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on December 9, 2012
I love a good open world game, Skyrim, Fallout, GTA etc. This game is right up there with those. While those games featured rather bleak setting this game gives you a lush tropical archipelago to explore, There is no shortage of things to do and see. The best part of this game is its complete freedom and unpredictability. One time I was stalking an enemy base, plotting out the best way to attack it, I found a good sniping position, set up to take the shots, and BAM! out of nowhere I got attacked by a tiger out of the jungle! Me and the two friends watching me play the game all literally screamed "HOLY S***"! Never had so much fun losing a life on a game! Another example of the spontanaity this game provides? I took a boat out on the ocean to go deep sea treasure hunting. I dive down, grab the loot, easy enough, I'm swimming back to the surface, BOOM! Shark attacks me! Blood goes everywhere, he lets me go and swims away, I'm thinking ok good hes gone. He turns around and bolts back towards me, I turn and swim like mad towards a tiny rock outcropping, fingers missing buttons as i swim and then attempt to climb the rock. I slip down the rock back into the water, i go under and he bites me again! I manage to get on to the rock, quickly spin around and spray the water with my chaingun. The beast is dead and im down to next to zero health. It felt like I was playing the best jaws game ever! So there I am on this little rock with my boat close to me but still probably a 50 yard swim. I'm contemplating whether I want to attempt the swim to it or make the longer swim to land but go thru clearer shallower waters. Great Great random moment! Oh and if you think its all random animal attacks theres sooo much more. Theres also the constant threat of pirates, radio tower and enemy base takeovers, ancient ruin exploration, hunting expeditions, contract killing, racing, hang gliding, and oh yeah if thats not enough theres also the actual story missions! The world is so damn fun I've only done two of those so far, but both were excellent! Get this game and prepare to be sucked in for hours on end! Can not recommend this enough!
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on December 5, 2012
First let me say that I am starting to like the intro's Ubi Soft is doing. Just like AC3, this game begins as a playable introduction (lead in) to the game

I will do a more thorough review after I have completed more of the game, but after 10+ hours (**update** 17+ hours), I really like this game. As stated in previous reviews, do not think that you are buying a SKYRIM game with guns. This game is not that. It is its own game, and qualifies for 5 starts under its own merit.

I enjoy the hunting and crafting in this game, as it is not to complicated. Find and craft. I like that. No need to find someone to train you to make better things. Just pick up the supplies and craft from the menu. Really LOVE THAT!

Killing is great in this game. Many different styles and approaches to take. Are you a silent hunter? Or are you a in your face killer. To me, I am both. Some quest have you take down the "leader" with a knife and some are just shoot them up. You decide how to go about it. I find a combination of both work, with plenty of health and green leaves in the bag. (To make more health shots)

I like the fact that you do not have to train on one weapon and that will be your focus for the rest of the game. I like being able to go from AK to sniper or sneaking around with the bow to take out a Tiger (Really hard by the way). All fun.

Only one down side that I have seen so far. The actual quest system. Currently there is no way to designate which quest you want to work on. The last one you pick up is the one that the map will show. I hope that this is because how early I am in the game, but thus far it seems that is the system. (Cause of this, I would drop it to 4.5 starts, but I rounded up) Not a game killer, but kind of annoying. **UPDATE** So far the quest system is getting more annoying. Once you "enter" an area with the main quest, it will lock you in to completing it. You are not allowed to leave the area or the game will reset you to your last auto save. So be careful on where you walk when doing side quest or roaming, as you may get locked into doing another part of the main quest. (Even with that annoyance, I am still leaving it a 5 stars. I am having that much fun with the game)

Other than that minor issue, if you like sandbox open world games, and like shooters, and like a challenge, and like good voice acting, and great story (so far) then this game is for you.

(I cant wait to get off work and get back to it)

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on December 16, 2012
Far Cry 3 is by far the best installment in the series so far. The sandbox style world is frankly amazing, the firefights intense, the strategy demanding, the challenge real and the story excellently balanced between disturbing and amusing. I am writing this review after having played through on the PS3.

The sandbox world has just about everything you could ask for. The only thing I can think of that is missing is an actual volcano, otherwise the two islands that make up this game's playable area are everything you'd expect on a tropical island. The addition of wildlife in this game adds such an aspect of realism, I found myself stalking a tiger just to watch him take down a deer or goat. This addition also adds a new type of terror/suspense to the game. There is nothing like quickly trying to escape a firefight that you plundered into, running through the jungle and finally escaping your assailants, just to be mauled and pummeled by a tiger. While the resilience and toughness of some of the animals detracts from realism, it certainly adds to the anxiety. And just like Far Cry 2, almost everything will burn in this game. The world also goes between stages of weather and transitions between night and day. Standard these days, but still a nice effect. 11/10 ;)

The firefights, especially towards the beginning are very intense. Until you unlock enough of the "skills" to boost your health bars and make body armor more effective, only a couple of bullets will drop you on the intermediate setting. However this is followed by most of the enemies being easily eliminated by a small string of fire to center mass. What is different for this game is the implementation of cover. While the system is a little rough around the edges, it does allow you to hide behind cover and then peek out and fire rounds off at hostiles. 9.5/10

Unlike Far Cry 2, where it seemed impossible to use stealth. This game makes it a requirement in some missions, and is highly encouraged in others. Targets are capable of being marked prior to walking into an area, while it feels like cheating most the time, it does make using stealth a must more attractive option. To add to the push for using stealth, there are a plethora of different knife skills that can be unlocked. Each of these having its own unique "kill sequence", and some allowing you to silently remove more than one enemy, and the most useful to me; one that allows you to drag a recently parted victim's body to a discrete area. 10/10

The challenge in this game comes mostly from the improved use of enemy AI. While they are still not brilliant, they do notice sounds and are spooked by finding their buddy lying dead on the ground. The enemy itself will work together to suppress and kill you, as well as take cover to hide from your fire. The confrontations with some of the islands predators is also challenging, as well as occasionally terrifying, though the idea of a shark attack bothers me anyways. The enemies are also specialized, making some of them quite difficult to kill and makes plotting strikes against enemy establishments require careful and thorough planning. 9/10

The story, while touching on absurd in portions and stretches in other parts, is over all very entertaining. Quite frankly it is well written, much like any of the older Bond movies but with much more violence. There are amusing small quips and one liners spread throughout the interactions of the main character and the NPC's. Some of the situations you find yourself in are brilliant, but in an absurd sort of way. Expect to find yourself going down in a sinking ship, or being dropped into a deep spring, hands bound and tied to a concrete block. The story arc overall is fair to good, I would rate it at 7.5/10.

The game overall is worth every penny just for the single player. The addition to weapon customizations and the improved system controls, should also make this an interesting and likely worthy multiplayer. This game has a few small quirks, and no one should expect a Shakespeare story, but you should expect hours of thrills and plenty of enjoyment. There is one side note I wish to finish with, this game is especially violent and is likely not suitable for your 11 year old. It is brutal and graphic in many of the missions and in much of the game's surrounding environment. There are also scenes (while only a few) that border on soft core pornography, while I do not mind this myself, it is quite graphic. Don't let this deter you from playing, but do let this guide you if you think you might be buying this for your child. Overall 9.8/10
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on December 6, 2012
I love this game. This game has gave me the feeling when I first played Bioshock. If you have ever played that you know what I mean. Something original. Something so dang fun you don't want to quit playing. Crazy characters, crazy worlds, and something fresh for a gamer. This is what Farcry 3 brigs to the table when there's a bunch of copy cut out shooters out there.

Story: I love how they started it off and I love how you can connect to the character. He's not some generic bada** character going around blowing crap up. The characters are memorable and the story is very different from a lot of games. This game will pull you in from the very beginning. The single player story is impressive. It's always different and takes a lot of wild turns. You never know what to expect on this insane island. One of the best this year.

Gameplay: The game really shines here with controls. Each gun feels different. Each gun fires different. You have a skill tree to a learn a bunch of new moves and things to help you survive the island. When I say a bunch I mean a bunch! You get xp for every thing you do. Melee moves are always fun. Grenades pack a punch. Fire physics are important to use when you fight a wave of enemies. Throw a molotov and you can pretty much start a small forest fire. Houses will burn and so will anything the fire touches.

Another thing this game has that shines are animals. Sure, Red Dead Redemption did this and so did Skyrim, but what Farcry 3 does different and better imo, is with how much animals it contains at one time and how many different ones they actually have on the island. They also react to each other(wild dogs will attack deer, tigers will attack people, etc.). You can hunt these animals to skin and make items. Plants are also vital in the game to use to make items that are very useful.

Graphics: The graphics are pushing this gen consoles. I would actual compare the facial animations to the great looking playstation games Uncharted 3 and God of War 3. If you have played those games, you know that that is very impressive for an open world game. Now, the ONLY negative thing about this game is the framerate drops every once in a while. Now I would take a star off for this, but Ubisoft really pushed the graphics for this game. It's so detailed I'm surprised the frames per second does not drop more.

Multiplayer: You have a map creater, different competitive modes, and co-op modes. There is a lot to do and it's very different. Add this on top of the single player and you can add a long life time for this game. If you like any other shooter you will feel at home with this one.

Overall: There's still a lot I haven't touched on. You can go around the island and look for relics, memory cards that give you information, racing trials, bounty boards, outposts to capture, and so much more. There's different vehicles, gun customization, so many upgrades, crazy villains to fight, smart AI, different ways to approach the island, *catches breath*
so go explore and have fun!

My game of the year over Max Payne 3, Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Borderlands 2, and every other game I have played. Now, time to go find the definition of insanity.
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on February 24, 2013
The description of the game as an open world first person shooter is quite apt. That's exactly what it is...a great first person shooter open world RPG style gaming experience. Instead of leveling up, you gain perks, which can be anything from swimming faster to assassinating an enemy on a ledge above you, and many more options as well.
The shooting mechanic in this game is pretty much on point. The guns feel real, and each selection comes with pro's and cons, forcing you to choose carefully. You start being able to carry limited amounts of everything, including cash, but as you play, you can hunt various animals and use their body parts to craft upgrades to all your various storage devices. You can also craft special weapons and potions (in the form of syringes) by doing the same (well, plants are used for the syringes). You can craft at any moment, anywhere, as long as you have the proper ingredients.
The story itself is pretty dark, and is definitely more a mature audience type game from that standpoint. If this was a movie, it would be rated R. There is no shortage of horrible violence, drug use, etc....
The main character, Jason Broadie (spelling?) goes from being a totally naive, whiny college kid to a hardened killer. There are a few points in the game where you must make decisions that would be considered evil, for the greater good. In fact, I would say the overall morality of the game is ambiguous at best. I think it does a great job of bringing the true nature of morality in this world to the forefront. There are no easy decisions. Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do.
The various personalities in the game are all pretty awesome in this game. I think most people will like Vaas and Citra the best. I know I did, although Sam is pretty awesome as well. However, there really arent any slouches in this regard. All the characters are well thought out and developed.
Although the overarching theme in this game is saving your friends and brother who have been captured by slavers, there is also the element of saving the locals from ruthless slavers and pirates as well, by helping the "rebels" (i.e. natives/locals) fight to take back their islands.
As far as graphics go, again, I would say they are top notch. Everything looks pretty amazing in my opinion. I noticed a couple glitches later in the game where I parachuted inside of a bridge and had to restart from the last checkpoint or where when swimming, the graphics would get a little wonky, but those moments were few and far between.
Speaking of checkpoints, every major event is preceeded by an auto save, and you can manually save as long as you arent in the middle of a mission. Sometimes, when dying mid-mission, the auto save brings you back to a more advantageous position then where the auto save actually occurred. I'm not sure if this was intentional in the game development or not, but I actually found this to be a good thing in a couple instances.
Overall, I cant say I played a better game in quite some time, and given the fact that there have been some great games released over the last two years, I think that's saying a lot about the quality and fun of this game. This is a definite must own for any system.

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VINE VOICEon February 23, 2013
I've only played a few open world games and I'm not a huge fan of most UBI Soft games. Having said that, I played through the game twice: once on casual as quickly as I could and once on regular where I made an effort to do almost everything: missions, game hunts, crafting everything, collecting artifacts and letters and looting everybody and everything for cash. The second time I played it took about 24 hours of gameplay but in the end I had every special weapon, every weapon attachment and even had money to burn on putting camo on all of my guns.

Being an open world game kind of lets you decide what to do next. Do you want to liberate a pirate outpost (which opens up that part of the map), do a side mission like a game hunt for money and XP, or do mission (which you can't leave until you complete)? Or maybe you want to go hunting so you can craft a bigger wallet or russack. This is what make this game different than FPS games like COD where you're usually following somebody through a carefully constructed path.

I'm more of a stealthly player so my loadout is a Japanese Tanto, a silenced M700 sniper rifle, the AMR sniper rifle (because it shoots exploding rounds), the Bull Shotgun and a silenced m6 assault rifle. Note: My loadout is similar on the first half of the map but my guns aren't as good. Generally, my primary is the silenced M700 and my seconday is the silenced m6 which is usefull if anybody gets to close. You just have to make sure not to trip the alarm otherwise a bunch of reenformcements show up and it's tim to swap the M700 for the shotgun and go loud.

The nice thing is that there are severl ways to take on pirate outposts. You can go in guns blazing but you better be ready to blaze out of there to heal just as quick. You can try to sneak in and turn off the alarms and the stealth kill everybody. Or, my personal favorite: Take the high ground.

At almost every outpost the is a hill overlooking it. I find a nice spot up high within 200m, mark everybody with my camera, and can clear most camps with 7 or 8 headshots from the silenced M700 because you get more XP and it's the only way to killl the Heavy guards with one shot. You can't just park in one spot and hope they don't find you. No matter how stealthy you are it's not a bad idea to shoot and move - preferably to a place you previously checked out.

On a side note: If you shoot the animal cages in pirate outpost -- particularly those with tigers -- you can just sit back and watch the fun because it releases the animal and it systematically eliminates the pirates. Yes, you can take out an entire outpost with on shot into a cage.

There are a couple of things I didn't like, such as constantly having to inject myself to heal or gain special abilities. I also think that there should be a bank.

Make sure not to do too many missions because once you're done there's not to much left to do except start over again. All things considered, This was a fun game but it's not for somebody who's in a hurry.
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on March 22, 2014
My brother let me play this game for a few hours and than he had to give it back to his friend and ever since I played it for that short amount of time this game has been #1 on my list of games to get. I love almost everything about this game, the hunting, the weapons, the massive map, the shooting, the leveling, and the looting, its all very satisfying.

Here are my only gripes, the driving is very difficult at times, it is in first-person view the whole time and I prefer an aerial view just so I can establish my surroundings. Sometimes I will drive down a short cliff and reach my destination faster, but other times that short cliff will be a mountain I'm falling down, its just hard to tell, so I died a few times. I eventually just skipped driving and started running everywhere. My second gripe is the saving, I really wish this game (and every game for that matter) had Quick Saves. Its very annoying to get so close to your destination and than get mauled by a random tiger and respawn a mile away, or while attempting to liberate a location getting spotted by one last guard and it ruin your entire stealth bonus, or while climbing a radio tower accidentally falling off and dying and than respawning far away. My last gripe is one of personal preference, the story. All of the characters are really... for lack of a better word "douch-y". It made me not care much about the story because I couldn't really relate to any of them, I guess they were trying to cater to the frat guys of the world.

With all of that aside, there is soo much I love about this game. Whenever you get enough skill points for completing missions, killing enemy soliders, collecting runes or letters, and activating radio towers, you get to select a new skill to unlock. These skills are very satisfying to unlock, and range from being able to breathe under water or run longer, to being able to quickly chain kills with your machete or kill a soldier, take his knife or gun and kill surrounding soldiers with it. The other aspect of the game is the animals, there are tons of them. Killing and skinning animals is how you can increase your ammunition capacities for all of your weapons, its incredibly satisfying and I spent the majority of the beginning of the game hunting. Unlocking parts of the map is somewhat similar to the way it is completed in Assassins Creed, you climb up a massively unstable radio tower and activate it, once its activated you get 500xp and some of the guns in the gun shop become free so that was another thing I spent a lot of time doing in the beginning because this place is HUGE, one of the biggest game worlds I've been in and you can hang glide or drive to get around faster.

Another aspect of the game are the fast travel locations which unlock when you liberate a territory under enemy control. These territories can be liberated in a number of ways which makes it very fun. You can snipe the enemy from a distance or blow them all away with an rpg, you can also let loose a caged tiger and let him wipe out most of the soldiers for you, its up to you. For the most part, the game tends to award stealthiness more than explosiveness in most situations. There's so much to do in this game and so much to explore, if you like FPS's and want a very unique action/adventure game pick this up ASAP.
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on April 7, 2015
What a Beautiful game! I love the variety of adventure in this game. The scenery is stunning and I can hang glide or swim with the sharks in a beautiful ocean. The story is pretty cool too! I've had so much fun playing this game! I love strategy games, and this one is one of the coolest! Uh, well my only complaint would be the volume of "f" words in the game. I tend to cringe every time one is said. Really, is that word necessary? Okay, I am 64, and the people I hung and hang with don't use that language. This is a must have game! I am getting Farcry 4 for the ps4 I am getting.
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on July 16, 2013
I spent quite a number of hours in this game finishing up every mission, every optional mission, and getting most of the collectibles spread out across the island. My overall impression of this game is that it's a fun open-world game to go messing around in, but the campaign itself isn't where the fun is. Frankly I found the campaign to be pretty boring with uninspired missions compared to other games out today and previously in the last few years. It just wasn't the highlight of the game, but that's okay because wandering around on your own and doing your own thing is the best part.

Finding different ways to take down the various outposts, many with secret entrances to sneak in or perches to attack from, is plenty of fun. Not to mention just driving around and getting randomly attacked by various wild-life is terrifying but incredibly fun. It's the dynamic nature of the game that keeps it interesting and from getting dull and routine. I remember going on a mission to stalk and hunt down a wild boar, and as I'm getting closer with my bow and arrow a jeep full of pirates came out of nowhere and scare it off. They get down and 1 of the guys spots me so I take him out with an arrow and run into the jungle for cover. I hear screams so I look back to see one of them being attacked by a komodo dragon that was upset by the jeep. The last pirate is trying to shoot it down, so I start pulling back on my bow to get him while he's distracted and then I get jumped from behind by a leopard. As I'm struggling to throw it off, I end up rolling down over by the waterbank and just as the leopard is about to go in for the kill a crocodile comes out of river and pulls the leopard in roaring. This is just one of the crazy encounters I've had, and there are plenty of others I can recount that probably top it too.

It's for moments like this where you're just going around doing random side missions or running across pirates/wildlife/strangers that keep the game interesting. The collectibles are also quite fun to go hunting down, since they often require you to go somewhere dangerous, hidden, and genuinely different and unique. The bonus perks you get like special weapons for getting them is also nice too. The crafting system is simple but effective, and there are a decent variety of weapons and modifications for them to use. The island is quite large and filled with content, so you won't gun through it in a few hours by any means. But that's also where the downside comes in. The jeeps in my opinion don't handle all that well, and there are plenty of stretches of area or when you're in the jungle where you pretty much have to run to where you're going. This can definitely take some time in some stretches and is the only way to travel when it comes to going up some mountain sides where vehicles can't take you. They do offer hang-gliders to help get you around, but they still require you to go up top somewhere which takes time. Travelling can definitely be a pain sometimes, but then again all of the fun crazy encounters I've had all happened because I was on the ground on foot. So I can't be too upset about it.

All in all, if you want a game that you can just mess around in and have fun, this is your kind of game. Don't take the campaign too seriously, because it's just not that great. But for everything else you're getting, I'd still say it's a solid purchase - especially at the prices that it's being sold for now.
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on December 5, 2012
Far Cry 3 is an open-world, first-peron shooter that allows you to use a variety of weapons and approach missions using a variety of tactics. If you played Far Cry 2, and liked it even a little, Far Cry 3 will make your head explode. Gone are the elements that made FC2 a slog. You can fast-travel more easily. The terrain is more breachable, and the game autosaves. Hence, the pace of Far Cry 3 moves along at a nice clip. Not only is does the game provide a variety of weapons and upgrades, there are also a lot of takedowns and skill upgrades you can use to further tailor your experience to your preferred style of gameplay. There are also tons of side missions that prove to be more fun than tedious (e.g. Find a guy and kill him with your knife).

The storyline is one familiar to videogame mythos--but clear and well written: You and your friends have been captured by pirates. Your brother is killed while you and he escape. You're found by some indigenous warriors who help you badassify so you can free your enslaved friends and avenge your brother's death.

But the overwhelming feeling I got while playing FC3 was that the people making the game really took the time to make sure that the game is fun. That may sound like a platitude, but if you've played even a few games, you'll know what I mean. Some games are groundbreaking and beautiful and all that (LA Noire, Assassin's Creed 3), but they aren't really that fun to play.. FC3 not only looks beautiful, but it's addictively fun to play.
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