for downing baddies. But what good is it for immersion if you plug the guy with 10 bullets and he STILL doesn't go down?? I used to know a guy who went through BUD/S (SEAL training) years back, and he would say that if you take a bullet by one of these big guns, you are going down fast. Yet it takes 20 bullets to down any guards, unless it is a head shot at close range. Ubisoft definitely dropped the ball on this one. Mark this one: AVOID.

Ubisoft devs didn't just hype this game..they out and out LIED about it. Where I come from, lying is still a vice.
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on February 27, 2011
Platform for Display: PC DownloadVerified Purchase
When I downloaded this, I was looking for an open-ended free-world type of game. That's exactly what I got. Far Cry 2, Fortune's Edition was a blast to play. My only hint for possible buyers: Don't listen to reviewers that say the game is boring and repetitious. If you run through missions back-toback and don't give any thought into planning an attack, it will be boring. Take your time and this is an amazing game!
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on October 26, 2008
Platform for Display: PC
Simply put this game was dumbed down for consoles to make a quick buck.

Single player issues: no lean, no prone, no destructive environment (they lied), AI can't drive, has nothing even remotely to do with far cry

1. No lobby system. Yes thats right something common since 1992 has not been implemented instead you have to automatch for a certain game type and hope there is a server that is starting a game.

2. Cant join mid game. you can't do something that has been common in every FPS that has multiplayer. So you have to wait till a game is starting to join it.

3. Kicked after 1 round. It is hard to find a server in general do to the list above but to make matters worse your auto kicked after 1 round of play. If you liked the server and the people TO BAD its gone

4. no lobby = no lobby chat cant coordinate with friends unless you have TS or vent


6. No friends list For a supposedly A title There should be a friends list its been around for years now but they cant grasp 92 technology so i guess i should feel lucky that they didnt use IPX.
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on November 3, 2008
Platform for Display: PC
The gameplay is ok, nothing new or outstanding. It is easy to tell that this game was designed for consoles first, though. It does not nearly have the great feel using a keyboard and mouse that games like Counter Strike do. Also, the menus and a few other things were clearly designed for the consoles and are annoying to navigate with a keyboard and mouse. The open world is cool, and there is never really too much open space without anything to do. The whole in-character perspective idea is great, climbing around in vehicles and healing yourself by yanking out some shrapnel adds to the experience. However, getting out of a vehicle, especially a turret, can leave you facing away from the bad guys during a firefight. And the biggest flaw in this regard is that you cannot see your body when you look down during normal play. Only while driving a vehicle or healing do you see yourself, then that part of you disappears once normal gamplay resuems. The story is acceptable from what I have seen so far, but nothing too memorable or engaging. Finally, the multiplayer is more fun than I had anticipated and really has some depth when you add in the great map editor. However, the act of simply finding a game online is held back by a poor console-style interface and game locating system.

I had some inexcusable problems with getting the game to run initially. It seems many others have as well after looking for nonexistent help online. Changing certain settings or even minimizing the game window can lead to the game never running again without changing around values deep within some of the game's files. I'm not sure if Ubisoft has responded to this problem yet.

The Digital Rights Management software on this game, the same which has been used unpopularly on a few of EA's games, is ridiculous. It restricts the number of times the game can be installed by sneaking extra software onto the user's computer and requiring online validation. By itself this type of restriction is unacceptable, but when combined with the kind of technical failures I had to deal with, it can prevent a customer from ever playing their game. This has been defined by many as an attempt to stop the pirating of games. However, as we have seen in the past, this does not stop games from being illegally pirated whatsoever. Then why do it? Because the publishers who purchase this very expensive and controversial software and put it on their games ARE NOT TRYING TO STOP PIRATES. They are trying to stop the everyday, honest customer from passing his or her game around to friends after completing it. Which, congratulations SecuROM, it does perfectly. I firmly believe in the right of the consumers to do what they wish, keeping in legal bounds, with the products they purchase. And regardless of whether it will ever affect them, they should not be silently observed by software making sure they 'play nice'.

I have given this game a one star review because the DRM and technical problems ruined it for me, and the mediocre game itself was not enough to overcome these huge drawbacks. If you cannot live without this game, do yourself, and gamers everywhere, a favor and buy the console version.
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